Celebrating 40 Years Of Memories



Celebrating 40 Years Of Memories
And while the timeline we’ve constructed is revealing and in places
uunexpected, we need more help. We need to flesh out the story of
Dowling with personal stories that only those who lived through it can
provide. If you visit the blog now you can listen to Dr. Kurt Fisher,
Chris Bodkin, ‘71, and Mike Jahn, ‘65. Coming up we’ll have Ned
Bobkoff on the Loft Theatre and Dr. Allyn Robinson, recorded in a
1988 oral history.
A llott was hhappening
i fforty
t years
ago as Dowling College declared its
independence from Adelphi University.
No longer Adelphi Suffolk College, we
faced an uncertain future. At the beginning
ing of
the 1968-69 school year, the Vietnam War was still
ill raging.
i U
S athletes
raised gloved fists at the Mexico City Summer Olympics. Richard Nixon
was elected President while The Mod Squad premiered on television. And
the Beatles, despite the release of the White Album, were on course for a
breakup. Not the most auspicious time to found a college.
The Library is reliving those times at Dowling vicariously on the blog
“Born in the Sixties: The First Year of Dowling College, 1968-69” (http://
dowling1968.wordpress.com). Using photos and documents in our archives,
we’re moving weekly through the year. We’ve covered student demands for
an open budget and “the Happening” in the Carriage House. Ahead of us lies
growing student unrest, an unforeseen tuition hike, and Robert Dowling’s
helicopter. By the way, did you know that Dowling was the first person to
ever swim around Manhattan Island?
But we want to hear from you. Even if you were at Dowling in
eearlier or later years, your memories will help illuminate the facts. Do
you remember eating in the basement cafeteria or fighting for parking
onn campus? Did you write for the New Voice or play for the lacrosse
m E-mail [email protected] with what you remember so we can
g for an interview. Also, as we’re working mostly with the student
yearbooks and newspapers, we have a dearth of color photography. If
you were a shutterbug on campus or have color shots of friends lounging
around Oakdale, we’d love to hear from you. All of the images we use are
posted to Flickr at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dclibrary/. And as with the
blog, you’re able to comment on anything we’re doing. Recognize yourself
in a photo? Let us know.
We’ll be plugging away at this until August of 1969, right through the
moon landing and Woodstock. “Born in the Sixties” will remain online for
others to discover and comment on, and as we uncover new information,
we’ll add it as well. We’re hoping it will not only inspire alumni with a sense
of pride and renewed interest but also serve as a history lesson to new
students. We hope you will have time to explore that first year with us and
share your memories.
Celebrating 40 Years Of Memories
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1/30/09 11:43:38 AM
We are committed to establishing and enhancing a mutually
beneficial and enduring relationship between Dowling
College, its alumni, current and future students, and the
community. We shall serve as ambassadors by encouraging
the Dowling community to maintain personal involvement in,
and generate multifaceted support of, the College.
Thanks to the ever-growing support of our alumni and friends, Dowling
College has secured a position of prominence as one of the most respected
institutions of higher learning in the region. There are great things happening
at Dowling. The gift you make today to Dowling will have a significant positive
impact on the community. Your generosity and loyalty make Dowling College
the outstanding institution it is. Remember your gifts are not only taxdeductible but they also provide much needed support to our students and
faculty as the institution is strengthened.
There are many ways of giving...
A simple way to give is to send your check, made payable to the Dowling
College Annual Fund, to: Dowling College Office of Development, 150 Idle
Hour Blvd. Oakdale, New York 11769-1999. You can also make a donation
with your credit card online or by calling the Dowling College Office of
Development at 631-244-3377.
With your gift to Dowling College you help ensure the success of our
students. Now you can also place your name or that of a loved one
prominently on the Dowling College campus and be a part of Dowling forever
with our Commemorative Brick program! Become part of the Century Club
when you purchase a Personalized Brick for $100!
Alumni Council members will soon begin reaching out to our 35,000 alumni
to extend the involvement and participation of the existing alumni community.
Through a series of well designed calls and systematic follow up we feel that
the alumni can become engaged in the continuing development of the school.
It is our contention that by utilizing an alumni data base we will be able to assist
in updating alumni information. Additionally we hope to offer Dowling’s alumni
an opportunity to become part of a networking system which can assist them
personally and professionally. These calls will serve various purposes;
• To advise the alumni community of future school functions and opportunities.
• To engage the alumni community in school projects and advancements.
• To reintroduce the Dowling alumni to the direction and betterment the school
is moving towards.
• To utilize the alumni community to draw the next round of students through
family and friends.
• To seek assistance in mentoring future graduates.
• To assist in the placement of our graduating classes.
If you are interested in volunteering to work on this project, please contact me
at [email protected]
Ralph Cerullo, President
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Experience San Francisco and Lake Tahoe with Dowling College Alumni
August 14 - 20, 2009
Our tour begins in California’s
beautiful “City by the Bay” where
we’ll visit the imposing Twin
Peaks, the Golden Gate Bridge,
Fisherman’s Wharf, eat dinner in
Chinatown and ride the famed
cable cars up and down San
Francisco’s thrilling hills. We’re
invited to experience an exclusive
wine tasting at a local winery in
Napa Valley and journey over the
Sierra Nevada Mountains to the
resort gambling town of Lake
Tahoe. In Virginia City, we’ll stroll
the famous old western town’s
historic streets like the gold and
silver miners once did and, in
Carson City, we’ll visit the Nevada
State Museum, walk through a
ghost town and underground mine.
