Proven Results!


Proven Results!
Proven Results!
KSND FM - La GranD – La Gran D
has been the Bustos Media flagship format
since 2003. It has the market’s most
recognized on-air brand that plays a blend
of Regional Mexican hits targeting Hispanic
adults 25 to 49.
La Gran D engages listeners with a music
intensive format featuring radio
personalities including “El Show de El
Bronco y La Traviesa” [“Los Hijos de
la Machaca”] mornings, 6A-10A. A family
oriented – humor filled show that is both
entertaining and accessible to the
audience. Sports, entertainment news and
audience interaction makes our mornings a
must in the Portland/Salem market. La
GranD airs the only local radio Spanish
language newscast during morning drive.
“La Prieta Linda” (Paty Pinedo) Oregon’s
much loved on-air personality, middays
from 10A-2P. Paty’s infectious laugh and
good humor is a welcome break mid-days
on La Gran D. Listen to Paty everyday and
enjoy being at work with good music and
good company.
“La Kpry” (Paola Delgado) is a fast paced
radio show filled with audience interaction
and information. Paola is on point with her
timely remarks about all things Oregon.
She is the audience’s preferred companion
on the drive home. You can give Paola a
listen 2P-7P.
KZZD - LA ZETA 1390 AM & 97.5 FM – Is a
high-energy, promotionally oriented and personality
driven contemporary Regional Mexican format targeting
Hispanics adults. La Zeta is the home of “El Show de
Piolin”. The legendary Spanish radio personality is
now in the morning on La Zeta stations. You’ll hear
great music, topical interviews, great humor and the
most energetic on-air personality ever… “Piolin”!!!
La Zeta’s synergy with the audience is absolutely
incomparable. It offers a fast paced music and
personality delivery that drives the loyal consuming
listener to stay tuned. Together, all three stations are
an unbeatable combination to blanket the entire
Market… From Vancouver, WA…through Portland and
south to Salem. On-Air Personalities include “La Barby”,
mid-days and Gus “Pika” Duran on afternoon drive.
This is Top 40 high-energy personality radio at its best.
KWBY & KCKX - La Pantera 940 AM & 1460 AM – La
Pantera is the premiere heritage Spanish language radio station
in Oregon. Now we have added even greater coverage with
1460 AM. This is complete coverage of Woodburn/Salem and points
south. La Pantera plays a powerful combination of classic Regional
Mexican tunes Hispanic adults 30 to 54. Oscar Ramos in the morning,
Lucy Carballo on mid-days and Lazaro Manzanarez on afternoon drive.
 Oregon’s Hispanic population has an aggregate buying
power of $9.5 billion per year (2014).
 Portland’s Hispanic population ranks 4th in the nation in
 The Hispanic population in Oregon has grown an
amazing 63% in ten years, 257% in just twenty
 Hispanic households are larger than the general market
(48% report more than four children per household).
 One out of five high school students in Oregon is
 Hispanics are younger (median age: 25).
 92.4% speak Spanish at home either exclusively or
most of the time.
*Yankelovich Hispanic Monitor
**The San Jose Group
Sources: US Census, 2010, Radio
Advertising Bureau, Pew Hispanic
Center, University of Georgia.
Hispanics are fiercely brand loyal. 61% agree
with the statement: “It’s very difficult to get me
to change brands once I find one I like.”* 85%
prefer to buy a more expensive but trusted
brand over a less expensive one they don’t
know.* Many U.S. brand teams have bought
into the myth that Hispanic consumers do not
respond well to retail promotions. The reality is
that when properly executed, Hispanic retail
promotions can out-perform general market
Proven Results!
 63% of the Hispanic population is between 18-49
years of age.
 45.4% of the Hispanic population 25+ holds a
High School diploma.
 32.5% of the Hispanic population 25+ is college
 75% of Hispanics aged 16+ were in the civilian
labor force in 2008, compared to 65.3% of general
The Portland market and Bustos Media listeners
are primarily of Mexican origin, residing mostly
in Spanish-dominant homes. This is a highgrowth market segment which also exhibits
brand loyalty and product/service awareness.
Bustos Media listeners spend a much higher
proportion of their income on entertainment
goods and services.
Proven Results!
Proven Results!
Proven Results!
Proven Results!
Bustos Media stations participate and sponsor
several events throughout the year. Family
oriented festivals like Cinco de Mayo, 16 of
September, concerts, outdoor fairs and other
civic events that draw thousands of Latinos in
Portland, Vancouver, Molalla, Salem, Woodburn
and complete coverage of Marion, Yamhill and
Washington counties. These events are a
perfect opportunity for businesses to create a
one-to-one relationship with potential
Among many of our marketing
opportunities are:
 Event marketing and sponsorships.
 Station promotional support (contests, sampling and
 On-location broadcasts and station van hits.
 Sponsorship of program features such as news,
weather and traffic.
 Web page banners and links.
 Social Media outreach (and more).
Proven Results!
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5110 SE Stark Street - Portland,
OR 97215
Phone: (503) 233-5281