Why Univision Q4 Report_ 2014


Why Univision Q4 Report_ 2014
UCI: Q4 Media Kit The “Why Now” Report Why Hispanic Because of… The Near Term Growth 2.8 million Hispanics 18-­‐34 added through 2024 (vs. a non-­‐Hispanic decline) 2014-­‐2024 PopulaSon Change Hispanic Non-­‐Hispanic 5,161,749 2,776,961 +19% 329,623
+18% -609,710
18-­‐49 18-­‐34 Source: Source: U.S. Census 2012 NaSonal ProjecSons The Long Term Growth By 2060, Hispanics are expected to make up 31% of the populaSon NH White 63.7% 63.0% 59.7% 55.5% 51.0% 46.6% 16.3% Hispanic 12.2% 19.1% 21.9% 25.0% 27.9% 13.2% 7.9% 5.7% 2020 2030 2040 Million 128.8 Million African American Asian 4.7% Other 3.2% 2010 30.6% 195.8 2050 Source: U.S. Census 2012 NaSonal ProjecSons Released December 2012. 2060 The Spending Growth +74% Hispanic consumer spending over the next 10 years (vs. +36% for non-­‐Hispanics) Hispanic Consumer Spending ProjecSons (in Billions) $1,588.4
Source: 2013 IHS Global Insight Hispanic Market Monitor The I
nfluence Use social more, share more Hispanics are 2x as likely to share, and each Hispanic user shares 5x as ojen Shares by Hispanics are 35%more likely to be clicked-­‐on 64% more likely to use Instagram vs. white Non-­‐
Hispanics 19% more likely to use Twiker vs. Total U.S. Source: ShareThis Consumer Study Online Sharing Behaviors of Hispanic Consumers Feb 2014; Nielsen Cross Pladorm Report, Table 2 -­‐ Overall Usage by Medium, Q3 2013; Pew Hispanic Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project Spring Tracking Survey, April 17-­‐May 19, 2013. N=2,252, A18+; Post-­‐ElecSon Survey November 19-­‐December 9, 2012, N=1,802 internet users. Why UCI Because of… Our Vast Resources Tools and Insights Strategy + Research & Consumer Insights + MarkeSng + Measurement Scarborough Custom-­‐Built Programs Cross-­‐Pla=orm Produc@on Program Management Experian Simmons Geoscape Mintel Nielsen IHS Global Insight And much more at the general and category level UCI’s Strategy & Insights team helps you capitalize on the U.S. Hispanic consumer as a source of growth 360 Programs Mul@media Crea@ve Services UCI’s Innova@on Marke@ng Team provides solu@ons and campaigns that influence our mass, loyal and engaged audience 8 CABLE LEADING BRANDS BROADCAST LOCAL TV (62 STATIONS) EMERGING BRANDS Our unmatched pordolio ENGLISH LANGUAGE BRANDS BRAND EXTENSIONS LOCAL RADIO (69 STATIONS/16 MRKTS) EXPERIENTIAL STREAMING RADIO DIGITAL PORTFOLIO ENGLISH LANGUAGE BRAND Our Powerful Franchises Annual mulSmedia events that galvanize our fans The La]n Grammy® An annual, star-­‐
studded event where LaSn Recording Academy® members honor the best in LaSn music from around the globe. Mexican Soccer The home to the most important sports property in Hispanic America, the Mexican NaSonal Team, and the rights holder of 13 of the 18 Liga MX teams, the most-­‐watched soccer league in the U.S. Nuestra Belleza La]na A reality contest where women vie for a one-­‐year, on-­‐air talent contract through beauty and talent challenges judged by a celebrity panel and fan votes. Premios Juventud The unique Hispanic youth awards show honoring the most popular in the arts, sports, and pop culture. Premio lo Nuestro The longest-­‐
running LaSn Music award show in the U.S., honoring the best in the LaSn music industry. La Banda A new music-­‐based show done in partnership with Simon Cowell. It’s a fresh take on the singing compeSSon format to search the U.S. and LaSn America for the ulSmate LaSno boy band. Premios Univision Deportes The ulSmate sports awards show for U.S. Hispanics, honoring top athletes and teams Hispanics care about most. Uforia Concert Series and Music Fes]vals Live experiences for music lovers in top Hispanic DMAs, featuring cross-­‐cultural talent with a LaSn sensibility. Teletón Univision’s 28-­‐hour coast-­‐to-­‐coast broadcast fundraiser supporSng Teleton’s mission to improve the quality of life of children with illnesses. 10 Why Now New Q4 OpportuniSes to Fuel your Growth NEW CROSS-­‐ PLATFORM CONTENT UNIVISION: Mi Corazón es Tuyo My Heart is Yours Ana is in a job she despises, and she has just lost the home she struggled to own. In an effort to start over, she applies becomes a nanny to a wealthy widower (Fernando) with seven difficult children. She manages to charm the children and help them recover from the loss of their mother. Meanwhile, love blooms between Ana and Fernando! §  Cast: Silvia Navarro and Jorge Salinas § 8 PM, July 21, 2014* Hasta el Fin del Mundo UnSl the End of Time Ajer her father’s death, Sofia takes the helm of her family’s business, a major chocolate manufacturing company in LaSn America. Even though she is engaged, she feels an akracSon to Salvador, a race-­‐car driver who, due to unfortunate circumstances, is her chauffeur. Sofia and Salvador never Sre of demonstraSng that even though there are hurdles, love – and career success – are possible §  Cast: Silvia Navarro and Jorge Salinas § 9 PM, August 18, 2014* *Subject to Change NEW CROSS-­‐ PLATFORM CONTENT UNIVISION: La Malquerida The Bad Mistress Esteban is a handsome and capable man who offers to give Maria a hand with her hacienda ajer her husband passes away. Their relaSonship eventually becomes one of mutual love, but as Maria’s daughter develops into a beauSful young woman, Esteban discovers that he carries a secret passion for her. §  Staring Victoria Ruffo, ChrisSan Meier and Ariadne Diaz §  10PM La Gata The Stray