Finally, we’ll enjoy a scenic cruise
on the sparkling blue waters of
Lake Tahoe and leisurely explore
the stone mansion, Vikingsholm
Castle, on its shore.
If you have any ideas or
suggestions on trips, events or
services that you would like to see in
the future, please contact the
Alumni Relations Office at
Look forward to these future trips
from the Alumni Travel Program:
March 2010 – Sunny Portugal
July 2010 – Northern National Parks
Nov/Dec 2010 – Alpine Christmas
If you plan on
taking a vacation,
remember to
pack your
Dowling tee-shirt
and take a
picture of yourself
to e-mail to us for
publication in the
next issue!
For additional information on all events, please call the Office of Alumni Relations at
(631) 244-5090.
Alumni Trip to the French Riviera - March 4th - March 11th
Our first trip exclusively for Dowling College Alumni to the fabulous French Riviera. There are a
few seats still open.
The St. Patrick’s Day Alumni Dinner Dance - Saturday, March 14th
The Alumni Association will be hosting a St. Patrick’s Day Alumni Dinner Dance at the Timber Point
Country Club from 7 – 11 p.m. Join us for a night of good food, fun and friends.
MBA 20 Year Anniversary Gala - Saturday, April 4th
In the Spring of 1989, Dowling College welcomed its first group of Saturday MBA students.
Dowling College was the first institution on Long Island to recognize the needs of busy
professionals by offering an accelerated program which they could complete in three semesters.
The program is still very popular and we have increased our majors to include the MBA in
Management & Leadership, Corporate Finance and Health Care Management. On April 4th, 2009
at 7 p.m., Dowling will be celebrating this anniversary to all students who earned their MBA over
the past 20 years.
$100 Deposits due for Alumni trip to San Francisco and Lake Tahoe - April 14th
Searching for the ideal keepsake to
commemorate your days at Dowling?
If a visit to the campus is not in the
foreseeable future, visit the Dowling
bookstore’s website: http://dowling.
bkstore.com/bkstore/content The
site features an array of books, mugs,
memorabilia and apparel.
This year we are bringing Commencement back to Dowling soil! The Undergraduate
Commencement exercises will be held at the Brookhaven campus at 8:30 a.m. and the Graduate
Commencement exercises at 3:00 p.m.
Commencement - Saturday, May 16th
NYC Alumni Gathering
Ayesha Bradberry is working with the Office of Alumni Relations to plan a gathering of alumni
who are from, or work in, the New York City area. If you are interested, please contact Ayesha
Bradberry at [email protected]
1/30/09 11:44:08 AM
Alumni Participation at the
Fall 2008 Open House and
Annual Alumni Cup Regatta
Dowling alumni were on hand at the Fall 2008 Open
House, which was hosted the same day as the Annual
Alumni Cup Regatta. This year, Dowling Crew asked that
each team attending the regatta have their athletes and fans
bring a non-perishable food item for our Annual Holiday
Food Drive. They took this opportunity to help out the
less fortunate in keeping with the “Building Champions”
tradition of Dowling Athletics. Also this year all proceeds
from the entry fees were donated to the Make-a-Wish
Foundation. If you are interested in participating in future
Open Houses, please contact the Alumni Relations Office at
Last month Dr. Irwin
Kellner, Dowling’s
Distinguished Scholar
of Economics, joined
President Gaffney and
a group of Alumni at
Dowling’s Melville
Center. Dr. Kellner’s
expert insight added
to this informal
evening offering us an
opportunity to get to
know each other while
discussing the economy and how to manage our personal finances.
The Fall 2008 Semester
started off with a bang as
the September Welcome
campaign was unveiled
for the first time. This
student-centric initiative
included various events
for our students, including
a Carnival, movie under
the stars, salsa lessons,
a Music Festival and more.
2008 was certainly a
wonderful year for Dowling
College as we welcomed an
excellent class of Freshman,
the largest entering class
in Dowling history. If you
have been on campus these
last few months you have
shared in the excitement
and felt the energy these
bright and dedicated future
alumni have added to our family.
Indeed, Dowling is a family, a terrific family
that includes more than 35,000 outstanding
graduates each in their own way adding strength
to their businesses, families, communities and
alma mater.
While Dowling College moved forward this
year, our friends and neighbors faced challenges.
Our nation, and indeed nations throughout the
world, experienced the severe shock of a global
economic downturn. Corporations long thought
to be the foundations of society disappeared
or greatly changed leaving tens of thousands of
good men and women out of work. Instability of
banks, insurers, manufacturers, energy, housing
and the stock market have found it difficult to
continue to do business as normal.
When you were a student at Dowling you
were offered the academic and social tools
you needed for personal growth. Your Dowling
degree is evidence that you took advantage of
the many benefits of a Dowling education.
Whether you graduated last semester or
forty years ago your inclusion in the Dowling
College alumni family will always provide you
with continued access to the tools you now
need for continued growth and success. From
networking events to career advice, from athletic
events to alumni tours, Dowling welcomes your
participation in the exciting college community.
You are never too old to ask for advice or to sit in
on a lecture. The distinguished professors who
taught you and those who have followed them
are available to direct and guide you.
Dowling places high priority on supporting the
success of our alumni. When you were a student
we were always there when you needed support.
Now that you have earned your degree there is
even more your Dowling family can do for you.
Don’t be shy. Share your ideas. Make suggestions
on how we can help you. Please stay in touch
and take advantage of the many opportunities
we offer you.
