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“Job story”
New Authorized Doosan Dealer in Poland:
Grausch i Grausch Maszyny Budowlane Sp. z o.o.
Grausch i Grausch (GiG)
Maszyny Budowlane Sp.
z o.o., based in Złotkowo
near Poznan, was appointed in the first half of 2011
as an authorized dealer for
the Doosan Heavy range
of equipment in Poland.
GiG has a strong, established position in the Polish market and has an excellent reputation for sales
and aftermarket services
for construction, quarrying
and mining machinery and
represents a number of well
known brands in the country.
By Karolina Wolyniec
GiG, new authorized Doosan dealer.
Founded in 1999,
GiG works closely
with more than
6000 companies
and organisations
in construction,
and maintenance,
helping them to
successfully implement projects
Backed by fully equipped service vans, GiG engineers are
throughout Poable to perform even the most complex repair on site
land by providing
Gdańsk (northern Poland) in
a high quality, professional, fast
and friendly service. GiG has
The Sales Department employs
a staff of over 70 employees,
nine Regional Sales Representwho form a strong and well-coatives operating in defined disordinated team of experienced
tricts to coordinate sales in their
areas. In addition to the Sales
Representatives, there are two
GiG sales organisation
Sales and Marketing Managers.
The headquarters and main
Support for the Field Sales Repservice location for GiG are
resentatives is provided by the
based in Złotkowo. A branch ofsales office. The team consists
fice is located in
of 5 experienced professionals
who are responsible for prepanear Wrocław
ration of offers and contracts,
(in south westmarket analysis, demonstraern Poland) and
tion of machines and logistics.
there is an office and service
Why do customers choose GiG
depot in Warand Doosan?
saw which was
In one order, GiG sold six
opened in May
Doosan MT31 articulated
2011. The comdump trucks to the leading
contincontractor, Hydrobudowa s.a.
ues to expand
They are being used for conand is planning
struction of the S5 expressto open two
way and to build a sports
more branch
hall in Toruń as part of inoffices in Katovestments for the Euro 2012
wice (southern
Football Championship. Four
Doosan DX300LC and DX340LC
Doosan job story
excavators were also sold as
part of this deal.
“In addition to the attractive
price of these machines, we
know they are backed by a
dealer and manufacturer of the
highest quality with a guaranteed supply of spare parts. GiG
offered us a common service
agreement to guarantee technical assistance at the highest
level,” said Mr. Arthur Szyc, Director of Base Equipment and
Transport at Hydrobudowa.
Aftermarket sales and service
One of the most important
aspects of the GiG business is
the comprehensive aftersales
support, including both warranty and post warranty contracts. This work is carried out
by a team of highly skilled specialists. Under the supervision
of the GiG Service Manager, engineers working all over Poland
inspect machines and carry out
repairs to machines where they
are working. Backed by fully
equipped service vans, GiG engineers are able to perform
even the most complex repair
on site.
Three service advisors continuously monitor and coordinate
this mobile service from the
office. They are also responsible for the proper execution of
registration and service procedures, whilst the classification
and clarification of all warranty
claims is the responsibility of
the Warranty Coordinator at
An important part of aftersales
support is provided by the
Spare Parts Department, which
employs five highly qualified
specialists. The Spare Parts
team supplies parts for use by
the Service Department for all
warranty and post warranty repairs as well as selling parts to
GiG customers all over Poland.
important information on the
service operations. GiG can record the activity of Sales Representatives in their districts,
monitor customer demand
and easily generate sales and
service reports. GPS transmitters installed in the vehicles
at GiG allow the company to
shorten response time to service requests and to efficiently
plan the schedule for the mobile engineers.
Rental services
Multimachinery, the rental
business of GIG, was formed 2
years ago to meet growing demand, as more and more companies have discovered the
huge benefits of renting for the
construction market. GiG offers
rental on both short and long
term contracts throughout Poland. Their current rental fleet
consists of almost 40 machines.
CRM and GPS systems
Installation of a CRM system
in 2010 allows GiG to monitor sales trends and provide
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