Spring 2009 - Central Connecticut State University



Spring 2009 - Central Connecticut State University
Spring 2009
Succeeding for 40 Years
The Educational Opportunity Program Celebrates a Milestone
Letter from the President of Central Connecticut State University
We all know that bad news has a greater impact than good news, and these days we do not
lack for bad financial news. So I think it is important to be reminded of the good news about
our University. We recently concluded two important assessments of the climate of our
comm­unity here, and the results are encouraging. They clearly indicate that the work fac­
ulty, staff, and administration have been doing over the past few years has made a real and
significant difference in the quality of life for our students and for our campus community.
Student Satisfaction Survey
John W. Miller
Satisfaction was higher in 2008 than in 2006 on 45 out of 55 survey items. Thirty items were
higher at statistically significant levels, and five were higher by more than 0.2 standard
The top items on which perceptions increased significantly and most meaningfully from
either 2004 or 2006 to 2008 were:
Billing policies are reasonable.
Financial aid awards are announced in time to be helpful in college planning.
Registration processes and procedures are convenient.
Respondents seldom get the “run-around” when seeking information on this campus.
A variety of intramural recreational activities are offered.
Tuition paid is a worthwhile investment.
There is an adequate selection of food available on campus.
Complete results are available online at:
Employee Satisfaction Survey
Satisfaction was higher in 2008 than in 2007 on 53 out of 55 items; 41 were higher at statis­
tically significant levels, and 33 were higher by more than 0.2 standard deviations.
The top items on which perceptions increased significantly and most meaningfully from 2007
to 2008 were:
The reputation of this institution continues to improve.
This institution is well-respected in the community.
Efforts to improve quality are paying off at this institution.
There is good communication between the faculty and the administration at this
• Administrators share information regularly with faculty and staff.
Complete results are available online at:
These results are, indeed, very good news for the University. They give us confidence that
we are moving in the right direction and that our work is making an important difference
in the quality of this institution. We take pride in the educational services and intellectual
resources the University offers our state, especially in these troubled financial times.
Dr. Jack Miller
S p r i n g
2 0 0 9
Vo l u m e
I s s u e
c o n t e n t s
Feature Story: EOP Succeeding for
40 Years . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
C.J. and Linda Jones: Invested in
the Fabric of Central. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
Athletic Fields Get an Upgrade. . . . . . . . . 8
Sports: Dan Boothby Finds
His Passion at CCSU. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13
d e p a r t m e n t s
Happenings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10-11
Class Notes. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14-18
In Memoriam. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18
Upcoming Events. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19
From Us
t o Y o u In 1968, a CCSU mathematics instructor named George Wyer
tossed a pebble into a pond. Wyer’s “pebble” was the Educational Opportunity Program
(EOP). In the past 40 years its ripples have transformed the lives of nearly 2,000 young
people. Read about the EOP and some of its successful alumni in this issue of Central focus.
CCSU Athletic Director Charles “C. J.” Jones ’69, MS ’72 became the EOP’s director in 1970.
Jones came to Central to play basketball, but ended up finding his meaning. Learn about
how he and his wife, Linda (Coggshall) Jones ’70, MS ’80, 6th Yr ’86 are repaying Central.
And spend some time with grateful EOP alumnus, Mike Cohen ’70. A cancer survivor and
inveterate bicyclist, Cohen rediscovered himself while pedaling from Seattle, Washington to
his home in Massachusetts.
Also, in this issue, find out how Dan Boothby ’05 is putting his education to work pursuing
his dream of a career in fitness and training. And read about Central’s women’s soccer team,
which continues to represent the University with distinction, winning the Northeast Conference Championship last fall, their fifth in seven seasons.
It’s all in this issue of Central focus.
The Central focus Editorial Staff
CCSU Alumni Association
Christine I. Sullivan ’73, MS ’81, President
Frederick B. Agee III ’80, Vice President
Andrew J. Felder ’02, MBA ’08, Treasurer
Fernando G. Rosa ’75, Secretary
Wendell G. Davis Jr. ’89, Past President
Joe Arnone ’59
Elaina Brachman 6th Yr ’97, Ed.D. ’05
Paula Chapla ’78
Kevin Cranford ’81
Keith T. Hall ’78, MS ’85
Norman F. Hausmann ’54
Kelley A. Hedley ’97
John “Corky” S. Mazurek ’83, MSOM ’91
P. Faith McMahon MS ’68*
Robert F. Mullins ’94
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Ed Vescovi ’84
Richard A. Wiszniak ’73
John W. Miller
Central focus Staff
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Central focus is published by Central
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CT 06050 for alumni and friends.
Central Connecticut State University is
an AA/EO institution and a campus of the
­Connecticut State University System.
Succeeding for 40 Years
The EOP Celebrates a Milestone
C.J. Jones was a 24-year-old graduate student in the
summer of 1970 when a job opened as co-director of the
new venture Central was calling the Educational
Opportunity Program (EOP). The program was the
brainstorm of George Wyer, a 28-year-old m
­ athemat­ics
instructor. Its purpose was to identify high school
students who had the potential and desire to do collegelevel work, but who did not meet admissions standards,
and offer them a crash course over one summer that
would prepare them for entering college. Most impor­
tantly, the program would provide those students with
a support system to help them succeed.
Wyer found champions for the idea in the University
administration and held the first summer session,
with 31 students, in 1969. A very high percentage of
those students went on to graduate. Still he couldn’t
­guarantee Jones the program would be a long-term
success. But one thing Jones had learned during his
four years at Central, was to engage with passion. He
took on the EOP assignment as though he had invented
it, little suspecting how dramatically it would succeed
or that he would remain at its helm for a quarter of a
century, while also coaching Central basketball before
being named athletic director in 1995.
EOP alumni returned
to Central last year
from as far away
as Seattle, Wash­
ington to celebrate
the program’s 40th
­anniversary at events
in the summer and
fall. They, and their fellow EOP alumni, stand as inar­
guable evidence of the program’s effectiveness.
Listen to Aida Silva ’86, for instance. “I had emigrated
from Puerto Rico in 1980,” she says. “I completed my
last two years of high school here. I wanted to go to
college, but no one else in my family had gone. I was
clueless about the process. I didn’t know how to handle
the college experience.”
Thanks to the EOP she enrolled at Central, graduating
in 1986. She worked for a while at the International
Institute of Connecticut before landing a job at UConn,
where she subsequently earned her master’s degree and
where she is now associate director of admissions. “The
EOP was my first exposure to what success could be,”
she says. “The program helped us learn to believe in
It’s a conviction you will hear again and again from
EOP alumni. In a typical EOP class there are about
50 students. These are educationally and econom­
ically disadvantaged young people. Most are the
first person from their family to attend college, and
We’ve had alumni go on to
successful careers in law, television,
administration, politics, business and
education. For these kids, EOP is a
gateway to hope.
Awilda Reasco ’84, EOP Director
to raise
EOP students have often held car washes
funds for
On the cover: EOP alumni Henri Alexandre ’76 and Aida Silva ’86.
“The summer that changed
my life,” is the way John L.
“J. L.” Williams ’80 remem­
bers the EOP. He was a high
school wrestler who grew up
in a large family. Central
provided him with a partial
scholarship for wrestling. The
EOP took care of the rest.
they have a lot of impediments to
overcome. Yet, says Awilda Reasco,
the current director, the program’s
retention rate is in the 90 percent
“Nearly 2,000 students have grad­
uated from the EOP over the past
40 years,” she says. “We’ve had
alumni go on to successful careers
in law, television, administration,
politics, business and education.
For these kids, EOP is a gateway
to hope.”
EOP alumni Yecenia (Torre
s) Casiano (who will
“The EOP made it possible
for me to get into college,” he
says, “and that enabled me to
become an engineer.” For the
past 28 years he has worked
at Boeing in Seattle, Wash­
graduate in’09) and Noel
Take Henri Alexandre ’76, who
Casiano ’98 at the EOP
h-anniversary party.
came to the United States from
Haiti in 1967. Like Silva, he was
“It was exceptionally impor­
a bright young person, but woefully prepared for the
tant for me,” says Lillian Ortiz ’86, dean of institutional
college exper­ience. “The program provided structure for
development at Manchester Community College. A
students who didn’t know how to organize and study,” he
Hartford High School graduate, she landed a worksays, “but there were lots of programs to help us develop
study job in C. J. Jones’ office during her years at
as individuals, also.”
Central. “He was my mentor, advisor and trainer,” she
After graduating from Central, Alexandre worked as an
says. “Without that great start I probably wouldn’t have
administrative assistant for the Judicial Department of
made it through.”
Connecticut and applied to the UConn Law School. T
­ oday
“EOP gave me the discipline to succeed,” says David
he is an assistant attorney general and head of the Public
Busanet ’79. How much discipline? A resident of Meri­
Safety Division of the Attorney General’s Office.
den who had no car, Busanet walked to and from the
Again and again, alumni employ the same metaphors to
campus, a distance of 10 miles each way.
describe what the EOP meant to them, when it was their
conduit to a college education, and what it has meant to
wu continued on page 6
them as their professional lives have unfolded.
P with
director of the EO
Meg Leake, former
n Heron ’94 at
EOP alumnus Brya
EOP alumna Aida Silva ’86
and former director
Charles “C.J.” Jones ’69, MS
’72 at the EOP
40th-anniversary celebration
The EOP Celebrates
vt continued from page 5
“Initially I didn’t even think
of going to college,” he says,
“but the EOP showed me that
I could. It was a big turn in my
life.” Today, Busanet is procure­
ment manager for the Connect­
icut Department of Public Works.
The camaraderie that grew out
of the EOP summer program
was evident at last summer’s
40th-anniversary event. There
are upwards of 2,000 people – a
far-flung diaspora – who share
the fact that they came from dis­
advantage and succeeded thanks
to a special hand-up called the
EOP. That makes them something
of a family.
EOP alumni Wilfredo Irizarr
y ’98 and
Baileys (­ Hernandez) Irizarry
’97 at the
EOP 40th-anniversary celebra
L.” Williams ’80
EOP alumni John “J.
’79 at the EOP
and David Busanet
40th-anniversary cel
“We built a community where we cared for each other,”
says Meg Leake, director of Central’s Learning Center,
who was associate director of
the EOP from 1987 to 1999.
She regularly hears from
alumni of the program, people
whose lives and contributions to the betterment of the
world have been measurably greater thanks to the EOP.
“It was an opportunity to make a real difference in the
lives of these young people and it was, far and away, the
most gratifying experience of my professional life.”
One Passionate Teacher Makes a Difference
In 1968, George Pattison III, who was then known as George Wyer,
was a math professor who had joined the faculty of Central a year
earlier. A young man with a passion for teaching and a desire to see
his students succeed, he had quickly discovered, in his classes,
“many minority students who were talented, but fell
behind” for lack of effective prepara­
tion for the college experience.
Pattison, who had taught both junior and senior high school and
at a junior college before coming to Central, was a big believer
in rules. His plan was built around a set of standards to which all
participating students would be required to adhere.
“These were bright youngsters, but
their high schools hadn’t given them
the tools they needed to succeed in
college,” he recalls. “They were poorly
Determined to do something about
it, he wrote a proposal for a summer
exper­ience to address the needs
of those students. The program he
envisioned would quickly introduce
disadvantaged students to the overall
college experience and resources that
could help them succeed, and give
them a taste of what kind of academic
expectations they could anticipate.
hachari Padma,
George Pattison with, l-r, Dr. Narasim
na Awilda
Elizabeth Nkonoki-Ward and EOP
Reasco ’84, current director of the
He soon found champions for his
proposal in the University’s admin­
istration and launched it in the
summer of 1969. Thirty-one students
enrolled in the first session and
their success rate was so striking
that the Educational Opportunity
Program (EOP) quickly became
an accepted thread in the CCSU
Pattison remained at Central for
five years and then left to accept a
position in the West Hartford public
schools, where he remained for the
balance of his career. He retired
in 1998 and moved to Florida. The
EOP, however, goes on, affirming
its value year after year.
Invested in the Fabric of Central
Ask them to tell you about their wedding and they blurt
out two words, in unison – “We eloped!” It’s like a standup routine, comfortable material they’ve been honing for
a long time, a story they never get tired of telling. Then
they look at each other and smile sheepishly, remem­
bering how things were, almost 35 years ago.
Linda confesses. “We weren’t sure what kind of reaction we
were going to get.” So, to forestall having to break the news
for a little while longer, they took advantage of an Alumni
Association trip to Hawaii.
A couple of things are apparent in Meyers’ photos. One is
their love for each other, an abiding affection that has sus­
tained them for more than four decades now. And the other
is the setting they chose, at the heart of the University that
brought them together, and to which they have remained as
committed as they have to each other.
The Good Life
Linda (Coggshall) Jones ’70, MS ’80, 6th Yr ’86 and Charles “C. J.”
Jones, Jr. ’69, MS ’72 with Boomer.
It was a balmy August evening in 1974, soft pastel
­shadows overspreading the CCSU campus, when Charles
“C. J.” Jones ’69, MS ’72, a black man from Bayside,
Queens, and Linda Coggshall ’70, MS ’80, 6th Yr ’86,
a white woman who grew up in Hartford, entered the
­courtyard at Central. Both had come to Central for an
education, but they had found so much more.
Attended only by close friends Howie Dickenman ’70,
MS ’75, C. J.’s basketball buddy, and Ellen Stewart ’71,
MS ’77, Linda’s former roommate and a fellow teacher,
they recited their simple vows before another friend,
Justice of the Peace Bert Anderson. It was over in just
a few minutes and everyone retired to the Marriott for
cel­ebra­tory drinks.
Photographer Jim Meyers recorded the little ceremony for
posterity. There wasn’t much to record – just two folks,
accompanied by their friends, tying the knot. That they
were also committing an act of defiance against conven­
tions of the time (only seven years had passed since the
U. S. Supreme Court had ruled anti-miscegenation laws
unconstitutional) is not apparent in Meyers’ photos and
may be hard to imagine for many born in the ensuing
three and a half decades.
But C. J. and Linda were aware of the significance of
what they were doing. “We hadn’t even told our families,”
C. J. was still an undergraduate, a rangy kid who was light­
ing up the basketball court, when he and Linda met in 1966.
He was hosting a party at his New Britain apartment and she
came by to help him get the place ready. She was supposed to
have a date for the party, a friend of C. J.’s who was sched­
uled to arrive later. But wires got crossed, the friend didn’t
arrive, and eight years later C. J. and Linda were married.
By that time he was directing the University’s Educational
Opportunity Program (EOP), a job he had taken the summer
after he graduated, and she had just wrapped up her fourth
year as a teacher in South Windsor’s public schools. When
they returned from Hawaii she joined the New Britain public
schools, where she remained – in many different teaching and
administrative roles – for the next 30 years.
Together they invested themselves in the fabric of Central. ­
C. J. put his distinctive stamp on the EOP for 25 years, and
for 19 of those years he also coached Central basketball, first
as assistant coach and then, starting in 1987, as head coach.
In 1995, he was named athletic director.
Linda, who helped plan EOP trips, recreational events and
fund-raising, soon earned the nickname “Mother of the
Team.” On a lot in Terryville they built a home in 1976. They
settled in and built a good life for themselves, enriched by the
many young lives they touched.
Regular contributors to the CCSU scholarship fund, they
created their own scholarships in the 1990s, with funds ear­
marked for the EOP and athletics and New Britain students
embarking upon careers in teaching.
Last year, in an act of exceptional generosity, they unified
those programs by bequeathing their entire estate to the
University. “Central gave us what we’ve enjoyed,” says C. J.
“We wouldn’t have met if we hadn’t come here. We owe a lot
to the University.”
Athletic Fields Upgrades
Enhance Facilities for Everyone
Thanks to a major effort that has been in planning and development since
2006, CCSU’s outdoor athletic fields – for lacrosse, football, soccer, baseball,
and softball – and an adjacent recreational field are getting a major
upgrade that will enhance their utility for all CCSU students.
Funding for this project comes from fees collected since 2002 and specified
by the CSUS Board of Trustees for recreation and intercollegiate athletics,
­according to President Jack Miller.
Over the next three years, several of the outdoor fields will be retrofitted
with new artificial turf that offers advantages over grass. Additionally, new
grandstands will be added for the soccer field and, beneath it, a modern facil­
ity housing bathrooms and concession space. Finally, an NCAA track will be
installed around the soccer field.
The improved turf phase of the project includes significant improvements
to the nearby pavilion, including the addition of bathrooms. Those enhance­
ments significantly increase the pavilion’s capacity to accommodate larger
groups and functions. The baseball field will also benefit from new grand­
stands. Additional landscaping and lighting throughout the complex, includ­
ing around the completely regraded recreation field north of the baseball
diamond, are also planned.
Architects’ drawing
shows the extensive
upgrades that will
improve and better
unify CCSU’s outdoor
athletic facilities,
enhancing their utility
for athletes as well as
the entire university
“Not all of the improvements are visible to those using the
facilities. Undergirding the whole complex is a remarkable
subterranean drainage system the University is i­ nstalling
to meet Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)
requirements,” says Dan Moran ’73, MS ’88, associate
chief admin­istrative officer. “These fields generate run-off
from precip­itation. Our challenge was to engineer them in
such a way that they permit zero run-off into this area’s
drainage ­basin.” The University is working further with
engineers and DEP to develop this same process through­
out the ­campus as part of its sustainability program.
To achieve that goal, Macchi Engineers, the company
working with Facilities on the plan for the upgrade, called
upon Geller Sport Inc., a leading landscape architecture
and civil engineering firm based in Boston. The fields will
be re-graded, with sand bases supporting the new turf,
draining into a sophisticated underground system utilizing
a large cistern that will catch the water and prevent runoff to the nearby stream.
The football field has already been equipped with the turf,
which, according to Sal Cintorino ’87, MS ’90, assistant
chief admin­istrative officer, provides several benefits to the
­Univer­sity. “Nearly as soft and textured as natural grass,
it’s easier for athletes to play on and results in far fewer
injuries than earlier generations of artificial turf. More­
over, the new turf is much more durable. In the winter,
snow can be cleaned off the fields with motorized equip­
ment without damaging the turf, substantially reducing
maintenance expenses,” says Cintorino.
Once the lighting is in place, Cintorino notes, “all of the
fields will become accessible for the entire University
commu­nity.” The upgrade will dramatically boost the
recrea­tional value of the fields for all students.
The recreational field and both the baseball and softball
fields are expected to be completed by late next spring or
early in the summer. The target date for resurfacing the
soccer field is spring 2010. The new track will be installed
last. Its completion will allow the University’s track team
to practice and compete on campus for the first time in
over a decade and the track will also be available for use
by the CCSU community. The Department of Public Works
is managing the grandstand and bathroom phase of the
recreation athletic field enhancements. Moran and Cin­
torino are unable to say precisely when the track will be
complete. They are working toward a target date of 2011.
Moran is quick to note, however, that many of the
enhance­ments will be complete this spring. “These
improve­ments make our outdoor facilities much more
­useful for the entire CCSU community,” he says.
Ha p p e n i n g s
(l-r) Bill “B. J.” Allen ’86, C. Wayne Heasley ’68, Bob King ’77,
Eric Rowles MS ’97, and Alan Davidson ’88 at an alumni recep­
tion in Charlotte, NC.
Class of 1953 at 55th-reunion celebration.
Class of 1958 at 50th-reunion celebration.
(l-r) Ed Cabellon MS ’00, Michele
Shelton MS ’04 and Nate Mackinnon
at an alumni and friends reception
following CCSU vs Boston College
men’s basketball game.
Steve Westerberg ’72 and Gina Riccardo ’01 at
University Singers 15th-anniversary celebration.
Alumni who participated in an alumni and student leader panel discussion are (l-r) Atty. James
Miron ’90, mayor of the Town of Stratford; Paula Chapla ’78, operations manager­—aerostructures
at Sikorsky Aircraft; Kelley Hedley ’97, project manager at The Travelers; Curtiss Wiggins ’93,
assistant vice president at First Investors Corporation; Brian Cruess ’94, MS ’01, application
architect at The Hartford Insurance Group; Dr. Kristine Larsen ’84, CCSU professor of physics and
earth science, panel moderator; and, David Busanet ’78, director of procurement at the
Connecticut Department of Public Works.
(l-r) Randy Clark ’96, Jeffrey Mackniak ’95, MS ’01
and Lisa (Lamb) Mackniak ’95 at an alumni recep­
tion in Fairfield.
Ho n o r Ro l l
Do n o r s
These pages recognize gifts made to the CCSU Foundation, Inc., between July 1, 2007 and June 30, 2008.
Thank You
In 2007-08, more than 4,000 donors contributed over $1.9 million to the University. This record-breaking year represents a 22 percent increase in
new donors, an increase in all donors, and a new level of alumni giving. Your remarkable generosity supported our students with scholarships
and other forms of financial aid, exciting academic enrichment programs, athletics, and a range of other initiatives designed to enhance the
Central educational experience. Your contributions enabled CCSU to remain both excellent AND accessible.
Thanks to a bold new strategic plan, CCSU is poised for an exciting future. Already recognized as a Leadership Institution (Association of
American Colleges & Universities), a “Best Northeastern College” and an “America’s Best Value College” (Princeton Review), Central aspires
to be one of the finest public universities in the state and region. We hope you will join us by continuing to support our efforts with your generosity. A postage paid envelope is enclosed for your convenience. Your gifts do make a difference in the lives of our students and the life of the
University. We deeply appreciate all that you do for CCSU.
Christopher J. Galligan
Vice President, Institutional Advancement
The University Community
extends it gratitude to the
individuals, corporations,
and foundations who have
made gifts or have planned for
irrevocable deferred gifts in
excess of $500,000
American Savings Foundation
Anthony Bichum
CCSU Alumni Association
Coca-Cola Bottling Company
Anna L. Eckersley-Johnson ‘76
Chang-Jen Huang
Hyundai Precision & Industry
Josephine (Bertino) Tansey ‘37
Robert C. Vance Foundation
$100,000 AND ABOVE
Lisa Bottalico
Ricky P. Bottalico ‘91
F. Don James
Gerti H. James
Michael S. Knapp ‘75
Patricia Knapp
Melanie (Ihnat) McCue ‘68
William J. McCue
Catharine M. Rogers
Daniel M. Siracusa ‘79
Ernest H. Sutkowski ‘55
Angelo Tomasso, Jr.
Joy L. Tomasso
Edward R. Young
Kathleen F. Young
Carmine J. Abate ‘77
Deborah A. Abate
Nancy (Anderson) Antonez ‘50
Joe Arnone ‘59
Carmella (Matarazzo)
Balducci ‘92
Richard J. Balducci ‘65
Karen C. Beyard
Jeffrey A. Borghesi ‘73
Susan Loonam Borghesi ‘71
Henry Budney
Rita R. Card
Assunta Cha
George Y. Cha
Ranjana Chawla
Surendra K. Chawla
Robert E. Chester ‘78
Margaret C. Cibes
William J. Cibes, Jr.
William R. Davis
Thomas P. Dawidowicz ‘70
Ann C. Denault ‘62
Garth W. Edwards
Ollie Edwards
Alexander J. Federowicz
James M. Fritz ‘80
Henry A. Gajda ‘50
James Gallagher
Roxy Garabedian
Howard L. Gauthier ‘57
Virginia (Cherpak) Gauthier ‘59
Thomas J. Geary
Paul Gianaris ‘70
Joan Z. Godlewski
Shaun Green
Priscilla (Tomlinson)
Griffiths ‘42
V. Michael Guertin
Eileen Welte Harris ‘51
Richard D. Harris
Norman F. Hausmann ‘54
Charles Jones, Jr. ‘69
Linda (Coggshall) Jones ‘70
Nancy F. Judd
Richard L. Judd ‘59
Arlene Kawecki
George H. Kawecki ‘79
Peter G. Kelly
Susan Kelly
Robert A. Kerzner ‘74
Sandra (DelGobbo) Kerzner ‘74
Arthur H. Kevorkian ‘47
Alexander R. Koproski
Frank J. Kossyta
Konrad R. Kruger
Nancy A. Larson ‘73
Robert B. Lees ‘74
William C. Lichtenfels ‘47
Ashby I. Lohse
Florence G. Lohse ‘38
Robert J. Lord
George A. McQuillan ‘75
Pamela (Wright) McQuillan ‘75
Salvatore Miano ‘56
Stanislaw A. Milewski
Eleanor G. Mlynarski
Carmay (Santoro) Monti ‘64
David A. Monti ‘64
Hughson F. Mooney
Elizabeth (Henry) Moore ‘67
William M. Moore
Paul K. Moran ‘68
Edward J. Murtha
Benjamin E. Newton ‘56
Aleksandra Nowakowski
Peggy K. Parry ‘90
Jeannine R. Pettinico
Nicholas Pettinico, Jr.
Dallas Pioli
Scott R. Pioli ‘88
Ronald M. Pringle ‘57
Garret A. Ratcliffe ‘84
Judith (Vieira) Ratcliffe ‘85
George L. Redman
David A. Ross ‘66
Judy Ross
Alex M. Rudewicz
Regina Rudewicz
Allan T. Sagraves
Mary Anne (Bokan)
Sagraves ‘70
Joseph F. Sawicki ‘72
Angela (Attardo) Saxton ‘48
Timothy D. Shine
Christel Skinner
Robert F. Skinner ‘55
Marian K. Sorbo
DeRoy C. Thomas
Florence Timura
Michael Timura
Francis T. Vincent, Jr.