Full-Time Faculty – Dr. Joshua W. Gidding,
Associate Professor of English
School of Arts and Sciences
Adjunct Faculty – Salvatore T. Dionisio,
Adjunct Professor of Spanish
School of Arts and Sciences
Photo featured below
Full-Time Administration and Staff –
Ronald R. Rosso,
Manager of Telecommunications
Part-Time Administration and Staff –
Robert Dougherty,
Graduate Advisor – Enrollment Services
Graduate Assistant – Justyna Michon,
The Career Services Center and the Alumni Association have recently partnered to assist our alumni contending with
the current economic downturn by offering and facilitating free career workshops – listed below, on Resumes, Cover
Letters, Interviewing Skills, and Job Search Strategies. During each session, we’ll seek to include alumni speakers as
well as to allow networking time with fellow alums. Light refreshments will be available. Please RSVP to the Office of
Alumni Relations at 631-244-5090.
Tuesday, Feb. 12th
Tuesday, Feb. 24th
Tuesday, March 3rd
DC2952.indd 3
Alumni Interviewing Skills
Alumni Job Search Strategies
Alumni Resume/Cover Letters
Oakdale – Fortunoff Hall Room 110 2:30 – 4:30 PM
Oakdale – Fortunoff Hall Hunt Room
6 – 8 PM
Oakdale – Fortunoff Hall Hunt Room
6 – 8 PM
1/30/09 11:44:14 AM
On October 18th,
at The Metropolitan
Museum of Art, thirty
Dowling alumni attended
“Ancient Cool”, a 90
minute tour of the ancient
civilizations, enhanced
with a dramatic reading
selected and performed by
for the formation of a Visual Arts Chapter of the Alumni Association.
The alumni socialized and networked with each other and Dr. Lamia.
Great ideas were brought forth along with a very ambitious plan for the
promotion of the arts and the future involvement of these enthusiastic
alumni in the life of the College were discussed.
Dr. Thierfelder, Professor of
English. The entire group
bonded and enjoyed an
elegant lunch at the Petrie
Court Cafe, overlooking
Central Park, catching up
and sharing their favorite
recollections with Dr.
Thierfelderr and each other.
On October 25th,
Dowling hosted its first
annual Homecoming
celebration at our
Brookhaven Campus,
sponsored by the
Alumni Association.
Activities included the
announcement of the
winner of the mascot
naming contest, Roary,
fan face painting and an
Alumni BBQ between
games. All entrants to
the day’s events received
Homecoming tee-shirts
and lighted rally towels.
The women’s soccer
team faced off against Bridgeport and thee men’s soccer team defeated
LeMoyne 3-1. This photo from Homecom
ming features Matthew Kean,
pitcher on our Baseball team and Saman
ntha Mitchell, Graduate Assistant.
On October 26th, Dr. Stephen Lamia, Professor of Visual Arts, and the
Office of Alumni Relations
hosted a reception for
Visual Arts alumni. Dr.
Lamia presented a stu
of the transformati
of the Conservator
ry b
artist Bryan White, w
ho e
Site-Specific Installati
evokes the original usee
of the rotunda by the
Vanderbilt family and
assisted the group in
laying the groundwork
DC2952.indd 4
On November 6, 2008
over 100 of Dowling’s
Doctoral Alumni and
Students faculty and staff
continued the annual
tradition of meeting for
an evening of Networking.
The group was greeted
by Dr. Clyde Payne, Dean
of the School of Education
and Dr. Robert Manley,
Chairperson of the Department
of Educational Administration Leadership and Technology. The Department will
be hosting the second Annual Golf Tournament on July 13, 2009.
On November 7th, Matthew Ventimigia B.S., ‘07, organized the First
Annual Beer Tasting in the Lion’s Den of the Curtin Student Center.
Participants had the opportunity to taste the best of Long Island Micro
Brew. Home Brewers had the chance to share their concoctions at a
special home brew exchange table. All proceeds benefited the Alumni
Scholarship Fund.
On November 8th, we hosted the 2008-09 East Coast Conference
Champion Dowling Volleyball Team for the Annual Alumni Volleyball
Game. Participants
included Irina Belozerova,
B.A., ’07, Brittany Crawford, B.A., ’06,
Ashley Doepp, B.B.A., ’07, Danielle
Hinz, Anna Jastreska Grodski, B.B.A., ’00, Benita Koszalka, Justyna
Michon, B.A., ’07, Amy Olaksiej and Abby Thompson, B.A., ’02.
On November
beerr 11th, participants en
oy d Sport Management Alumni
Night featuring Larry Torres, B.B.A., ’96, Director, Pu
ic Re
for MSG Network and
MSG Sportss Pr
operties as the keyno
te spe
ak r.
Additional alumni
mni we
also on hand to share
their experiences with our
current Sport Management
dents. The alumni
ti ipants included
James Fairfield, B.S., ’07,,
Matthew Guercio, B.S.,
’03, Matthew Hennings,
B.S., ’04, Kevin Kline,
B.B.A., ’04, and Marcus
Reis, B.S., ’06.
1/30/09 11:44:23 AM
RICHARD LEO, B.B.A., ‘80, M.B.A., ‘94
Richard Leo, B.B.A., ‘80, M.B.A., ‘94, sees the
importance of teaching current Dowling students how
to survive and excel in the corporate environment;
a lesson that he has learned the value of himself.
Northrop Grumman Corporation announced recently
it has named Richard Leo, Vice President of Business
Management and Chief Financial Officer for its
Integrated Systems Eastern Region. Mr. Leo joined
Northrop Grumman in 1983 and has held several
management positions from manager of cash management to a wide
range of positions within product operations. Many of those involved
new business proposals for the commercial aerostructures division,
as well as U.S. Navy aircraft programs. Prior to his start in Northrop
Grumman, he spent three years at the Fairchild Republic Company. Mr.
