Instructions for Qualatex® Superstar Soccer Column



Instructions for Qualatex® Superstar Soccer Column
Instructions for Qualatex
Superstar Soccer Column
To keep assembly time to a minimum, gather the materials and read
through the instructions before beginning.
Labor: About 45 Minutes
Materials: 1 3' (91cm) “Soccer Balls-A-Round” White Latex Balloon 29204
4012" (30.5cm) Onyx Black Quick Link Balloons™ 65216
3611" (28cm) White Latex Balloons 43802
160Q White Latex Balloons 43918
160Q Lime Green Latex Balloons 88353
SDS™ Steel Base Plate 30895
260Q Scrap
7' (2m) Conduit
Amanda Armstrong, CBA,
of Top Hat Balloon Werks
in Mission Viejo, CA, USA
1.Bend the conduit to the desired curve.
2.Attach the conduit to the base plate. Pull an uninflated 11" White
latex over the top of the conduit to prevent popping any balloons.
3.Make the following 5-balloon clusters (see “5-balloon Cluster”
on pg. 2) and wrap them onto the conduit, starting at the bottom:
• 12" Quick Links sized to 10" (25cm)
• 11" latex sized to 10"
• 12" Quick Links sized to 9.5" (24cm)
• 11" latex sized to 9.5"
• 12" Quick Links sized to 9" (23cm)
• 11" latex sized to 9"
• 12" Quick Links sized to 8.5" (22cm)
• 11" latex sized to 8.5"
• 12" Quick Links sized to 8" (20cm)
• 11" latex sized to 8"
• 12" Quick Links sized to 7.5" (19cm)
• 11" latex sized to 7.5"
• 12" Quick Links sized to 7" (18cm)
• 11" latex sized to 7"
• 12" Onyx Black Quick Links sized to 6.5" (16.5cm)
4.Create five White Curly 160Qs leaving ½" (1cm)
uninflated (see “Curly 160Q” on pg. 2). Make a 1"
Loop Twist (see “Loop Twist” on pg. 2) on each end
of the 160Q. Wrap the loops together to create a chain.
5.Starting at the bottom cluster of Quick Links, wrap
the tip of a Quick Link around a 1" Loop Twist from
Step 4. Repeat around the remainder of the cluster
until the chain of Curly 160Qs is connected to each
Quick Link.
• Make two Columns and position them with curves facing inward to create an
entrance as shown.
• Customize the Column with latex balloons in the team colors to add value.
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5-Balloon Cluster
Loop Twist
To make a 5-balloon cluster, inflate and
size two balloons and tie them together.
Repeat to make a second pair. Inflate
another balloon and tie to the center of
one pair, then twist with the second pair.
1. Twist a bubble twice the length of the
loop twist.
2. Sharply bend the bubble in half, and
twist the ends together.
Curly 160Qs
1. Fully inflate the 160Q with air, and
let out the air to stretch the balloon.
2. Wrap the 160Q around a
cylindrical object, stretching it a little
as you go and making sure not to wrinkle or twist the balloon.
3. Air inflate the 160Q while holding it around the cylinder,
and tie. As it inflates, the 160Q will curl around the cylinder.
6.Repeat Steps 4-5 for the remaining layers of Quick Link clusters.
7.Inflate the 3' “Soccer Balls-A-Round” latex to 28" (71cm), tie the
neck and tie it into the clusters at the top of the Column with an
uninflated 260Q.
8.Create the desired amount of Curly Lime Green and White
160Qs and tie into pairs. Wrap them between the top cluster and
28" latex.
More ideas and instructions are available to professionals
at “Instruction Sheets” and “Balloon Ideas” on
Children under 8 years can choke or suffocate on uninflated or broken balloons.
Adult supervision required. Keep uninflated balloons from children.
Discard broken balloons at once.
For Consumer Product Information, visit or call 1-800-331-6865.
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