Diane (Arute) Welch ‘82
Mildred (Olsenshaw)
Woodson ‘40
Michael J. Zubretsky
Class of 1940
Mildred (Olsenshaw) Woodson
Class of 1947
William C. Lichtenfels
Class of 1948
Angela (Attardo) Saxton
Class of 1950
Nancy (Anderson) Antonez
Barbara F. (Ferguson) Detrick
William H. Detrick
Class of 1951
Eileen (Welte) Harris
Class of 1953
Catherine (Chessa) O’Brien
Harry K. Pinney
Class of 1954
Norman F. Hausmann
Peter Tolis
Patricia (Keenan) Welch *
Joyce (Szeluga) Wolk
Class of 1955
William R. Papallo
Robert F. Skinner
Ernest H. Sutkowski
Grace (Carpenter) Walter
Class of 1956
Salvatore Miano
Benjamin E. Newton
Class of 1957
Howard L. Gauthier
Ellen (Santucci) Lachowicz
Thomas M. O’Brien
Ronald M. Pringle
Class of 1959
Joe Arnone
Virginia (Cherpak) Gauthier
Richard L. Judd
Robert F. Zuffelato
Class of 1961
James F. Fucini
Verton W. Lenfest
Donald Linner
Class of 1962
Peter A. Budwitz
Anita (Hanlon) Fitzsimmons
Teresa (Curzio) Fucini
Class of 1964
Carmay (Santoro) Monti
David A. Monti, Sr.
Class of 1967
Elizabeth (Henry) Moore
Class of 1968
John A. Doyle
Melanie (Ihnat) McCue
Carolyn (DeMarco) Miranda
Class of 1969
Charles Jones, Jr.
Joseph R. Murphy
John F. Wilbur
Mary (Heath) Wilbur
Class of 1970
Thomas P. Dawidowicz
Paul Gianaris
Linda (Coggshall) Jones
Kathleen (Pacyna) Murphy
Class of 1971
Susan (Loonam) Borghesi
Class of 1973
Jeffrey A. Borghesi
Nancy A. Larson
Class of 1974
Alfonso F. Barbarotta, Jr.
Sharon (Ruben) Barbarotta
Paula (Morris) Cloud
Robert A. Kerzner
Sandra (DelGobbo) Kerzner
Robert B. Lees, Jr.
Thomas I. Rogan
Class of 1975
John D. Block
Danuta (Syp) Gordon
Michael S. Knapp
George A. McQuillan
Pamela (Wright) McQuillan
Angelo J. Messina
Richard A. Sullivan
Class of 1978
Robert E. Chester
Class of 1979
Joseph J. Angelico
Alfred C. Bonvicini
Anne T. DeNuccio
George H. Kawecki
Edward H. Michalek
Daniel M. Siracusa
Class of 1980
John E. Pew
Class of 1984
Garret A. Ratcliffe
Class of 1985
Kathryn (Benson) Hebert
Paul B. Hebert
Judith M. (Vieira) Ratcliffe
Class of 1986
Anthony G. Small
Class of 1987
Michael M. Hoss
Class of 1988
Robin (Demaio) Bourassa
Class of 1989
Charlene L. (Litwinczyk)
Tracey (Obst) Bonvicini
Class of 1990
Peggy K. Parry
Class of 1995
Harold H. Ellis
Class of 1996
Robert C. Zwick
Class of 2007
Elaine M. Cartland
Anne B. Alling
Zhiyong An
Peter Antonez *
Elaine Bassanese
Karen C. Beyard
Anthony Bichum
James E. Blake
Priscilla Blake
Cynthia E. Budwitz
Rita R. Card
Michael A. Carrier
David F. Cloud
Patrick J. Clynes
David J. DeNuccio
James P. DiMartino
Rose F. DiMartino
Parker T. English
Carolyn R. Fallahi
Francis J. Gagliardi
Christopher J. Galligan
Kristin Galligan
Jeannette Garcia
Adele E. Glum
David A. Gordon
Richard D. Harris
Elizabeth H. Hewitt
Doris Honig-Guenter
Nancy Hoss
Jean R. Joslin
Richard A. Joslin
Nancy F. Judd
Arlene Kawecki
Ruth M. Kelly
Ki Hoon Kim
Patricia Knapp
Karl J. Krapek
Helen G. Lech
John P. Maloney
Judith A. Maloney
William J. McCue
Mark W. McLaughlin
John W. Miller
Hughson F. Mooney
William M. Moore
Thomas J. Mullins
Marguerite O’Brien
Michael A. Peszke
Jeannine R. Pettinico
Nicholas Pettinico, Jr.
Timothy J. Rickard
Alex M. Rudewicz
Regina Rudewicz
Cynthia Sanders
Stephanie M. Schall
William R. Schall
Benjamin Sevitch
Xiaoping Shen
Timothy D. Shine
Christel Skinner
Marian K. Sorbo
Angelo Tomasso, Jr.
Joy L. Tomasso
Margaret Y. Toston
Janet C. Vaughan
William W. Weber
Edward R. Young
Kathleen F. Young
GIFTS FROM $500 TO $999.99
Class of 1934
Helen M. McInerney
Class of 1939
Eunice (Minor) Sweeton
Class of 1942
Robert M. Dorsey
Class of 1943
Lester D. Kochanowsky
Class of 1950
Louis M. Bouchard
Gertrude (Schaefer) Rosensweig *
Class of 1952
Theresa (Orlacchio) Branciforte
Russell L. Tupper II
Class of 1954
John Barnes
Joan (Moeller) O’Brien
Class of 1955
Stanley Ashe
Class of 1956
Madelyn E. O’Brien
Class of 1957
Kathleen (Wall) Barnes
James W. Gallagher
Dino Iorli
Dorothy O’Grady
Class of 1959
Roger F. Carlson
Paula (Hudzik) Gallagher
Class of 1961
A. James Krayeske
Class of 1963
Margarite (Aharonian) Hunt
Class of 1965
Bruce J. Anderson
Marcelline (Kaplan) Gacek
Hellmut H. Herdey
Karin (Johnson) Herdey
Class of 1966
Ann (Heath) Anderson
Class of 1967
Frederick T. Ambroszewski
William R. Burk
Class of 1968
Christina (Poniatowski) Chupaska
Allenstine D. Willis
Class of 1969
Richard Bader
C. Nick Catrini
Class of 1970
Barbara (Piche) Hammond
Kenneth G. Hammond
William V. Panetta
Bruce A. Rome
Roger T. Zieger
Class of 1971
Susan (Grasso) Catrini
Patricia E. Duffy
Anne (Benet) Erickson
Patricia (Sailer) Panetta
Class of 1972
Dean R. Erickson
George W. McKee
Nell (Decorleto) Motto
David W. Salerno
Sharon (Mcelwee) Salerno
Class of 1973
Richard A. Wiszniak
Class of 1974
Michael J. Devino
Class of 1977
James K. Cascio
Virginia (Lamper) Loughlin
Class of 1978
Robert F. Futtner
Keith T. Hall
Class of 1979
Paul T. Soulier
Class of 1980
Jeffrey C. Riecker
Class of 1981
Patricia (Rohan) Ambroszewski
Karlyn (Schatz) Lempa
Katherine B. Pirog
Class of 1982
Kathryn G. Huntington
Class of 1983
Daniel M. Bonaparte
Robert G. Caffary, Jr.
Ann Marie (Urban) Giveans
Glenn R. Giveans
Class of 1984
Kristine M. Larsen
Stephen G. Pomponi
Class of 1985
Margaret (Skelskey) Kirschner
Carla Leathers
Class of 1986
Lillian Ortiz
Marc C. Palazzo
Jean (Schaier) Tupper
Class of 1987
Michael R. Bourassa
Francis Dumont
Monica Dumont
John M. Kirschner
Class of 1988
Nilda (Resto) Hernandez
Alan F. Murray, Jr.
Matthew J. Scalaro
Class of 1990
Lisa (Thibodeau) Futtner
Ramon L. Hernandez
Class of 1992
Pamela (Hyman) Campo
Class of 1995
Richard J. Lewis
Class of 1996
Joseph Gordon, Jr.
Class of 1997
Brian A. Harney
Class of 2005
Peter D. Carter
Laura J. Duncan
Ihsan B. Akin
Paul L. Altieri
Vicky Bayer
Nancy L. Bisienere
Shirley M. Bouchard
Walton L. Brown-Foster
Christine (Papinchak) Bukowiec
John J. Caragliano
Mary Jo Carlson
Robert E. Cernock
Leo M. Chupaska
Michael J. D’Arcy
Gloria O. Emeagwali
Kenneth J. Gacek
Keith Gasser
Muriel Iorli
Jean L. Jankovich
Yanan Ju
James C. Loughlin
Keith L. Martin
Robert W. Mc Keand
Arlene F. McKee
Norton H. Mezvinsky
Michele M. Michaels
Bernard Mussman
Robert V. Ogrodnik
Rose Provenzano
Michael D. Quadrozzi
Linda D. Sagnelli
Rita S. Saltz
Ho n o r Ro l l
Gail Schall
Gail M. Stempien
Martin F. Stempien, Jr.
Peter A. Stempien
Charlotte Vieira
Peter T. Vieira *
Mary Ann Zieger
Armand J. Zottola
Elaine F. Zottola
GIFTS FROM $250 TO $499.99
Class of 1948
Irene L. Buden
Class of 1950
Patrick J. Curley, Jr.
Class of 1951
Norman J. Feitelson
Filomena M. Vincenzo
Class of 1952
Arthur Director
Class of 1953
Carolyn (Greason) Bryan
Werner C. Henkel
Maureen A. Kane
Class of 1954
T. Grace Firnhaber
David J. Kane
Doris M. Molinari
Class of 1955
Beverly (Piatek) Henkel
Jean (Adams) Hunnicutt
John A. Ringrose
Donald G. Smith
Class of 1956
Carmen T. Aloisi
Raymond J. Rondini
Class of 1957
Shirley (Hurd) Griswold
Kenneth F. Melley
Class of 1958
William L. Ford
Class of 1960
Carol Lippia-Tenney
John R. Webster
Class of 1961
Nellie (Vienot) Crowston
Paul M. Gregerick
John Mantzaris
David C. Newton
Class of 1963
Linda (Sanislo) Gregory
Class of 1964
Diane (Zabicki) Crannis
Jocelyn (Becker) Lanpher
Class of 1965
Joan (Pernal) Gorski
Mark J. Nappi
Class of 1966
Richard G. Lanpher
Michael T. Pennella
Elizabeth (Herzog) Sullivan
Class of 1967
P. Rita (Resutek) Donlon
James S. Patten
Class of 1968
Peter M. Rosa
Richard H. Sullivan
Class of 1969
James M. Fitzpatrick
Richard W. Hadden
Mary (Mehai) Yanosy
Class of 1970
Linda G. Clark
Howard B. Dickenman, Jr.
Joseph A. DiCosimo
James F. Jost
Brendan J. Kennedy
Do n o r s
Class of 1971
Parker Morgan
Class of 1972
Janice (Ehlers) Newton
Nancy (Beaulieu) Ringrose
Mario F. Torcia
Lorraine M. Webster
Class of 1973
Kathleen (Lasko) Bavelas
Patricia (Shields) DiCosimo
Catherine J. Fellows
Class of 1974
Peter J. Berry
Suzanne (Chaffee) Berry
Faith A. Donovan
Catherine (Healy) Jost
Diane (Gagne) Sylvester
Kathleen (Duffy) Thibadeau
Patrick D. Thibadeau
Thomas R. Warren
Class of 1975
Joseph P. Ciriello, Jr.
Kendall Keyes
Mark E. Smith
Class of 1976
Anna L. Eckersley-Johnson
Richard P. Marshall
Michael R. Martin
Class of 1977
Dina (Sargent) Benson
Vreni (Glista) Jones
Hood A. Little
Joseph P. Wolnick
Class of 1978
Mark J. Benson
Leslie I. Bondos
John E. Fidrych
Class of 1980
Donna M. Fiedorowicz
John L. Williams
Class of 1981
James L. Christenson
Class of 1982
Jean (Showah) Alicandro
Carol (Aylesworth) Christenson
Jeanne M. Lester
Class of 1983
Gregory F. Schaffer
Class of 1984
Barbara (Ziogas) Kaye
Edward P. Lester
Peggy A. Schuberth
Class of 1985
Timothy R. Callahan
Kathleen (Cavanaugh) Rickard
Chad H. Stone
Class of 1986
Ann (Hogan) Evanko
Ralph J. Palermo
Class of 1987
Donna L. Filipek
Beryl A. Piper
Class of 1988
Mark B. Cohen
Brian E. Mattiello
Class of 1989
Thomas J. Evanko
Julius J. Janusz
Class of 1990
Mary N. Cavanaugh
John “Corky” S. Mazurek
Ellen (Fritz) Panagrosso
James M. Plocharczyk
Class of 1991
Danny P. Amos
Francis R. Burke
Christopher S. Kaolian
Class of 1992
Clifford B. Lane
Clifford A. Rankin
Thomas D. Stevenson
David R. Zell
Class of 1993
Luverne Mott
Class of 1995
John D. Tully
Class of 1996
Charise R. Floyd
Class of 1997
Jessica M. Cabanillas
Class of 1998
Scott J. Banks
Class of 1999
Stanley D. House
Class of 2000
Barton S. Fisher
Class of 2002
Depressley McCaw, Jr.
Pamela G. Rosa
Class of 2003
June (Fulton) Fulton
Class of 2004
Elzbieta Kremens
Michael A. Ansarra
Richard R. Bachoo
Joseph Barile
Eugene C. Baten
David Bavelas
Andrew J. Beck
William R. Brown
Kazimiera Demusz
Judith A. Faryniarz
Ronald Filipek
Dorothy E. Finn
Walter Gorski
Eric T. Grechko
Mary M. Heslin
Charles H. Hickey
June B. Higgins
Sharon L. Hornik
Gregory B. Howey
Raquel Kennedy
Barbara (Bailey) Kennelly
Deborah Kidder
Steven J. Kliger
Mary Ellen Klinck
Zdzislaw B. Kremens
Elizabeth L. Langhorne
Paloma Lapuerta
Daniel B. Leastman
Paulette Lemma
Karen E. Macbeth
Carolyn A. Magnan
Michael D. Martin
Kathleen Mastandrea
Harry N. Mazadoorian
Janice Mazadoorian
Cynthia K. Mazurek
Gustavo Mejia
Douglas W. Monty
Lori J. Mooney
Steven D. Ostrowski
Giles A. Packer
Joan G. Packer
David C. Panagrosso
Thomas A. Pasqualini
Susan E. Pease
Lauren A. Perdue
Pamela J. Perry
William A. Petit, Jr.
Lisa E. Provenzano
Ronald J. Pugliese
John C. Reed, Jr.
Barbara Reiner
Anthony J. Rigazio-Digilio
Vincent P. Ringrose, Jr.
Pamela L. Roberts
Beverly B. Smith
Robert Smith
Jason M. Stronz
George R. Tenney
Shizuko Tomoda
Catherine Torcia
Nancy M. Tully
Lydia C. Vine
Larry L. Wilder
Robert S. Wolff
Patricia B. Zapatka
GIFTS FROM $100 TO $249.99
Class of 1937
Jeannette H. Ceppa
Michael J. Ingelido
Karl H. Sjovall
Josephine (Bertino) Tansey
Class of 1938
Marguerite (Kiernan) Coe
Francis E. Geissler
Ruth (Daven) Wattenberg
Class of 1939
Robert B. Grace
Class of 1940
Mary (Osatrof) Fedoruk
Class of 1941
Florence (Statchen) Dorsey
Charles F. Petitjean
Class of 1942
David W. Blakeslee
Sally (Conlin) Douglas *
Paul R. Farrell
Class of 1943
Carolyn (Recknagel) Blair
Robert G. Groth
Edna (Boskoski) Kobus
Eva (Raimondi) Silvester
Class of 1945
Esther (Mangone) Eddy
Sophie B. Gianninoto
Barbara (Zielke) Molinary
Class of 1946
Ruth (Hansen) May
Class of 1947
John T. DeNunzio
Lois (Fanska) Horbal
Neil Macy
Class of 1948
Elizabeth (Dulac) Lackey
Elizabeth (Wood) Marino
Guido J. Marino
Class of 1950
George P. Gustin
James D. Killian
Edward J. Kusek
Margaret (O’Brien) Meotti
Dorothy (Gnazzo) Navarro
Joseph A. Navarro
James L. Parker
Gioia (Frassinelli) Riccio
Ludmila (Komeck) Sabatiuk
Frank J. Sulkowski
Class of 1951
Romeo J. Bernier
Arne C. Carlson
George Morann
John M. Parker
Lorraine (Lachat) Peck
William L. Perry
Bernard A. Reiske
Jean (Travers) Silverio
Maureen M. Smith
Class of 1952
Eleanor A. Austin
Anne M. Balfe
Patricia (Collins) Fonicello
Helen (Wyatt) Fryer
Alice M. MacMullen
Shirley F. May
Rudolph L. Pipa
Frank J. Slinko
Class of 1953
Gilbert R. Austin
Alice (Wiese) Camp
Katharyn (Reilly) Conklin
Frances (Zawacki) Cornetski
James R. Cronin
Thomas J. Deneen
Ann Marie (Thorin) Fortner
E. Arnold Hakkila
Barbara (Skidmore) Holmes
James W. Kambas
Sydney (Kaplis) Kay
Janet (Stone) MacCullough
Kenneth W. Pinney
Norman J. Schmitt
Lillian (Chaglasian) Sivaslian
Candide (Szymanowski) Slinko
Marion M. Valentine
Andrew Vincens
Class of 1954
George C. Arvanetaki
Ida (Barto) Bilodeau
Walter M. Conklin
Walter Ehrenpreis
Frank E. Elliott
Dorothy (McCord) Gallagher
Edith (Grey) Jaquiery
Maria (Athanasiades) Karas Calfous
Jean (Smith) Lobaugh
Herbert J. Panitz
Irwin Rothstein
Catherine (Godzyk) Schmitt
Nellie F. Shepard
Edith (Schaaf) Sherman
Class of 1955
Virginia (Mussler) Clarke
Carol (Kulak) Conklin
Jayne B. Davis
Harold J. DePianta
Joan (Mulvihill) Durham
Donald J. Luke
Mary (Griffin) Powers
Eleanor (Vecchiolla) Wiedenbauer
Class of 1956
Idun (Wikse) Allerton
Raymond S. Amend, Jr.
Robert F. Bahnsen
Michael J. Bontatibus, Jr.
Roger W. Carlone
Donald J. Deneen
Murva (Ennis) Deneen
Georgia (Bradley) Gast
Patricia (Brenn) Luke
Shirley (O’Toole) Meehan
Frances A. Molinari
Francis X. Monnes
Joan (Smith) Schoenwald
Mary (Burke) Singh
Edward VanDuzer
Constance (Pappalardo) Ward
William P. Ward
Class of 1957
Barbara (Milardo) Carlone
Mary (Forget) Langford
Helen C. Martin
Janet (Sinkiewicz) Sola
Irma (Zlanabitnig) Vincens
Class of 1958
Barbara P. Barna
Sharon (Bristol) Beckley
Laura (Mcintyre) Boehm
Barbara (Ives) Couch
Barbara (Degroof) Elden
John R. Elden
Patricia (Dominello) Frederick
Richard F. Lindgren, Sr.
Anna-Mae (Fedina) Maglaty
Elisa M. McCarthy
Willard M. McRae
Richard Pellegrine
Jacqueline (King) Shea
Class of 1959
Frances (Nesci) Bontatibus
N. Thomas Gaudette
K. Maureen (Gorman) Ianucci
Alberta (Caruso) Jagoe
Charles J. Laranjo
Aurelia (Bonsignore) Liapes
Ellen (Wallace) Long
Vincent J. Luppino
Catherine (Bresson) Mosey
Robert Mosey
Michael J. Perrone
Audrey (Flemke) Volpe
Class of 1960
Andrew J. Baylock
Suzanne (Carroll) Dineen
Cecile Fiederlein
Barbara A. Regalis
Class of 1961
Michael A. Adamo, Jr.
Sue (Hecker) Barnett
Lyle F. Chichester
Leo J. Cyr
Paul P. Domin
Richard Napoletano
Leigh B. Shearer *
Edwin H. Tetreault
Maureen (Morrissette)
Class of 1962
Barbara (Parker) Baylock
Carol (Rice) Bruce
Barbara (Dinardo) Dahlgren
Gennaro A. DeVito
Joan (Dabkowski) Gay
Mary Jane (Forino) Mulvihill
Class of 1963
David J. Frauenhofer
Roger J. Gessay
Grace A. Grindal
Joanne (Gessay) Kane
Fred M. Lougee
Lynn (Katkavich) Roach
Judith (Buzinski) Suski
Elliott Woolwich
Rosemary (Ring) Woolwich
Class of 1964
Harvey Dorman
Claire (Forand) Goyer
Stephen Guerriero, Jr.
Merle (Wiener) Harris
Mary (Howard) Joseph
John S. Pazdar
Albert C. Pelligrinelli
Adolia (Babina) Sala
Charles J. Sala
Philip J. Spring
William F. Sutton
Susan (Crombie) Twarog
Joel B. Wulff
Class of 1965
Joseph M. Angelillo
Vincent G. Bonvino
George B. Drumm
Pamela (Hyde) Falcone
Gail (Waxenberg) Geraghty *
Andre G. Goyer
Joyce A. Jordan
Janice (Folcik) Klimczak
Elizabeth (Terrill) Lavalette
Michael A. Liappes
Thomas G. Martin, Jr.
Carolyn (Conti) Mazzarelli
Joanne (Tacinelli) Rotella
Jo-Anne (Veneziano) Waller
Class of 1966
William J. Cowell
Frances E. D’Angelo
Raymond M. Glass
Ho n o r Ro l l
Teresa (Gozdeck) Jordan
Michael D. Leahy
Susanne (Brochu) Lewis
Kathleen (Senew) Lindgren
Robert A. Lindgren
Elaine (Robinson) Nesta
Frederick W. Odell
Mary (Orsini) Odell
Richard M. Ranger
Diane (Sandquist) Satton
Constance (Piasecki) Seremet
Kathleen (O’Brien) Truscinski
Class of 1967
Andrea (Korisky) Borrelli
Henry J. Bundock, Jr.
Michael R. Cipriano
Judith (Lido) Cowell
Paul J. Falcone
Mary (Gritzmacher) Gilmore
Ruth A. Janega
Lidia K. Jasinski
Peter J. Kilduff
Theodore Klimasewski
John J. Langevin
Arthur L. Lavalette, Jr.
Ronald J. Moss
James D. Muraski
Robert J. Murphy
Francis T. Pascual
Eugene M. Reilly
Mary (Bourke) Reilly
Sylvia (Engstrom) Webb
Peter C. Young
Class of 1968
Diana (Demunde) Boorjian
Mollie H. Bornstein
James G. Breen III
Janice (Pattee) Coppinger
Stephen B. Coppinger
Patricia (Banasiewski) Deloy
Marvin R. Dorfman
Frank H. Fiederlein
Elizabeth (Pensiero) Formica
Robert A. Frederick, Sr.
Lawrence A. Gagnon
Patricia Kenyon
Hazel (Levson) Kurlansky
Mary (Kovel) Neidig
Joan (Cholko) Penders
David O. Prendergast
Elizabeth H. Randall
Thomas P. Rodden
Cynthia (Bond) Sieracki
Wayne R. Simarrian
Ellen F. Suljak
Robert V. Tencza
Barbara (Mehai) Waite
Class of 1969
Beth (Moreland) Ardaiolo
Nancy (Thompson) Belli
Louis E. Carlow
Donald E. Ciosek
William T. Clay
Eric F. Curkin
Cynthia (Cyrkiewicz) Field
Frank B. Joslyn
Sheila (Ptacosky) Kahn
Lucy Krueger
Marilyn (Purdy) Martin
Ann (Herman) McCann
Thomas J. Moriarty
Patricia (Kinney) Nelson
Alvyra (Ditrichas) Pavano
Edward J. Phelan
Karen M. Prendergast
Daniel Price
Anthony C. Rotella
Patricia D. Ryan
William R. St. Clair
Robert E. Tarigo
Class of 1970
Peter J. Aivano
Do n o r s
James A. Ardaiolo
Maureen (Schoppman)
Joanne (Nigrelli) Breen
James M. Buccheri
Nancy (Busk) Carlson
George F. Claffey, Sr.