Leo likes to use his experience to help current Dowling students follow
down a similar successful path in the business world. He recommends
for all students to have a qualified resume and conduct mock interviews
to prepare. “Preparing for the transition from college to the corporate
world is key,” according to Mr. Leo. He believes that students need to
specifically target their first professional position, and once they’re in
that position, plan their goals for the first 90 days, the first year and
so on. Attending graduate school was a pivotal move for Mr. Leo. He
strongly recommends earning an advanced degree, especially if your
employer offers such opportunities. Mr. Leo recommends, “Not to limit
yourself in your corporate career journey
Christine Felton, Primary Registrar Associate, is proud that all members
of the Felton family are also part of the Dowling family. Her husband,
Henry, B.B.A., ’04, is an alum of Dowling, along with her two sons,
Shawn and Bryan. Shawn Felton, ’99, ’01 and ’02, has been working
at Jet Direct as a Client Services Manager for the past 2 years. Bryan
Felton, ’04, ’06 and ’07, works for Highlander Consulting as a Site
Acquisition Specialist. Nicholas Felton is currently a freshman and is
leaning towards majoring in Aviation Management.
KAM H. WONG, M.B.A., ’01
Kam H. Wong, M.B.A., ’01, is currently the President and CEO of
Municipal Credit Union of New York. He recently worked together with the
DC2952.indd 5
Robert Stangarone, B.A., ’70, is Vice President
of Corporate Communications for Cessna Aircraft
Company, the world leader in general aviation.
Robert joined Cessna in July 2005. He is responsible
for Cessna’s internal and external communications,
media relations, electronic communications
and community affairs. He also chairs Cessna’s
Environmental Strategy Council.
Prior to joining Cessna, Mr. Stangarone held the
same position with Rolls-Royce North America and Fairchild Dornier,
and other senior communications positions with Litton and United
Technologies’ Sikorsky Aircraft and Pratt & Whitney units. He has also
served as Vice President of Marketing for Safire Aircraft and Liberty
Aerospace. Much of this experience has been in the international
arena. Early in his career, Mr. Stangarone served as managing editor
of both Business & Commercial Aviation and Air Facts magazines, and
worked as a flight instructor, aerobatics instructor and charter pilot.
Mr. Stangarone is a commercial pilot with instrument and multiengine ratings and is type rated in the Cessna Citation CJ1+, CJ2+ and
CJ3 business jets. He has more than 2,000 flight hours. He is a certified
Textron Six Sigma Green Belt and pursues flying, scuba diving and golf
in his spare time. He serves on several Boards in the Wichita community
and several association councils in the aviation industry.
Joseph M. Balcuk, M.S., ‘05, took the spotlight at
this year’s National Conference for the Advancement
of Mathematics, held in Dallas. Mr. Balcuk was
nationally selected to present his invention to
attendees. Approximately 10,000 administrators
and teachers gathered from around the nation to
learn about the new direction of education for the
2008/2009 school year. Balcuk’s invention, The Spoils
of Civilization, was among a plethora of new products
tto in
th success
of mathematics education, but stood out as the
first-ever year-long educational tool that creates a classroom community
among students around the country.“The game is powerful in that it
makes students aware of how economics, business, and geography are
related in the real world,” Balcuk said. In addition to hard work and
perseverance, Balcuk credits much of his success to the education he
received at Dowling College. “I was able to challenge myself at Dowling,”
said Balcuk. “The graduate mathematics courses I took allowed me to
hone my skills in abstract thinking and ultimately paved the way for the
birth of The Spoils of Civilization and the Educational Adventure Series of the
Merbs. Balcuk has arranged, through Precision Mathematics Corp., to
offer discounts to all Dowling staff, students, and alumni. Visit www.
themerbs.com to purchase products and remember to enter the coupon
Dowling Institute at his business to start an on-site class with 14 people.
Before starting at Dowling, Mr. Wong had attended Pace University parttime, which ultimately did not work out well with his busy schedule
working as CFO. “In addition to the academia aspect, networking is
also a very valuable tool,” said Mr. Wong. He felt that taking classes at
night at Pace were not conducive to effective networking, teamwork and
socializing. Mr. Wong expressed that, “Dowling’s Saturday MBA program
truly fit my needs and I was very pleased with the schedule. It created a
true atmosphere of networking and team projects, working with the same
group of students. We had a great experience while at Dowling and still get
together.” Mr. Wong feels that the Saturday MBA program is a perfect fit
for busy executives. “Dowling’s professors are the best in terms of helping
people and accommodating their needs.” Mr. Wong was happy to gain real
life experience at Dowling, and not just theories.
AYESHA BRADBERRY, B.A., ’04 & M.B.A., ’06
Ayesha Bradberry, B.A., ’04 & M.B.A., ’06, has
worked for AIG as an underwriter for the past two and
a half years and has had a great experience working
there. “I have learned so much there, but having an
M.B.A. certainly had put me at an advantage, said
Bradberry. She credits her professors for being
instrumental in her success, including Professor
Lamb, Adjunct Associate Professor and Professor Rogers,
Associate Professor of Sociology. Bradberry commuted to
lin from
fr m N
New York City, which she claimed was difficult, but she
had the tenacity to stick with it. She enjoyed working closely with the 16
students as her cohorts and felt that “we really challenged each other to
succeed.” Bradberry met great people at Dowling and is happy to still
have friends that she sees periodically.
