December - Typ356NE Home Page


December - Typ356NE Home Page
Official newsletter of
Volume 14, Issue 12L, Dec 1, 2014
Huge Turnout for Paul Russell Tour
Easily our biggest attended event of the year, 100 members and guests drove to Essex, MA to tour the
Paul Russell Restoration facility. Several 356’s were driven to the event on the clear but cold November
day. The picture above shows the Tubs at Woodmans for lunch after the tour.
See page 4 for more details.
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Presidents Message
TYP356ne Officers
President– Tom Tate
Vice President– Peter Venuti
Secretary—Peter French
Treasurer—Dennis McGurk
Membership Chairman—Allen Sisson
Website Coordinator Gordon Nichols
Newsletter Editor –Ed Tobolski
Event Calendar—Bill Sooter
Directors at largeNorman T. Brust
Louis Frate
Ralph Hadley
Jeff Leeds
The batteries are still in place waiting for that last warm day
that will allow a quick run over that favorite local road before
winter is truly here. I know snow has already made it's mark
and salt was thrown in some areas but a dry road and 50 degrees would still prompt me to pull something out of the garage
and make a run for it. I've hedged my bets and put a new set of
Blizzacks on rims for the Audi RS4. So if the weatherman lied
(what a surprise) and mid fifties doesn't appear, I'll have the ice
racing season to look forward to.
We're all looking forward to the Holiday/New Year party
in January to see everyone again (see page 5). Don't forget to
bring along a few things for the door prize drawing. We all like
to take a prize home, especially something automotive. See you
KTF Tom Tate
What’s in this issue?
Calendar of Events - page 3
Membership Report -page 3
Events held in November–page 4
2015 New Year/Holiday party—page 5
2015 Planning Party– page 5
West Coash Holiday Report—page 6
For Sale– Wanted — page 6
Club items for sale—page 7
Club Sponsors - page 8
2015 Calendar of event
January 2015
Sunday, January 11th — 2015 New Year/Holiday Party, see page 5
Saturday, January 24th —2015 Planning Meeting, see page 5
For more information visit the club website -
Membership Report
All Members:
The yearly $30.00 club dues for 2015 are due on 1/1/15 and overdue on 2/1/15.
For most of us the club dues are due now; however for a small number of members this does not apply. If you have paid dues for 2 to 3 years in advance, or if you joined the club for the first time after
October 1, 2014, you do not owe dues for 2015. If you are new to the club and cannot remember if you
joined after 10/1/14, or, if you are a member that paid several years in advance and cannot remember
if this is the year you owe dues again, just send an email to me asking about your dues status. I will
then let you know if you are all paid up or not.
Since the New Year/Holiday Party reservations are due now also, you can just send one check, made out
to “TYP356ne”, to me at the address as listed below for the appropriate amount depending on what you
want to pay for. Your payment options are as follows:
(Note—The New Years-Holiday party reservations are due by December 22nd, see page 5)
1. To pay only your 2015 year club dues pay: $30.00
2. To pay your club dues + one person for the New Year-Holiday Party pay: $65.00
3. To pay your club dues + 2 people for the New Year-Holiday Party pay: $100.00
Allen Sisson, Membership Chairman,TYP356ne
11 Spruce Way
Medfield, MA 02052
[email protected]
TubTimes is the official newsletter of TYP356ne. It is published 12 times a year in two different versions. Full issues of TubTimes are published 4 times a year on Feb. 1, May 1, Aug. 1 and Nov. 1.
TubTimes Lite issues are published on the first day of all of the other months of the year. TubTimes Lite
issues are limited to the current and future events plus the For Sale/Wanted section, Goodie store, and
our sponsor information. The full issues of TubTimes includes the same information plus additional articles of interest to club members.
All club members are encouraged to send Porsche or car related articles/pictures to the editor for inclusion into TubTimes. The deadlines for each issue are 5 days before the first of each month.