Richard J. Corwin
Paul V. Dorner
Kathleen I. Evans
Howard H. Flaster
Frances (Fuschillo) Gallagher
Patrick J. Gallagher
Barbara (Swallow) Johnston
Drina (Padula) Lynch
William A. Mack
Judith A. Marino
Anne-Marie (Miano) Masse
Barbara (Nadolny) Ostertag
George A. Ryan
Mary Anne (Bokan)
Jacqueline (Lundberg)
St. Clair
Fred Stillman
Lawrence E. Stub
Lorraine (Clarick) Stub
Joseph E. Zakrzewski
Class of 1971
Ethel (Bajger) Aivano
Evelyn (Remond) Beebe
Zoy (Rountos) Beretis
Charles M. Brennan
Arthur N. Bristol
Linda (DeRose) Carlson
Robert B. Carlson
Lyle B. Champagne
Nicholas A. Chanaca
Dennis G. Galbraith
Anna J. Georgetson
George A. Gost
Peter W. Heatherly
Nancy R. Krueger
Mary (Moreschi) Langevin
Linda (Berry) Mackey
William J. Sarmuk, Jr.
Thomas G. Smith
Audrey M. Sokol
Patricia (Brown) Tarigo
William Turley
Joanne (Pleva) Vicino
Richard J. Williams
George D. Wong
Class of 1972
David F. Bagdasarian
Rita (Gaj) Bagdasarian
Richard E. Bernstein
John C. Bianchi
Henry W. Bydlak
Thomas J. Caporizzo
Thomas A. Carlucci
Timothy T. Collins
Janice (Capristo) Dinatali
Scott F. Fournier
Ruth A. Karl
John F. Keppler
Emilie J. Lacouture
William E. Mackey
David Manso
Joseph E. McQuiggan
Kathleen (Fleming) Miller
Nancy (Lee) Phelps
Wai (Young) Price
Kevin M. Reich
Joseph A. Strycharz
Wendy M. Wernick
Donna (Crescentini) Witkin
Class of 1973
Ralph R. Braithwaite
John J. Chiero, Jr.
Bradford J. Collins
Frank R. Dinatali
Michael P. Fay
Robert B. Fenn
Colleen (Ruane) Kaczmarek
Frank S. Kaczmarek
Robert W. Ledder
Patricia (Leithon) Mangino
Norman E. Meyer
Richard D. Mocarski
Lynn (Mcgrath) Plummer
Christine (Watt) Sullivan
Dorine (Blake) Toyen
Carol R. Virostek
Virginia (Losek) Wilkerson
Class of 1974
Samuel S. Acquaviva
Phillip D. Bruzas, Sr.
Ann (Esposti) Bucchi
Mary E. Caputo
Harold G. Crocker
Cheryl (Ansaldi) Estock
Hilary M. Estock
Henry C. Gift
Marilyn (Green) Hott
Michael A. Hudy
James H. Johnston, Jr.
Peter M. Kern
Lucia (Vegega) LaFemina
Christine M. Lesinski
Joan (Majewicz) Lukowsky
Denis M. Medeiros
Jeanne E. Radcliff
Roxanne (Maznio) Smietana
Frederick J. White
Neal W. Witkin
Class of 1975
Ronald T. Adorno
Alexander J. Alvarez
Alan H. Bergren
W. Frazier Brinley
Catherine J. Chichester
Nancy (Taglia) Chiero
Carole (Serluca) Cone
Isabelle (Barth) Curtiss
Robert G. Fashjian
Karen (Kuczenski) Fournier
Elizabeth (Hungerford) Hicks
John J. Jarzbek, Jr.
John W. Kukulka
Susan (Wozniak) Ledder
Malcolm Leichter, Jr.
Franklin H. Magner
Margaret M. Mehai
Margaret A. Mroczka
John T. Namnoum
Edith (Perret) O’Donnell
Fernando G. Rosa
Nancy (Freudenstein) Ruffino
Paul R. Schmitz
Robert M. Tabellione
Janice (Barton) Tirrell
Paul J. Trifone
Linda (Perugini) Williams
Class of 1976
Pasquale J. Arpaio
Geralyn (Ayers) Broderick
Janina M. Chlus
Stephen D. Finger
Normand J. Fournier
Carolyn Gatesy
Camille (Albaitis) Gaucher
Harry S. Gaucher III
Dennis E. Kane
Gregory C. Kane
Anne M. Mangialaschi
Charles F. Murray
Peter J. Norris
Richard L. Pane
Ezzio C. Partesano
Kenneth J. Rosenberg
Steven W. Slater
David W. Smith
Russell S. Tew
Stephen Williams
S. David Wilson
Class of 1977
MaryJane (Tangney) Alvarez
Scott A. Bannell
Gerald J. Beach
Theresa (Dallessio) Bennett
Andrew J. Brady
Richard A. Bucchi
Katherine (Twohig) Cooper
Helen A. Crowley
M. Susan (Walsh) Daigle
Julie (Lorenzetti) Dyson
John L. Mangino, Jr.
Steven R. Miller
Kathryn (Tomsuden)
John H. Putetti
Neville K. Smith, Jr.
Robert M. Tabshey
Joanne (Burke) Tinkham
William D. Troy
Robert R. Weber
Class of 1978
Mark H. Bernacki
Diane (Horanzy) Brylle
Michael S. Daigle
John D. DiLaurenzio
Michael A. Petruzzello
Joseph J. Porcu
Elizabeth J. Smith
Lois M. Sweeney
Class of 1979
Roger H. Anderson
Andrew G. Bard
Anthony P. Capobianco
Kathleen (Eldridge)
Mary M. Connelly
Gregg P. Demetros
James R. Haslett
Joseph W. Proffitt
Graciette (Simad) Rosa *
Colleen M. Scott
Russell D. Tietjen
Karen (Comen) Zink
Richard A. Zink
Class of 1980
Frederick B. Agee III
Steven P. DesRoches
Karl S. Eckert
Judy A. Hartling
Catharine (Faber) Joslyn
David W. Micik
Stephen P. Milas
Terrence M. Milka
Gail L. Montesi
Cindy (Amadeo) Paluch
Deborah L. Partesano
Amy (Silverio) Peters
Steven J. Pintavalle
George T. Rollo, Jr.
Brent M. Stratton
Martin Toyen
Class of 1981
Carol K. Carter
Michael W. Crowley
Kenneth G. Denault
David K. Godin
Nicholas W. Martinelli
Hedi (Ambrogio) Minow-Pike
Joseph M. Orts
Bruce R. Pitman
Ronald G. Popolizio
John G. Sutherland
Class of 1982
Shawn L. Amell
David A. Cameron
Scott D. Dixon
Daryll C. Dowty
Mario A. Giovannucci
Robert C. Howland
David L. Jordan
Kathryn A. Josefow
Jeffrey A. Kahrmann
Frank D. Leonard
Christopher K. Proffitt
Martin W. Sanborne
Gerard P. Staves, Sr.
Robert F. Verderame
Class of 1983
Carol (Albert) Amell
Peter A. Bialobrzeski
Jeanne (Trusch) Doerr
Nancy J. Dowty
Christine Festa
Karen S. Haraghey
Dawne C. Naples
Taras O. Paluch
Carol (Carter) Pelligrinelli
Steven J. Robison
Ronald C. Roy
George V. Soroka
John D. Styles, Jr.
David P. Sudol
Janice C. Tew
Martin R. Varhue
Class of 1984
Edward W. Anderson III
George J. Boisvert
Rosina (Boccuzzi)
Lorraine E. Daigle
Dolores P. Fontaine
Ronald E. Greenier
Jean (Zawacki) Grocki
Lorenza M. LaRose
Michael D. Nicastro
Judith E. Pollack
Donna Ruth Ross
Mark A. Scapellati
Mary E. Shutran
Mary (Klett) Stoneburner
L. Edward Vescovi
Lisa R. Washko
Class of 1985
Kenneth W. Giantonio
Bodicea (Powell) Gordon
Ann T. Guerriero
Timothy E. McHugh
John M. McIsaac III
John P. Ostrowski
Michael D. Ryan
Jayne (Rauch) Stocker
Richard C. Stocker
Buck L. Wong
Class of 1986
Francis M. Coan
Maureen (Mcauliffe) Coelho
Matthew H. Hill
Daniel F. Jones
Gary P. LaBrec
Shiraz P. Moti
Timothy W. Murray
Sandra (Duprey) Sarmuk
Susan M. Severo
Raymond W. Sola, Jr.
Stephen A. Yaworski
Class of 1987
Cheryl M. Abraham
Carmelita L. Blake
Joseph E. Brosseau
Mary (Neubelt) Cardarelli
Lee-Ann (Flynn) Flynn
Larry D. Holder
L. Eugene Keen
Patricia L. Levandoski
Patrick H. Lynch
Melissa A. Mytych
Laura Pienkowski
Thomas C. Shea
William A. Smith, Jr.
Amy J. Styles
Class of 1988
Helen K. Giliberto
Paul R. Mailhot
Colleen (Shine) Nicastro
G. Clark Parkhurst, Jr.
Kathryn A. Parsons
Diane (Corcoran)
Thomas A. Rolfe
Thomas P. Thomas, Jr.
Brian E. Wenger
Class of 1989
Janet L. Asikainen
Kevin W. Cranford, Sr.
Frank N. Giannini
John E. Goodson
Sheryl L. Kopel
Todd L. Mattiello
Theresa K. Reed
Matthew G. Skoronski
Kurt E. Swanke
Lisa (Corriveau) Trahan
Class of 1990
Kathleen Cloud
David P. Griszkauskas
Patricia H. Peters
John C. Puskarz
Nancy (Puglisi) Rolfe
Annette (Belomyzy) Salina
Class of 1991
Christine A. Andary
Adam S. Dubner
Stephen F. Wierbicki
Maureen (Michaud) Wood
Class of 1992
William E. Cardarelli
Francis M. Cardello III
Joseph M. Connell
Tracey (Krause) Duff
Monique Durant
William Effrece
Debra M. Greenier
Loren B. Kahn
Wayne R. Mamed
Olga Radke
Mitchell B. Siqueiros
Theodore J. Stoneburner
Class of 1993
James M. Caplinger
James E. Finucane
Michelle M. Malinowski
Molly McCarthy
Lori (James) Padua
Eric K. Schwartz
Kimberly D. Wiemeyer
Forrest R. Wilson
Class of 1994
Marilyn J. Adamo
Joseph N. Amankwah
Gina (Pettinico) Effrece
Lori A. Haddad
Michele (Fogler) James
Barbara G. Montstream
Francis A. Orsini
Gregg W. Ricco
Richard D. Zangara
Class of 1995
Barbara K. Allison
Pedro W. Douglas
Jill (Finnegan) Gonski
Lucy A. Hurston
Gina L. Montano
James P. Mulrooney
Class of 1996
Lisa (Fellage) Bigelow
Kevin M. Budney
Matthew G. Grimm
Janet E. Immermann
David A. Kohlun
Ho n o r Ro l l
Donald H. Myers
Class of 1997
Jack J. Burriesci
Malton D. Edwards
Colleen M. Fitzpatrick
Kelley (Douglas) Hedley
Ruth Ann Randall
Steven J. Westerberg
Class of 1998
Shawn C. Hawkes
Krista Howell
Gary R. Jaye
Cynthia B. Natale
Margaret M. Taylor
Emily (Stone) Westerberg
Class of 1999
Marjorie O. Dixon
Izabela J. Puskarz
Class of 2000
Kimberly A. Gorman
George R. Hornaday
Domenico Siano
Lauri J. Swanke
Paul F. Wright
Class of 2001
Charles T. Eger, Jr.
Jason E. Horn
Jackie L. Keen *
Class of 2002
Eric M. Blake
Andrew L. Corcoran
Patrick A. Freer
Class of 2003
Joshua J. Martinelli
Christine C. Proffitt
Edward J. Salkoski, Jr.
Class of 2004
Lisa M. Aschenbrenner
Edmund H. Grandahl
Dianna B. Troy
Class of 2005
Patricia (Bizis) Adorno
Kimberley Dumouchel
Aaron M. Palermo
Class of 2006
Damian V. Gerardi
Nancy J. Perreault
Class of 2007
Thomas D. Hunter
Daisy Trahan
Kathleen L. Anderson
Cheryl W. Andrews
William H. Ball
Beatrice S. Balvin
William A. Balvin *
Alan Basney
Dianne Battistoni
William J. Bazley, Sr.
Louis J. Bazzano, Sr.
Rose Bien
Bradley Blair
Jane W. Boelke
William W. Boelke
Douglas P. Boyea, Jr.
Gail S. Boyea
George H. Bray
Gertrude Bray
Donna L. Broadbent
Deborah M. Brodeur
Joseph J. Buongiorno
Wendy R. Burke
Marie T. Camu
Janet Cantor
Antone B. Capitao
Douglas R. Carter
Janette F. Cattaneo
Celia C. Chow
David Chow
Do n o r s
Timothy D. Cloud
Joyce W. Collucci
Glenn V. Comiskey
John C. Connolly
Ronald Cosslett
Timothy V. Craine
Christine B. Croll
Mary Jane Cronin
Charles H. Crothers
Diane Crothers
Elissa K. Crothers
Nancy Crothers
Guy A. Crundwell
Ronald R. Daigle
Justine B. DeCruz
Paula E. Deering
Joseph Delaney
Vincenza A. Dellaquila
Joseph H. Deloy
Santina DePianta
William F. Donovan *
Christine E. Doyle
Robert B. Duff
Henry A. Dyson
Charles Eger, Sr.
Ronald S. Egut
Nora G. Elder
Mario L. Emiliani
Henry S. Enck
Kevin P. Fahey
John Fantasia
Charles E. Farrow
Nancy L. Fetter
Robert M. Fischbach
Jean M. Foisey
Robert J. Foisey
Joanne E. Foran
Rosemary (Wall)
Gerald A. Frazier
Helen J. Fried
Charles F. Frisch
Larry A. Fritz
Lorraine A. Garibaldi
Roger S. Gay
Michael S. Gendron
Gilbert L. Gigliotti
John M. Gonski
Peter T. Govert
Lawrence P. Grasso
Matthew J. Gregoire
Carol A. Harrington
Bruce C. Harris
Helen D. Harris
Barbara H. Hart
Jill Hart
Faith C. Hentschel
Katherine A. Hermes
Richard J. Hicks
Gail A. Hickson
Jodi I. Hill
Judith M. Hills
Roger S. Hinze
Elizabeth Horyn
Braden J. Hosch
Irving Hott
Kenneth O. Hungerford
Karen Hunter
Douglas K. Hyland
David Jaronczyk
Steven P. Jaronczyk
Diogenes P. John
Donna John
Carl A. Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson
Louise (Beck) Johnson
Perry A. Julius
Calvin L. Kaiser
Edward J. Kaplita
Witold Kawecki
Patricia A. Kelly
Maureen A. Keltos
Johnny L. King
Thomas R. King
Jennifer Knies
Sharon K. Knowles
Thomas A. Knowles
John C. Kocur
Kenneth S. Kollmeyer
Adrienne W. Kozlowski
John A. Kozlowski, Jr.
Carl F. Krein
Dorothy Krein
Ellen M. Kritemeyer
Helen Kusek
Cheryl LaFrenier
Angie Lam
Richard A. LaRose
Thomas W. Lee
Jean M. Lefebvre
Antonio F. Leone
Coleman B. Levy
Richard B. Lewis
John R. Liberati
Jane M. Lougee
Louis J. Luba
Edward T. Lynch, Jr.
James C. Malley
Mary Jane Mamed
Brenda A. Manning
John S. Manning
Linda Manso
Albert Maro
Sandra Maro
Ellen D. Mayo
Tracey McAllister
Jeffrey McInerney
Lavida T. Mead
Donna C. Mendizabal
John Midura
Jo Ann Mihal
Joseph S. Mioli
Thomas Mione
Veronica A. Morsey
Robert A. Mugford
John J. Mule
Frances A. Nadeau
Charles R. Nelson
Ronald Noveck
Sonya P. Noveck
William B. Novoa
Aleksandra Nowakowski
Edmund G. Noyes
Mary Anne B. Nunn
Jerry J. O’Brien
Margaret R. O’Brien
Marie M. Oliphant
John J. Olshesky
Joan M. Papp
Walter A. Parker
Kevin J. Parkes
Maria C. Passaro
A. F. Pearson
Raymond J. Perreault, Jr.
Martha M. Perry
Mary E. Petrella
Robert J. Phelan
Doreen Piscitelli
William P. Przybylo
Richard J. Quatrano
Patricia Rea
Cindee S. Roberts
Edwin J. Robinson
Myra M. Robitaille
Amanda J. Roczniak
Ruth E. Rollin
John G. Rommel
Janice C. Rosenberg
Raymond J. Ross
Bernard P. Rubino
Steven M. Ryan
Nancy E. Sager
Ralph Z. Sager
Allan T. Sagraves
Mitchell S. Sakofs
Carl R. Santoro
Christine Schall
Frederick W. Schall
Michael Schulde
John T. Seddon III
Ronald E. Seeds
Anna Sielawko
Bethany B. Silver
Premjit Singh
Gerard A. Smyth
Ann Soroka
Thomas R. Stalgaitis
Jonathan E. Stone
Carl S. Stoy, Jr.
Jane S. Strong
Albin F. Sypko
Lynn D. Talit
Joseph Tartaglione, Jr.
Mary Ellen Taub
Eleanor J. Thornton
Luisito L. Tongson
Karen C. Tracey
William E. Tracey, Jr.
Rachel Tringali
Gerald J. Tullai
Brenda A. Turner
Jane Vanbremen
Robert C. Vernoy
Justin L. Vigdor
Juan G. Villamizar
Charles I. Walton
Wlodzimierz Wasyluk
D. J. Harry Webb
Lindsley Wellman
Cecilia Welna
Dorothy C. Wocl
Richard P. Wurst
Chester Zasada
GIFTS FROM $25 TO $99.99
Class of 1930
Elizabeth (Sullivan) Hudon *
Class of 1931
Millicent (Preissel) Scanlin
Class of 1932
Rose (Goldberg) Ehrlich
Class of 1937
Helen (Schrieber) Steinberg
Class of 1939
Marian Roberts Turner
Class of 1940
Catherine (Keegan) Donohue
Francis A. Franklin
Gladys (Henken) Lipkin
Class of 1941
George W. Barnhardt
Barbara (Fenn) Hinckley
Class of 1942
Pauline (Anderson) Dudding
Walter F. Dudding
Class of 1943
Nita (Andreas) Anastasion
Elaine (Solomon) Basch
Zalman Bass
Martha (Vorwerk) Brazis
Doris (Crouse) Buntin
Virginia (Parker) Godwin
Morfenia (Capetanidis) Milkavich
Aurilie H. Thivierge
Anna (Snow) Wilson
Marguerite (Wiedorn) Yung
Class of 1944
Sylvia (Delgiorno) Schmitt
Class of 1945
Anne (Adamo) Calabrese
Class of 1946
Ruth (Godwin) Travers
Jean (Podzelni) Winstanley
Class of 1947
Harry E. Arnini
Gabriella (Pellegrino) Garrity
Arthur H. Kevorkian
Herbert L. Pivnick
Elizabeth (Wennmaker) Talbot
Class of 1948
Marion (Doody) Bradley
Barbara (Briggs) Bulmer
Mary (Buzas) Olha
Edward A. Vaznelis
Elizabeth T. Zaharek
Class of 1949
Eva (Norton) Bowden
Martha (Martinez) Jurczyk
Sergio N. Neri
Irene Smith
Class of 1950
Rose (Capen) Berlani
Elizabeth (Adams) Careb
Richard B. Dakin
James B. Fortuna
Richard E. Gannon
Robert T. MacBain
Tina (Vasile) MacBain
Elizabeth (Young) Miller
Charles G. O’Brien
Lois (Porter) O’Brien
Eleanor (Burdon) Rand
Thomas F. Reardon
John S. Rossiter
Carmen J. Scavotto
Anne (Lopiano) Sessa
Francis X. Vasile
Edward G. Vater
Class of 1951
Richard H. Groth
Geraldine (Davin) Joy
Mary J. Kilfoil
James Mariconda
Robert A. Mercuri
Gerald J. Nolan
Janet (Cote) Nolan
Lorraine (Grody) Pinsky
Lillian (Coady) Smith
Marion (Hobson) White
Caroline (Ranek) Wilson
Class of 1952
Arthur H. Anderson
Joyce (Evans) Campanelli
Lois M. Ehrler
Lorraine (Piarz) Hancock
Lillian (Airo) Kuchalla
D. Edward Mas
William D. Massa
William F. Meyer
Nancy (Vanzandt) Miller
Irene (Drevinskas) Milliun
Patricia (Hudzik) Ness
Barbara Roche
Nancy (Fohs) Trapp
Eleanor (Pfersick) Wojick
John H. Wojick
Class of 1953
Elizabeth (Scriminger) Adams
Robert O. Blake
Andrew Chaglasian
Rita (Ruggerio) Elliott
Ralph A. Forgione
James W. Hinsley
Carol (Nyquist) Huber
Edward Karoll
Herbert Kreitner
Lorraine (Wendt) Laydon
Philomena (Pensiero) Meighan
Doris (Kiriluk) Rayder
Irene (Miller) Struble
Henry J. Swen
Class of 1954
Carolyn (Heyel) Bacigalupi
Audrey (Chiappini) Ferrick
Beatrice (Kasznay) Garner
Cornelius D. Lynch
Joseph McKail
H. Claire (Phelan) Murphy *
Mildred (Corn) Stein
Nancy (Sicilian) Tolley
Pauline (Anderson) Valenti
Eleanor Wasilewski
Class of 1955
Janet (King) Brown
Francesca (DiFabio) D’Abate
Ruth (Fryer) Foster
Lucy (Belmont) Laudano
Martha (Bissell) Pettengill
Louise (Rosa) Shimchick
Walter G. Shimchick
Lillian A. Steinkamp
John Szandrocha, Jr.
Class of 1956
Gloria (Tedesco) Avitabile
Joseph D. Bonitatebus
Phyllis (Pearson) Clark
Maria (Guidace) Grant *
Marie E. Grein
Evald K. Johnson, Jr.
Donald J. Kehoe
Donald R. Knapp
Joan (Swets) Knapp
Frank Laudano, Jr.
Roxie (Yessian) Maljanian
Nickolas F. Querro
Colleen (Andrews) Stack
Dorothy (Mueller) Sturmer
Class of 1957
Mary (Shea) Callan
Grace (Lennon) Chester
Janet (Anderson) Culton
Paul T. Culton
Mercedes (Dillon) Fitzmaurice
Joyce (Weaver) Groth
Judy (Orelup) Hall
Henry Mazzie
C. Grace Ransom Jones
Rosemarie (Lamonte) Skoglund
Frank R. Sterpka, Jr.
Mary (Sturm) Sullivan
Jane (Marchione) Thomas
Elizabeth Warner
Marlene (Dietz) Whitney
Class of 1958
Barbara (Zalaski) Agustyn
Anthony J. Antonelli
John Awdziewicz
Martha (Atherlay) Awdziewicz
Joseph L. Blancato
Frank J. Borchetta
Katherine (Griffin) Carberry
Judith (Coyle) Chace
Emily (Sutila) Coppola
Marilyn (Tracy) Deegan
Joseph T. Didato
Theodore Dressman
Elaine (Zawadzki) Dymczyk
George A. Geyer
Judith (Rokosa) Grisamore
Robert D. Hafner
Joan (Franklin) Harper
Edwin L. Johnson
Lorraine (Kunda) Johnson
Patricia (Dombrowski) Krupczak
William P. Krupczak
Michael F. Morrin
Nancy (Bodner) Morrin
Carlo J. Palmer
Jeanette (Stein) Peterson
Anastasia F. Truskowski
Arline (Belicka) Whitaker
Class of 1959
Candace (Hickcox) Allen
Katherine (Mcilroy) Burghoff
Marilyn (Palazzolo) Celadon
Ronald Daniels
Terri (Gioia) Gehler
Ho n o r Ro l l
Richard M. Glendening
Kenneth Gouin
A. Gibbs Mitchell, Jr.
Carol (Kress) Moriarty
Patricia (Wupperfeld) Morrison
Angelica (Macrides) Oshana
Zaya Oshana
Caryl (Colombie) Pucino
Howard Rogers
E. Betsy (Case) Ross
Class of 1960
Judith (Clark) Aiken
Barbara (Erikson) Carroll
Edward A. Dabkowski
Joan (Newman) Didato
Alice (Niklinski) DiMauro
Arlene (Cimadon) Donahue
Cynthia (Jones) Gilchrist
James G. Glenney
Richard H. Griffin
Judith (Stoddard) Hokett
Norman F. Luba
Elizabeth (Flood) Marafino
Raymond J. Marafino
Russell A. Mazzeo
Carol (Skinner) Mongillo
Edward T. Nardi
Nancy Narsis
Michael H. Pellegrino
Jeannine (Massicotte)
John Soltis
Joan (Rumble) Sondergaard
Randall J. Stack
Roy P. Sullivan
Anita M. Valenti
Denise (Cuddy) Winchester
Class of 1961
Raymond A. Brodeur
Thomas E. Bruenn
Barbara (Lawton) Cambria
Barbara (French) Dorman
William G. Faraci
Claire (Emmanuel) Fish
Barbara (Gerardi) Foley
William J. Fortin
Gloria (Gilberto) Frost
John P. Gilchrist
Ann (Bonitatebus) Izzo
Mary (Toland) Karoll
Janice (Arn) Krantz
Leonard G. Lanza
Maryann (Kelly) Linn
Roberta (Beaudry) Mulligan
James A. Pelegano *
Marilyn (Adams) Pellegrino
Henry A. Quarti
Alice J. Riley
Dorothy (Ferguson) Schwieger
Helen (Matulis) Senk
David M. Skonieczny
Constance E. Sonzella
James A. Vendetti
Class of 1962
Thomas F. Andrews
Judith (Clausen) Ball
Andrew W. Baron
Nancy (Bronson) Baron
Josephine (Szabat) Bolk
Anita (Bossi) Casey
Robert D. Casey
Sandra (Signorelli) Coelho
L. Hunter Davis
Patricia (Roscoe) Finick
Barbara (Bulkley) Irving
Ellen (Sandstrom) Jones
Dorothy (Grabowski) Madden
Beverly (Dutra) Miller
Francis M. Mullen
Bernard M. Mulligan
Robert K. Osborne
Geraldine C. Pelegano
Do n o r s
Phyllis (Shulkin) Rabinowitz
Rosemary (Farrell) Roberts
Charles Robison
William J. Ross, Jr.