Dan Galvez, B.S., ’96, is currently the Senior Vice President of Business
Development & Strategic Alliances at Hedgehog Development, LLC. Mr.
Galvez recounts attending Dowling with Diane Cali, B.S., ’96 and Peter
Madsen, B.A., ’88. Mr. Galvez had interned with Mr. Madsen while at
Dowling, and developed a close working relationship with him. They have
both co-owned Hedgehog Development together since January 2007. To find
out more about their company, feel free to visit it at www.hhogdev.com.
Mr. Galvez gives credit to Professor Vargas, Associate Professor of Mathematics
and Computer Science, for his success at Dowling.
1/30/09 11:45:59 AM
Craig G. Carr, Ed.D., ’05, has been appointed as
Superintendent of Schools for Central Islip Union Free
School District.
Daniel Del Orfano B.A., ’00, is opening his own gallery.
The inaugural exhibit will be a solo showing of some of
his recent artwork. If you have any questions or would like
to know more about the gallery, Dan can be reached at
631.807.9116 or by E-mail at
[email protected]
Prometheus Art Gallery & Studio
570 Middle Rd., Bayport, NY 11705
Sara (Anderson) Desmond B.A.,
’03, M.S. ’06 and her husband
Thomas Desmond M.S., ’08
celebrated their holidays this year
with their daughter Catherine Anne
who was born on July 14, 2008.
Andrew Grebe, B.S., ’95, has been promoted to
Assistant Vice President of Loan Operations at Legacy
James Green, M.B.A., ’06, recently joined Honeywell
International Inc. as the Global Business Communications
Leader for the Honeywell Life Safety and Honeywell
businesses. Jim is based in the Melville, N.Y. office.
Diane Sagesser, M.B.A., ’87, was inducted into
Cambridge’s Who’s Who Executive, Professional and
Entrepreneurial Registry. Sagessar brings 19 years of
professional experience to Briarcliffe College, where
she is responsible for teaching English, business and
computer classes at the bachelor’s and associate levels.
Sheila Shiebler, M.S., ’89, has been named as
Executive Director at Insight school of California. Shiebler
spent nine years with Aramark Children’s World Learning
as a Lead Teacher, Center Director, Group Center
Manager and District Manager.
Mr. Gwyeth Smith, B.A., ’68, who has served as
Guidance Director at Oyster Bay High School for the past
nine years, has now retired.
Alice Vanderveldt, M.S. ’08, will be running for a
fourth term in village elections in March. Alice has been
in charge of the parks and recreation during her tenure
on the board.
Kevin Regula, B.S., ’81, is currently working at the
Kennedy Space Center on the Shuttle and soon to be
future space program.
Petra Robinson R.D., B.A., ’96, of Port Jefferson has
been named Director of Food and Nutritional Services at
Mather hospital.
Dorothea Rodd, M.B.A., ’93, has been promoted to
First Vice President, Human Resources, at New York Life.
She started there in 1981, and is now responsible for
the oversight of operations and services functions in the
Human Resources Department.
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Trolio of Garden City are happy to
announce the engagement of their daughter Margret to
Robert Bambrick, B.A., ’03.
Lisa Lazaro, M.S., ’08, and Robert Dunn, M.B.A., ’94,
were married at North Fork Caterers, with a reception
following. She is an owner of Market America and is the
daughter of Louis and Jennie Lazaro of Franklin Square.
The bridegroom is a test engineer for Telephones in
Huntington and is the son of Jean Dunn of Queens and
the late Richard Dunn.
Matthew Lombardi, M.B.A., ’05, married Jennifer
Doop on September 27, 2008 in Cleveland, Ohio.
Theresa Pumilia, M.S., ’08, and Michael Fontana were
married at St. Raphael Church in East Meadow.
Prague Max Memnon, B.B.A., ’97, passed away at
thirty years old. He had a career in Finance/Accounting
at Dreyfus Corporation and later purued a career in
Healthcare Administration. He was a Senior Account
Manager at Innovatix, LLC.
Sandi Webster, M.B.A., ’99, wants to see what’s
been going on with Sunhee, Myriam, Seymour, Wendy,
Diane, Kathy and the gang. Sandi would love to
reconnect and catch up. If you would like to reach out
to Sandi, you can e-mail her at [email protected]
Ellen Flynn Nigro, ’92, would like to find former
classmate Karen Summers. Karen can reach out to
Ellen at [email protected]
Laurence Drago, B.B.A., ’02, looks forward to
speaking with fellow Dowling graduates that are
currently working in Marketing. He would like to speak
about your experiences and find out how you see
Marketing changing in the future. Please contact him at
[email protected]
Mike Nizich, B.S.,’02, is the Head Coach for Women’s
Tennis at Dowling. He studied Aviation and CIS at
Dowling and went on to have a wonderful technology
career as a result of his education. Nozich is interested
in having a Flying Team reunion.
Thanks to our alumni who sponsored more than
fifty new students who entered Dowling in 2008!
A special thank you to Catherine Panzenbeck, B.S.,
’93, a former women’s tennis player who recently
sent in a donation to go to the women’s tennis team.
Catherine had a wonderful experience at Dowling and
wanted to give back. She has since met the team and
looks forward to attending future matches.
Yearbooks! Yearbooks! Yearbooks!
