The Annual Report of Giving



The Annual Report of Giving
Charles River Arc
2007 Annual Report of Giving
Our Mission
Charles enhances the lives of people with intellectual
and other developmental disabilities by providing
a variety of individualized supports and services.
Through advocacy, Charles River Arc promotes the full
participation of the individuals we support in their
communities and upholds their civil rights.
“The Pursuit of Excellence”
Dear Friends,
We are beginning a new year with a new name: The Charles River Center! Over the past few years, we began to
see an increase of individuals on the autism spectrum participating in our programs. As a result, we enhanced
our services to meet their needs and it became increasingly more important for our name to reflect the
comprehensiveness of our agency. In addition, we intentionally omitted any words in our name that attaches
negative labels to the people we support.
Charles River Arc was founded more than 50 years ago by parents of children with Down syndrome. We continue
to provide strong programs for children and adults with mental retardation. In fact, many of these individuals are
now in their 40’s, 50’s, and even in our Seniors program. However, we are excited about our new name because
it demonstrates that we are truly inclusive, serving diverse populations. The Charles River Center is a remarkable
hub of activity and we will always be responsive to the needs of families in our area. Whether an individual has
an intellectual or developmental disability, we strive to be the very best that we can be. Our pursuit of program
excellence and clinical expertise will continue. Our compassion and commitment to families will continue. And we
will always embrace our mission—to enhance the quality of life by helping each and every person reach his or her
highest potential.
Many of our goals set out in our last strategic plan were accomplished including: residential expansion, renovations
to Dwight, applied behavior analysis training and certification for staff, creation of a quality assurance department,
licensure of all children’s programs by the Massachusetts State Department of Early Education and Care (EEC), and
many technology upgrades.
Going forward, our goals are equally ambitious. It is hard to believe but we are now exploring an expansion of the
Merritt Center. Our Therapeutic Day Programs are bursting at the seams and we want to accommodate all families
who need these services.
The Charles River Center is a special place with extraordinary people. To the Board of Directors, families, staff, and
many friends in the community, we extend our gratitude and appreciation for your generosity. Thank you for the
vital role you play in our success.
Bill Crowe
Chairman of the Board
John Grugan
Inga Hildesheim Robinson
nga Hildesheim Robinson passed away on May 24,
2005 but she will be remembered fondly by all of us at
Charles River Arc.
Born in Hamburg, Germany and surviving the atrocities of
World War II, she immigrated to the United States in the
late 40’s for a better life. Here she met her husband, Albert,
and they settled first in Needham and then in Newton,
Massachusetts. In 1952, their son Frankie was born. He had
Down syndrome.
Strong willed and progressive in her thinking, she refused to
follow her doctor’s advice to place her son in an institution.
Instead, she sought other parents who shared the same goals
and who would help her create options for children like
Frankie so that they could become all that they could be
with a promising future.
According to Tom Sell, “it was soon after our move to
Needham that Inga was walking by our home with her oneyear-old baby son in his carriage. She recognized that our
six- year old Mary Lynn was retarded and stopped to tell us
that she had a similar situation. When I told her how Anne
and I had established a pre-school program in Pennsylvania,
she insisted we do it again in Needham.”
In February, 1956, fifteen parents met at the Sells’ home
to discuss plans for a pre-school class serving children from
Needham, Wellesley, Dedham, and Dover. This class for 12
children officially opened in April, 1956. Carter Memorial
Methodist Church donated class space; the program was
staffed by dedicated volunteers; and the cost to parents was
$1 per month. Charles River Parents Group for Retarded
Children was born.
Thanks to the courage, advocacy, and belief that all children
can learn and live in their communities, Inga and Albert
Robinson, Tom and Anne Sell, and other parents joined
forces to begin Charles River Arc more than 50 years ago.
Stephen and Helen Ingle, Inga’s cousins, remember her as
always upbeat with a wonderful sense of humor. According
to Stephen, “she was generous and sweet but she could
be tough and strong-minded. An incredibly brave and
enlightened woman, she loved Frankie dearly and was always
an advocate for him.”
Frankie, one of Charles River Arc first program participants,
worked at Dwight and lived in one of our group residences
until his death in 1998. “Frankie was a lot of fun and
always came to work with a big smile,” recalls John Grugan.
“In spite of many medical issues, he wanted to work and
enjoyed earning a paycheck even more.”