Cynthia (Zemantic) Sirick
Ann (McCarty) Suranna
Eric P. Svenson
Alex S. Toback
Gerald Wallace
Richard A. Williams
Virginia (Wieber) Zucker
Class of 1963
Patricia (Babjak) Brandi
Louis J. Casinghino
Roberta (Jozwinski) Demers
Marion (Tracy) Deschaine
Mary (Osad) Ellenbast
Mary Anne (Ginoli) Ferland
Virginia (Mantel) Gumz
Vincenza (LaBella) Imhoff
Robert J. Kulak
Adele (Purzycki) Mazzie
Beverly (Valade) Negip
Carol (Ward) Pastuszak
Susan (Perras) Reischerl
Loraine (Fowler) Schaefer
Lurana (Chicoski) Siemenski
John A. Smiley
Muriel (Zagoren) Swanson
Marie (Mucci) Tuccitto
Lois (Sandler) Vanesse
Robert L. Vanesse
Marion (Jamele) Varanelli
Eleanor (Mancini) Vendetti
Lorraine (Sudano) Vilas
Class of 1964
John P. Berry
David M. Bidmead
Barbara (Rondinara) Canonica
Diane (Zapadka) Casals
John D. Coghill
Marion A. Creamer
Marilyn (Veneziano) Feldman
William Gale
Lorraine (McCormack) Gibson
Rita D. Gould
Florence (Majewski) Guite
Richard P. Hageman
Barbara (Roden) Harris
Susan (McDougall) Leppones
George W. Linn
Barbara A. Miller
Kathryn E. Moore
Ann (Pesche) Palmieri
Elaine (Barry) Pilver
Cecelia (Micari) Polgroszek
Jeanne (Hess) Quinn
Philip H. Roberts
Lorraine (Simonides) Tantorski
Nancy (Novelli) Thomas
Karen (Schnick) Ubner
Lois A. Vuolo
Class of 1965
Richard J. Afragola
Maria (Mozzicato) Alderuccio
Beverly (Borland) Anderson
Alberta Andrews
Patricia (Routhier) Derech
Francis S. DiPietro
Nancy Finch
Carol (Piwnicki) Graham
Ruth (Glennon) Lewis
Dennis J. Lobo
Ruth Ann (Hardy) Lobo
Sharron (Hellick) MacMullen
Anthony J. Mirizzi
John E. O’Neill
Carll A. Pallokat
Emanuel S. Pattavina
Linda (Sayward) Pepin
Michael E. Pernal
Kathleen (Mulholland) Picard
Mary H. Pilch
Donald T. Pothier
Sheila (Levasseur) Pothier
Donna (Evensen) Ross
Charles E. Trout
Jo-Ann (Lomento) Waselik
Helen (Find) Welch
Class of 1966
Carol (Michaud) Afragola
Joan (McCarthy) Armet
Vito Bonaiuto
Elizabeth (Santillo) Council
Bjorg A. Davis
Marian (Canon) Dickson
Joyce (Tiezzi) Fazzuoli
Richard E. Feitel
Judith L. Gaffney
Jeanne Garstka
Kathleen (Camosci) Golas
James L. Greco
Marilyn (Parnell) Grochowski
Susan (Steele) Hale
Dorothy H. Kapinos
Mary (D’Angelo) Landino
Sheldon J. Levine
Joseph V. Mangiafico
Louis Mastrobattista
Thomas J. McGrath
Francis Morline
Eileen (Cherry) Phillip
Barbara (Rinaldi) Pizzola
Donna Prendergast
Christine (Dziados) Rosadino
George J. Sigiel, Jr.
Marlene (Hermonat) Skonieczny
Irene (Herzy) Spring
Charles L. Stango
Thomas W. Volscho
Marian (Busk) Watson
Class of 1967
Dulcina (Magera) Aliano
Frances (Stolfi) Anthony
Richard C. Anthony
Robert L. Bafuma
Patricia (Ball) Bello
Donna (Stickney) Bernardi
John J. DePastino
Lucy (Birritta) Donovan
Faith (Mercuri) Flugrad
Mary Anne (Finnance) Gibbs
Caroline (Barnett) Glabau
Barbara (Gledhill) Goranson
Patricia (Firth) Harris
Eric H. Hartleb
Marilyn (Zak) Jespersen
Shirley (O’Connell) Juraska
Elsa (Mattson) Lindblad
Paul A. Maciejewski
James J. Malone
Norman G. Margnelli
Ann (Crowley) Mirizzi
Donna (Kemish) Mule
Jeanette (Burakouski) Muller
Kenneth W. Muller
Susan (Todd) Murray
Edmund J. Nocera, Jr.
Judith M. Novak
W. Lee Osborne
Jane (Reynolds) Pallokat
Judith (Karsmarski) Pareti
Maureen (Sullivan) Pernal
Joyce (Lido) Porter
Edwin J. Prendergast
Kathleen (Balasa) Stefanowicz
Rose (Egazarian) Tashian
Andrea (Pietricha) Tribuiani
Patricia A. Varanelli
Betty M. Williams
Lorraine (Buden-Smith) Zerfas
Class of 1968
Carol (Clini) Aloi
Priscilla H. Bennett *
Richard F. Bredice
Jane (Bujak) Calfee
William L. Celadon
David T. Cianciolo
Dale M. Clayton
Margarethe (Noe) Clayton
Janet (Johnson) Collins
Daniel J. Czerepuszko
John P. Dunn
Elsa (Poulos) Galetsa
Jane (Salvio) Giannini
Suzanne (Doyle) Greenbacker
Lynn (Jedynak) Gudelski
Jack W. Guite
Patrick Johnson, Jr.
Linda (Denette) Kiaffas
Waldemar S. Kostrzewa
Barbara (Morin) Krayeske
Frances (Perrone) Lombardo
Danuta (Szach) Lysy
John E. Musante
Tanya A. Nikituk
Donnalee (Gaioni) Nogiec
Ellen (Colangelo) Paris
Carol (Dumeer) ParmeleeBlancato
Theadore M. Pryor *
George F. Roberts
Emil Salzberger
Kenneth E. Sherrick
Gail (Chzasz) Smalley
Robert M. Smalley
Ralph D. Steadham
Helen A. Szandrocha
Michael J. Taylor
Virginia (Richards) Towle
Jean (Rimosukas) Tyburski
Linda (Lamitola) Wendling
Rose Marie (Pasquariello) Zaharek
Roy A. Zurell
Class of 1969
Patricia (Gill) Archibald
Ronald F. Army
Judith (Merluzzi) Barone
Gail (Griggs) Bassett
Paul R. Bates
Joyce (Allyn) Beach
Richard K. Bialeck
Robert F. Bobrowski
Edmund W. Carroll, Jr.
Linda (Zarotney) Cimadon
Barbara (Carrington) Coyle
George P. Durr
Susanne (Shinaly) Fracasso
Robert T. Francini
Thomas V. Furlong, Jr.
Neil F. Gallagher
Muriel A. Gaynor
Vito S. Giannini
Robert D. Hild
Peter R. Huybrechts
Marjorie (Farrell) Johnson
Susan L. Keller
Harold A. Kirchstein, Jr.
Lorraine (Rich) Langer
Florence (Kaminski) Langridge
Alphonse J. Letendre
Arlyd (Reckert) Lishnak
Ann (Lenart) Marola
J. Brian Murphy
Dennis J. Nogiec
Michele (Bouley) Pancallo
Norma (Blanchette) Pappalardo
William H. Pfeiffenberger III
Judith (Coughlin) Plourde
Robert J. Ramy
Mary E. Reilly
Douglas W. Robertson
Nancy M. Roy
Nancy (Shay) Schoeck
Joseph A. Shelto, Jr.
Patricia (Clark) Smith
Class of 1970
Joan T. Augustine
Douglas R. Beach
Linda (Roberts) Bircher
Raymond P. Blaschik
Paul D. Block
Nancy (Utman) Bolgard
Thomas A. Bozek
Marjorie (Buden) Brault
Susan (Leffingwell) Bredice
Brian J. Buden
Constance (Tetreault) Caunt
Nancy (Going) Clayton
James B. Coleman
Joseph C. Delpiano
Pauline (Toce) Devino
John B. DiPersio
Barbara (Borawski) Durkin
Danielle J. Fernino
Stephen A. Gargiulo
Georgia (Mally) Geyer
Kenneth M. Jezierny
Fred W. Jones
Leo J. Kelly, Jr.
Charlotte (Goldstein) Koskoff
Richard J. Kupstis
Anthony V. LaPenta, Jr.
Joseph W. Lefkowski
R. Jack Lucas
John E. Mattingly, Jr.
Susan (Gaudio) Mattingly
Charles R. McDonald
Edward F. Meaney III
James T. Moriarty
John A. Perotti
Edward F. Piatek
J. Lucien Plante
George E. Russell, Jr.
David L. Snyder
Anthony J. Solecki
Patricia (Milkavich) Stiltner
Paul A. Suprin
Beverly (Stevenson) Tarbox
Lee A. Tryon
Julie V. Urban
Jean (Bycul) Watson
Pamela (Cruickshanks) Wessman
Robert J. Wessman
Deborah (Intravia) Wilson
Class of 1971
Gail (Pearsall) Andersson
Anne W. Arnold
Edward F. Arnold
Bette-Ann (Curtin) Bailey
Melinda (Hausman) Baumgartner
Jeanne M. Benoit
Kenneth R. Broad
Gerald M. Brulotte
Marsha (Ericksen) Buckley
Rose Ann (Mercieri) Chatfield
Shirley (Goodblood) Dancer
Norman C. Davidson III
Warren E. Dutkiewicz
Robert A. Egan
Lynn (Kloter) Fahy
Dennis A. Fennessy
Judith (Maxon) Fennessy
Diane (Brandish) Gagnon
Gary J. Gagnon
Natalie (Martocchia) Gmeindl
Mark J. Greene
Robert L. Grodzicki
Dana (Vaughan) Gwozdz
Janet (Savage) Hambleton
Judith (Richards) Hammer
Linda (Geer) Heatherly
Catherine (Willemin) Hines
Lorraine (Belval) Hoebel
Edward J. Hoyt
Robert L. Kalat
Thomas N. Kelly
Kathleen (Gray) Kraczkowsky
Robert J. Larco
Susan (Rogoz) Laribee
Sandra (Kurze) Meaney
Louis P. Minicucci, Jr.
Margaret (Berger) Morse
Barbara J. Negrola
Gerald E. Neipp
Arlene (Draizen) O’Brien
Leo J. Panetta
Donald B. Pecor
Beverly (Nelson) Perotti
Carol (Samsel) Ravagnani
Robert J. Sampl
Leo R. Schultz
Cheryl (Dunn) Solecki
George T. Solomon
Anne (Cello) Tranquillo
Joan (Munley) Troccolo
David A. Vasta
Beverley (Bitgood) Williams
Janyce S. Wininger
Mark J. Wininger
Parthena (Espiefs) Yaakob
Barbara (Daddona) Zappone
Class of 1972
Ann (Metzgar) Anderson
Josephine (Dabkowski) Banach
Jeffrey E. Bartlett
Joanne (Grabowski) Biancamano
Edward A. Biehler
Cynthia (Oswald) Bielawiec
Richard L. Bielawiec
Gary J. Blanchette
Elaine M. Borawski
Richard W. Bradbury, Jr.
Diana (Fiora) Brady
Thomas Buzi
Mary (de Stefano) Capozzi
Nancy (Cherniske) Carney
Debra (Erickson) Caswell
Raquel I. Creamer
Philip R. Doucette
Mark A. Drechsler
Michael J. Dube
Clara Espiefs
Timothy J. Flood
Sheila (Goldstein) Frankel
Saundra J. Gesek
Phyllis (Dulk) Gibbs
Warren D. Goess
Donna M. Hannigan
Patricia C. Hayden
Beverly (Kane) Heffernan
Peter A. Hurlbut
Margaret (Mihalko) Johnston
Lynn (Hayes) Kelly
Richard J. Kingston, Jr.
Joan (Dutra) Krenn
Stuart E. Laribee
Janice (Stolarun) Levesque
Stephen J. Lincoln
June (Clark) Lucas
Marguerite (Arnold) Macchi
Mary (Parsons) Marino
Frank D. Marrocco
Richard D. Mellen
Joan B. Nagy
Joseph A. Nesta
Jeanette (Martell) Nettleton
Susan (Colapinto) Nichols
Christine (Kenyon) O’Connor
James S. Orsillo
Marilyn (Machuga) Petitt
Janet H. Pierpont
Victoria (Broadbent) Rasmussen
Nancy (O’Neil) Rogalsky
Joseph F. Sawicki
Donald Smuda
Bonnie (Carlson) Stone
Deborah (Stone) Strelau
Alfred R. Tarbox, Jr.
Irene C. Veillette
Ho n o r Ro l l
Susan (Norris) Venberg
Patricia (Ritchie) Walker
Class of 1973
Evelyn (Riutto) Bartolotta
Charlene (Bouchard) Berube
Olga (Glenges) Biehler
William R. Bircher
Harold A. Bissonette, Jr.
Christine (Malachowski) Bruemmer
James A. Burt
Thomas F. Callinan
Robert F. Carroll
Margaret (Amphlett) Cropper
Archangela (Cutrone) D’Amato
Marion (Hall) Daniel
Richard J. D’Onofrio
J. James Dykas
Raymond Dyson III
Gladys (Pinsker) Feigenbaum
Lawrence J. Garstka
Beatrice (Bisbee) Geib
Albert S. Gibbs
Kenneth Graham III
Karen A. Gudmundson
Mark S. Hoffman
Christine M. Johnson
Sandy Kim
Paul P. Koscak
Frank L. Lamson
Kathleen (Denicola) Landry
Brent T. Lemire
Bradley R. Magrey
Joseph Mancini
Deborah (Kaminski) Martin
Daniel L. Marzi
Jacqueline (Sadosky) Marzi
Doreen (O’connor) Metzler
Elizabeth (Cisco) Michalec
Sharon (Hannon) Mielcarz
Carolyn M. Mullane
Robert J. O’Connor
Susan (Letitia) Palaia
Mary (Mcdonald) Palombizio
Rosemary (Tarsi) Pardalis
William T. Pategas
Daniel C. Phelon
Kathleen (O’Keefe) Puglisi
Janet (Dixon) Roman
James F. Ryan
Matthew T. Ryan, Jr.
Maureen (Scavotto) Sampl
Janet (Singer) Schwartz
Patricia (Popielarz) Selner
Steven M. Shorrock
Stan D. Slomcinsky
Judith E. Sturgeon
Michael W. Styga
Kathleen (Mccarthy) Suprin
Daniel F. Viens
Mary (Fisher) Wadsworth
Arthur W. Wallace, Jr.
Lorraine (Gulioso) Willin
Barbara (Amato) Yankauskas
Class of 1974
Elaine M. Baruno
Clinton R. Becker, Jr.
Fred E. Berner
Jeanette (D’ambrosio) Bosch
Janice (Dyson) Bradbury
Ruth (Strand) Buchanan
Gabriel J. Cabrera
Donna F. Carter
Petronella M. Cieslak
John D. Clauson
Michael J. D’Amato
Robert A. D’Errico
Maurice D. Drake
Ann (Follacchio) Follacchio
Christine (Marek) Gallagher
Mary (Clark) Giffin
Elizabeth (Brophy) Gilmore
Linda (Cusano) Grames
Do n o r s
Barbara (Dobrocki) Grossomanides
George S. Grossomanides
John D. Hamilton
Robert F. Heenan
John A. Henkle
Michael J. Herrick
Marc S. Herzog
M. Elizabeth (Harris) Hilli
Diane (Toth) Hodgkins
John F. Holian
Phyllis G. Krom
Jeri (Christiano) Levesque
Kathleen (Hawley) Mackenstein
Elaine (Archacki) Magrey
Joyce P. Manzo
Wayne R. Martin
Joseph P. Mascolo
Monica C. McKerracher
Helen (Jacobs) Morrissey
Marcia Nielsen-Boccuzzi
Michelle (Watt) Ouchakof
Oleg V. Ouchakof
Karl S. Paecht
June (Gohsler) Pinkin
Frank E. Pollack
James C. Ritter
Frances V. Russell
Marilyn N. Sablosky
Richard D. Sablosky
Rodney J. Salisbury
Amandio Silva
Edward M. Skowronek
Sylvia (Burzler) Squires
Christopher M. Stewart
Mitchell J. Underwood, Jr.
Class of 1975
Constance (Kelly) Baker
Kenneth E. Baker
Alfred W. Banas
Susan (Moore) Belle-Isle
Dale (Hartman) Bernardoni
Olga (Ordonez) Brandl
Thomas D. Comer
Gary M. Crakes
Cynthia (Schmidt) Crocicchia
Craig E. Dawley
Joan V. Donnelly
Brenda B. Dyson
Douglas E. Farrenkopf
Frank J. Fazzina
Robert W. Fritsch II
Anthony N. Giaquinto
Karen (Ciccia) Giaquinto
James R. Giordano
Susan (Bollock) Gudaitis
Leonard A. Hammer
Thomas B. Hooper
Anne (Curran) Hunter
Ellen (Burch) Ingraham
Joan (Gulioso) Jacobs
Mark E. Janas
Daniel R. Kemp
Deborah M. Kennedy
Zinta (Mekss) Kulits
Carolyn (Wheeler) LeGeyt
Timothy B. LeGeyt
Dawn (Richards) Leghorn
William A. Lombardi
Robert A. Mazzonna
Robert T. Mielcarz
Robert J. Moran
Robert J. Morrissey
Gina (Esposti) Murphy
Elise J. Plocharczyk
Michael J. Ragosta
Mary (Dwyer) Rebmann
Frederick Roberts
Neil D. Robinson
John C. Roman
Robert M. Rowlson
David L. Ryan
Robin L. Simmons
Edna (Hacking) Smith
Karen (Binette) Soule
David J. Stochmal
William T. Stortz
Deborah (Buynak) Sullivan
Thomas J. Taggart
Dennis Teixeira
Thomas W. Thorndike
Stephen D. Thresher
Thaddeus Valenski
Barbara (Benhard) Vassar
Sharon L. Waid
Raymond K. Weber, Jr.
Deborah (Mitchell) Weller
Helen (Kaczowka) Werns
Robert C. Willey
Class of 1976
Harrison H. Baker, Jr.
David C. Barney
Nicholas F. Bellantoni
William M. Beneszewski
Brian W. Carroll
Carol J. Chase
James F. Clancy III
Karen B. Clarke
Andrew P. Crafa
Robert F. D’Aquila
Gary A. DiDomenico
Elaine (Gionfriddo) Eberhard
John S. Eberhard
Frank S. Fontana
Bonnie (Maguder) Frascadore
Eaudine (Splettstoeszer)
Richard F. Gagliardi
Dennis T. Gavelek
William M. Gritzmacher
John F. Hirschbeck
Kathryn (Herne) Hooper
Janet L. Infante
Judith (Lance) Janas
Kurt P. Johansen
Susan Kaczynski Chmura
Phillip P. Kallaugher
Carmillia (Gioia) Kimmel
Richard A. Klukas
Patricia (Zakludiewicz) Korner
Linda M. Kupstis
Lester Kurpiewski
Gail (Rogozinski) Lascko
Louis J. Lombardi
Francesca M. Lopreiato
Sheree (Achenbach) Lorch
Susan (Casey) Mazzonna
Steven D. Mead
Wayne B. Medoff
Richard G. Notarangelo
James D. Paci
Janina (Hoffman) Peczerski
Thomas F. Piazza
Denise (Errede) Raducha
Gloria (Forcucci) Ragosta
Lynda (Wright) Ryba
Raymond K. Seymour
Michael J. Slusarz
Elizabeth A. Stochmal
Cheryl (Kehr) Tuskowski
Susan (Prisloe) Underwood
Kris (Charest) Vellturo
Donna M. Wallace
David E. Wiltse
Nancy (Kneeland) Wright
Class of 1977
Deborah A. Bergeron
Richard P. Bourret
Ronald A. Bucchi
Charlene (Brzezinski) Bugnacki
John P. Carbo
Kathleen P. Collins
Robert B. Conway, Jr.
Clifford R. Czellecz
Brian P. Deschamps
Helen (Schumacher) Donaher
Julia (O’neil) Duvall
Stephen Dygus
Claire (Thorp) Fazzina
Carol (Mirman) Feinstein
Rafael F. Garbalosa
Catherine (Kilty) Gavelek
Mary Ann (Carta) Giuffrida
Maria Teresa Gomez Lombardi
Stephen M. Guest
Carol A. Hanny
Angela (Grippo) Heffter
Norman W. Hicks
Donna (Digangi) Holland
John R. Hyde
Paul N. Iannone
Diane (Digiacomo) James-Hart
Walter L. Krampitz
Colleen (Catherwood) Kubinski
Linda Latimer
David J. Lepri
Janice (Tubbs) Levett
Mark H. Luntta
Raymond J. Matyszyk
Michael E. Metzler
Nancy (Lehmann) Miller
Toni T. Moumouris
John D. Neller
Donna (Carmody) O’Leary
John R. O’Leary, Jr.
Susan (Dykas) Pelletier
Lucinda (Link) Rafferty
Kathy (Keyes) Robinson
Paula (Mcgivern) Rogers
Patricia (Saverine) Root
Christina (Kleszczynski)
Ellen (Cleary) Rossi
Linda (Costella) Salisbury
Raymond J. Serra, Jr.
Roy J. Sjolund
Susan (Vitale) Sjolund
Debra (Messina) Slowikowski
Nancy (Byrne) Sobala
Pamela (Bozak) Sutkaitis
William J. Taglia
Suzanne (Aprile) Tocci
Stephen J. Varga
Ida (Adderley) Wimbish
Helen (Noonan) Zemetis
Class of 1978
David E. Achilli
Lawrence S. Amarucci
Laurie A. Aparo
Robert Asselin
Alan W. Bader
Susan (Romani) Brenner
Kevin F. Byrnes
Rosanne Castellon-Torniero
William R. Chamberland
Nancy (Hare) Coffey
Richard M. Debellis
Mark W. Durand
Catherine (Drahan) Gaudinski
Joan (Burger) Gellis
Debra (Fitzgerald) Gemme
Leslie (Hawes) Hine
Alan P. Kennedy
Daniel C. Kerr
Joseph A. Kubinski
John J. Leganza
Donna (Gill) Lisitano
Chester P. Lutynski
Susanne (Lendler) Marsh
Jean (Fiorente) Maynard
Denise M. Morache
Daniel J. Nilsson
Mary Beth (Synnott) Nilsson
Patricia (Nadile) Panetta
Susan (Gutowski) Partelow
Allan F. Plourde
Frank R. Reischerl
Gregory J. Russo
Steven P. Schiller
Neil C. Schroder
Ann B. Schwartzwald
Cecelia A. Siciliano
Cindy (Holmes) Tyrseck
Laura (Adler) Valfer
Alvin W. Vaz
Michael P. Verrett
Albert S. Wallace
Class of 1979
Joanne M. Beauregard
Eileen V. Biernacki
Carol B. Bonaiuto
Stephen F. Carlone
Barbara (Vonschneden) Clark
Richard J. Coffey
Robert J. Fenn, Jr.
Nancy (Carter) Gentry
Kathryn (Henne) Goodwin
David M. Govoni
Denise (Vachon) Govoni
Timothy E. Granucci
Janice (Jarosz) Grimaldi
Juergen Heffter
Laura E. Hungerford
Leonard C. Kaminski
Irene M. Klein
Norbert R. Krusinski
Michael J. Kurban
J. Keith Luckenbach
Diane (Paris) Maleno
Mark H. Maleno
Charles O. McDougall
Thomas C. Miller
Steven P. Morra
Margaret (Lynch) O’Donnell
Margaret (Palochko) Root
Margaret A. Samela
Maureen (Williams) Scalia
Melvin A. Simon
William B. Soeters
Frederick J. Sorbo III
Clifton E. Thompson
Richard K. Tyrseck
Giovanni Valentini, Sr.
