Cake and Sugar Artist of Northern Virginia


Cake and Sugar Artist of Northern Virginia
Cake and Sugar Artist
of Northern Virginia
Sandy Sheppard
Sandra Spencer
B. Keith Ryder
James Bender
(ABBY) Baloguin
Delores Banks
James Bender
JoAnn Boggan
Donna Brunson
Jenn Castriotta
Wendy McPherson Cummings
Gerrie Elliott
Megan Ferry
Romona Flowers
Gabrielle Goggin
Dia Johnson
Barbara Kelly
Wanda Klimkiewicz
Josie Lewis
Lincoln Norma
Tammy Lucas
Patricia Martyres
Heidi McPherson
Ninoska Mejia
Judy Mercer
Carmelita Montesa
Nydia Ortiz
Roxanne Roberts
Carmen Tres
Linda Rothgeb
B. Keith Ryder
Sandy Sheppard
Sandra Spencer
Sandra Stewart
Esther White
Jackie Yates
Starting off the New Year, we had the pleasure of Keith Ryder having a
hands-on gumpaste demo.
We were excited to have Beryl Loveland of Beryl’s Cake Decorating
& Pastry Supplies per-forming this months demo. Beryl created a
beautiful and delicious chocolate doily.
We had a great hands-on demo in March on marzipan. Great fun was had creating
our marzipan rabbits.
Linda Rothgeb showed off her talents by teaching us how to make
some amazing Dalia's.
Dia Johnson had a great hands on demo using royal icing to create flowers and Oriental
stringwork. everyone was very creative.
Linda Rothgeb taught us how to make a closed and open Peony.
Lots of wonderful tips were shared.
Julys meeting we discussed your cake contracts. We want to thank everyone who
brought or sent in their cake contracts to Julys meeting. We had a great discussion
going over the contracts, delivery problems and unruly customers.
Many of us did not have a place on our contracts for email since many of our
members started decorating cakes before the internet was invented. For those of
us that did not have delivery information in the contracts will soon be placing a
statement in. Take a look at Norms, funny and a good way to cover yourself.
During the meeting, all of us learned that you can not charge sales tax on delivery
in the state of Virginia, so if you are doing this, it is incorrect.
We also touched on the definition of 'Limited Liability Company - LLC' and the
benefits of having one vs. not.
LCC is a corporate structure whereby the members of the company cannot be
held personally liable for the company's debts or liabilities. Limited liability companies (LLC) differ slightly from one country to the next. However, it is essentially a
hybrid entity that combines the characteristics of a corporation and a partnership
or sole proprietorship. While the limited liability feature is similar to that of a corporation, the availability of flow-through taxation to the members of a LLC is a feature of partnerships.
Face it, we are all kids at heart and love toys. We had members bring in new products
from the ICES convention and show how they work. The By-Laws for CASANOVA were
also voted on and updated. Sharone Locke and Sandy Sheppard demoed new products
and we got to play with different lace materials and co Jell.
The Annual CASANOVA Picnic was held at the home of Norman Davis on September 14th. Everyone who was able to
make it to this event brought plenty of food and fun. Cookie Donations for the Ronald McDonald House was also collected at this time.
Thanks to everyone who came, brought sides or desserts, Cookies for the RMH, and of course a special thank you to
Norman Davis and his family for opening their home to us .
Megan Ferrey was unwell and B. Keith Ryder stepped up an gave us a great demo on Buche
de Noel aka Yule Log Megan had everything ready to go with a delicious sponge and Italian
Meringue Buttercream.
Patricia Martyres did a wonderful job demoing Wafer Paper Flowers. Many of us
were surprised how beautiful wafer paper could be. Thank you Patricia.
We once again had our annual Christmas party at Houlihan's of Springfield VA. We had a great time with friends, family and an
always fun Round Robin gift exchange. Roxanne Roberts stole the show where she ended up with number one. I think Sandy
Sheppard is loosing her winning touch. We wish everyone a Joy and Happiness for the Holiday Season!
Here are the Classes you had an opportunity to take in 2014
3-d SteamPumk Ostrich 2 1/2’ tall
Norman Davis & Zane Beg
Babies Under Cover & Baby Shoes
Norman Davis & Zane Beg
Fabric Flowers 3-tier Wedding Cake
Norman Davis & Zane Beg
Galaxy Isomalt Dragon
Simi Cakes & Confections
All About Icing, The business of Wedding Cakes
Barbara Evans, CMSA
Spphisticated Sugar Lace
Wayne Steinkoph & Chuck Hamilton
Sugar Dress Lace and Gems
Linda Rothgeb

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