Cat Esmeralda is a young woman who lives in the marginal neighborhood of La Barranca… a place where many live in abject poverty without the protecSon of a family. But there is hope. Esmeralda becomes friends with a young boy, Pablo, from a good family and they fall in love… a love that has to remain hidden… a love that is torn apart by lies and decepSon. But it won’t be long before love triumphs over all. §  Cast: Maite Perroni (Cuidado con el Ángel) and Daniel Arenas (Corazón Indomable) §  7PM Va Por Ti All For You A new musical reality compeSSon where LaSn music’s stars coach teams of aspiring singers, and viewers vote to save their favorite arSsts. §  Sundays §  8PM *Subject to Change NEW CROSS-­‐ PLATFORM CONTENT UNIMÁS: El Chivo The Goat Based on the novel by Nobel Prize winner Mario Vargas Llosa and set in the 1950’s, this is the real story of the Dominican Republic’s abusive dictator, Rafael Trujillo. §  10PM Pablo Escobar: El Patrón del Mal Pablo Escobar: The Drug Lord This series tells the story everybody wants to know: a detailed look into the facts that turned a common man into the most known and feared Drug Lord of all Sme. A power hungry man with no scruples and no pity for anyone. Escobar’s life is portrayed in this series in such a way, that it will change not only the history of Colombia but of the worlds. §  9PM *Subject to Change NEW CROSS-­‐ PLATFORM CONTENT GALAVISIÓN: Mis]co e Inexplicable MysSc and Inexplicable InvesSgaSve reporter Jaime Maussan leads the quest for answers to quesSons about supernatural and paranormal phenomena such as UFOs, ancient civilizaSons, parallel realiSes and other mysteries. §  Starring Mexican journalist and Mexico's leading ufologist Jaime Maussan §  8PM, Thursdays Héroes del Norte 3 Heroes of the North 3 A brand new, Spanish-­‐language original producSon of one of cable television’s Heroes of the North. In Season 3, our banda heroes are off on a Caribbean adventure. They are forced to change their idenSty, experience a series of bizarre events and return home to face new compeSSon: the women of “The heroines of the South.” § 8 PM, Tuesdays *Subject to Change NEW CROSS-­‐ PLATFORM CONTENT UNIVISION DEPORTES: Expediente Univision Deportes Univision Sports Files Hispanic audiences love storytelling – and this is storytelling around sports. Univision Deportes will add texture and context to the sports Hispanics care about most, breathing new life and depth into the events and personaliSes fans remember vividly and shedding new light on the deep and wide world of sports. § 8PM, every other Sunday Premios Deportes Univision Sports Awards The ulSmate sports award show for U.S. Hispanics, this show will honor the top athletes and teams from the leagues and sports that Hispanics care about most, including soccer, basketball, baseball, football, boxing, auto racing and more.. § Taking place in Miami § Simulcast on UDN and UniMas § 9PM, December 18, 2014* *Subject to Change NEW CROSS-­‐ PLATFORM CONTENT EL REY: Lucha Libre Mark Burnek and El Rey Network partner to bring acSon-­‐packed Lucha Libre wrestling events and new league to the U.S. The business will launch with a weekly one-­‐hour series following the journey of the new Lucha Libre wrestlers and league. Filmed in Los Angeles. § 8PM, Wednesdays, October 29, 2014 *Subject to Change NEW DIGITAL ONLY CONTENT FLAMA: The Bodega New Yorkers Alex and Jose are ambiSous yet lazy brothers who, ajer being forced to work in their dad’s bodega, conspire to take the store's success into their own hands. From upselling customers to creaSng a concert series in the bodega’s basement, these guys stop at nothing to bring home the bacon with ridiculous get-­‐rich-­‐quick schemes. As their “guerrilla markeSng” strategies start to fumble, though, their dad’s temper rises. Papi's old-­‐world Dominican tradiSons collide with the sons' entrepreneurial spirit, and hilarity is the usual result. The Secret Life of Babes Starring model, internet sensaSon and proud Dominican Lisa Ramos, this show dispels the myths about being a "perfect 10" with Lisa taking on daSng topics like the ill-­‐fated friend zone and texSng eSqueke 101. Each episode also features a guy’s step-­‐by-­‐step view on the do’s (and DON'Ts) of picking up a dream girl. *Subject to Change NEW DIGITAL ONLY CONTENT UVIDEOS: Gritos de Muerte y Libertad Cries of Death and Freedom A digital-­‐only series that will premiere simultaneously for binge viewing. The show is based on the Mexican period in the War of Independence between 1808 and 1821. § Cast: Alejandro Tommasi, Alberto Estrella El Encanto Del Águila The Charm of the Eagle A digital-­‐only series that will premiere simultaneously for binge viewing. The 13-­‐episode show is based on the Mexican RevoluSon and explores the storylines of Emiliano Zapata, Francisco Villa, and VenusSano Carranzo. § Cast: Carlos Corona, Emilio Echevarría Durmiendo con Mi Jefe Sleeping with My Boss A digital-­‐only series brings white humor for the enSre family through the story of a businessman (Jorge Or}z de Pinedo) who loses his fortune due to his wife´s wrath ajer discovering he is cheaSng on her. He is forced to work as a regular employee and starts encountering situaSons and adventures he is not prepared for… §  Starring comedian and producer Jorge OrSz and former Hoy host Raúl Araiza *Subject to Change LEARN MORE: @hispanic411 Univision.net Linkedin.com/company/univision