Mary Ann (Karpiej) Varga
Susan G. Vial
Gary P. Wachtelhausen
Daniel F. Wall
Margaret A. Weber
Margot Willis-Doyle
Regina T. Woltmann
Trina (Harris) Zesk
Class of 1980
Paulette (Beland) Achilli
Neila (Jarvis) Althen
William L. Aust
M. Wanda Baxer
Leon M. Berkowitz
Michael W. Boissonneault
Gerald A. Boyle
Roseanne T. Campo
Nicholas A. Carola, Jr.
Linda (Entzminger) Chapman
William A. Conticello, Jr.
James M. Craig
Eugene F. Croce
Karen (Martin) Durant
David K. Erickson
Juliana (Furs) Erickson
JoAnn (Perrone) Fadeley
Gary H. Fleming
Patricia J. Foley
Mary (Baker) Gallo
Brian K. Gillooly
Robert J. Gnocchi
Kevin V. Goodwin
Richard C. Guarino
Jean M. Gula
Arnold L. Keyser
Virginia (Malmberg) Kozlowski
Geraldine (Hodha) Lutynski
Michele (Marranzino) McNamara
Rosemary (Lane) Moynihan
Martha Mulready-Salmon
Michael A. Nestor
Joseph S. O’Donnell
Edward C. Osepowicz
Sandra (Williams) Pierog
Laura G. Prelle
Carole (Saccoccio) Ramey
Lynn (Stevens) Russo
Paul L. Rydel
Karen (Rathje) Schroder
Cynthia J. Skinner
Robin (Tierney) Smith
Lifteria (Karlames) Stathos
Beth M. Stuhlman
Thomas R. Switz
Savas S. Synodi
James C. Wigren
Class of 1981
Alan R. Aguais
Roger J. Bisi
Lynn (Trowbridge) Blayer
Wendy (Albanese) Buccheri
Gary T. Cerasale
Anna (Ostasiewicz) Chila
Darce M. Costello
Stephen J. Daniels
Brendan A. Durkin
Joseph H. Greenier
Charlene (Bilodeau) Halloran
Ronald A. Kapushinski
Leslie (Benham) Kohnke
Gary P. Kriscenski
Vincent A. Maraia
Donna (Mccracken) Mendyka
Patricia (Turak) Mischke
John W. Nolan
Mary M. O’Brien
Patricia (Prevuznak) O’Sullivan
Frank J. Paonessa, Jr.
Debra (Mosca) Pegnataro
Sandra (Norton) Rice
James E. Seagrave
Stephen S. Senft
John G. Stavropoulos
Angela M. Stortz
Christopher L. Talbot
Kim (Pearson) Wachtelhausen
Debra (Woodard) Woodhall
Kenneth J. Woodhouse
Class of 1982
Brian J. Anderson
Steven J. Bourret
Karen Brady-Grundt
Yolanda (Ceci) Costantini
Thaddeus G. Coulombe
Barry T. Crane
Milton A. Dennison
Regina I. Fetera
Leeann (Notturno) Fredericks
Andrea (Lemone) Gale
Marie S. Glowski
Mark F. Halloran
Gary M. Harrigan
Marlene (Infantino) Haze
Raymond M. Karpinski
Colleen (Manning) Kimball
Donald F. Kimball
Susan (Paine) Krinjak
Jacqueline J. Landolfi
Walter H. Lehner
Michael P. Lombardi
James G. Martha
Lynn (Sampson) Martha
Michael R. McCann
Philip Nizzardo, Jr.
Marc F. Patterson
Beverly A. Peters
Susan (Rajcok) Phaneuf
Geraldo C. Reyes, Jr.
Ho n o r Ro l l
Linda (Gaudette) Ritter
Barbara (Schleifer) Saltman
Therese (Condon) Senft
Paula (Domkowski) Sogan
Jeffrey L. Strandberg
Astrid (Woelk) Tarascio
John M. Tomasko
Maryann (Carrier) von
Jeffrey J. Watts
Gary I. Welinsky
Class of 1983
Maureen (Connelly) Briggs
Amy (Raynard) Crane
David P. Daigle
John H. Dillon
Maura (Bransfield) Dillon
David T. Dobosz
Robert P. Donna
Theresa M. (Killion) Fallon
Dorothy C. Fish
Timothy M. Hokanson
Paul M. Kluk
Keith E. LeBeau
Jeffrey Lindgren
Mary Ellen (Johnson) MacLean
Jean (Dornfeld) McDougall
Steven J. Mendyka
Thomas M. Morache
Daniel J. Nahorney
Janet (Sperdini) Nahorney
Catherine (Rosenbach) O’Neil
Vita (Laudisi) Paonessa
Diane (Martonak) Patterson
Robert A. Raum
Sylvia J. Rotherforth
LaiMan Talbot
Sharon (Mccabe) Van Wie
Jill K. Weinberger
Class of 1984
Michael J. Aiudi
Daniel R. Bebyn
Kevin J. Crowley
Dorothy (Markowski)
Ronald P. Dwyer
John Ewaski
Deborah (O’connell) Fabas
Michael A. Gagne
David J. Gineo
James R. Gworek
Jeffrey J. Haze
Elizabeth (Venditto) Hosmer
Deidra (Henley) Kopec
Marlene R. Lindquist
Guy A. Mason
Irene (Herrera) Matulis
William J. McGugan
Richard C. Mullins, Jr.
Brian W. Murphy
Kevin F. O’Rourke
Amy J. Radke
Michael P. Rotondo
John H. Selden
James W. Syrotiak
Frederick J. Terrasi
Patrick A. Warzecha
Susan (Stifel) Winkler
Class of 1985
James A. Boulais
Robert E. Brancato
Patrick M. Bridgett
Antoinette (Alves) Brzozowski
Kevin J. Chambers
James J. Collin
Donna K. DeMarco
Rozalia (Koziupa) Dickman
John E. Dietzel
Linda F. Discotto
Brian E. Drake
Dawn Draper-Classen
Judith (Scheyd) Garro
Do n o r s
Michael S. Haines
Paul F. Helenski
Lisa M. Ieronimo
Maureen (Kenney) Mancini
John E. Niski
Karen L. Perry
Ruth A. Redican
William C. Richmond
Dana (Hennessey) Satkowski
Tracye A. Scott
William R. Scoville
Amanda (Jenislawski) Starbala
Alan N. Sylvestre
Thomas R. Wilson
Margaret A. Woble-Valenski
M. David Zaldivar
Class of 1986
William J. Allen
Gregory A. Blewitt
Catherine (Laporte) Boulais
Michael S. Buckworth
Ellen (Nevins) Calafiore
Donald M. Casey, Jr.
Dianne (Palmero) Chambers
Margaret E. Doran
Dante S. Fazzina
John L. Fede
Amy (Hebert) Flattery
Michael J. Foran
Thomas R. Genova, Jr.
Jeffrey A. Grundt
Howard M. Herman
Cathleen (Loffredo) Hinsch
Mario Izzo
Dawn R. Kelley
Michael A. Knipple
Francine (Domenick) Lynch
Sharon M. Malone
Laura (Van Steenburgh)
Deirdre A. Mulligan
Paul R. Munns
Wendy (Schuhl) Paggioli
Donna (Wineman) Perreault
Katherine (Blankenship) Poirier
Winsome (Wilson) Reid
Thomas D. Roy
Deborah (Walsh) Rutigliano
Leslie L. Saunders
Joyce (Saucier) Scarlett
Robyn M. Sparks
Glenn D. Speer
Ronald R. Stepanek
Virginia C. Stewart
Barbara R. Stott
Caryn-Joy (Leal) Toffolon
Stephen A. Toffolon
Beth (Macdonald) Tomanik
Kimberly (Turnbull) Vacheron
Susan S. Wilson
Class of 1987
Jeffrey J. Albright
James J. Chretien
Jane E. Coyle
Michele (Crean) Dunn
Daniel D. Dupont
Joy (Hyde) Dutra
Thomas C. Ellison
Suzanne M. Ferland
Barbara J. Fiebich
Nancy J. Howard
Debra A. Kahraman
Robert S. Latham
Linda (Tierpack) Liegeot
John A. Martino
Wendy (Allerton) Moran
Judith A. Niedzielski
Kathleen Palmiotto-Lyons
George N. Pappas
Martha E. Plona
Donald E. Ratte
Susan-Varnum (Smith) Rubin
Kevin P. Sheehy
Janet M. Underwood
Jill (Andrews) VanVoorhis
Steven J. VanVoorhis
Stephen P. Villanti
Susanne (Kubeck) Vitcavage
Mark J. Wicander
Thomas E. Ziniti
Class of 1988
Annamarie T. Andrews
Stephen A. Armstrong
Joseph C. Balskus
Barbara J. Bellas
Joanne C. Blake
David W. Bulger
Dorothy (Crowley) Chekas
Adam K. Chudy
Patrice M. Coletti
Lisa (D’Agostino) Davis
William L. Degan
Sally (Castonguay) Fazzina
Lisa (Lozito) Gleason
Deborah A. Grondin
Joan G. Hanrahan
Sandra (Gelada) Harrison
Stephanie (Olenik) Knipple
Leo F. Luciani
Christine (Sternal) Martino
Lauretta M. Morin
Anthony M. Natale
Robert O. Pelletier
Mark A. Perkins
Rachel (Pascola) Ramsey
Paul S. Randazzo
Mary V. Reichert
Peter F. Rutigliano
Pamela (Gaudet) Sargent
Andrew J. Seperack
Cheryl-Ann Tubby
Barry S. Wilcock
Thomas A. Zingo
Class of 1989
Sally B. Anderson
Joanne E. Archer
Shay R. Berry
Rosemary C. Blozie
Geraldine A. Bunnell
Sue C. Carlson
Deborah Carson
Robert J. Deschenes
Donald M. Dunning
Jay R. Fienman
Hope Hutchinson
Karen M. Kingston
Joan E. Kirchner
Paul G. LaCava
Glenn R. Lacey
Matthew F. Majeski
Elizabeth S. Maus
Elizabeth (Tosches) Nolan
Scott J. Nolan
Frances B. Pass
Efrain Rosado
Sharon L. Rosano
Sean A. Soares
Stephen V. Tedesco
Rynep VanEldik
William P. Wallace
Janet H. Ward
Class of 1990
Maria A. Alvarez
Thomas W. Bohlke
Barbara H. Camp
Kerry G. Eaton
Valerie (Huschke) Golebiewski
Paul G. Grennan
Richard A. Hanbury
Nancy B. Heiser
Gary D. Hewitt
Nancy A. Janeczek
Joseph R. Kikosicki
Lenell Kittlitz
Jason F. Klein
Bernadette B. Krayeski
Linda M. Mallia
Karen (Michael) Masek
Jean P. Milot
Peter R. Murray
Martin A. Nadeau
Henderson W. Rose
Carol A. Scott
Beth A. Sohacki
Deborah (Moran) Verzino
Class of 1991
Nancy D. Baccaro
Diane M. Carr
Jacqueline Cobbina-Boivin
Lisa (Michalski) Crowley
Linda M. DelNegro
Darrell R. Gagnon
Carolyn (Burrill) Garofoli
Kerry E. Jensen
John D. Kulungian
Michael P. Lasala
Leslie M. Love
Patricia (Mulligan)
John E. Paggioli
Thomas M. Ratliff
Lisa (Krystof) Ricciuti
Sally S. Rieger
Kelli (Coffey) Rose
Paul M. Schmiedel
John W. Spadaccini
Carole (Lavigne) Swanson
Clayton R. Tebbetts
Class of 1992
Ava M. Biffer
Ronald J. Canal
Donna (Rhodes) Cathcart
Stephen P. Cauffman
Elizabeth K. Chudy
David M. Clarke
David Cochefski
Dominique Coiro-Ouellette
Alysia (Billone) Crumback
Laury (Frysinger) Currier
James S. Dalton
Cynthia S. DesRosier
Denise (Zito) Dunning
Jacquelyn D. Farrell
Linda (Hintz) Gancarz
Mark W. Gardner
Margaret A. Giordano
Adam L. Gorski
Rebecca W. Grant
Jadwiga Hikel
Martin G. Johnson
Diane D. Karpinski
Daniel D. Lessard
Karin L. Lessard
Gloria G. Long
Margaret (Gura) Markowski
Faye P. McCormick
Peggy L. McGrath
Peter L. Negrola, Jr.
Myra J. Niver
MaryAnn Notarangelo
Richard J. Olson
Mary Ann Rappelt
Margaret M. Richard
Gail W. Richey
Eileen (Robles) Rogers
Alan W. Theriault
Dawn (Hayward) Valentini
Richard Valerio
Class of 1993
Nanette (Kearns) Alexander
Carolyn J. Amarucci
Alexandra M. Campagnano
Gregory Ceballos
Carol A. Ferraro
Maureen O. Gallo
Russell K. Gordon
Carla R. Hardy
Mary A. Hart
Deborah S. Henry
Randy L. Ireland
Marcy (Russo) Kane
Kristine (Kelsey) Kelsey
Kay L. Libby
Lisa (Yost) Pile
Leland S. Prior
Mark P. Rouleau
Michael L. Ryan
Charlene E. Shepard
Carrie L. Simon
Daniel J. Slivinsky
Amy (Allbee) Stepka
Carol A. Wallace
Timothy J. Williams
Class of 1994
William J. Clark
Doreen A. Crawford
Carol (Clark) Croteau
Alvina (Raymond) Furniss
Mark A. Jeske
Robert J. Kane
Martin P. Levine
Joyce A. Morin
Timothy K. Newton
John T. Pier, Jr.
Debby B. Raina
Andrea N. Schnure
James J. Trocchi
Kelley (Beaucar) Vlahos
Ralph G. White
Class of 1995
Nina B. Cherubino
Christine J. Delaney
Michelle L. DelBuono
Robert A. Duffy
Joseph J. Garrity
Heather C. Giordanella
Leigh (Jankowski) Grande
William J. Guillotte
Laurel (Sisson) Kelly
Barbara G. LeBlanc
Claudia M. Mazzotta
Martha R. Nunes
Michael G. Pieper
Rose C. Rossi
Conrad M. Sienkiewicz
Annamaria (Legarini) Tegarini
Marie A. Wallace
Steven K. Zajko
Class of 1996
Caroline B. Alexander
Lucian C. Banasiewicz
Bridget S. Barreira
Joanne (Santucci) Blum
Charline M. Copeland
Kristin Craig
Diana E. Hancin
J. Lionel Hebert, Jr.
Cheryl A. Holtham Havel
Donna J. Laroux
Susan L. Monaghan
Daniel D. Niver, Jr.
Rosa (Garrity) Perez
Cristy (Plawecki) Rewenko
Mark D. Rewenko
Deborah Erin Roberge
Thomas A. Santoro
Maryann (Walker) Santos
Anita F. Saunders
Jane F. Shaskan
Toni (Silano) Villines
Joseph J. Vitcavage
Class of 1997
Kevin R. Begley
Elaina Brachman
Jeffrey S. Buskey
Maria (Albano) Cheney
Leona C. Clerkin
Kara L. Condlin
Roger L. Cornwell
David H. DeFeo
David K. Gross
Janice A. Hansen
Mary L. Iskra
Matthew J. Maracchioni
Elaine L. Melvin
Michael J. Molnar
Cherilyn L. Murphy
Sherry (Gravelle) Pesino
Randi L. Pickford
Edwin S. Remudaro
Henry Sookram
Paul J. Sutera
Kenneth R. Villines
Lisa A. Wurzer
Class of 1998
Lara K. Bohlke
Gregory E. Brinn
Kelly G. Clarke
Christine (Casey) Cohen
Skye C. Garofalo
Teresa M. Gilland
Daniel F. Hart
Michael T. Heffernan
Rebecca (Brown)
Cheryl L. Letendre
Brad A. Makarowski
Carol A. Morano
Alan R. Poirier
J. Winthrop Porter
Christine (Mezzio)
Diane Rubacha
Bruce D. Seymour
Jennifer (Kaufman)
Class of 1999
Carol D. Albert
Beth W. Bonney
Jeanine M. Collette
Dale Deckert
Christina Gentile-Renda
Donna M. Kaeser
Shari M. Lamont
Erin C. Maghery
Paul N. Manwaring III
Thomas A. Marcel
Marva J. Marrett
Miranda A. Michaud
David A. Palmero
Janis A. Tanner
Devon B. Weisensee
Class of 2000
Ann S. Barber
Joseph F. Cefaratti, Jr.
Marian L. Chatelle
Russell A. Delldonna
James E. Dieterle
Kathleen M. Kelly
Krista M. King
Jill M. Limberger
Eric C. Page
Peter P. Prizio
Jacqueline A. Shadford
Class of 2001
Robert Dionizio
Susan S. Flood
Fiona J. Forbes
Maryann Giovino
Michael S. Grove
Timothy R. Guernsey
Rebecca C. Hughes
Wayne R. Kalmick
John T. Maslak, Jr.
Amy L. Olsen
Daniel A. Pelaez
Linh C. Phan
Class of 2002
Robin W. Bahre
Pamela A. Balskus
Ho n o r Ro l l
William R. Cesak, Jr.
Susan Curzi
Constance M. De Fazio
Michelle Y. Failla
Andrew J. Felder
Kimberly A. Hogan
John J. Keleher
Michael J. Krikonis
Chun R. Luo
Priscilla F. Machado
Lynn M. Mead
Mark O’Donnell
Reynolds Onderdonk
Shaun P. Roche
Christina E. Torcia
Avrie P. Vaz
Keryn G. Walczewski
Class of 2003
Faye S. Boulton
Cindy M. Carvalho
Kimberly A. Crowley
Nadine J. Forrester
Alicia (Damia) Ghio
Vera M. Roberts
Gregory D. Shell
John E. Sieminski
Tiffany A. Simpson
Peggy S. Thomsen
Denise M. Weeks
Kameka T. Weir
Class of 2004
Sophie H. Cestari
Erin M. Gaucher
Mary B. Hendrickson
Kenneth A. McClellan
Hien T. Nguyen
Edward A. Ramsdell
Angelica (Vezzetti) Roche
Melinda E. Rumpf
Janis S. Vasseur
Nancy L. Wilcock
Sara E. Ziegler
Class of 2005
James L. Augeri
Michele L. DeCesare
James P. Gustavson
Amy E. Jennings
Jane Keleher
Kathleen A. Knopf
John A. Kobylack
Laurie C. MacDougall
Michael G. Maiscalco
Cheryl (Pawelczyk)
Edward I. Moran
Frank J. Mottola
Marie E. Rivers
Mary-Lisa Spalla
Emma J. Wright
Class of 2006
Christopher B. Achilli
Marilyn Adorno-Tirado
Danielle C. Allen
Taylor G. Allen
Kenneth O. Baranoski
Steven R. Bazinet
Steven Beley
Teresa M. Bernstein
Helena Carrasquillo
Robin L. Curry
Wenke A. Doyle
Shawna L. Gauger
Orlene J. Green-Mathieu
Joshua D. Manoian
Richard W. Mather
Tina (Jock) Muzzy
Marisa G. Perez
Joseph B. Ravalese
Gregory C. Vereneau
Ashley E. Webb
Erica M. Westwood
Debra White
Do n o r s
Class of 2007
Sherene A. Morrison
Class of 2008
Meghan E. Lorch
Melanie Abel
Stanley J. Adams
Tarome Alford
Laurie G. Alt
George P. Anastasion
Kathleen G. Anderson
Kenneth S. Anderson
Patricia W. Anderson
Cara L. Andreoli
Michael C. Andrews
Patricia M. Andrews
Ali A. Antar
Fatma W. Antar
Barbara E. Antonicka
James V. Arena
Maria S. Aubey
John J. Baccaro
Wallace E. Bailey
Lon E. Baker
Linda V. Ball
Karl P. Banach
Clare H. Barnett
Eugene Barretta
Candace Barrington
Swamy C. Basim
Susan Becker
George D. Bellas
Jonathan Bennett
Maria G. Bernacki
Daniel P. Berte
Joan T. Berte
Mark Berte
Vilma E. Beyer
Mary Jo Biedermann
Geraldine B. Biel
Susan J. Biggs
Dana Binette
Edward C. Blaschik
Mary W. Bogon
Kathleen F. Bourret
Thomas W. Bowler
Nancy L. Bradshaw
Ronald M. Brennan
Janusz J. Bruks
Maria T. Bruks
Andrzej Budnik
John M. Burns
Anthony R. Cannella
Mary L. Cannella
Susan M. Cannon
A. D. Cappella
Jerome D. Carr
Rose Carvalho
Aimee M. Casey
David J. Cesaro
Barry H. Chasen
Joanne E. Chasen
Pamela A. Christenson
Merrilyn S. Cicero
Joan Cirone
Donna Cirone-Bonoff
Peter D. Clark
Sarah Cobrain
Kristine A. Collin
Christopher M. Combs
Concetta Contois
Cynthia B. Cooper
Ed Costello
Helen R. Cotter
Barbara W. Coughlin
Linda M. Cove
William B. Coyle
Thomas Crocicchia
Rudolph E. Croteau, Jr.
Robert E. Cumming
Priscilla Cunningham
Mary M. Cutler
Thomas Czaja
Loretta C. Czarnecki
Lois S. Czerepuszko
Eileen M. Daily
Krishna R. Davda
Jessie A. DeBisschop
Timothy DeCarlo, Jr.
William A. DeGrazia
Carmen DeJesus
Shirley B. DeLong
Barbara L. DeMaio
Nicholas E. DeNigris
Aline C. Dennison
William P. Denya
Jill Derickson
William L. Detlefsen
Marian DiFabbio
R. Thomas DiMauro
Maureen S. Dinnan
Elizabeth L. Dobosz
Nancy L. Dominello
Francisco Donis
John J. Doody
Robert C. Douglas
Roger M. Dove
Malcolm J. Doyle
George P. Drenga
Richard F. Duggan
Jimmy E. Durant
Claire L. Dusseault
Jean L. Dyson
Jenna K. Earley
Robert L. Earley
Barbara J. Edge
Ghassan E. El-Eid
Penelope Ellis
Michael W. Fagin
Edward D. Farley
David S. Fearon, Sr.
Dorothy A. Feeney
Julie A. Feeney
Fenmore Feigenbaum
Seth D. Feigenbaum
Mark Fillmore
Judith A. Fischer
Brian J. Flaherty
Elaine A. Fortuna
Dean Fuller
Ann Marie Gagnon
Frederick G. Gagnon
Felicia M. Gajda
John J. Gambarotta
Joyce C. Garner
Carole L. Gauger
Cheryl Gerber
Grazyna “Grace” Gibinski
Eva Gierat
Nancy S. Giesey
Harry W. Giordano
Paul A. Giordano, Jr.
Josephine B. Golec
Kathleen M. Golec
Cecilia R. Golub
Kathleen Gonsalves
Barbara K. Goodwillie
Joseph P. Grace
Barbara A. Granato
Kenneth J. Gwozdz
David S. Haddad
Josephine T. Halish
Mary P. Halish
Sylvia Halkin
Linda Hancin
Karen A. Hansen
Richard E. Harrington
Margaret E. Hart
LaTisha C. Hatcher
John T. Hazuka
Everett Herden
Kathleen Hilliard-McCooe
Barbara Hinsley
Charles R. Hnilicka
Craig Hoekenga
Edith M. Hoffman
Richard F. Homan
Mary B. Horan
Steven W. Horowitz
William I. Horton
Jane G. Hoyt
Harvey Hubbell IV
Jean N. Hubbell
William E. Huber
Betty Hudson
Alan S. Hughes
Catherine Hunt
Walter J. Hushak
George Iskra
Manlio J. Jannace
Theresa M. Jaswell
Diane Johanson
James M. Johanson
Jennifer C. Johanson
Virginia L. Johanson
Adam S. John
Alexander L. John
Nancy L. Johnson
Theodore H. Johnson
Lynn C. Jordan
Judith Kabilus
John A. Kaestle
Mark A. Kamienski
Elias Kapetanopoulos
Barbara L. Kaplow
Eloise V. Karkow
Mary K. Karkow
Genevieve E. Karwoski *
Francis X. Kehoe
Peter F. Kelly
Robert F. Kelsey
Kathleen Klinck
Stephen J. Klubnik
Kathleen A. Koenig
Roberta S. Koplowitz
Karen Koscak
Judith A. Kostrzewa
Theresa Kromish
Joseph A. Kureaba
Ella R. Kuznik
Lynda Lacava
John M. Lally
Patricia A. Lane
Jeffrey F. Lawlor
Z. Teresa Lempicki
Thomas Lentini
Kathleen Lentner-Perez
Richard F. Lepore
Diana M. Lepri
Kazimierz Lesinski
Laura E. Levine
Stephen J. Levine
Eleanor R. Liberati
Tonijo Limosani
Stephen J. Lishnak
Carl R. Lovitt
Sylvia (Wilson) Lucas
Rob R. MacGregor
Kenneth A. Malinowski
Thaddeus W. Maliszewski
John M. Maljanian
George J. Manders
Hal Manoian
Sarah E. Marek
John G. Marinaro
Lorraine (Macdonald) Marti
Nancy J. Martin
Betsy A. May
David P. Mazzei
Joseph P. McCourt
Robert McCullough III
Roseann D. McGarvey
Lawrence D. McHugh
Joseph A. McKown
Helen McNutt
Neil A. McPhee
Thomas W. Meagher
Charles P. Menoche
Donna L. Mercado
Edwin B. Mercier, Jr.