This past fall, Charles River Arc received a charitable
gift from Inga’s estate. “Charles River Arc was always an
important part of her life,” says Stephen. “She was fulfilled
knowing that Frankie had a meaningful life. He was
employed and had a wonderful circle of friends. This gift is
a testament to her faith in Charles River Arc and that the
organization is successful and doing a lot of good.”
We extend our utmost gratitude to Inga who was
instrumental in making Charles River Arc what it is today
and for her unwavering confidence in our organization by
making a gift to us through her will.
To make a gift through your will or to discuss other giving options,
please contact Maria McTernan, at 781-972-1001 or [email protected]
Thank you to Our
2006 - 2007 Donors
Charles River ARC
Statement of Operating Activities
for the year ended June 30, 2007
Operations Fundraising Investments
Program Service Fees
$12,106 $12,106
Grants and Contributions $455
Vocational Revenues
Interest and Dividend
Income/(Losses) on
All other
Total Revenues
$13,179 $12,415
Salaries and Fringe
Occupancy Costs
Commercial Products
and Services
Contracted Services
Depreciation Expense
Client Activities
Interest Experience
Equipment and Maint.
Fundraising Costs
Professional Fees
Total Expenses
President’s Circle
$12,176 $11,918
Net Operating Income/(Loss) $1,003
Thank you to all the individuals, corporations, and
foundations who made a gift to various Charles River Arc
funds including the Annual Appeal, the Paul D. Merritt
Center, Building a Dream, our $10,000 Drawing, or
other special fund. We would also like to thank all who
made in-kind donations of equipment, services, and
gifts; to all who made gifts in memory or in honor of a
special person; and to all who volunteered their time to
make our programs outstanding. All of these gifts are
deeply appreciated.
June Geneen
Giving Tree Foundation
William and Elizabeth Kelly
Ansin Foundation
BJ’s Wholesale Club
Clayton F. and Ruth L.
Hawkridge Foundation
Louise Condon
Dedham Temporary Home for
Women and Children
Tess Schmalbach and
Peter Dedon
Geri Gerson
Martha Hackett
Robert and Frances Moore
Lovett and Ruth Peters
Roche Bros. Supermarket Inc.
Patricia and James
Dedham Institution for
Betty Dedon
Willard and Amanda
Lori Evans
John and Diane Feeley
Filene’s Basement
Fox Tours
Russell and Denise Garlick
Global Travel Advisors
Mark and Linda Goldman
John and Kathy Grugan
Paul and Francine Healey
James and Elizabeth Healy
E.Byron Hensley, Jr.
Heritage Capital
Management Inc
ARISE Consulting Service, Inc
Babson College
Bank of America
Julie and Christopher Barker
Bay State Federal Savings
Charitable Foundation
Faith Robey-Benson and
Gary Benson
David and Margaret Blakelock
June and James Bowman
Elizabeth and Richard
Cooley Manion Jones, LLP
Jack and Ellen Cotter
Cox, Gilbert W Jr.
Crossroads Community
Crowe & Dunn
Crowe & Mulvey, LLP
Insight Corporate Sales
Insurance Professionals of
New England, Inc.
James and Sara Jakobek
Richard and Linda Johnson
Carol Kee
Sheila and Alfred Kelly
Krapf Associates
L/R Design Build, Inc.
John and Dorothy Laffety
John and Maria Lauricella
John and Julie Learnard
Leiser Corporation
Our 2006 - 2007 Donors
Harold and Leslie Lockhart
Harry Manion
Tom Maxwell
Maria and Gerald McTernan
Thomas Muldoon
Needham Bank
Needham Exchange
Club (The)
Needham Firefighters
Local 1706
Needham Golf Club
Charities, Inc.
Noah’s Ark Foundation
Alys Terrien Queen and
Christopher Queen
James Reulbach
Robeco Investment
Robert Way Construction
Ruth N Hoag Trust
Linda Safran
Sentinel Benefits Group, Inc.
Siemens Business Services
Gina Stewart
Karen Taggert
Nancy and Ralph Tisei
Tobin School, Inc.
Dan Walsh
Wellesley Hills Junior
Woman’s Club, Inc.
Peter Whistler
Wolf, Block, Schorr and
Solis-Cohen LLP
AccuFund, Inc.
Peter and Marjorie Adams
Barbara and Ron Airey
Alexander, Aronson,
Finning & Co.
