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Agent: Havsport
Liveaboard: MV Febrina
Resort: Walindi Resort
Papua New Guinea
Photo by Darek Sepiolo Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea, one of the last unexplored places on the planet, it occupies the eastern part of the world's second largest island. Linguistically, it is the world's most diverse country, with more than 700 native tongues. Some 80% of Papua New Guinea's people live in rural areas with few or no facilities of modern life. Many tribes in the isolated mountainous interior have little contact with one another, let alone with the outside world. It is connected to Australia by a shallow continental shelf across the Torres Strait, which during the ice age, when sea levels were lower than at present, created a land bridge. Consequently, many species of birds and mammals found on New Guinea have close genetic links with corresponding species found in Australia. One notable feature in common for the two landmasses is the existence of several species of marsupial mammals, including some kangaroos and possums, which are not found elsewhere. MV Febrina
MV FeBrina, together with skipper/owner Alan Raabe, has been working in Papua New Guinea waters since 1991 when the vessel arrived at Walindi Resort. The quality diving experience that MV FeBrina offers can be understood by the high number of repeat clientele she enjoys. FeBrina is a very comfortable and stable vessel, offering seven large, air-­‐conditioned cabins, all with en-­‐suite facilities, in a combination of double, twin and single configurations for a maximum of 12 divers. The well laid out dive deck and water level deck make kitting up easy. With permanent moorings on most dive sites, your gear all set up and ready for you, and an attentive dive crew on hand to assist with camera gear, diving couldn't be easier. The crew on MV Febrina are some of the most experienced in Papua New Guinea, most having worked there for years. The dive guides know the area like the back of their hands and have the most amazing eye for sighting even the most elusive or tiny creatures. PNG Diving
November Itinerary includes Kimbe Bay reefs and Witu Islands OR Fathers Reefs. Kimbe Bay is home to stunning reefs with brilliant coral formations you see in all the classic Walindi pictures. Beautiful and dramatic sea mounts, coral laden walls and lush coral gardens are all a feature of Kimbe Bay diving, along with the fish and invertebrate life the reefs sustain. Witu Islands are a group of islands, volcanic in origin, situated to the north west of Kimbe Bay. The diving is a mixture of sea mounts rising from deep waters to within metres of the surface (such as Lama shoals), beautiful coral arches and great night dives in the black sand bays of the islands. You will also meet the locals trading fresh fruit and vegetables out of their canoes too. Fathers Reefs are a series of off shore reefs, also volcanic in origin. The underwater topography is startlingly different with dramatic reef-­‐scapes, arches and swim throughs. Being offshore, these reefs also attract pelagic activity such as sharks, rays, turtles, schools of barracuda, jacks etc. Walindi Resort offers 12 traditional style bungalows spread along the beachfront, and 8 Plantation House Rooms, all surrounded by rainforest gardens. Bungalow facilities include ensuite bathrooms, ceiling fans, large windows to catch the tropical breezes, kitchenette with tea and coffee making facilities, and private verandas overlooking the beach and gardens. Plantation House Rooms are in blocks of 4 rooms, slightly smaller than the bungalows and with all the same facilities, except each block of four rooms share one veranda. The central resort area is the social hub of Walindi and includes the tropical and airy reception and dining room, lounge and bar area, swimming pool, sundeck, boutique and a comprehensive library with computers for guest internet connection. Wireless internet is available in the main resort area. Catering to a small number of guests at the resort means you receive undivided attention. Good company, great food, friendly staff and a relaxed atmosphere provide a perfect backdrop while you enjoy the delights of Kimbe Bay diving. Trip Details
Date: 17th Nov – 2nd Dec 2014
Liveaboard: MV Febrina
Resort: Walindi
Included in the price:
• Transfer from Port Moresby airport to
Hoskin r / t
• 5 nights in a double room with bathroom
• All food, coffee, tea, chocolate, water,
juice, soft drinks
• 3 days diving with two dives a day,
including air and guide from Walindi
• 1 day hike up an active volcano
• 6 nights in a shared cabin onboard MV
• 20 dives including air and guide
Not included in the price:
• Flight from Scandinavia
• Alcohol
• Gratuities to guides and crew, is
recommended, but not required
Price per person: 32 995 SEK We reserve the right for price changes due to currency fluctuations or flight price increases on or before your booking date. Your booking date is the day that your deposit reaches Scuba Travel Scandinavia AB’s bank account. The given information that Scuba Travel has in its written information (ie the trips content, amount of dives, diving at a special location), is provided under the pretence of optimal conditions (ie political/ governmental decisions, weather, etc). The dive leader or boat captain that is in charge of the trip always has the right to change the contents of the trip due to weather, political decisions, or other acts that lie outside of their control that can affect the customers or ships safety. In this situation, the customer has no right to compensation or refund. Trip Details
Equipment rental Complete equipment rental is available. Please contact us for the most updated price. Extra baggage Due to the ever-­‐increasing restrictions placed on checked-­‐ in baggage on flights, overweight/ extra baggage must be reported to and accepted by, the flight company. We will happily assist you to book you extra weight that is required. Please note that prices and baggage allowance varies between flight companies. The price that you pay departing the Nordic region may not be the same as the price you pay to bring your baggage home again. Important:
Your passport must be valid for longer than six months after the date of your arrival home. It must also be whole and have at least two empty pages. All divers must have a dive certificate, dive logbook, proof of dive insurance, a dive computer and a Surface Marker Buoy. Requirements for divers and recommendations: • Diving in the Papua New Guinea is for experienced divers only, we recommend that divers have an AOW certificate or its equivalent and a minimum of 50 logged dives How can I pay for my trip? • Via bankgiro or bank transfer • VISA, Mastercard and Eurocard (a power of attorney is required) How much do I pay and when? When you have accepted the offer from Scuba Travel Scandinavia, you will receive a booking confirmation within one to two workdays. To confirm your spot, a deposit of 2000 SEK is required within 10 days from the booking date. The final amount shall be paid in accordance to the payment information in the booking confirmation. Why choose Scuba Travel? • "Quality product -­‐ affordable pricing” – After many years in the dive industry, we have connections around the world. In this way we are able to find the best partners that are going to offer our customers high quality products to affordable prices. • We know diving – Our staff are all experienced divers and have dived in several destinations around the world. Together we have visited over 70 countries, and four of us are dive instructors. Besides our sales and office staff, we have a large network of Scuba Travel Ambassadors that are specialists within several different areas, such as UW-­‐photography, marine biology and technical diving. Some of our Ambassadors include Anders Salesjö, Ingvar Eliasson, Jonna Bergström, Tomas Jansson, Hans Örnhagen and Micke Bergström. • Personal service – As we have several persons on staff, we are able to provide excellent customer support. As Egypt is a busy destination for Scuba Travel, we have an Egyptian staff member based in Hurghada that offers a meet and assist service, transfer service and customer support, among other things. • Broad selection of destinations – Scuba Travel offers holiday packages to suit all tastes and budgets to destinations from Galapagos and Socorro in the Pacific, to Micronesia and Fiji in the Far East. • Sponsor projects – Through the years we have supported organizations that take care of wildlife and the local people. • Excellent solidity – Our company has an AA rating, which signifies high creditworthiness. • Travel guarantee – We have a statutory (demanded by law) travel guarantee placed with the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. This protects all customers purchasing package trips with us. 

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