Joan C. Mercier
Lisa Meyers
Paul H. Mihalek
Stanislaw A. Milewski
Adele M. Miller
John R. Mitrano
Cara E. Momnie
Carrie A. Momnie
Marlene Montemurro
Mark Moriarty
Clifford R. Moss
Timothy J. Moynihan
Dorothy A. Mrowka
Daniel G. Mulcahy
John A. Murray
Mary Ellen Murray
Thomas J. Nastro
Georgette Nemr
Lynne Nesta
Thomas Nettelbladt
Sally E. Nicastre
Charles B. Nichols
Angela Nizzardo
Liz Y. Norton
Stanislaw Nowak
Sharon Ober
James T. O’Brien
Henry Okolica
Cornelius P. O’Leary
Michelle D. Orsulak
David Orzech
Judy Orzech
Rose A. Osborne
Kelly A. Owen
John Paardenkooper
Debra A. Palermino
John F. Panda
Mamie Paolillo
Melissa E. Papp
Dorothy M. Parker
M. Jean Parker
Jason E. Pearl
Donald P. Perrault
Roland J. Perreault
Ethel M. Petrella
Veronica F. Pfeiffenberger
Leighton Phraner
Janet L. Picerno
Richard A. Picerno
Paul Pieciuk, Jr.
Caroline Platek
Jeffrey E. Plocharczyk
Joseph Ploszaj
Stella F. Ploszaj
Wayne Pokorny
Joyce A. Pomposi
Kenneth L. Przybysz
Joyce A. Ptak
Linda Purdy
Louis J. Rascoe
Kerri A. Reaves
Luis Recoder-Nunez
Marcia A. Reifenheiser
Donald D. Richey
Karen A. Ritzenhoff
Michael Ritzenhoff
Oscar Rivera
Frances T. Roberts
Robert C. Robinson
Joanne S. Roczniak
Joyce Rodrigo
Helen O. Rogalsky
Deborah Romano
Steve Romano
John G. Rosemeyer, Jr.
Janice Rossignol
Mary Rossiter
Richard L. Roth
Charles Rovagna
Barbara Rowlson
Joanne Salwocki
Margaret M. Sayers
Frank W. Scarlett
Marina G. Schafrick
Wayne T. Schultz
Ada F. Seaman
Susan N. Seider
Patrick J. Shanley
Annette M. Shawah
Janice L. Shellman
Kimberly B. Shellman
Carole B. Shmurak
Robert A. Sichler
Elizabeth W. Sidor
Igor I. Sikorsky, Jr.
Mabeline (Nunez) Silva
Midge Singer
Ladislaus J. Smialowski
Oliver F. Smith
Rodney D. Smith
Vincent J. Smith, Jr.
Janette L. Sniffin
Alan Snyder
Lauren M. Snyder
Beverly Sonen
Joanne Sousa
Donita Southwick
Andrzej S. Stachowiak
Carl J. Stafford
Nina R. Stearns-Surfus
Catherine B. Stebbins
Edwarda Sternberg-Powidzki
Jane Y. Stoneback
Kenneth C. Streeter
John R. Sullivan
Lewis Sumislaski
Wayne M. Sumple
Robert F. Sylvester
Joan E. Sztaba
Laurence Tanner
Michael B. Thomsen
Ruth L. Thoren
Regina G. Thornton
M. Joan Tierney
Ruth L. Tighe
Jean R. Timko *
Hector L. Tirado Gonzalez
Robert Torrani
Stanley J. Traceski
Paul F. Travers
Marc A. Triebwasser
Flora M. Tucci
Cornelius B. Tyson, Jr.
Dorothy S. Van Deusen
John S. Van Deusen
Laura H. Van Deusen
Emily M. Varkala
Gilbert N. Vasseur, Jr.
Victoria E. Vaughan
William J. Veits
Judith C. Walo
Ren Wang
Paul T. Warzecha
Brenda G. Webb
Linda Weber
G. J. Weinberger
Alan L. Weiner
David A. Weiss
Michelle Weiss
Patricia F. Werronen
Anna A. Wiatr
Frank M. Wiatr
Dennis J. Williams
Elaine L. Wilson
Stanley J. Wlodarczyk
Nancy G. Woloszyn
Cynthia Woodin
Curtis G. Woolley
Nancy O. Yiznitsky
Albert Yourse
Helene Zabroski
Wayne W. Zerfas
Joan T. Ziemba
Thomas J. Ziobro
Madelynn Zwernemann
Ho n o r Ro l l
GIFTS UP TO $24.99
Class of 1930
Laura (Barnes) Simpson
Class of 1941
Helen (Reed) Tonkin
Class of 1943
Miriam (Boyington) Hall
Carthene (Marinaro) McQuade
Class of 1946
Marjorie (Lanagan) Howard
Class of 1948
Mary (Kerekian) Atashian
Class of 1949
Thomas A. Doyle
Class of 1950
Joseph A. Bartolotta
Gerald T. Kerr
Lorraine B. Lemire
Irving D. Warner
Class of 1951
Sally (Kenney) Deeley
Harry P. Ripa
Class of 1952
Jean-Paul Berard
Mary (Mangiafico) Carey
Frederick A. Coughlan
Class of 1954
Richard J. Drobot
Class of 1955
Joan E. DeAngelis
Joan C. Schramm
Class of 1956
Alice (Klimchuk) Lang
Joseph E. Salafia
Class of 1957
Doris R. Walden
Class of 1958
Elliott J. Kerzner
S. Francis Testa
Lois (Keeney) Wankerl
Class of 1959
Carol (Johnson) Dennler
Class of 1960
Frank P. Budaj, Jr.
Elmer F. Delventhal
Beverly (Johnson) Montei
Carole (Tatro) Prescott
Class of 1961
Betsy (Carroll) Dickinson
Bonnie M. Ferrero
Dorothy (Lee) Gomme
Alvin Lesieur
Class of 1962
Patricia (Bloch) Davey
Patricia (Tenczar) Gardella
Barbara (Stowell) Higgins
Rhea (Larochelle) Lettiere
Carol (Mulcahy) Skulski
Class of 1963
Linda (Venezia) Allely
Barbara (Nardo) Freeland
Joan Harpie
Carole (Ayotte) Lesieur
Anton A. Petras
Class of 1964
Edward Kerekian
Lillian (Goldberg) Kimenker
Bernard Konicki
Diane (Anderson) Petras
Patricia Primavera
Bernard T. Rooney, Jr.
Bernice (Mazurski) Schuster
Class of 1965
Lucille (Dobson) Anderson
Arthur T. Bouchard
Raymond T. Bryk
Margaret (Christenson) Ciaglo
Antoinette (Gelsomino) Coiro
Do n o r s
Marilyn (Chernauskas) Harlow
Roberta (Fitzgibbon) Ladd
Joanne (Dicklow) Rooney
Mary (Fitzpatrick) Sorcinelli
Jeannette (Vilece) Vandewater
Louise (Litke) Wilkinson
Class of 1966
Richard Allely
James W. Ciaglo, Jr.
Sandra (Podurgiel) McCourt
Raymond Montagna
Nancy (Miller) Reale
Class of 1967
Maryellen (Libera) Bailey
Walter Mattesen, Jr.
Ellen (Carlough) Mickel
Class of 1968
Hazel (Burhaus) Brimley
Richard P. Farr
Robert R. Forauer
Michael J. Hayes
Karen A. Krick
Eugene J. McCarthy
Jamie (Yimoyines) Newman
Janice (Baldwin) Sweeney
Class of 1969
Barbara (Sadloski) Hope
Margaret S. Jenkins
Richard P. Lerche
Frances (Stoltz) Lowenstein
Henrietta (Coulombe) Montagna
Greta (Schirmer) Moore
George T. Windish
Class of 1970
Kathleen (Plankey) Beresky
Michael A. Beresky
Linda (Gmetnol) Kern
Class of 1971
Michael J. Ahern III
David F. Andle
Robert S. Banach
Eugene R. Botteron
H. Charles Brush
Peter J. Calderella
Phillip D. Griffin
Alexis (Demetro) Landry
David J. Landry
Paula Levy
Cherie A. Marceau
Judyth (Defronzo) Marzi
Walter B. Mills
Paul J. Pagella
Ingrid (Baerbel) Petty
Class of 1972
Robert E. Alquesta
Stanley B. Brace
Margaret (Gansecki) Braddon
Shera L. Cohen
Dale (Gwozdz) Lacognata
Robert S. Lang
Bernard J. Lindauer
Kathryn (Landry) Lyons
V. Everett Lyons, Jr.
Mary (Goyette) Neal
Cheryl (Pajor) Robertson
Class of 1973
Attilio A. Augeri
Mary K. Gura
Branislav P. Kapitan
Joseph W. Karwoski
Louise P. Linder
Pasquale D. Maggiora
Carol (Graziani) Riccucci
Janet (Shapiro) Silverio
Barbara (Stanisz) Winkel
Class of 1974
Marjorie (Cavallaro) Beman
John K. Byrnes
Jean (Savona) Insinga
William Newman
Gary R. Nolf
Claire (Dietz) Reilly
Peter P. Terry
Sharon (Migacz) Williams
Class of 1975
Peter R. Cacciola
Sheila (Milewski)
Guy M. DiModugno
Michael Fadziewicz
Michael J. Gregory
John L. Lattimer
Lucia (Salamone) Martin
John J. Visconti
Diane (Malinosky) Walter
Class of 1976
Edie (Lindenfeld) Balkun
Timothy R. Gilmore
Nancy (Mcdermott) Hennick
Albert A. Lavoie
Peter J. Mirabelli
Duane A. Orloske
Patricia (Hummell) Schultz
David J. Sombric
Donald J. Thompson, Jr.
Christopher R. Walter
William F. Zukauskas
Class of 1977
Diana (Ricci) Glownia
Beverly A. Harris
Karen (Daniels) Mazrek
Elizabeth (Ives) McCully
Rosemary K. Miskavitch
Edward Nocera
Jeannette (Casey) Varkal
Class of 1978
Rochelle (Zarchin) Abeles
Mark D. Becker
Laura (Dickman) Begley
Thomas L. Kosloski
Therese (Downing) Miodonka
Joanne (Borriello) Picard
Charles Smith III
Robert P. Wallek
Class of 1979
Kim (Culver) Bechert
Patricia J. Clausi
Peter S. Cram
Ann V. Dombrowik
Gladys A. Goldstein
Rosalie C. Popick
Sebastian F. Scarfe
Class of 1980
David J. Anderson
Patricia A. Conti
Carl T. Kueffner
Thomas S. Lionetti
John P. Meyer
William F. Walker
Judith A. Weted
Class of 1981
Christopher G. Fake
Roy E. Goldstein
Daniel J. Lyga
Norman A. Picard
Joseph W. Rajcula
Class of 1982
Susan (Marino) Anselmo
Paula (Sommers) Bovino
John J. Chapulis
Ralph Conte
Carol (Mccullough) Dreher
Nancy E. Driska
Laurie (Benson) Folsom
Francine (Radwanski) Forcella
Laurel (Ross) Radke
Anastasia (Eagle) Spencer
Diane (Mahoney) Verch
Class of 1983
David W. Boone
Kathleen (Sorbo) Furie
Alan E. McDonald
Elvira Ortiz
Ellen (Ginn) Pockoski
Donna (Sapere) Rizzio
Bonnie J. Ziko
Class of 1984
Lisa (Grenon) Calabro
Ronald G. Clark, Sr.
Stanley F. Matusiak
Ronald J. Maurice, Jr.
Mary-Ellen (McKenna)
Cynthia Wamester-Bortolan
Karen (Meenahan) Woolfley
Class of 1985
Sharon L. Bahler
James J. Blanchette
Joseph A. Cassella
Lori A. Goucher
Marco C. Pavano
Maryann (Prasser) Pavano
Sallie (Beasley) Williams
Class of 1986
James D. Anelle, Jr.
Lee (Giannone) Angeloszek
Sheila (Henderson) Baden
Shirley (Williams) Bailey
Sandra (Schipper) Binder
Jill (Barson) Garcia
Anthony C. Lettiere
Matthew J. Pitkin
Michele (Gwazda) Pitkin
Jean (Poirier) Walker
Class of 1987
Kenneth Bernstein
Lawrence Buchas
Gregory R. Burns
Judith (Costello) Ginty
Theresa V. Gomez
Marianne M. Grace
Karen D. Kucinskas
William P. Marino
Lisa (Satherlie) McClave
Carol J. O’Hara
Ann (Temple) Pronovost
Susan (Smith) Truglio
Class of 1988
Patricia A. Ascione
Mary (Beauregard) Fichera
Lilia (From) Kieltyka
Steven A. Kieltyka
Catherine B. Mastrianna
Brian D. Mays
Donna (Mulcahy) Pitino
Mark V. Smith
Class of 1989
Teresa P. Anello
Kathleen M. Bienkowski
Susan T. Davis
Kimberly (Swett) DiFusco
Wayne A. Falce
Wallace P. Lugli
Lise D. Rinaldi
Vivian R. Roberts
Patricia A. Stamidis
Class of 1990
Kimberly (L’Heureux) Gray
Elizabeth (Hyatt) Harlow
Barbara (Theroux) Smith
Elizabeth (Derech) Thompson
Suzanne L. Walker-Mach
Eleanor M. Webb
Class of 1991
Sarah (Panciera) Atkinson
Todd J. Atkinson
Elizabeth (Glowacki)
Nancy S. Bihlmeyer
Lori A. Gosselin
Eric J. Hendricks
Maria R. Mirabilio
Molly A. Townsley
Class of 1992
Anne G. Berti
Thomas J. Clifford
Linda M. Corey
Dennis F. Ensinger
Peter R. Gagliardi
Elaine M. Glaski
Kenneth M. Hall
Linda (Garofalo) Ireland
Katrina M. Korpi
Kimberly (Holden) Laduke
Edward S. Poole II
Matthew J. Tierinni
Class of 1993
Elizabeth S. Borawski
Robert R. Cierniewski
Kathleen A. Cordone
Marie (Dalena) Galat
Janice (Rosa) Lawson
Suzanne Maiolo
Marianne A. Mihalyo
Karen G. Santacross
Heather (Sorrentino) Stearns
Class of 1994
Kathleen A. Czarnota
Heather (Jackson) Demers
Connie K. Dykstra
Bess (Mackenzie) Ensinger
Lora A. Klementon
Kimberly P. Mishriky
Concetta A. Perreault
Marilyn J. Toback-Reveley
Class of 1995
Barbara J. Alexander
Emily (Caughey) Celino
Doria DiNino
Christopher W. Doyle
Margaret W. Martin
Class of 1996
Heather (Whipple) Boudreaux
Class of 1997
Sharon Courneen
Iris (Goodman) Creem
Kristen (Keparutis) Kennen
Jeffrey P. Moger
Anthony M. Napolitano
Neela A. Thakur
Class of 1998
Anthony P. Cianchetti
Nancy J. Gallucci
Richard H. Hebert
Deborah (Blank) Krueger
Kathleen (Dolan) Martin
William P. Piccolo
Class of 1999
Sandy S. Gozzo
Wilbert A. Lawrence
Wayne D. Waldron
Class of 2000
David W. Colite
Gloria R. Ensign
Class of 2001
Cynthia Clampitt
Noriko K. Gordon
Joan R. Lennon
Janice Magriz
Philip J. Trifone
Class of 2002
Elaine D. Gayeski
Joan H. Sussler
Class of 2003
Eileen Centurelli
Brian J. Kosnoff
Class of 2004
Sandy Morisseau
Russell Sinisi
Class of 2005
Dianne J. Alldredge
Katherine N. Collins
Jennifer L. Gudelski
Jessica M. Malatesta
Class of 2006
Cerissa R. Arpaio
Ralph J. Fabiano
Timothy J. Krauss
James M. Landon
Sunhee Malinowski
Kara R. Perreault
Kristi-Lyn Purpura
Karie G. Sowa
Kevin J. Sowa
Olive T. White
Class of 2007
Amy E. Arsenault
Adam M. Chiara
Hillery A. Fitzpatrick
Andrew M. Gruner
Derek A. Helmecki
John M. Howard
Nicole Jenusaitis
Dan P. Krauss
David R. Modzelewski
Mariel A. Notar-Francesco
W. Gerard Sands
Mark S. Sherman
Jeffrey J. Stepputtis
Michelle R. Stere
Marianne Vanech
Agustin B. Venezuela, Jr.
Barbara N. Visone
Brigid C. Williams
Class of 2008
Gregory T. Augustyn
Ashley M. Brown
Justin P. Cheney
Samuel J. Faulkenberry
Brittany B. Hirth
Jessica A. McFetridge
William H. Notation
Agnieszka Petlik
Gerald Adams
Conrad A. Akier
Elizabeth N. Alaimo
Jacqueline M. Alaimo
Samuel Amponsah-Minkah
Mieczyslaw Z. Assarabowski
Rachel E. Atkins
Joann B. Augustyn
Louis E. Auld
Charlene Bates
Darlene P. Bauer
Jennifer A. Beaudoin
Daniel F. Beecher
Ellen Beecher
Bruce W. Beeghly
Janice B. Bell
Rachel A. Birk
Monica L. Boeger
Elizabeth M. Briggs
Angela M. Brunetti
Rose Brunetti
Marian L. Burg
Anna M. Caligiore
Jason S. Caligiore
Kathyann A. Call
Paul P. Calleri
Tracy M. Carlson
Rosemarie A. Carrozzella
Susann J. Cheney
Jane K. Cioffi
Ana Claudio
Sharon M. Dahlmeyer
Pawel L. Drag
Zbigniew Drag
Lucille Earley
Kathleen J. Faulkenberry
Periann Fazzino
Daniel J. Fleming
Daniel R. Gellatly
Matthew R. Gianini
Tamara L. Gianini
Ho n o r Ro l l
Maria D. Gionfriddo
Karen A. Goins
Charles Goldstein
William Z. Goldstein
Mary J. Gorman
David B. Honyotski
Sheila M. Houlihan
Jianping Huang
Myrna C. Johnson
Evelyn M. Karwoski
Kenneth R. Krauss
Stanley Kurek
Norman E. Levesque
Gary S. Lowenstein
Caroline J. Mazzei
Claire McFetridge
Michelle Miles
Valerie J. Mills
John J. More
Joseph A. Nadeau
Calvin X. Nelson, Jr.
Elizabeth A. Noonan
Gilda Notar-Francesco
Holly M. Novicelli
Paul Novicelli
Kurt C. Ogren
Armand J. Olbrias
Amanda A. Olmstead
Sarah E. Orzech
Franklin Osei-Assibey
Amy K. Paczkowski
Anna Pare
Vijay V. Patil
Carrie L. Peters
Marian K. Peters
Paul R. Petterson
Jean A. Pirina
John F. Pirina
Margaret Post
Michael J. Psutka
Gina A. Raczkowski
Maureen P. Reid
William P. Reilly
Patricia Reinhard
Jason M. Rodriguez
Joseph L. Rodriguez, Jr.
Michelle Rodriguez
Donald W. Rogers
Joseph L. Salvador
Patricia Schiavi
Margaret M. Schleicher
Jennifer L. Shugrue
Margie E. Soto
Rosaley Spyke
Amy E. Sumislaski
Jeffrey L. Sumislaski
Liping Tan
Jack T. Tessier
Patrick R. Tierney
Peggy B. Tierney
Angela M. Tunstall
Gregory J. Tunstall
Elizabeth S. Wright
Class of 1942
Robert M. Dorsey
Class of 1947
John T. DeNunzio
Arthur H. Kevorkian
Class of 1948
Elizabeth (Wood) Marino
Guido J. Marino
Edward A. Vaznelis
Class of 1950
Barbara F. (Ferguson) Detrick
William H. Detrick
Edward J. Kusek
Class of 1951
Norman J. Feitelson
Class of 1952
Jean-Paul Berard
Do n o r s
Joyce (Evans) Campanelli
Class of 1953
Thomas J. Deneen
Catherine (Chessa) O’Brien
Kenneth W. Pinney
Class of 1954
Norman F. Hausmann
Peter Tolis
Class of 1955
Stanley Ashe
Lucy (Belmont) Laudano
William R. Papallo
Louise (Rosa) Shimchick
Walter G. Shimchick
Robert F. Skinner
Ernest H. Sutkowski
Class of 1956
Carmen T. Aloisi
Raymond S. Amend, Jr.
Evald K. Johnson, Jr.
Frank Laudano, Jr.
Benjamin E. Newton
Nickolas F. Querro
Raymond J. Rondini
Joseph E. Salafia
Class of 1957
James W. Gallagher
Dino Iorli
Thomas M. O’Brien
Ronald M. Pringle
Class of 1958
Michael F. Morrin
Nancy (Bodner) Morrin
Class of 1959
Joe Arnone
Roger F. Carlson
Ronald Daniels
Paula (Hudzik) Gallagher
N. Thomas Gaudette
Vincent J. Luppino
Robert F. Zuffelato
Class of 1960
Andrew J. Baylock
James G. Glenney
Richard H. Griffin
Edward T. Nardi
John R. Webster
Class of 1961
Raymond A. Brodeur
Leo J. Cyr
William J. Fortin
Dorothy (Lee) Gomme
Paul M. Gregerick
A. James Krayeske
Roberta (Beaudry) Mulligan
Class of 1962
Thomas F. Andrews
Barbara (Parker) Baylock
Peter A. Budwitz
Francis M. Mullen
Bernard M. Mulligan
Class of 1963
David J. Frauenhofer
Carol (Ward) Pastuszak
Class of 1964
John S. Pazdar
Albert C. Pelligrinelli
Patricia Primavera
Class of 1965
Vincent G. Bonvino
George B. Drumm
Marcelline (Kaplan) Gacek
Michael A. Liappes
Mark J. Nappi
Class of 1966
Jeanne Garstka
James L. Greco
Kathleen (Senew) Lindgren
Robert A. Lindgren
Thomas J. McGrath
Frederick W. Odell
Mary (Orsini) Odell
Michael T. Pennella
Elizabeth (Herzog)
Kathleen (O’Brien)
Class of 1967
Frederick T.
Robert L. Bafuma
Henry J. Bundock, Jr.
Theodore Klimasewski
Ellen (Carlough) Mickel
Elizabeth (Henry) Moore
James D. Muraski
James S. Patten
Eugene M. Reilly
Mary (Bourke) Reilly
Class of 1968
Lawrence A. Gagnon
John E. Musante
Wayne R. Simarrian
Richard H. Sullivan
Robert V. Tencza
Class of 1969
Richard Bader
Joyce (Allyn) Beach
C. Nick Catrini
George P. Durr
Robert T. Francini
Richard W. Hadden
Charles Jones, Jr.
Joseph R. Murphy
Edward J. Phelan
Joseph A. Shelto, Jr.
William R. St. Clair
Robert E. Tarigo
George T. Windish
Mary (Mehai) Yanosy
Class of 1970
Douglas R. Beach
Thomas P. Dawidowicz
Howard B. Dickenman, Jr.
Joseph A. DiCosimo
Paul Gianaris
Linda (Coggshall) Jones
James F. Jost
R. Jack Lucas
Kathleen (Pacyna)
J. Lucien Plante
Anthony J. Solecki
Jacqueline (Lundberg)
St. Clair
Lawrence E. Stub
Lorraine (Clarick) Stub
Class of 1971
Charles M. Brennan
Susan (Grasso) Catrini
Lyle B. Champagne
Dennis G. Galbraith
George A. Gost
Mark J. Greene
Dana (Vaughan) Gwozdz
Linda (Geer) Heatherly
Peter W. Heatherly
Robert L. Kalat
Linda (Berry) Mackey
Parker Morgan
Donald B. Pecor
William J. Sarmuk, Jr.
Cheryl (Dunn) Solecki
Patricia (Brown) Tarigo
Richard J. Williams
Class of 1972
Joanne (Grabowski)
Edward A. Biehler
Thomas Buzi
June (Clark) Lucas
William E. Mackey
David Manso
George W. McKee
Kathleen (Fleming) Miller
Joseph A. Nesta
Christine (Kenyon) O’Connor
David W. Salerno
Sharon (Mcelwee) Salerno
Donald Smuda
Mario F. Torcia
Lorraine M. Webster
Class of 1973
Olga (Glenges) Biehler
Bradford J. Collins
Marion (Hall) Daniel
Patricia (Shields) DiCosimo
Michael P. Fay
Robert B. Fenn
Joseph Mancini
Deborah (Kaminski) Martin
Doreen (O’connor) Metzler
Robert J. O’Connor
Michael W. Styga
Virginia (Losek) Wilkerson
Lorraine (Gulioso) Willin
Richard A. Wiszniak
Class of 1974
Alfonso F. Barbarotta, Jr.
Sharon (Ruben) Barbarotta
Phillip D. Bruzas, Sr.
Paula (Morris) Cloud
Harold G. Crocker
Robert A. D’Errico
Maurice D. Drake
John D. Hamilton
Michael J. Herrick
Catherine (Healy) Jost
Robert B. Lees, Jr.
Wayne R. Martin
Michelle (Watt) Ouchakof
Oleg V. Ouchakof
Frederick J. White
Class of 1975
John D. Block
Joseph P. Ciriello, Jr.