Allin Congregational Church
Rebecca Drill and Peter Alpert
Sheila Ashe
Colleen Ashe Pink
Avalon Bay at Chestnut Hill
William Axt
Tara Hayward and
Steve Bandler
Tracy Battaglia
George Belzer
Walter, Sandra, and Paul Borer
Boston Park Plaza
Hotel & Towers
James and Mary Brannelly
Robert & Kerry Brown
Maria Brown
Paul and Tammy Buckley
Brian Burke
Cabot Risk Strategies
Jenny Caliri
Joe Callahan
Cynthia Casey
Center Automotive, Inc.
Coldwell Banker
Coleman & Gagnon
James and Helen Colman
James Comerford
Gregory Condon
Congregational Church
of Needham
Cooper Leeser Family Fund
James and Joan Cotter
Kathryn Crawley
Patricia and William Day
Carol and Ed de Lemos
Dedham Co-operative Bank
James Dedon
Nagila Deeb
Mary and Richard Delaney
Delta-T Group
David Demirjian
James Demotses
Bill and Cathy Dermody
Hilary Dietrich
Steven Dillon
John Dolan
Thomas Donovan
Clare Dunsford
Eaton Apothecary
Economised Time Services, Inc.
Parke Fisler
Mark and Nancy Flynn
Heather Flynn
Karen Foley
Nancy Stratton and Dave Ford
John Gallagher
Edith and Mark Garrison
Pat and Dan Gentile
Nancy Bettens and
Anthony Giglio
Irene and Gary Gladstone
Sue Cable and Ben Gomez
Paul and Gabriele Good
Paula Goodwin
Peter Goodwin
Richard and Nancy Gowe
Christine and Jack Gradijan
Nancy Bonn and
Christopher Grugan
Vanessa Greene and
Michael Grugan
Carolyn and Steven Gusenoff
Clifford Hammel
Elizabeth and Maurice Handel
Hartney Greymont, Inc.
Kathryn Hayward
Desmond and
Dorothy Heathwood
Thomas Hefferon
Melvin Hershon
Marcia and Dave Holden
Helen Horan
Paul Hough
John and Elizabeth Howard
Margaret Husmer
Sandra Johnson
Joan and Bruce Johnson
Mike Jones
Miriam and Thomas Jordan
William Kaiser
Sean Kane
Sarah Finn and John Kelly
Joan and John Kennedy
Kathleen Kennedy
Tom and Pat Leary
John and Alice Lee
Kenneth Lorey
Martha and Bob Mahoney
Lisa and Andrew Majewski
Debra Mann
Michael and Anne Markowitz
Lois and Jerry Marks
Carolyn Buell Kidder and
Clifford Martell
Alexandra Mastrangelo
May Institute
Michael and
Jeanne McCormick
Jeanne McKnight
Mike and Tracy McLaughlin
Marie McManus
Paul and Deborah Merritt
Middlsex Savings Bank
Susan and Brian Miles
Joseph Miletich
Mary Miley
Dennis Moon
Jane Murphy
Muzi Motors, Inc.
Needham Business Association
Needham Little League
Mary Nesson
New England Office
Supply Inc.
Norfolk & Dedham Group
Paul and Janet O’Connor
Ben and Elsie Parenteau
Arthur and Frances Phillips
Poirier Sales & Service Corp.
Kristin and Peter Pomponi
William and Dianne Porcello
Provider Insurance Group, Inc.
John Randall
Barbara Reed
Howard and Robin Reisman
Nick Renzulli
Nancy Ridill
Leonard and Kathleen Rienzi
Robert E. Cameron &
Associates, Inc.