Louis M. Mancuso, founder of Mid Island Air Service,
and the sponsor of aviation scholarships at Dowling
DC2952.indd 6
Vinny Nasta, M.S., ‘93, of Wading River and a
Riverhead High School teacher, died in a plane crash at
the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome in Rhinebeck, N.Y. Nasta
was flying a replica 1917 Nieuport 24 biplane in a mock
dog-fight with the DR1 Fokker triplane in the final event
of an airshow at the aerodrome in Red Hook.
Jay Hansen, B.A., ’07, was voted “Top Five Best New
Artists of 2008” by Gibson Guitars and he just released his Mr. & Mrs. John Gibbs of Port Jefferson, NY, announce the
engagement of their daughter Julie Lynn Gibbs, B.A.,
2nd CD, Shapeshifter.
’04, to Mr. James Elliot Remien, son of Mr. & Mrs. George
Marguerite Jimenez, S.D.B.L., ’08, is the new Deer
Louis Remian of Medford, NY.
Park School District Assistant Superintendent for Business
Don and Roberta Carlock of Babylon announce the
and Operations. She received an Advanced Certificate in
School District Business Leadership from Dowling College. engagement of their daughter Meredith Carlock, B.S.,
’07, to Travers Breen, son of George and Sharen Breen of
Jason M. Kempter, B.A., ’04, was named “Salesman of Centereach and Medford.
the Year” for Perry Ellis International Inc. Jason has been
with the Sales Department for the Original Penguin Brand
since April 2006 and was recognized for successfully
launching the brand into the speciality store market in the
Stephanie Hardie, B.B.A., ’04 and Dave Sheare were
Midwest and West Coast territories.
married at St Joseph’s Church in Lake Ronkonkoma.
William Madsen, B.A., ’90, most recently the Varsity
Christine M. Keenan and Anthony LaScala, M.S.,
Football Coach at Rocky Point High School, where he
excelled on the baseball diamond, has been appointed as ’03, were married at West Sayville Country Club, with a
reception following.
Pierson High School’s new Athletic Director.
Mary Nappi, M.S.Ed., ’04, was awarded the Outstanding
Teacher Appreciation Award by Senator Trunzo at William
Floyd Middle School.
College in Oakdale, died in his home of congestive heart
illness, at 99 years old. In 1967, Mancuso traded a
Cessna 337 Skymaster plane for half interest in a horse
named “Rum Customer” who won the U.S. Pacing Triple
Grown races a year later. With his winnings, Mancuso
invested in a two-acre horse farm in Virginia. Dowling
College was named beneficiary of a Charitable Trust
which will receive the proceeds of the sale of the farm.
The Student Government Association has graciously
donated Dowling College yearbooks from 1978
through 2006 to the Office of Alumni Relations. If
anyone is interested in obtaining one, please contact
1/30/09 11:46:18 AM
us at 631-244-5090. 2007 and 2008 yearbooks are
also available for $40. We are working on scanning
Dowling yearbooks for viewing on our future Alumni
webpage. We are missing books for 1971, 1972,
1973 & 1995. If anyone would like to donate them for
the project, it would be greatly appreciated!
SGA Executive Board
Hosts Annual Holiday Ball
Our semester ended with
the Annual Holiday Ball
at Land’s End in Sayville.
The night was embellished
with dancing, laughter and
delicious food. In recognition of their tireless efforts, both
Miguelina Javier, SGA VP for Administration, and Jessica
Toussaint, President of True Life Ministries, were recipients
of awards highlighting their dedication to the Student
Government Association.
Dowling College Now Offers
Distance Graduate Studies Program
Earn an MBA in Management &
Leadership Online
Dowling College’s graduate business program will now
be conducted as a fully online distance program by a faculty
of highly qualified experienced business professionals.
The program serves as a valuable resource for today’s
business community in the development of its management
talent and leadership. The curriculum of each program
has been designed to meet the specific needs of working
The Distance MBA in Management and Leadership is
defined by 30 credits of advanced coursework, finalized with
a 6-credit capstone experience. The MBA offers students
a professional point of view in the science of management
and leadership. Emphasis is placed on creating a sense of
responsibility as the student reflects on the complexity that
leaders face in today’s global market. The eleven courses
that are offered within the Distance MBA Program satisfy all
requirements of the degree.
Our distance education students are eligible for
institutional grants and scholarships as well as student
loans. Tuition grants of $60 per credit are awarded to
graduate students who have an undergraduate cumulative
grade point average of 3.5 or better. The Townsend School
of Business can be reached by sending an email to
[email protected] or by calling Toni Loschiavo,
Assistant Dean, Townsend School of Business at 631
244-1025. You may access the online application, by
clicking Apply Online at www.dowling.edu/online.
DC2952.indd 7
Gregory Eck’s submission, “Teacher Beliefs of Reflective
Thinking Professional Trust and Purpose in the Evaluative
Process, and its Influences on Instructional Improvement”, has
been accepted for presentation at the 2009 Hawaii International
Conference on Education.
Dr. Linda Fernsten, Assistant Professor of Human Development
& Learning, wrote a chapter that has been published by Speak Out
– The Institute for Democratic Education and Culture, in their booklet
of suggested lessons entitled Lessons from the Color of Fear.
Dr. Diane Fischer, Professor of Human Development &
Learning, and Dr. Joe Kasten, Associate Professor of CIS,
attended AMCIS 2008 in Toronto. The annual Americas’
Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS) is viewed as one
of the leading conferences for presenting the broadest variety
of research done by and for IS/IT academicians in the Western
Hemisphere. Every year, its papers and panel presentations
are selected from over 700 submissions, and the AMCIS
Proceedings are in the permanent collections of libraries
throughout the world. The two CIS professors reserved a private
booth for interviewing prospective candidates for the open
position in CIS.