Robert G. Fashjian
Michael S. Knapp
George A. McQuillan
Pamela (Wright) McQuillan
Robert J. Moran
Neil D. Robinson
Paul R. Schmitz
Mark E. Smith
Robert M. Tabellione
Stephen D. Thresher
Deborah (Mitchell) Weller
Class of 1976
Richard P. Marshall
Wayne B. Medoff
Ezzio C. Partesano
Cheryl (Kehr) Tuskowski
Class of 1977
Deborah A. Bergeron
Robert B. Conway, Jr.
Michael E. Metzler
Steven R. Miller
John D. Neller
Kathy (Keyes) Robinson
Roy J. Sjolund
Susan (Vitale) Sjolund
Neville K. Smith, Jr.
William D. Troy
Class of 1978
Lois M. Sweeney
Class of 1979
Alfred C. Bonvicini
Gregg P. Demetros
Robert J. Fenn, Jr.
Gladys A. Goldstein
Janice (Jarosz) Grimaldi
James R. Haslett
Laura E. Hungerford
George H. Kawecki
Edward H. Michalek
Daniel M. Siracusa
Paul T. Soulier
Karen (Comen) Zink
Richard A. Zink
Class of 1980
David J. Anderson
William A. Conticello, Jr.
Donna M. Fiedorowicz
Michele (Marranzino)
Michael A. Nestor
Deborah L. Partesano
Amy (Silverio) Peters
Lynn (Stevens) Russo
Savas S. Synodi
Class of 1981
Patricia (Rohan)
Carol K. Carter
Stephen J. Daniels
Karlyn (Schatz) Lempa
Katherine B. Pirog
Class of 1982
Susan (Marino) Anselmo
Milton A. Dennison
Gary M. Harrigan
Frank D. Leonard
James G. Martha
Lynn (Sampson) Martha
Michael R. McCann
Geraldo C. Reyes, Jr.
Class of 1983
Robert G. Caffary, Jr.
Carol (Carter) Pelligrinelli
Ronald C. Roy
George V. Soroka
Bonnie J. Ziko
Class of 1984
Lorenza M. LaRose
Richard C. Mullins, Jr.
Brian W. Murphy
Mary (Klett) Stoneburner
James W. Syrotiak
Lisa R. Washko
Class of 1985
Robert E. Brancato
Joseph A. Cassella
Maureen (Kenney)
M. David Zaldivar
Class of 1986
Ann (Hogan) Evanko
Thomas R. Genova, Jr.
Daniel F. Jones
Marc C. Palazzo
Ralph J. Palermo
Sandra (Duprey) Sarmuk
Joyce (Saucier) Scarlett
Class of 1987
Michael R. Bourassa
Mary (Neubelt) Cardarelli
Daniel D. Dupont
Donna L. Filipek
William P. Marino
Beryl A. Piper
Jill (Andrews) VanVoorhis
Steven J. VanVoorhis
Stephen P. Villanti
Class of 1988
Barbara J. Bellas
Robin (Demaio) Bourassa
Matthew J. Scalaro
Class of 1989
Shay R. Berry
Tracey (Obst) Bonvicini
Thomas J. Evanko
Matthew G. Skoronski
Class of 1990
Thomas W. Bohlke
Kathleen Cloud
Paul G. Grennan
Joseph R. Kikosicki
Peter R. Murray
Class of 1991
Jacqueline Cobbina-Boivin
Adam S. Dubner
Carole (Lavigne) Swanson
Clayton R. Tebbetts
Class of 1992
William E. Cardarelli
Francis M. Cardello III
David M. Clarke
Wayne R. Mamed
Theodore J. Stoneburner
Matthew J. Tierinni
Class of 1993
James E. Finucane
Russell K. Gordon
Kristine Kelsey
Molly McCarthy
Charlene E. Shepard
Timothy J. Williams
Class of 1994
William J. Clark
John T. Pier, Jr.
Richard D. Zangara
Class of 1995
Barbara K. Allison
Michelle L. DelBuono
Richard J. Lewis
Class of 1996
Kevin M. Budney
Joseph Gordon, Jr.
Class of 1997
Jack J. Burriesci
Brian A. Harney
Class of 1998
Scott J. Banks
Lara K. Bohlke
Gregory E. Brinn
Kelly G. Clarke
Shawn C. Hawkes
Michael T. Heffernan
Class of 1999
Stanley D. House
Class of 2000
Joseph F. Cefaratti, Jr.
Barton S. Fisher
Paul F. Wright
Class of 2001
Charles T. Eger, Jr.
Timothy R. Guernsey
Class of 2002
Eric M. Blake
Patrick A. Freer
Elaine D. Gayeski
Christina E. Torcia
Class of 2003
Kimberly A. Crowley
Nadine J. Forrester
Vera M. Roberts
Gregory D. Shell
Class of 2004
Erin M. Gaucher
Elzbieta Kremens
Dianna B. Troy
Class of 2005
Laura J. Duncan
Michael G. Maiscalco
Emma J. Wright
Class of 2006
Joshua D. Manoian
Class of 2007
Thomas D. Hunter
Melanie Abel
Anne B. Alling
Kathleen L. Anderson
Ho n o r Ro l l
Kenneth S. Anderson
Cara L. Andreoli
Cheryl W. Andrews
Patricia M. Andrews
Michael A. Ansarra
Lon E. Baker
William H. Ball
Beatrice S. Balvin
William A. Balvin *
Joseph Barile
Eugene Barretta
Alan Basney
Elaine Bassanese
Dianne Battistoni
Vicky Bayer
William J. Bazley, Sr.
Louis J. Bazzano, Sr.
Susan Becker
George D. Bellas
Daniel P. Berte
Joan T. Berte
Mark Berte
Karen C. Beyard
Mary Jo Biedermann
Geraldine B. Biel
Rose Bien
Susan J. Biggs
Dana Binette
Nancy L. Bisienere
James E. Blake
Priscilla Blake
Donna L. Broadbent
Cynthia E. Budwitz
Marian L. Burg
Marie T. Camu
Janet Cantor
Antone B. Capitao
John J. Caragliano
Mary Jo Carlson
Tracy M. Carlson
Jerome D. Carr
Douglas R. Carter
Rose Carvalho
Aimee M. Casey
Janette F. Cattaneo
David J. Cesaro
Barry H. Chasen
Joanne E. Chasen
Pamela A. Christenson
Jane K. Cioffi
Peter D. Clark
David F. Cloud
Timothy D. Cloud
Patrick J. Clynes
Joyce W. Collucci
Christopher M. Combs
Glenn V. Comiskey
Ed Costello
Charles H. Crothers
Diane Crothers
Elissa K. Crothers
Nancy Crothers
Priscilla Cunningham
Michael J. D’Arcy
Jessie A. DeBisschop
Paula E. Deering
Joseph Delaney
Vincenza A. Dellaquila
Barbara L. DeMaio
Aline C. Dennison
Maureen S. Dinnan
Nancy L. Dominello
William F. Donovan *
Richard F. Duggan
Claire L. Dusseault
Jenna K. Earley
Lucille Earley
Robert L. Earley
Charles Eger, Sr.
Penelope Ellis
John Fantasia
Periann Fazzino
Nancy L. Fetter
Do n o r s
Ronald Filipek
Dorothy E. Finn
Judith A. Fischer
Daniel J. Fleming
Jean M. Foisey
Robert J. Foisey
Joanne E. Foran
Rosemary (Wall) Frauenhofer
Charles F. Frisch
Larry A. Fritz
Kenneth J. Gacek
Christopher J. Galligan
Kristin Galligan
Lorraine A. Garibaldi
Keith Gasser
Daniel R. Gellatly
Cheryl Gerber
Matthew R. Gianini
Tamara L. Gianini
Harry W. Giordano
Paul A. Giordano, Jr.
Adele E. Glum
Charles Goldstein
William Z. Goldstein
Kathleen Gonsalves
Mary J. Gorman
Joseph P. Grace
Barbara A. Granato
Eric T. Grechko
Kenneth J. Gwozdz
Linda Hancin
Barbara H. Hart
Margaret E. Hart
Elizabeth H. Hewitt
Charles H. Hickey
Richard F. Homan
Sharon L. Hornik
William I. Horton
Gregory B. Howey
Alan S. Hughes
Kenneth O. Hungerford
Muriel Iorli
Jean L. Jankovich
Theresa M. Jaswell
Diane Johanson
James M. Johanson
Jennifer C. Johanson
Virginia L. Johanson
Adam S. John
Alexander L. John
Diogenes P. John
Donna John
Elizabeth Johnson
Lynn C. Jordan
Perry A. Julius
Eloise V. Karkow
Mary K. Karkow
Arlene Kawecki
Patricia A. Kelly
Maureen A. Keltos
Patricia Knapp
Sharon K. Knowles
Thomas A. Knowles
Roberta S. Koplowitz
Carl F. Krein
Dorothy Krein
Zdzislaw B. Kremens
Ellen M. Kritemeyer
Helen Kusek
Ella R. Kuznik
John M. Lally
Richard A. LaRose
Jeffrey F. Lawlor
Daniel B. Leastman
Thomas W. Lee
Antonio F. Leone
Richard F. Lepore
Norman E. Levesque
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Ha p p e n i n g s
Images of Homecoming 2008
CCSU Reaches Out to Veterans
Nearly 22 percent of Connecticut veterans returning from
the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are experiencing posttraumatic stress disorder. Perhaps even more alarming,
the veterans most in need of support are the least likely to
seek it out. These and other troubling findings have come to
light thanks to research conducted by Professor of Psychol­
ogy Marc Goldstein and Professor of Counseling Emeritus
Jim Malley. Working through the Center for Public Policy
and Social Research (CPPSR) at CCSU, they developed a
report commissioned by the Connecticut Office of Veterans’
Affairs, which was released at the end of January (available
at: www.ccsu.edu/cppsr).
Recently, thanks to the support of Joe Arnone ’59, Paul
Gianaris ’70, Zachary Gianaris, Phil Kurze ’72 and Bob
Cernock, Institutional Advancement launched an expanded
fund-raising effort to provide scholarship support for the
University’s annual Student Veteran Excellence Award.
And, a Veterans Drop-In Center was opened at the end of
This is the latest in a series of initia­
tives at Central focused on the state’s
veterans. Other notable programs
include the ongoing CPPSR’s Veter­
ans Oral History Project developed
in partnership with the Library of
Congress. To date, interviews of more
than 144 vets have been videotaped
and ­archived. These oral histories and
related materials can be viewed online (www.ccsu.edu/vhp).
Forthcoming initiatives include the creation of a veterans
monument near the Student Center. In fall 2009 Professor
of Counseling and Family Therapy Jane Fried will offer a
First Year Experience course for return­
ing veterans, speci­fically designed as a
“transition to civilian life” p
­ rogram. The
course will draw on Fried’s experience
teaching Vietnam era vets and will focus
on the differences between learning in
the military and learning in college.
Fried aims to offer a comfortable and
supportive environment for the veterans
to explore a range of issues and develop
diagnostic tools to enable them to negoti­
ate the transition from soldier to civilian student.
In 2007, CPPSR also coordinated its first-ever Veterans
Summit. Aimed at learning more about veterans from Iraq
and Afghanistan, the Summit provided a forum for veterans
to voice their concerns and an opportunity to learn from
national and regional experts on veterans’ issues.
The Office of Alumni & Development is reaching out to
CCSU vets and inviting them to participate in these and
other activities. Many have responded to the call, and the
Office is asking for other vets to get in touch by calling
860-832-1740 or emailing [email protected]
Campus Obituaries
Dr. Abner S. Baker III, associate professor of h­ istory,
­emeritus, who specialized in American history, and
­particularly the American Civil War, died on December
30, 2008. After his retirement in 2000, he embarked upon a
second career, earning a master’s degree in marriage and
family therapy, and was developing a private practice as an
independent practitioner.
Dr. Earl W. Bihlmeyer, professor of psychology, emeritus,
died July 22, 2008. A member of the CCSU faculty since 1962,
he served as chair of the department. Following his retire­
ment from the University in 1981 Dr. Bihlmeyer joined the
editorial staff of the New Britain Herald where he worked as
a food writer and columnist.
Dr. Joseph W. Duffy, dean, emeritus, of what is now the
School of Engineering & Technology, died July 30, 2008. Dr.
Duffy joined the faculty of CCSU in 1965 as an instructor of
industrial education. In 1976 he was named the first dean of
the School of Technology and served in that position until his
retirement in 1989.
Dr. Albert Lindia, professor of education, emeritus, died
November 3, 2008. While a professor at the University he
also acted as the affirmative action officer. Prior to his
career at CCSU, he served as special assistant for the
Department of Education in Washington, D.C.
Mary Jane (Zaleski) Hogan Nolan ’80, MS ’81, who served
the CCSU community for nearly 20 years and retired in 1995
as assistant director of student center operations, died
November 2, 2008.
Marian M. McKenzie, assistant professor of English and
philosophy, emerita, died September 25, 2008.
Dr. Brian M. O’Connell, professor of computer science and
philosophy, died May 21, 2008. Prior to teaching at CCSU,
he practiced law in the Hartford area. At CCSU he also
served as assistant director of the Honors Program.
Memorial gifts may be made to the
CCSU Foundation, P.O. Box 612, New Britain, CT 06050
Sp o r t s
Finding his Passion at CCSU
When he thinks back on his childhood in Kennebunk,
Maine, Dan Boothby ’05 recalls that he was “a really skinny
kid” who didn’t come into proportion until high school, when
he played football and baseball. It was there that he came
under the guidance of teacher and assistant principal David
Mitchell. It was a relationship that changed his life.
“Mr. Mitchell was into conditioning and he
encouraged me to train with him,” Boothby
remembers. “I learned a lot about training
and physiology, and I was able to see the
results right away.”
But, in fact, he only saw some of the results
— a leaner, stronger physique and a greater
sense of self-confidence to go with it. Other
results were still a few years in the future.
After high school, Boothby enrolled at
the University of Maine for a year before
transferring to Central, attracted by the
University’s Exercise Science and Health
Promotion Program. “I knew right away that
I had found what I was looking for,” he says.
“I want to be one of those people who love
going to work, and I knew this was the work I wanted to do.
The courses really reinforced my passion for this work.”
Boothby took full advantage of the Central experience,
­participating in varsity football while also earning the
respect of his professors and coaches, building relationships
that earned him a strength coach internship while he was
still an undergraduate. “Strength and Conditioning Coach
Mike E
­ rickson saw me as a raw young man, interested in
the field, and he went out of his way to help me,” Boothby
says. “He was very d
­ emanding, but he gave me an opportu­
nity, and I have worked very hard to deserve it.”
As graduation neared in 2005, and Booth­
by considered work options, Assistant
Strength Coach Drew Haffey put in a word
for him with Joel St. Cyr, the assistant
strength coach at Northeastern University.
That fall Boothby joined the athletic staff
at Northeastern as assistant strength and
conditioning coach. The following July he
was also named director of player devel­
opment of the Northeastern men’s and
women’s hockey teams.
A National Strength and Conditioning
Asso­ciation certified strength and condi­
tioning specialist, Boothby also conducts
Dan Boothby Performance Training camps
for high school, college, professional, and Olympic-caliber
athletes. Among the athletes he has worked with is North­
eastern alumna Zara Northover, who competed in the
shot put in Beijing. Not bad for a former “skinny kid” from
A Championship Tradition Takes Shape
Central’s women’s soccer team brought home glory last
fall. Winning their fifth Northeast Conference Champ­
ionship in seven seasons, they earned a berth in the 2008
NCAA Women’s Soccer College Cup.
ain in the fall of 2001. Since then, every student-athlete
who has played four years for D’Arcy has left the program
with two championship rings and, in turn, two trips to the
NCAA Tournament.
Though they lost to Boston College, 3-0, in first-round
action, they put the competition on notice that the Blue
Devils are a perennial force to be reckoned with. Coach
Mick D’Arcy’s first recruiting class arrived in New Brit­
The Blue Devils’ tradition of success began when they won
their first Northeast Conference title in 1997 and appeared
in the NCAA play-in round. They defended their crown in
1998 and played at Harvard in NCAA first round competi­
tion. In 2002, with their third league title, they launched
a string of four straight championship seasons. Along the
way they became the first CCSU sports team to win an
NCAA Division I tournament game, defeating their old
nemesis, Boston College, in first-round play during the
2003 Women’s Soccer College Cup.
“When we recruit, we talk about the history of the
­program,” D’Arcy said. “We also say that the past is no
indicator of what is going to happen in the future. The
new crop understands there is a tradition, but they have to
write their own story.”
Class Notes
retired after 33 years as a physical educa­
tion/health and sex education teacher for
Deptford Township (New Jersey). She
taught every grade from kindergarten
to 12th and, for 18 years, coached field
hockey, softball and cheerleading at the
secondary level. Thomas E. Liszewski is
owner and president of Sport Escapes,
Inc.’s Golf Vacations in Marlboro, MA.
Barbara Ives Couch relocated to
South Dennis, MA, and volunteers
for the Cape Cod and Islands Chapter of
the American Red Cross. She also enjoys
membership in the Mid Cape Chorus.
Thomas J. Foran recently completed
a volunteer stint at JAMI, a mis­
sionary training center, in Belo Horizonte,
Brasil teaching Intensive English Lan­
guage under the auspices of Volunteers in
Global Mission, International Ministries,
American Baptist Church.
Dr. Harold F. Laydon is serving as
interim provost and vice pres­
ident for academic affairs at Mansfield
University of Pennsylvania while a search
is conducted to fill the position. “Hal” is
president emeritus at Lake Erie College
in Painesville, OH, having retired after 12
years as president.
Kathryn (Hooper) Gaffney recently
retired as director of therapeutic
recreation at a Pennsylvania health care
facility. She continues to volunteer as
a support group facilitator for the Alz­
heimer’s Association. Kathleen (Balasa)
Stefanowicz is an assistant to the inter­
library loan librarian at Wesleyan
John J. Termine MS ’73 recently
celebrated his fortieth year of
teaching history, religion and geography
at St. Rose School in East Hartford, and is
reportedly so happy about his life and work
that even after 40 years he still does not
think of retiring.
Patricia (Byett) Hatch retired after
32 years with the Montgomery
County School System in Maryland. Robert
M. Rifenburg has begun a new position
as principal of East Rock’s Worthington
Hooker School in New Haven. He was most
recently principal of South Street School in
Danbury. His 20-year career as an educa­
tional leader includes a two-year stint as
principal of the Universal American School
in Khaldiya, Kuwait.
Nicholas Dukas MS ’79 is a senior
vice president with Morgan Stan­
ley in Palm Harbor, FL. Along with being a
financial advisor he is also an industry ar­
bitrator for Financial Industry Regulatory
Authority, and recently completed training
to perform arbitration with the National
Futures Association. Judith (Stickel) Peterson
(MS) is principal of C. E. Williams Middle
School in Charleston, SC.
Charles Breiner retired as
superintendent of Howell, MI
A veteran financial officer with
more than 20 years experience
in higher education, Stephen J.
Taksar ’78, has been named vice
pres­ident for finance and admin­
istration at Plymouth State
Univer­sity in Plymouth, NH.
His previous exper­ience includes
positions as chief operations
officer at Babson College’s School
of Executive Education in
Wellesley, MA, assistant vice
president of finance and opera­
tions at Curry College in Milton,
MA, and business manager at
Wheaton College, Norton, MA.
public schools. His experience includes 37
years in public education in New Jersey,
New Hampshire, and Michigan. Carole
(Anderson) Callender is a special education
resource and consult teacher at John C.
Birdlebough High School in Phoenix, NY.
Michael J. Cannamela has retired
after 35 years of teaching in
Waterford public schools. He and his wife,
Joan, a Clark Lane Middle School history
teacher who has also retired, plan to begin
the next stage by driving the Maine coast
in search of lobster rolls and ice cream.
Self-described insatiable adventurer Philip
G. Russell, who has climbed mountains,
scuba dived and hitchhiked all over the
world, while holding down full-time finance
jobs for most of his life, is currently apply­
ing his no-holds barred attitude as deputy
superintendent of operations for Milford
Public Schools.
Fernando Flores has joined Raptor
Networks Technology, Inc. in Santa
Ana, CA, as senior vice president of new
business development. Flores has more
than 27 years experience in senior posi­
tions with General DataComm, Lucent
and Ciena, and in establishing new
­technology companies in the fiber optic
and ATM markets. Cheryl (Wingate) Kier
Harold Crocker retired from teaching
and coaching in the City School
District of New Rochelle after more than
32 years and was named the director of
the new Wellness Center at the College of
New Rochelle. John D. Hamilton retired after
34 years teaching physical education and
serving as athletic director and wrestling
coach at East Meadow High School, East
Meadow, NY. Dr. Stephen W. Hoag was
selected as the national recipient of the
Dr. C. Thomas Olivo Outstanding Service
Award, the National Occupational Com­
petency Testing Institute’s highest honor,
awarded to individuals who have demon­
strated leadership in occupational compe­
tency assessment. Dr. Denis M. Medeiros is
associate dean for research and head of the
department of human nutrition at Kansas
State University in Manhattan, KS.
Nancy C. Motola has joined Rib-X Pharma­
ceuticals, Inc. in New Haven as senior vice
president of regulatory affairs. Prior to
joining Rib-X, Motola served as senior vice
president of regulatory affairs and quality
at Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc., and has
held regulatory affairs positions since 1983
with other organizations including Bayer
and E. R. Squibb and Sons, Inc. Barbara
(Kowalski) Peck (MS) retired as principal
of Webster Hill Elementary School, cul­
minating a long career in education in
West Hartford. James A. Pitingoro is an
industrial arts teacher for the Bethel
School District in Spanaway, WA.
Nancy M. Eberhardt (MA), a retired
American history teacher and vice
president of the Plainville Historical
Society for the past 10 years, is the soci­
ety’s new president. Linda (Rivkind) Grossman
is executive assistant to the vice president
and general manager of Boston Market in
Chelmsford, MA.
Kenneth C. Frost is program chair­
man at ITT Technical Institute
in T
­ ampa, FL. Sharon J. Gemza is a project
manager at IBM in Southbury. Donald J.
Thompson, Jr. is president and CEO of Stay­
Well Health Center in Waterbury.
Charles A. Maglieri is an attorney
specializing in bankruptcy law in
Class Notes
Stephen T. Gallagan, northeast
­regional sales manager for Branson
Ultrasonics Corporation in Woburn, MA,
received the corporation’s Region of the
Year Award. Steve is also a member of the
faculty of Northeastern University where
he teaches marketing. Richard R. Longhini is
owner and president of Longhini Sausage
Company in New Haven. Thomas J. McCabe
MS ’85, with 25 years of experience in
the field of education and athletics, was
­selected as the new director of athletics
and student activities at Rocky Hill High
School. Robert A. VanSteenbergen MS ’82,
owner of VP Animation LLC in Water­
town, is the brains, and the brawn – for
more than 20 years – behind the animated
electronic characters that populate Stew
Leonard’s chain of grocery stores. Other
customers include FAO Schwarz in New
York City, the MGM Grand Hotel in Las
Vegas, and a Hare Krishna temple in Ban­
galore, India for which he created a lifelike
guru. Robert also teaches computers and
video production at Stratford High School.
Harry J. Lew is a marketing, commu­
nications, and training consultant
and developer in Glastonbury. Ronald M.
Macaluso was named chief financial officer
of Our Piece of the Pie, Inc., a youth devel­
opment agency in Hartford.
Susan (Bach) Walkama was appointed
president and CEO of the Wheeler
Clinic in Plainville. With the clinic for
more than 25 years, she was most recently
the acting executive director and has been,
for more than 20 years, a leading trainer
and consultant on youth suicide and its
prevention. Tom Whiteley, who admits that
he was challenged as a football player at
CCSU because of his smaller stature, has
served as football coach at several schools,
and currently oversees the defensive line
at East Side High School in Paterson, NJ
while also serving as an elementary gym
teacher. Weekends he performs standup
comedy in his alternate career.
New A rrivals
Births / Adoptions
Dianna (Raber) ’02, MS ’04
& Kevin C. Roy:
a daughter, Kaitlyn Madison
Darrell W. Nelson is senior neuro­
science territory business manager
for Bristol Myers Squibb. He lives in
Milford, NH.
Gregory C. Roberts ’80, MS ’82 is pres­
ident and CEO of the Muhammad
Ali Center in Louisville, KY, a cul­
tural attraction and international
education center that provides in­
novative visitor experience, public
and educational programming,
and global initiatives that carry on
Ali’s legacy and life work. Greg has
more than 20 years of experience
working with underserved youth
and leading nonprofit organizations
that serve them. Most recently he
served as president and CEO of the
DC Children and Youth Investment
Trust Corporation.
Joseph V. Fiore, Jr. accepted a pos­i­
tion as coordinator of operational
test and evaluation for future software/
hardware systems at the National Oceanic
and Atmospheric Administration Nation­
al Weather Service OPS 24 (test and
evaluation branch) in Silver Spring, MD.
Joe resides in Ashburn, VA with his wife,
Melanie, and their three children. Thomas
N. McAvoy, Jr. was promoted to senior vice
president at Norwich-based Dime Bank.