Sandra and Doug Robinson
Dashell Robinson
Sal and Elena Rosano
Robert Rosenblatt
Rosenbluth Family Foundation
Rotary Club of Needham
Russell, McTernan,
McTernan & Fruci, LLP
Ellen and John Sabino
Joan Salemi
Marjorie Scoboria
Richard Shea
Ann and Michael Sherman
Mary Ann McDonough and
Lester Shoap
Ardith and George Smith
Pat Smith
Deanna Dunmyer and
Steve Springer
Robert Stanley
Donald and Elizabeth Stewart
Sumner Sturman
Doug and Janet Tashjian
Jonathan and Alice Taylor
Tenacre Country Day School
Fred Tirrell
Maureen Tisei
Hector Tissera
Vincent Turco
Our 2006 - 2007 Donors
Mary Tutunjian
Charles and Julia Twigg
Verizon Fundation
Thomas and Andrea Ward
Wellesley Service League
Louis and Kathleen Zambello
Chung Shil Adams
Janice Albano
Gary Albuquerque
Elaine Schnitt and Paul Alpert
Anderson’s Jewelers
Joanne and Jeff Andrews
Albert Antman
Mary Antonellis
Joe and Sylvia Apelbaum
Donna and Jonathan Arata
Amanda Armstrong
Achilles Athanassiou
Eric and Gina-Marie Auger
Richard and Anne Aulenbach
Wayne and Candi Aulenbach
Janice Axelrod
Roxanne Babigian
Robert and Kalliope Badavas
Nicole Bahnam
Tracy Bakalar
Mary and Joseph Baldassare
Mary Susan Bane
David Baranowski
Paul and Denise Barreira
Mary Barry
Peggy Batchelder
Rosemary and
Christopher Beach
Victor and Jean Becker
William Joplin and Mary Bell
Ruth Sharpe and Roy Bellush
Meredith Benson
Joyce Bent
Pete and Brigitte Berger
Michele Bernfeld
Bonnie and Robert Bernstein
Susan Biagini
William Biedugnis
Allan and Irene Bikofsky
Dion Scott Birney
Jennifer Bittner
Sandra Blackwell
Adrian and Mary Blake
Kathryn Moore and
Robert Blaustein
Roberta and Arthur Bloom
Laurence Bloom
Ellen Boday
Bill Boodry
Linda Borer
Christina Boutas
H. Frederick Bowman
Lucille Boynton
George Bradley
Jeffrey Brady
Edwin Brailey
Jeff Brait
Kelly Breen
Elizabeth Brennan
Edward and Jane Brewer
Russ Broad, Jr.
Anna Brodziak
Caroline and Francis Brogan
Ann and Paul Brown
Scott Brown
Eugenia and Lev Brown
Elaine Beilin and
Robert Brown
Roma and Dick Brown
Kathleen Browne
Hendrika and Paul Browne
Richard and Anne Bryan
Lietra Buckley
Kathleen Buckley
Noreen and David Burdett
Laurie Burgess
Mitchell Burman
Mary Jo Hollender and
Michael Burns
Anne and Keith Byerly
Kathryn Calvario
Ross and Paulette Campbell
Capital Retirement Services
Domenic and Mary Capozzi
John Caravolas
Steve Carey
David Carls
Anthony Carnevale
Robert Carter
Ronald Caruso
Jeffrey and Maureen Casavant
Case by Case Cabinets
Susan Castillo
Jack and Cathy Caulfield
Barbara and Lawrence Cedrone
Michael Cedrone
Mary Cedrone
Harvey Chansky
Kristen Chapelle
Nicole Chapelle
Anne Chapman
Savita and Pramod Chauhan
Daphne Romanoff and
Alexander Chelminsky
Eugenia Chew
Children’s Orchard
Jeff Choney
Vibeke and Gustav Christensen
Kathleen Cibulka
Lena Enos and Diane Cobb
Margaret and Eleanor Coffin
John and Patricia Cogswell
Louanne Cohen
Laurie Cohen
Morton and Marlene Cohen
Elaine Colarossi
Cheryl Colbert
Jacqueline Colby
Colin and Mary Coleman
Philip and Donna Collins
Component Technology, Inc.
Carol Concannon
Pamela Condon
Heather Conlan
Barbara Conley
Maureen Connelly
Thomas and Patricia Connolly
Mary Conway
Charles and Maureen Cook
Earl and Nancy Cook
James and CarolCook
L.G and K.L.C Copley
William and Sheila Corkhill
Ron Cornwell
Marie and Stephen Coukos
Margaret and David Coveney
Joel Cowher
David and Angela Cox
Paul and Deb Coyle
Pam Crawford
Lynne & Michael Crawford
Kenneth Cray
Margaret Cross
Thomas Crowder
Florence and Philip Crowe
C. Crowley
Bill and Mary Cummings
Joseph Cummings
Michael and
Bernadette Cunningham
Patricia Cunningham
Elisa Cunningham
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Ruth Cunningham
James and Nancy Curran
John and Carol Curry
Amelia Cusack
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Neil Dahlberg
Kathy Daigle
Laurie Dailey
Alice and John Daily
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Russell Daly
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Laura Rutherford
