Lion Technology


Lion Technology
Lion Technology
Lion Technology Inc. offers high-quality certification training and continuing education
to individuals and groups globally. Their courses are in compliance with Federal, State,
and international regulations, and apply to transporting hazardous materials,
cradle-to-grave hazardous waste management, environmental protection,
and workplace health & safety issues.
Regulatory compliance training from Lion is delivered in an easy-to-understand,
enjoyable manner, and is delivered via public workshops, on-site programs,
and online courses. Lion training is fully supported with critical regulatory updates,
a library of resources, a help desk, and other membership services for ongoing
Safety and Compliance Training
Wakefly Inc.
1800 West Park Drive Suite 100
Westboro, MA 01581
The current Lion website did not allow customers to filter the Lion course catalog
and the member portal where customers can see their certifications was outdated.
Lion came to Wakefly looking for a solution to make their site more user-friendly.
The website’s key objectives were as follows:
Update the look and feel of the website as well as the attached member portal
(separate LMS system) with a cool look that feels innovative.
Make sure the homepage and member portal are seamlessly integrated.
Update the course catalog to include a filter feature to allow customers
to search using certain criteria.
Make the site is responsive so that all the features work on tablets and mobile
One of the main challenges with the Lion site was the integration between the
main site and the existing LMS system (training partner). There needed to be a
seamless integration that was user-friendly for both students and the site’s
non-technical web managers. Another issue was making sure the site was
responsive. Because the course book and member areas were so content heavy,
there had to be a design that would allow all the content to be displayed on any
mobile device.
Lion Technology wanted to integrate their LMS platform with the website for
a simple and seamless experience for their students. Wakefly created a custom
API library to communicate with the LMS platform to show the students their
course history, alerts, and notification based on their subscription status as well as
course certification expirations or requirements. Wakefly relied on Kentico’s third
party membership integration options to sync with the student data in the LMS
platform for login and registration purposes based on a set of complex rules
dictated by the client.
In addition to the member portal, Wakefly synced the course catalog with the LMS
platform to allow non-technical editors to manage content and imagery for each
course within the CMS, and only rely on the LMS platform for training location data,
specifications and pricing managed via the LMS. The goals were to make sure there
was minimal duplicate content entry between the website and the LMS platform,
make sure the data is current on the website and allows for easy navigation,
filtering, and course registration.
By using Kentico as their CMS in place of a static HTML site, Lion now owns a website
whose content can be updated and managed easily, especially the course catalog,
which has to be updated multiple times a year.
The personalized experience created by the “Member Area” feature improves user
experience by allowing visitors to sign up for courses in which they are interested
and keep tabs on certifications they are working towards, and ones they have
already earned.
The site is also responsive, allowing users to access all the information from a mobile
device, and, therefore, making it easier to keep customers informed as well as giving
them more ways to register for courses and access training materials.
One year after the launch of the website, session on Lion Technology’s website are up
25.34%, page views are up 16.55%, users have increased 24%, and downloads
of their course catalog have increased 17.30% (compared to the previous year).
Key criteria for using Kentico
Wakefly selected Kentico as the content management system for this engagement
because it provided Wakefly’s developers with the means to meet the key
objectives efficiently and organize content more effectively than the previous CMS.