Mr. Brian P. Jeran, Assistant Director of Career Services
for Student Services and Adjunct Lecturer of Psychology,
recently presented on his FYE course entitled “Career Building:
Psychology of the Workplace” at the New England Association
for Cooperative Education and Field Experience held in Plymouth,
MA. His presentation spoke of the challenges faced by Career
Service Centers to provide value-added career direction and
services to new freshmen and presented highlights from
his course that facilitates a successful transition into higher
education, aids student retention efforts, and promotes
workplace readiness skills as part of the academic experience.
Dr. Bonnie Johnson, Professor of Human Development and
Learning, and Dr. Dale D. Johnson, Professor of Literacy
Education, are serving on the Review Board for the Journal of
Intercultural Disciplines. The Journal “addresses diverse issues
related to people of color” and is supported by the National
Association of African American Studies, the National Association
of Hispanic and Latino Studies, the National Association of Native
American Studies, and the International Association of Asian Studies.
Dr. Thomas F. Kelly, Associate Professor of Educational
Administration, Leadership and Technology, recently submitted
a paper to the Oxford Round Table’s journal, Forum on
Public Policy, Apply Deming’s Methods to K – 12 Curriculum
and Improve Student Achievement, and it has now been
recommended for publication by our reviewers.
Dr. Nan Li, Associate Professor of Finance, has received the
Best Paper Award at the International Conference of Global
Academy of Business and Economics Research held in Orlando,
Florida. The title of her paper is The Price Discovery Process in
Credit Derivative Market: Evidence from Sovereign CDS Market.
Dr. Yanek Mieczkowski, Associate Professor of History, wrote
an essay on Ernie Davis’s life and legacy, “The Human Side
of ‘The Express,’” featuring interviews that he conducted with
Davis’s mother, friends, and former teammates. Please read Dr.
Mieczkowski’s essay at the website: www.erniedavishistory.
com. The movie “The Express,” is a movie about Ernie
Davis, the first African American to win the Heisman Trophy.
Mieczkowski has also been named to the Test Development
Committee responsible for guiding the content and policies of
the College Board’s College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)
History of the United States I and II exams.
Dr. Francis Samuel, Associate Professor of Human
Development and Learning, presented a paper at the Annual
Conference of Philosophy of Education (OVPES). The theme of
the conference was “Intellectual Courage: Souls of Love and
Tongues of Fire.” Dr. Samuel’s paper was entitled: “Intellectual
and Creative Courage: Tagore’s Vision of International Education.”
In his presentation, Dr. Samuel observed that in this information
age “the world is flat;” and this flattened world is fast be-coming
a global village.
Dr. Dorothy Stracher, Professor of Human Development and
Learning, had a chapter included in the Oxford University Centre
for the Study of Values in Education and Business publication
Beatitude Past Utterance: Balancing Life, Career, Values, Ethics
that was edited by Samuel M. Natale. The chapter is a case
study of a student that was part of the Program for Potentially
Gifted College Students with Learning Disabilities.
Dr. Susan Voorhees and Linda Bausch, Associate Professors
Of Literacy Education, and Albert Inserra, Associate Professor
Of Educational Administration, attended the Georgia World
Convention Center in Atlanta, Georgia where they presented the
article, Validation of the Literacy Representation Survey: A Tool
for Assessing Reading and Writing. They have been recognized
as the Journal of Reading Education award winners in the
Reading Category for the article.
Or, as the Italians say “Buon Anno Nuovo!”
A group of alumni, their
families and friends spent
the New Year in Italy. They
arrived in Venice where
they visited the Piazza San Marco, Doges Palace, the Bridge of
Sighs and the island of Murano, famous for its exquisite blown
glass. After traveling through the beautiful Tuscan countryside
they arrived in Florence where they visited the walled city of
Lucca, full of 16th and 17th century palaces and churches.
They began 2009 in Rome where they toured the Vatican and
Saint Peter’s Basilica, received a Papal blessing, and were
inspired by the beauty and elegance of the Sistine Chapel.
Dr. John Wensveen, Dean of the School of Aviation, was one
of the keynote speakers at the Latin American Airlines Future
Perspectives & Airline Business Plan conference in Cancun. He
spoke on airline business planning specifically. The audience was by
invitation only, consisting of all the CEOs of airlines in Latin America.
Ms. Lizette Washington, Director of the Center for Minority
Teacher Dev. & Training, received a letter from Ms. Dafny
J. Irizarry , President of the Long Island Latino Teachers
Association congratulating her for hosting a program honoring
outstanding Latino educators during Hispanic Heritage Month.
Ms. Washington was also pleased that Dr. DeRosa, the newest
member of the New York State Board of Regents, was present
for the event.
Dowling College to Offer Suffolk County’s Only
Physical Education Teacher Preparation Degree
Starting in Fall 2009, Dowling College will begin
offering a Physical Education Teacher Preparation
degree, for 125 credits with a four year planned
sequence. This new degree program offers a
comprehensive program that provides strategies to
combat today’s issues of childhood obesity. Students will
receive practical experience with students from diverse
educational settings to implement quality physical
education instructional practices.
The main career focus is training students to teach
physical education grades K - 12 in public and private
schools. A career outlook also includes working at fitness
facilities, and potential employers include companies
such as the National Head Start Association, a national
school readiness program that provides comprehensive
education, health, nutrition, and parent involvement
services to low-income children and their families.