Elizabeth and Hugh Rutledge
Daniel Rutowicz DPM PC
Kevin and Ann Ryan
John and Eileen Ryan
Norman and Pat Sabbey
Ronald Sabino
Deborah Samet
Marie and Thomas Sampson
James Sanborn
James and Shelly Santaniello
Noreene Savard
Marjorie Schaffel
Frank and Colleen Schaller
Fred and Anne Schaller
David Schauer
Loretta and Ralph Schiavone
Robert Schlauch
Jon and Nancy Schneider
Nathan and Henny Schneider
Elio Semprucci
Howard Sesso
Bernard Shadrawy
Paul Shakespeare
Alan and Stacie Shapiro
Elizabeth Sheppard
Hugh and Joan Sheridan
Marilyn Sherman
Christine Flynn and Carl Ship
Alix Ginsburg and
Alan Shuchat
Martha and Rich Shults
Barbara Silbersack
Mary Sillesky
Paul Silva
Ira Silver
Stan and Avis Simon
Mary Tornabene and
Andreana Simonetti
Malerie and Steve Singer
Michael and Alisa Skatrud
Jeanne Skinner
Carol Skirvin
Mark and Karen Slutsky
Lauren Small
Richard Dodds and
Jane Smalley
Glen Smith
Mark Gluesing and
Adrienne Smith
Richard and Roseanne Smith
Joan and Frederic Smith
Sue Sohn
Arthur and Deborah Spangler
Special Needs
Advocacy Network
James Spelfogel
Ann Spitzer
St. Bartholomew Parish
Allen and Margaret Steere
Robin and William Steinberg
Kristine Sterpe
Robert Stetson
Margaret Stevens
Anne and Walter Stevens
Suzanne Stoltmann
Arlene Stoltz
Elizabeth Stonberg
Joan Sullivan
Mary Summers
Mary and William Supple
Erica Supple
Ada Suydam
Gordon and Edith Swan
Marjorie Swanton
Alan Symans
Edythe Symans
Maria and Daniel Szeto
Arthur and Marianne Talis
Eleanor Tarabelli
Mary Ann Taylor
William and Betsy Tedoldi
Temple Beth Elohim
Walter Tennant
Ruth and John Tepper
Joe and Ann Terio
Michael Terry
Richard and Jill Tetreault
Chris Thomas
Nancy Thompson
Gene and Regina Thornton
William and Kathy Tilburg
Joan Tirrell
Virginia Tisei
Sandra Tomasetti
Rich and Sarah Toran
Sally Torchia
Philip and Priscilla Trusell
Anthony Turco
Edward and Nancy Tutunjian
United Methodist Women
Bernadette Vallely
Cristina Van
Hans and Rika Van Willigen
Joanne Vancor
Dave and Carleen Vantine
Carolan and Neil Vaughn
Michael and Penelope Vaughn
Anne Hadley and
Thom Vawter
Ida and Pat Venditti
John and Judith Venditti
Elena Villon Ortiz
Liz May and Eileen Vincent
Thalia Vitikos
Janet and
Raymond Wainwright
Robert Walker
James Walker
Carol Wall
Hans and Vinnette Walz
Maeve and William Ward
Elinor Ward
Charles Watts
Andrew &
Tammy-Kim Weaver
Marsha Weinraub
Glenna and Charles Weiss
Stephen and Eleanor Weitzman
Wellesley Bank
Michael Werth
Ken Weyler
Christina Whalen
Parker Wheeler
Barbara White
Luan White
Mark and Patricia Whitehouse
Bill and Kathleen Whitney
Patricia Wiggin
Phyllis and Paul Wiggin
Regina and Bruce Williams
Carol Spitzer and
Bob Williamson
Cindy Wilson
Charles Wilson
Nancy and Dana Wilson
Claire Wilson
Robert Windsor
Mary Wise
Lee Wisenburn
Charles Wood
Earle Woodman
Charles Wright
Richard and Sheila Wulf
Pamela Yeomans
Dorothy Yep
Richard and Deborah Young
Adelaide and Andrew Young
Gianfranco Zaccai
Linda Zack
David and Elizabeth Zahniser
Paul and Josephine Ziegler
Veniero Zizzi
Every effort has been made to be complete and accurate in
publishing donors’ names. This listing reflects gifts and support
for fiscal year 2007 (July 1, 2006—June 30, 2007). We
apologize for any omissions or errors and hope that you will
contact Maria McTernan, Director of Development, at 781972-1001 with any corrections.
Thank you
We are especially thankful to all who made a gift in fiscal
year 2007 and who help us advance our mission. Your gifts
are an investment in the people at Charles River Arc and the
programs that we offer. You have seen what we do. You share
our goals and objectives. You understand the impact that our
programs have on the quality of family life.
Every gift counts. Every gift is a testament to the confidence you
place in our organization and its future. Every gift is valued.
Thank you.
Maria McTernan
Director of Development
Charles River Arc
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