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Discovering New
Cinema from Spain
and Latin America
Hosted by Festival del cine
Challenges faced by the Spanish-speaking world
February 23–February 24, 2012
163 Jacqueline-Bouchard, Université de Moncton
$5 (regular) or $2 (student). Tickets sold at the door 45 minutes before the
WEEKEND PASS: All 5 movies for $20 (regular) or $8 (student). Passes sold at the university box
office (Billetterie du Centre étudiant).
The Festival del cine, the first Spanish film festival held at the Université de Moncton, aims at raising
awareness about the social, cultural, historical, and linguistic realities of the Spanish-speaking world.
Presented in collaboration with the Université de Moncton’s social activities and events office and the
International Ethnographic Film Festival of Quebec (FIFEQ).
Historical drama featuring Gael García
EVEN THE RAIN [También la LLuvia]
Bernal, Luis Tosar and Carlos Aduviri
Icíar Bollaín / 104 min. / 2011
Nationality: French, Mexican, and Spanish
3:00 PM
Filmmaker Sebastián (Gael García Bernal) and his cynical producer Costa (Luis Tosar) arrive in
Cochabamba, Bolivia to make a film about Columbus’s voyage to the New World and the subjugation of
the indigenous population. Just as filming begins, the natives face a crisis when the government
privatizes the water company and prices skyrocket. Daily protests erupt and the local man cast as a
rebellious sixteenth-century Taino chief also becomes a leader in the water hike protests.
Drama featuring Alma Blanco, Gabriel
Benavides and Rigoberto Mayorga
Florence Jaugey / 91 min. / 2011
Nationality: Nicaraguan
6:00 PM
Nicaragua’s first full-length feature in 20 years, La Yuma tells the story of a young woman who dreams
of transcending her bleak life in the slums of Managua by becoming a boxer. Looking beyond the
meager possibilities that seem available to her (and ignoring the advice of her gang-member friends),
she finds solace and hope in her training and falls in love with a middle-class journalism student.
Romantic drama featuring Cristian Mercado,
Manolo Cardona and Tatiana Astengo
UNDERTOW [Contracorriente]
Nationality: Peruvian, Colombian, French, and
Javier Fuentes León / 100 min. / 2010
8:00 PM
Miguel is a handsome, young and beloved fisherman in Cabo Blanco, a small fishing village in the
Northern coast of Peru, where the community has deep-rooted religious traditions. Miguel is married to
the beautiful Mariela, who is 7-months pregnant with their firstborn, but Miguel harbors a scandalous
secret: He is having a love affair with another man, Santiago, a painter who is ostracized by the
townsfolk for being agnostic and open about his sexuality. When Santiago drowns accidentally in the
ocean’s strong undertow, he cannot pass peacefully to the other side. He returns after his death to ask
Miguel to look for his body and bury it according to the rituals of the town. Miguel must choose between
sentencing Santiago to eternal torment or doing right by him and, in turn, revealing their relationship to
Mariela and the entire village.
Dramatic comedy featuring Rafael
Spregelburg, Daniel Araoz and Eugenia
THE MAN NEXT DOOR [El Hombre de Al Lado]
Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat / 103 min. / 2010
Nationality: Argentinian
6:00 PM
In this black comedy, Leonardo (Rafael Spregelburd) is a prestigious designer who lives with his family
in a famous house designed by Le Corbusier. Life is seemingly ideal for Leonardo until one day his
neighbor Victor (Daniel Aráoz), a boorish used-car salesman, breaks through a common wall to make a
window in order to “catch a few rays of sun.” Unfortunately, Victor’s new window looks directly into
Leonardo’s living space. As the tension mounts between Leonardo and Victor, the film explores the
complex relationships between class differences, social barriers, and right and wrong.
Historical documentary featuring Otilia
Carrillo, Juan González, Manuel Castro
THE DEATH OF PINOCHET [La Muerte de Pinochet]
and Manuel Carrillo
Bettina Perut, Ivan Osnovikoff / 67 min. / 2011
Nationality: Chilean
8:00 PM
On December 10, 2006, General Pinochet dies unexpectedly in Santiago’s Military Hospital. For
24 hours, his death reawakens the political divisions that marked Chile’s recent history with death and
violence. Using original footage and the testimonies of four characters who lived through that day of
profound contrasts and shades of surrealism, the film relates the end of a key chapter in Chile’s history.
A work of tragedy and comedy that gives a surprising portrait of Chilean society.
The Festival del cine committee would like to thank the Spanish Film Club series and its
partners.The Spanish Film Club series was made possible with the support of Pragda, the
Secretary of State for Culture of Spain, and its Program for Cultural Cooperation with United
States' Universities.
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