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Ciudad Juarez Profile
Ciudad Juarez
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Population Ciudad Juarez
Ciudad Juarez Projected
• Ciudad Juarez is the 5th largest city in
• Mexico*
About Mexico’s
Labor Force
Mexico’s labor force is growing at an annual rate of 2.4 percent,
but the agricultural sector has been shrinking as the urbanization
process continues and people move to the major cities in search
of manufacturing employment. Semi-skilled and skilled laborers
make up approximately one-third of the labor market.
Mexico’s work schedule is as follows:
– six-day, 48-hour work week
– twice the hourly wage for the first 9 hours after 48 or for
working on a legal holiday, Saturday or Sunday
– triple-time beyond 9 hours
Labor Benefits
Profit Sharing - Federal law requires firms to participate in a profit sharing program
in which employees receive 10 percent of the firm’s annual profits. Executive officers
and general managers often do not participate in this program.
Christmas Bonus (Aguinaldo) - Firms are also required to pay a year-end
Christmas bonus (Aguinaldo) to all employees equivalent to at least two-weeks pay.
Those who have worked less than one year receive a pro-rated bonus.
Legal Holidays - Mexican Federal Labor Law establishes 7 legal paid holidays per
year. Besides these holidays many businesses and labor contracts observe
additional days for religious and national celebrations.
Vacation - Vacation time is guaranteed and rewarded based on seniority. Six days of
paid vacation must be offered after one year of service, plus two additional days
each year for the next three years. By the 5th year of service, this adds up to two
weeks of paid vacation. After five years of employment, two more days must be
added for each five-year block of service.
Social Security - All workers are automatically covered by the public health care
system the Mexican Institute of Social Security (Instituto Mexicano de Seguro Social,
IMSS), whether registered or not. It is the responsibility of the employer to register
employees as well as contribute a minimum of 17.42 percent of each worker’s
salary, depending on the risk-factor of the job, into the social security fund. Benefits
include basic health care and medications, attention to occupational accidents and
care for illnesses.
Employee Housing - Employers also are required to pay a 5 percent fixed payroll
tax to finance the Institute for the National Fund for Employee Housing (Instituto
Nacional del Fondo de la Vivienda para los Trabajadores, INFONAVIT). The goal of
this federal program is to provide benefits allowing employees to more easily acquire
a home.
Retirement Insurance - Under the Retirement Savings System (Sistemas de Ahorro
para el Retiro, SAR), employers must pay 2 percent of a worker’s salary (up to 25
times minimum wage) to a retirement fund in a bank account under the worker’s
Ciudad Juarez / El Paso Logistical
Ciudad Juarez has 3 major commercial international ports of entry:
• Zaragoza
• Cordova Americas
• Santa Teresa
• A Dedicated Commuter Lane (DCL) is offered at the Zaragoza and
Stanton port of entry, which strongly reduces international commute
passenger traffic.
Juarez has developed a strong freight transportation around the
Maquiladora industry.
Almost 50 freight companies provide services between Mexico and the
There are 2 International Airports: Cd. Juarez Intl. Airport and El Paso Intl.
The city of El Paso has the largest in volume free trade zone in the U.S./
Mexico border consisting of 21 sites containing 3,443 acres spread out
through the Eastside, central, northeast and lower valley areas of the city
and outside the city limits but within El Paso County. On average over 70
firms use the FTZ, handling more than 200 different items from more than
80 countries.
Logistical Advantages
El Paso's centralized location offers rail routes to Chicago, Los Angeles,
San Francisco, New Orleans, Dallas, Austin, Midland, Kansas City,
Denver, Salt Lake City, and Albuquerque.
Rail service from El Paso is provided by both the Burlington Northern and
Santa Fe Railway Company (BNSF) and Union Pacific.
I-10 is the southernmost of three coast-to coast
highways and the only one passable
• I-25 begins just north of El Paso in New
Mexico and goes through Albuquerque and
1 daily flight
2-4 daily flights
5-10daily flights
More than 10 daily flights
El Paso Airport Direct Flight Service to:
17 cities / 19 airports
Salt Lake City
Las Vegas
Los Angeles (2)
Ontario PHX
San Diego Tucson
ABQ (3)
LBB (1)
MDO (1)
Austin (4)
SA (4)
• 3 State Universities and
• 6 Private Universities
• English is thought as second
language in all schools
Main Engineering
Degrees offered by the
Juarez universities:
• Industrial
• • • • • • Manufacturing
Electrical Mechanic
Computer Systems
Juarez Technical Capabilities
Visteon Design & Engineering Center
(Electronic & prototype design)
Delphi Design & Engineering Center
Electronic & Prototype design
Thomson Engineering Center (Electronic &Prototype Design)
Valeo Design Center (Electric Engines Design)
Lear Engineering Center (Electronic Design)
Labinal (Design and Engineering of Electrical

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