Why Univision Quarterly Report_Q3 2015


Why Univision Quarterly Report_Q3 2015
UCI: Q3 Media Kit The “Why Now” Report Why Hispanic Because of… The Near Term Growth 3.2 million Hispanics 18-­‐34 added through 2025 (vs. a non-­‐Hispanic decline) 2015-­‐2025 PopulaSon Change Hispanic Non-­‐Hispanic 6,005,738 3,235,793 +22% 2,084,392
+20% -294,330
18-­‐49 18-­‐34 Source: U.S. Census Bureau 2014 NaSonal ProjecSons released December 2014 The Long Term Growth By 2060, Hispanics are expected to make up nearly 31% of the populaSon NH White 64% 63% 60% 56% 51% 47% 16% Hispanic 12% 19% 22% 25% 28% 13% 8% 6% 2020 2030 2040 Million 129 Million African American Asian 5% Other 3% 2010 31% 179 2050 Source: U.S. Census 2012 Na3onal Projec3ons Released December 2012.
2060 The Spending Growth Hispanic Consumer Spending ProjecPons ($ in Billions) $1,884.1
+85% increase in Hispanic consumer spending over the next 10 years vs. +50% among NH Source: 2015 IHS Global Insight Hispanic Market Monitor The I
nfluence Use social more, share more Hispanics are 2x as likely to share, and each Hispanic user shares 5x as ohen Shares by Hispanics are 35%more likely to be clicked-­‐on 34% use Instagram vs. 21% of white Non-­‐
Hispanics 17% more likely to use Twiier vs. white Non-­‐
Hispanics. Source: ShareThis Consumer Study Online Sharing Behaviors of Hispanic Consumers Feb 2014; Nielsen Cross Pladorm Report, Table 2 -­‐ Overall Usage by Medium, Q3 2013; Duggan, M., Ellison, N.B., Lampe, C., Lenhart, A,. and Madden, M. “Social Media Update 2014,” Pew Research Center, January 2015. Why UCI Because of… Our Vast Resources Tools and Insights Strategy + Research & Consumer Insights + MarkeSng + Measurement Scarborough Custom-­‐Built Programs Cross-­‐Pla=orm Produc@on Program Management Experian Simmons Geoscape Mintel Nielsen IHS Global Insight And much more at the general and category level UCI’s Strategy & Insights team helps you capitalize on the U.S. Hispanic consumer as a source of growth 360 Programs Mul@media Crea@ve Services UCI’s Innova@on Marke@ng Team provides solu@ons and campaigns that influence our mass, loyal and engaged audience 8 CABLE BROADCAST BRAND EXTENSIONS LEADING BRANDS EMERGING BRANDS ENGLISH LANGUAGE BRANDS LOCAL MEDIA SOLUTIONS TV (61 STATIONS) EXPERIENTIAL 49 MILLION UNDUPLICATED MONTHLY REACH EMPOWERMENT Apps RADIO (67 STATIONS/16 MRKTS) STREAMING RADIO DIGITAL PORTFOLIO ENGLISH LANGUAGE BRAND Our Powerful Franchises Annual mulSmedia events that galvanize our fans The LaPn Grammy® An annual, star-­‐
studded event where LaSn Recording Academy® members honor the best in LaSn music from around the globe. Los Social Media Awards Will honor and award celebriSes and creators of the best social media content that Hispanics love. The biggest personaliSes on social media will get together for this ceremony, and bring millions of followers with them. Nuestra Belleza LaPna A reality contest where women vie for a one-­‐year, on-­‐air talent contract through beauty and talent challenges judged by a celebrity panel and fan votes. Premios Juventud The unique Hispanic youth awards show honoring the most popular in the arts, sports, and pop culture. Premio lo Nuestro The longest-­‐
running LaSn Music award show in the U.S., honoring the best in the LaSn music industry. Premios Univision Deportes The ulSmate sports awards show for U.S. Hispanics, honoring top athletes and teams Hispanics care about most. Copa America Centenario CelebraSng the 100th anniversary of the Copa America – normally just a South American compeSSon – two major soccer confederaSons have joined together into one super tournament. La Banda A new music-­‐based show done in partnership with Simon Cowell. It’s a fresh take on the singing compeSSon format to search the U.S. and LaSn America for the ulSmate LaSno boy band. Teletón Univision’s 28-­‐hour coast-­‐to-­‐coast broadcast fundraiser supporSng Teleton’s mission to improve the quality of life of children with illnesses. 