Dowling’s new program will utilize the new athletic
facilities at our Brookhaven campus, newly renovated
weight room and the new fitness trail at the Oakdale
campus. Students will take courses at both campuses to
maximize the usage of these “State of the Art” facilities.
1/30/09 11:46:36 AM
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Maiden Name: __________________________________________________________
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Where are you working? __________________________________________________
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City: ________________________State: ________ Zip: ________________________
Phone:_______________________Title: _____________________________________
Business e-mail: _______________________________________________________
Susan Cummings
Dowling College
150 Idle Hour Blvd.
Oakdale, NY 11769
Would you like your name, e-mail, and web site listed in our online directory?
If so, please fill out the following form and mail back to Dowling College at:
US Postage Paid
Farmingdale NY
Permit No. 60
Former Dowling Student-Athletes Have Continued Success
This past fall saw more Dowling Alumni continue their excellence on the playing field as former Dowling College Men’s Lacrosse players Ryan Campbell, B.A., ’08 and Nick Cotter,
B.A., ’09 were selected in the 2008 National Lacrosse League Draft. Campbell was drafted in the first round with the 10th overall pick by The Edmonton Rush. A four year starter for
the Golden Lions, he finished his career third all-time with 129 goals, second all-time with 89 assists, and second all-time with 218 total points. Campbell managed to finish second
in team scoring and was named to the ECC All-Conference second team. In 2007 he was named to the USILA All-American first team. They also excelled in the classroom as they
earned the Athletic Director’s honor roll and Campbell was named as a 2008 USILA Scholar. Cotter was drafted in the second round with the 14th overall pick by The Boston Blazers.
He concluded four years at Dowling with 113 goals which placed him 5th all-time, 8th all-time with 137 total points and 5th all-time with 118 groundballs.
Cotter led the midfield, was named to the ECC All-Conference first team, was the first
three-time All-American in Lacrosse and ranks in the top 25 placing him at the top of the
All-Time record books for midfielders in career goals. “We continue to be very proud of
both Nick and Ryan.” said Dowling Athletics Director, Rick Cole. “Their work ethic and
commitment continues as they embark on another exciting chapter in their lives. We
expect great things from both of them on and off the field.”
Billy Motram, B.B.A., ’07, is another success story for the Golden Lions after being
selected in the 36th round by the Chicago Cubs. He has had playing time with the Boise
Hawks and Daytona Cubs while also playing for the Florence Freedom of the Frontier
League in Kentucky. Brent Lotito, B.B.A., ’08, had some professional playing time this
year as he was recently signed by the Florence Freedom as well. The right hand pitcher
holds Dowling career records for wins (22), innings (279.2), complete games (19), and
strikeouts (181).
Natalia Koryzna, B.A., ’07, is playing volleyball in the first league in Poland for the “SCS
Sokol” Chorzow team at the Libero position. After playing in the first round, the team has
been ranked 1 in the league with the help of Natalia’s playing skills. Along with playing
in the league, they are also playing in the Grand Prix of Poland. As a team, local media
has said they are one of the best defensive playing teams in the area.
Marta Slodnik, B.B.A., ’07, is playing volleyball in Sweden in the highest league
(eliteserien) for the EVS team. Last season they advanced to the National Semifinal,
where they lost in the 5th match 17-15 to Orebro, who won the championship that year.
Currently EVS remains undefeated in the league and qualified for the Grand Prix, as
well as for NEVZA finals (Nordic Championships). They host the tournament in January
and will play against Estonia, Finland and Denmark. Last year Marta was voted to the
Grand Prix All Star Team
Former Dowling College Men’s Basketball players Genc Selimi B.B.A ,’08, and James St.
Robert B.A., ‘08, are currently playing professional basketball overseas. Selimi suits up
for three time defending Superleague A champion Sigal Prishtina, a professional team
in Kosovo while St. Robert has taken his game to Illiabum of the Portugal Proliga.
Fall Sports Review
The 2008 Fall Season saw many accomplishments
for Dowling Athletics. The Volleyball team traveled once again to the NCAA Regional
Tournament finals for the fifth straight year after having another undefeated season in
ECC play. The Women’s Soccer team finished their fall season with a 10-6-3 overall
record, falling in the ECC Post-Season Tournament 1-0 to eventual ECC Champion, C.W.
Post. This season marked their second consecutive trip to the ECC Tournament. The
Men’s Soccer team had an outstanding year both on and off the field. The team earned
the NSCAA Team Academic Award for their exceptional GPA this year. On the field, the
Golden Lions dominated as usual after reaching the NCAA National Championship Final
for the second time in 3 years. This year marked the 5th time they have reached the
Final Four while having reached the NCAA Tournament for the 11th time.
The Cross Country team had many achievements as well, finishing 15th overall in the
region. The team traveled to Sunken Meadow State Park on Saturday, October 25 to
participate in the ECC Championship. The women placed 3rd overall while the men took
home fourth, having two runner’s finish in the top-10.
Spring Sports Preview The Spring season looks promising once again
for Dowling Athletics, most notably with the Men’s Lacrosse team recently being
ranked #4 by LAXnews. Also in the Spring, Dowling Softball will look to reach the
NCAA Tournament under the leadership of new Head Coach Debbie DeJong. The
Women’s Rowing team hopes to continue their strong showing in DII and make the
NCAA’s for the 4th straight year under the leadership of Head Coach Peter Lee.
Editor: Kelly Kazemier Editorial Board: Michael DeLuise, Diane Kazanecki-Kempter, Susan Cummings
DC2952.indd 8
1/30/09 11:46:55 AM

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