McAvoy also serves as president of Dime
Investment Services, a wholly owned
subsidiary of Dime Bank. He has been
with the bank since 1995 and most re­
cently was vice president of marketing and
investments. Laurel (Ross) Radke was elected
town clerk for the town of Bedford, NH,
where she has lived for 10 years with her
husband, Oliver, and their three children.
Daniel M. Bonaparte is a liaison
engineer on the F-22 project at
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Corporation
in Fort Worth, TX. Carolyn A. Kennedy is a
field specialist for Brother International.
She resides in Frisco, TX. Joseph A. LaPorta
is a physical education and health teacher
at Shelton High School. Pelagia (Bors) Lynch,
CPA, is the financial business manager at
the Institute of Living/Hartford Hospital in
Camillo E. Lupiani is a graphic arts
teacher at North Springs (GA)
Charter School of Arts & Sciences. John B.
Toomey, Jr. is an associate research analyst
with the Connecticut Department of Labor
in Wethersfield. He also is a co-producer of
antiques shows. Thomas E. True is vice pres­
ident of client services at Cartus, human
resources outsourcing relocation providers
in Mission Viejo, CA.
Kristen (Olson) Blackburn is a note­
books cost manager for Hewlett
Packard in Houston, TX. Dominick J. Cieri,
Jr. is business manager/secretary treasurer
for the International Union of Painters and
Allied Trades, District Council 11 in Ber­
lin, CT and Warwick, RI. John K. Glynn has
joined Pepco Energy Services as regional
energy manager to enhance Pepco’s expan­
sion into the New England energy market.
Mark A. Rocha is marketing manager at
Pentron Ceramics, Inc. in Somerset, NJ.
Robert H. Skinner has been selected
as Canton’s chief administrative
officer. He previously was town admin­
istrator in Columbia and was elected as
first selectman in Suffield, where he had
served on the boards of finance and educa­
tion and the planning and zoning commis­
sion. Tari-Lynn (Fearney) Joyce is an educator
and guide at the Webb-Deane-Stevens
Museum in Wethersfield. David Occhialini
is treasurer and chief financial officer at
Reno Machine Co., Inc. in Newington.
A registered professional engineer
in Connecticut and a nationally
certified professional traffic operations
engineer, Joseph C. Balskus has been
promoted to associate at Tighe & Bond,
Westfield, MA, one of the oldest contin­
uously operating engineering firms in New
England. Anne M. Burns was named chief
financial officer at Community Mental
Health Affiliates, Inc., in New Britain. Alan
L. Davidson is director of sales for RP Design
Web Services in Charlotte, NC. Artist Jon
M. Eastman is an art prep­arator at the Wad­
sworth Atheneum Museum of Art in Hart­
ford. Actor, writer, and Emmy-nominated
director Michael T. Lombardi is founder and
creative director of Big L Pictures. Stephen
N. Luko, a statistician at Pratt & Whitney
in East Hartford, as well as an adjunct
professor in the department of mathemat­
ics at both the University of Hartford and
Tunxis Community college in Farmington,
is the new chairman of American Society
Class Notes
Elizabeth (Aziz) Mongillo is associate
director of financial aid at Quinn­
ipiac University in Hamden. Rudolph R.
Virga, Jr. has been named director of opera­
tions for Empire Golf Management. He has
had a 14-year career with the company,
most recently as general manager of Pine
Barrens Golf Club for the past 10 years.
Rudy is also a nationally recognized
amateur golfer. He earned membership in
the PGA of America and holds a PGA A-9
Bruce Noe ’83 has joined Simsbury
Bank & Trust Company, a subsid­
iary of SBT Bancorp, Inc., as vice
president and senior mortgage and
consumer lending officer. Bruce’s
more than 25 years of residential
mortgage, consumer lending and
secondary market experience
­includes service at American
­Savings Bank, Farmington S
­ avings
Bank, and The Milford Bank.
for Testing and Materials International
Committee E11 on Quality and Statistics.
Norman L. Ravagnani, Jr. was promoted to
vice president, finance, at Best Cleaners in
Middletown. Thomas E. Rubino is a manufac­
turing coordinator at Covidien, a producer
of medical products and procedures in
North Haven. Andrea (Veneziano) Trembath
was chosen as the chief financial officer at
Davidson Day School in Davidson, NC.
Ruth (Santa-Cruz) Espinoza serves as
the business services officer for
payroll for the Connecticut State Univer­
sity system office in Hartford. She is also
the owner and director of Identidad Latina,
a Connecticut biweekly Hispanic news­
paper. Thomas C. Hutton is general manager
of the engine center at Pratt & Whitney
in East Hartford, responsible for strategic
and tactical leadership in the development,
validation, assembly and test of commer­
cial and military aircraft engines. Jayme
(Jamie Thompson) Parker is a reporter on
NESN SportsDesk, New England’s sports
news, information and highlights program.
Parker serves as a sideline reporter for
Boston College football radio broadcasts.
Sharon Pisko Wolfe, CPA, is co-founder and
partner in RWH Myers, a loss account­
ing firm specializing in complex busi­
ness interrup­tion and extra expense loss
cal­culations for multinational corporate
policy­holders. Keith D. Zwart is a senior soft­
ware engineer for Target in Minneapolis,
MN. He and Cynthia (Atwood) Zwart ’78 and
their three sons live in Elk River, MN.
David J. Molitano has been appointed
to the new position of technology
errors and omissions manager at XL Insur­
ance based in Boston, MA. John P. Skerritt, a
business teacher and chairman of Shelton
High School’s business and technology
department, has been appointed house­
master, a position similar to assistant
principal. Suzanne Wargo (MS) was elected
president of the Executive Board of the
Central Massachusetts Regional Library
System. She is director of media services
at Millbury Memorial Junior Senior High
School in Millbury, MA. Michael J. Whaley
(MS) was named vice president of student
affairs at Wesleyan University in Middle­
town. Previously he served as dean of
student services.
Robert W. Buden is director of
finance for the Town of Plainville.
­Pre­viously he was finance director in the
towns of Portland and Windham. Brian
Cronin is a C#, .NET developer who builds
business, medical and educational-related
computer applications utilizing a variety
of new media technologies through his
virtual consulting business, Spotted Dingo,
in South Salem, NY. Michele (Grossman)
Cunningham is a victim assistance counselor
at Chicago Hearing Society in Chicago,
IL, where she resides with husband, P. J.
Cunningham ’95, and their two children. Kelly
(Moreshead) DeFeo (MS), a nurse anesthetist
with a Ph.D. in Naturology, is owner and
president of Dynamic Anesthesia, PLLC in
Center Conway, NH. David J. Gleba MS ’01
is a school counselor at Southington High
School. Debra M. Greenier MS ’99, a busi­
ness education teacher at Lewis S. Mills
High School in Burlington, is the Region
10 Teacher of the Year. Greenier is an
expert at adapting new technology for the
classroom. In addition to teaching tradi­
tional business classes such as accounting
and business management, she created the
curriculum for a virtual high school course
on international business, which she now
teaches to students worldwide. Debra and
her husband, Ronald E. Greenier ’84, MS ’89,
a professor of manufacturing/mechanical/
CAD engineering technology at Three
Rivers Community College in Norwich, live
in Bristol. Amy (Curtin) Swisha MS ’00, a lead
engineer in the preliminary design group
at Sikorsky Aircraft in Stratford, was the
recipient of CCSU’s School of Engineer­
ing and Technology’s 2008 Outstanding
Alumna Award. Bank of America
Massachusetts has named Robin L. Yacovino
market president for Western
Massachusetts, with a focus on Greater
Springfield. Robin and her husband,
Michael Yacovino, Jr. ’85 live in Canton.
Scott S. Davis is a videographer for
Time Warner Cable, Media Sales,
in Charlotte, NC where he resides with his
wife, Christine Jo (Reed) Davis ’95. Edward Del
Santo is a manager in the Boston office of
Accenture, a global management consult­
ing, technology services and outsourcing
company. Drew Loughlin was promoted to
managing director at JPMorgan Chase.
Christina (Rossini) Sablitz is employed as a
family care concierge for D’Esopo Funeral
Chapel in Wethersfield. Amy (Allbee) Stepka
is a transportation manager for Alstom
Power, Inc.
Charlene (Curtiss) Corbett is a
graduate student in the master
of divinity program at Andover Newton
Theological School, Newton Centre, MA.
Matthew R. DiNallo has joined Hansberger
Global Investors, an affiliate of Natixis
Global Asset Management headquartered
in Fort Lauderdale, FL, as vice president
of client services. Lynn (Jankowski) Graf was
appointed regional sales manager for
William Pitt Sotheby’s International
Realty in Avon. James J. McNeil is a prin­
A security industry veteran, Kevin
O’Connor ’84 has joined Damballa,
Inc. as vice president of sales.
Damballa, headquartered in
Atlanta, GA, is the only Internet
security company focused exclu­
sively on targeted threats such as
Class Notes
cipal of Hamilton Investment Management
in New York City. Walter L. Signora (MS)
has been appointed guidance department
supervisor at Darien High School. Jeffrey J.
York was named vice president of creative
services at TagTeam Business Partners,
a full service marketing firm and video
produc­tion company located in Rocky Hill.
Mark J. Beaupre is an account man­
ager for Claflin Medical Equipment
in Warwick, RI. Frank C. Gavay was promot­
ed to senior manager at Marden, Harrison
& Kreuter, a division of J. H. Cohn, an
independent accounting and consult­
ing firm located in Lawrenceville, NJ.
Traci (Hellwig) Coiro is a talent acquisition
manager for The Hartford in Simsbury.
Barbara (Ramirez) Kerecz is a human resource
business partner for Aetna in Hartford.
Kelly (Shea) Maio has been named dean of
students at McGee Middle School in Berlin.
Tracey G. May is a senior benefit consultant
with Arthur J. Gallagher & Co., Braintree,
MA, an international sales and marketing
company that plans and administers costeffective, differentiated property/casualty
and human resource risk management
programs. Hired as an $8-an-hour office
assistant at Grayling Associates, Inc. in
June 1992 when he was a 23-year-old
college graduate, Darren J. Varrano today is
the company’s president and co-owner.
Steven R. Kolodziej (MS) is a
construc­tion law and commercial
litigation attorney with Garcia & Milas
in New Haven. Thomas E. Stickels is vice
president of sales at SAS Safety Corpora­
tion in Long Beach, CA. Marcus J. Zendzian
was named regional product manager for
Maryann Arancia
& Michael J. Lonergan ’79 5/31/08
Dina A. DeNicola ’92, MSOM ’95
& David R. Bonola ’93 9/20/08
Christine Armitage ’98
& James Van Cott ’99 8/9/08
Erica L. Dickenman ’98
& Nick Agvent 9/20/08
Dianne M. Warner ’00
& Nicholas M. Grimaldi 6/28/08
Melissa J. Strong ’01
& Eric H. McCauley 12/19/08
Jodie L. Haftel MS ’06
& William E. Smith 2/29/08
Brett L. Bermani MS ’06 is an
engineering manager/CI cham­
pion at Hygrade Precision Technologies
in Plainville. Paul J. Sutera MS ’99, Jennifer
(Kaufman) Sutera ’98 and their son, Anthony,
have relocated from Houston, TX. Paul has
joined Quinnipiac University as associate
vice president of development.
Christine (Armitage) Van Cott is a
special education teacher at RHAM
High School in Hebron. Christine and her
husband, James Van Cott ’99, who works in
finance at Sikorsky Aircraft, live in East
Hampton. Tawana Muhamad works as an
area manager in human resources for
Valassis Direct Mail (formerly ADVO) in
Newark, DE. She resides in Elkton, MD.
Robert Szczepanski MS ’99 is a planned pro­
gram coordinator for the Connecticut State
Department of Education.
Luis Abarca, Jr. has relocated to
Dunwoody, GA and is working
as a manager, community relations, for
ING Americas in Atlanta, GA. Jami A.
­Cassarino is an attorney specializing in real
estate and estate planning at Cassarino
Law Offices, LLC in Bristol. Scrap metal
processor and recycler Albert Bros., Inc. of
Waterbury has hired Matthew W. Gardner,
CPA, as comptroller. Solidea Pitruzzello has
joined Rockville Bank as branch manager
of the Big Y Supermarket Branch Office
in Manchester. Pasquale J. Sacchetta is a
wealth management advisor, consultant,
financial services and insurance executive,
and president of Westport-based Continen­
tal Five Insurance Group, Inc. Fred
Trabucchi was appointed a project manager
in the client support services division at
Clough Harbour & Associates LLP in their
Rocky Hill office.
Michael J. Ciunci is a talent acquisi­
tion staffing specialist for V
­ alassis
in Windsor. Tanya Bentley (MS) is an
invest­­­ment accountant at Yale University.
Joshua Casey is a senior mall accountant at
Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston, MA.
Gregory M. Coltey is a senior tax analyst at
Textron, Inc. in Providence, RI. Jason Smith
is a financial advisor for Smith Barney in
Indianapolis, IN.
Daniel R. Sullivan is a graphic
design­­er with Cashman & Katz
Integrated Communications in Glaston­
bury. Michael A. Tortora (MS) has been hired
as principal at Orchard Hill Elementary
School in South Windsor.
Kathleen (Gilbert) Branch is a diver­
sion investigator for the U. S. Drug
Enforcement Administration in Tucson,
Joseph F. Krocheski, Jr. ’92 is a security
analyst/portfolio manager at Turner
Investment Partners’ Hartford
office. In addition to his analytical
role, Krocheski is the co-portfolio
manager for Turner’s Mid Cap Core
Equity portfolio.
AZ. Karen L. Heiligman is a fulfillment man­
ager at Barker Specialty Co. in Cheshire.
Kimberly Johdos is an abuse/neglect
inves­tigator for the State of New Jersey
Department of Human Services. Michael
J. Krikonis is an academic techno­logist at
Clark University in Worcester, MA. Pamela
Lizotte-Valentin teaches a remedial reading
program at Our Piece of the Pie, a nonprofit agency located in Hartford.
Byung K. Lee is an assistant man­ager
for Hyundai Motor Company in
Seoul, South Korea. Christopher E. Pierce is a
regional director at Eblens in Torrington.
Michael W. Gowdy is a music teacher at
Plainfield High School.
Barbara Ladany is a customer care
team supervisor at Hartford Insur­
ance Group in Southington. Courtney E.
Linder is a psychological associate at
Associated Clinical Services in Herndon,
VA. Carie Krajewski works at The Hartford
in Simsbury as a marketing commu­
nications consultant. Nichole Coutant is a
senior accountant at Pikaart Visconti &
Associates in North Haven.
Meghan K. Fay serves as a project
and events coordinator in Univer­
sity Relations at Wesleyan University in
Middletown. Lori L. Rece works as a busi­
ness and program manager for GKN Aero­
space Services Structures in Cromwell.
Vanessa West (MA) is a quality systems
specialist for Advanced Behavioral Health
in Middletown.
Taylor G. Allen is a paralegal with
the law firm of Stark & Shimer,
LLC in Andover, MA. Amy M. Burns (MS),
a music teacher at Far Hills Country Day
Class Notes
School in Bernardsville, NJ, is a technol­
ogy spe­cialist in the area of elementary
music. Casey L. Carpenter joined Lockton
Companies of Connecticut in Farmington
as a mar­keting consultant in its employee
benefits group. Fatima Monkush, in partner­
ship with her best friend, has designed a
new c­ lothing line, Eva Khurshid, featuring
chic clothing that offers Muslim women a
way to dress both modestly and fashion­
ably. Eric D. Rowland is a design engineer at
General Electric.
Bonnie Johnson BSN 1998 was honored
at the 107th annual meeting of
VNA HealthCare with the John
L. Lewis Award, named in honor
of Rev. Lewis who established a
dispensary in the basement of his
church, St. John’s Episcopal, in
Waterbury in 1903.
Eric M. Abrahamson works as a soft­
ware programmer for S SIMED,
LLC, a medical software solution provider
in Bloomfield. Jacob D. Gawendo has joined
O, R & L Construction in Branford as
a project engineer. Peyton S. Milner is a
medical case manager at AIDS Project
Hartford. Ben Roberts has joined Response,
LLC, a New Haven marketing firm, as art
director. He is also the owner of Ransom
Skateboards & Apparel.
Nicole J. Lancione has joined North­
western Mutual Financial Network
in Wakefield, MA, as an associate financial
representative. Audrey Letizia (MS) is coor­
dinator of annual giving at Manchester
Community College. Erin M. Raymond is a
senior business analyst and compliance
liaison at The Hartford Group in Simsbury.
P. Faith McMahon MS ’68, member of the CCSU
Alumni Association Board of Directors, died
on January 27, 2009. She taught in the Windsor
Public Schools for 35 years. On the Bloomfield
Town Council from 1987 and a state representa­
tive for the 15th district since 2002, she was
elected Bloomfield’s first female mayor in 1993.
In Memoriam
Eileen Felth Case 8/20/08
Ida Birnbaum Shapiro 3/16/08
Mabel Benedict Gordon 11/23/07
Carolyn Blowen Jackson 6/15/08
Marilyn Brookes McRoy 3/11/08
Joseph L. Slattery 5/19/08
Marilyn Luko Bertrand 1/23/08
Jerry D. Joseph 8/19/08
Elaine Brewer Elliott 4/29/08
Donald R. Flis 7/2/08
Laura Emmerson French 8/30/05
H. Claire Phelan Murphy 7/1/08
Marian Cody Garber 1/18/08
Elizabeth Kafka Souza 3/2/08
Roxanne Pucci Esposti 2/16/08
Frank J. LaPorte III 4/1/08
Frances E. Librera 12/6/06
John A. Marin 12/4/07
Yvette Boudreau Hepburn 6/10/08
Paul J. Carroll 3/14/08
Doris Andrews Abbatello 8/12/08
Beatrice Kovner Cramer 4/26/08
Ida Greenburg Shapiro 4/24/08
Marie Conroy Valentine 3/18/05
Donald L. Ahlberg 6/30/08
John T. Kowalchyk 5/6/08
Catherine Gueth Gregory 6/25/08
Grace Nelson Ferguson 1/13/05
Myra Manzo Oliver 7/9/08
Harriet Hart Prescher 12/7/07
Mary Rubera Mansigian 3/24/08
Helen Weintraub Velenchik 10/26/06
Bonnie J. Olson 9/26/07
Sally Conlin Douglas 3/18/08
Elizabeth Schultz Grant 8/20/08
Gail Logozzo Kirwan 2/18/08
Kathryn Arnold Loyd 11/19/07
Doris Dayton Carney 3/16/07
Joan Wessels Jahnes 11/1/07
Betty Ann Rusti Squires 6/14/08
Rose Dombkowski Bernhardt 3/21/08
Donald H. Smith 5/3/08
Deborah Crosier Loranger 4/8/08
Timothy C. Sheehan III 2/16/08
Charles W. Brown, Sr. 1/31/08
Robert G. Doyle 6/24/08
P. Faith McMahon 2/27/09
Blanche Cooper Nelson 12/9/07
Theadore M. Pryor 4/6/08
Donald R. Welter 4/7/00
Robert D. Setzer 3/9/08
Honora Mulryan Farrelly 3/28/08
Ida Davidson Greenspon 4/27/08
Ruth Devaul Allen 6/28/08
Charlotte Dyson Crockett 10/21/07
Russell T. Harrington 7/16/08
Walter F. Skorupski 4/14/08
Anthony A. Calabro 8/18/08
Elizabeth Hycz Sadkowski 7/8/08
Jean Mize True 4/24/08
Richard F. Sternberg 4/25/07
Curtis L. Wilson 1/18/08
James S. Belanger 8/1/08
Donna D’Ambrose Festa 2/2/08
Patricia Carnemolla Platosz 6/5/08
Vlasta N. Enders 7/15/08
Mary Elliott Tiano 1/22/08
Paul M. Riutta 5/2/08
Terry S. Weichand 11/4/07
Millie Pantano Rocco 11/25/07
Ellen Martineau-Tobin 2/25/08
Kathy M. Acosta 11/21/07
James W. Riotte 2/17/08
Reginald J. Chenard 8/8/08
Robert C. Royle 6/18/08
Anthony L. Giannattasio 10/28/07
James S. Reagan 3/6/08
Cynthia Giedraitis Heidari 5/18/08
Kelly Camezon Parker 1/27/08
Karen J. Sullivan 8/26/08
Joseph T. Zunic 1/4/08
Anthony W. Melillo 12/28/07
Graciette Simao Rosa 2/23/08
Joseph S. Ciriello 7/18/05
Kimberly Lesieur Lomnicky 7/13/08
Arkadiusz Tadla 7/26/08
F. Jacques von Schneden 10/27/07
Salvatore A. Cantito 5/18/08
Shannon M. Beebe 9/5/08
Michael D. McDonald 11/18/08
Sheila Chery 6/21/08
Memorial gifts may be made to the
CCSU Foundation
P.O. Box 612, New Britain, CT 06050
Scholarship Established in Memory of Fran Librera
Carol Ammon ’73 has organized and helped establish a
scholarship in memory of fellow alumna and roommate
Frances E. Librera ’73. The scholarship will benefit fulltime, matriculated undergraduate students in the School
of Education and Professional Studies who are majoring in
physical education and human performance.
The scholarship was established to honor Librera’s memory,
her contagious laugh, and beautiful smile that touched all
who met her. As a student, Frances excelled at tennis, vol­
leyball, and swimming, and was a familiar face in Kaiser
Hall. A member of the Blue Dolphin Synchronized Swim­
ming team and a majorette, she also helped organize a large
“Home Run Derby,” which she won several years in a row.
Frances earned a bachelor of science degree in 1973 and
enjoyed a successful career as a business analyst for ING
and Aetna in Hartford, CT.
Until her death in 2006, she remained life-long friends with
her college roommates, Ammon, Paula Phenix Allan ’73,
and Coleen Meyer DiSilvestro ’73. Scholarship organizer
Ammon received a bachelor’s degree in biology from
­Central, and is founder and former CEO and chairman
of the board of Endo Pharma­ceuticals, Inc., a specialty
pharmaceutical company with market leadership in pain
management. She was named the CEO of the Year in 2004
by the Eastern Technology Council, and in
March 2006, she was selected by Central
Penn Business Journal as one of Pennsylva­
nia’s “Best 50 Women in Business.”
A room in Kaiser Hall has been dedicated in
Frances Librera’s memory.
Left to right: Coleen (Meyer) DiSilvestro ’73,
Carol Ammon ’73, and Paula (Phenix) Allan ’73
at the ceremony dedicating a room in Kaiser
Hall in memory of their friend and former
roommate Frances E. Librera ’73.
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Saturday, May 16, 2009
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Undergraduate Commencement
Saturday, May 23, 2009
10:30 am
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Graduate Commencement
Wednesday, May 27, 2009
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Welte Auditorium, CCSU Campus
55th Reunion
Class of 1954
Saturday, May 30, 2009
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Fairfield Area
Networking Happy Hour
Thursday, June 18, 2009
5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Place TBD
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Mike Cohen ’70
Life Lessons from the EOP
“At certain times,” says Mike Cohen ’70, “I would just stop,
and someone would appear and give me important infor­
mation. Or someone would take me in. Things worked out.
People were being helpful. It’s a very spiritual existence.”
He’s talking about the remarkable journey he completed
in the summer of 2007. But he might be talking about the
bigger journey upon which he embarked when he came to
Central. After all, the two are inextricably intertwined.
Cohen, who grew up in New London, found his way into
Central in 1966, via the EOP. It “gave me a chance to get in
the door,” and he’s quick to assert that his education opened
the doors to the rest of his life. “Learning how to write is
one of the two most important things you can learn in col­
lege,” he says. “The other is to learn how to learn. There’s
no way I could have prepared for the job I have today, other
than by being willing to continually learn new things.”
Along the way he also learned what it takes to be a s­ urvivor.
After graduating, he tried his hand at what he calls “several
survival jobs” before enlisting in the US Air Force in 1977
and enrolling in officer’s training. Over the next five and a
half years he attended computer school, acquired a trade,
and eventually rose to the rank of captain.
After military service, Cohen settled in Massachusetts and
embarked upon a career as a computer consultant and web
developer that included a stint with the State.
After surviving cancer, in 1992, he felt a need to tackle a
new challenge. An avid biker, he flew to Seattle, assembled
his bicycle at Sea-Tac Airport and, without hesitation,
headed east. It took five weeks to pedal his way back home.
When he repeated the journey, in 2007, he was testing the
boundaries of middle age. It would be his last cross-country
bike trip, and though there were times when he felt like
throwing in the towel he never seriously e­ ntertained the
idea. Instead, he used the long days to reacquaint himself
with America at ground level and ruminate on all that life
had taught him about survival.
He didn’t forget those life lessons when he got home. Last
year, as Central prepared to celebrate the EOP’s 40th
anniversary, he contacted Director Awilda Reasco and
made a generous donation – bookstore funds for each EOP
student, plus additional money to help the program.
“The EOP made an incalculable difference in my life,” he
says. “It got me into college and gave me the tools to
succeed. Multiply that by 40 years and the stories of all
the other students. I think the EOP has probably repaid
Connecticut a thousand times over.”