10 Why Now New Q3 OpportuniSes to Fuel your Growth NEW CROSS-­‐ PLATFORM CONTENT UNIVISION: Premios Juventud Hispanic Youth Awards The only show of its kind on Spanish-­‐language television, celebraSng the preferences of Hispanic youth in 24categories that cover everything from music, film, and sports, to fashion, novelas and pop culture. §  July 16, 2015 Yo No Creo En Los Hombres (I Don’t Trust Men) Maria is a poor but ambiSous young girl who is leh at the alter by her fiancé Daniel. When he realizes what he lost , he begins harassing Maria to come back to him, at one point even murdering her best friend Julian who comes to her aid. Daniel pins the murder on Maria and legally takes her child while she is in prison. Will our leading lady take revenge on the man who conned her? §  Cast: Alejandro Camacho, Adriana Louvier, Flavio Medina, Gabriel Soto § 10PM, August 3rd Dates and Smes are all subject to change NEW CROSS-­‐ PLATFORM CONTENT UNIVISION: El Grito Mexico’s Independence Day Millions of U.S. Hispanics watch Mexico’s president ring the bell of patrioSsm while shouSng “Viva Mexico!” straight from Mexico City’s main palace, El Zocalo! This one-­‐hour special hosted by Univision talent will air live from Guanajuato and Mexico City, with cut ins from Los Angeles, and cover all things Mexican pride – music, dance, food, celebraSon and more. §  Coverage across Despierta América, El Gordo y la Flaca and Hoy § September 15th Sabado Gigante Farewell Giant Saturday Get ready for a 13-­‐week Univision Network homage as the longest running variety show in television history says goodbye. From tentpoles, to daily news and entertainment shows, to a documentary special, all of Univision will get involved in the celebra3on. §  Tribute will be held across Univision network programming beginning June 13th and will end with the final show on September 19th Dates and Smes are all subject to change NEW CROSS-­‐ PLATFORM CONTENT UNIMÁS: Ruta 35, La Valvula de Escape What happens when criminals become informants? In exchange for plea deals, criminals help federal agent Dylan Wilkins in his pursuit of drug lords and other felons. Sponsor the premiere of this fast-­‐paced drama, taking viewers through the dark and risky missions of Ruta 35. Watch the trailer here.
§  3 Network Takeover (Univision, UniMás and Galavisión): Sunday, Aug 2nd §  Regular Series: Mon-­‐Fri at 10PM on UniMás Miss USA The MISS USA® CompeSSon features contestants from all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Six are Hispanic. During the LIVE, 3 hour telecast, contestants will be judged in three categories: swimsuit, evening gown and interview. The telecast will feature 3 separate musical performances as well as individual segments featuring our contestants in their everyday life. § Sunday, July 12th § 7PM-­‐8PM Dates and Smes are all subject to change NEW CROSS-­‐ PLATFORM CONTENT UNIVISION DEPORTES: CONCACAF Gold Cup Twelve naSonal teams – including those of defending champ USA and powerhouse Mexico – compete for the North/Central America and Caribbean crown. It’s like a World Cup tournament, just with the teams U.S. Hispanics care about most. §  Each of the 26 matches is in the U.S. and live on Univision Deportes, across Univision, UniMás, UDN and Digital. §  Teams will be giving their all, as spots in Copa America Centenario 2016 and the 2017 FIFA ConfederaSons Cup are on the line. §  July 7-­‐26th 2015 Liga MX Apetura 2015 Liga MX, Mexico’s top soccer league, is the most-­‐watched soccer league in the U.S. It’s the league that brings friends and families together week in and week out to cheer the home team, no maier where they live today. Univision Deportes’ coverage of Liga MX spans TV, digital, social, radio and experienSal, with over 200 matches annually. The summer/fall “Apertura” season kicks off July 24. Dates and Smes are all subject to change LEARN MORE: @hispanic411 Univision.net Linkedin.com/company/univision 

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