Castle Open for Tours 2014


Castle Open for Tours 2014
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We would like to wish all of our
Friends, members of the local
community and beyond a Very
Merry Christmas and a Happy
New Year.
We value your support and look
forward to seeing you soon,
whether at an event, as a
volunteer or just passing through
to say hello!
There are a range opportunities to
become a volunteer which include
helping with events, gardening
and fundraising. Please contact
Jay on 01736 763973 if you are
able to help or have any ideas.
This Newsletter comprises a
selection photographs of the
Castle and Gardens,
demonstrating the works the
Pengersick Historic & Education
Trust have undertaken in
preparation for reopening.
The Pengersick Historic and
Education Trust continues to
strive forward in their attempts
to preserve the historic
significance of this unique Tudor
Castle Open for Tours
Throughout the Winter
By Appointment
The Castle and Gardens will be open for guided tours or a
gentle stroll round the grounds. We hope to welcome you to
visit the castle and see all the changes that have been
Please book your ticket in advance by calling Jay on
01736 763 973
Roof leaks had caused serious decay and
deterioration to the building fabric. There
were very high damp levels in the walls, timber
decay to floors and joists, and defective
internal cement plasters which all had to be
carefully removed by hand methods and
recorded by an Archaeologist.
We had to clear and sort every room of clutter,
recording and cataloging every item before
storing. Furniture was stored before being
The ground floor rooms flooded during
the extremely wet winter of 2012.
The very high moisture contents
completely saturated the building fabric.
This long-term issue had already caused
significant decay in the Annex and Tower.
Extensive remedial works were required to
prevent further moisture ingress.
A methodical approach was taken to
ensure the floors and walls had dried
A combination of approaches were
undertaken to monitor and locate
dampness within the building fabric.
Once it was identified where and how
much moisture was present, appropriate
and necessary remedial works were
The kitchen is located in the Annex which
was constructed in 1928. The Kitchen and
the Tower were refurbished in 1968 at a
time when inappropriate hard, dense and
impervious cement mortars and plaster s
were extensively used trapping considerable
moisture within the building fabric.
The top pictures show the Kitchen before
and after the works were completed.
The Tower rooms have had the cement
plasters and modern impervious paint
systems removed. This has allowed the
building fabric to “breathe” and the drying
down of the structure has commenced. This
is being carefully monitored with data
loggers and modern technology.
The walls are currently left as exposed stone
work, although we intend to provide oak
paneling to the Tudor rooms in future.
Significant works were required in the
Gardens. Unfortunately the Cupressus
macrocarpa trees were dangerous and
had to be felled. The site of the previous
trees is being used to create a Tudor
knot garden, which was one of Angela
Evans wishes.
There have been a number of successful
events and since we have reopened there
has been over 1000 visitors to the Castle.
Medieval Garden Award
After the completion in 2012 of the Medieval
Garden Structure, we were delighted and
proud to learn that Dan McLaughlin won The
Cornish Distinctiveness Design Award for his
restoration. His award and designs were
featured in the Cornwall Today magazine.
The medieval Garden has been well received
by visitors during Open Days and Tours.
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