Amberhill 2012 White Tech Sheet



Amberhill 2012 White Tech Sheet
a chic new package and Amber, the, fun flirty face of Amberhill Wines.
2012 Secret Blend WhiteWine
about the wine
Stylish, Bold, and Alluring - This fabulous white blend is sure to be the life
of any party. The secret ingredients are a refreshing blend of Sauvignon
Blanc, Chardonnay and Moscato. Amber brings to you, a flirty blend,
perfect for dinner parties, a night in with friends or just a party
because it’s Tuesday! Style has never tasted so good!
vintage and vineyards
This year's 2012 vintage is being described as "excellent,"
"outstanding" and "ideal” by many, as the wine grape harvest
across California yielded generous amounts of high quality
fruit. In our vineyards, textbook conditions saw near-ideal
spring bud break, steady flowering, even fruit set, and a
lengthy stretch of warm days and cool and often foggy
nights during the long summer months. Late and light rains
held off until our treasured wine grapes found optimal
ripeness, bringing exceptional quality to the crush pad and
into the cellar.
tasting notes
This bright white wine is reminiscent of a warm, breezy
summer evening sharing oysters on the half shell and
a good laugh with close friends. It’s made up of
integrated flavors of peach, melon, citrus and a finish
that awakens the appetite. There are hints of vanilla
spice, honeysuckle, and lemon zest that come
together with a crisp and refreshing finish.
Pair Amberhill Secret White Blend with a sprinkle of
your best girl friends, a dash of bright pink glossy lips
and garnish with a fun and flirty attitude for an unfor gettable night.
For additional recipes, visit our Pairings page at
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