Ed Tobolski, editor, [email protected]
Paul Russell Tour
Saturday, Nov 15th, 85 members and 15 guests
traveled to Essex, MA to tour the Paul Russell
restoration facility. It was a bright and sunny
fall day, great for driving a Porsche. Unfortunately, it was also cold so many, but not all, of
the Tubs stayed home.
Having the ability to tour the Paul Russell restoration shops in Essex, MA, is a special treat for
any car enthusiast. This facility is world class.
It has a reputation at the very top in it’s field
with several Pebble Beach winners to their
credit. We are fortunate to have Paul Russell’s
sales manager as a member of TYP356ne. Fellow 356 owner Alex Finnegan, gave us an informative tour of this outstanding facility.
They did not allow any pictures inside the facility, the result of someone on a previous tour
taking a picture of something they should not
have and putting it on the internet. For a while
they did not have tours but they have recently
started again. Check out their website to see
some of the cars they work on—
Paul Russell’s philosophy is not to restore a car
to perfection. Their objective is to restore a car
to the way it came from the factory when it was
new. If a car had sloppy welds or overspray
when it left the factory, it will have the same
welds and overspray when it leaves Paul Russell. It would be like having a car just the way it
rolled out of the factory 50 years ago. They are
very successful and have a huge backlog, with
some customers having more than one car in
the restoration process. Currently, if you want
to have a car completely restored, it will be 3
years before you get your car finished. Alex
said they are looking for 2 more mechanics but
finding the right people is a big problem. Factory trained mechanics don’t work out. They
need mechanically talented people who think
logically with extreme attention to detail. Mechanics normally have one major project and 2
or 3 subprojects to fill in while they are waiting
for other work on their main projects to be
done. Their attention to detail is unmatched. Each
car is meticulously disassembled, cataloged, repaired or replaced and eventually reassembled to
the way it was when it was new. They do extensive
research to make sure they know exactly what the
car looked like when it was built. This can be a difficult process when they are working on a very rare
old car.
We saw about 50 cars in the shops, from a VW
Thing to a $40 million special Ferrari Testa Rosa,
that was one of only 4 made. Every car there had a
story and Alex knows them all. They started in
business as a Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gull Wing
Coupe restoration facility and, while they still do
lots of the Mercedes coupes and roadsters they
have branched out to all of the worlds primo
brands— Porsches, Ferraris, Aston Martins, Bugattis,
Bentleys and Delahayes were everywhere. The only
American made car I saw there, other than Alex’s 32
Ford 5 window coupe with a huge hemi engine sitting in the parking lot (see picture), was a 427 Cobra. It fit in well with the other cars there.
When asked if they ever run any of the cars, Alex
told us about recently running the engine of a 50’s
Ferrari race car that the owner runs in vintage races. This car was rough, clearly the owner used and
enjoyed it a lot. They backed the car outside and
fired it up, holding the engine at 2000 rpm for
about 20 minutes to get it hot. The neighbors heard
the noise and thinking the place blew up, called the
police. I wish I had been there!!!
After the tour many of us went to the nearby Woodman’s restaurant for some fried seafood and conversation. Those who did drive a 356 to the event
were treated to a beer at Woodman's by Tom Tate.
Thanks to Alex and Paul Russell for allowing us to
experience their facility for a couple hours. Ed T.
Scenes from the
parking lot
Left– Alex’s daily
Right- A 300SL
Gull Wing Coupe
Club Events to be held in January
TYP356ne NEW YEAR-Holiday Party
The TYP356ne Club Cordially invites you to join us for our annual party
to celebrate the conclusion of the 2014 Driving Season
WHEN: Sunday, January 11th, 2015
WHERE : Andover Country Club
60 Canterbury St.
Andover, Mass
TIME: 12:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Cost : $35.00 per person
Send your payment to Allen Sisson at the address below by December 22, 2014
Since this is also the time to renew your membership you can just send one check to Allen Sisson at his
address as listed below made out to “TYP356ne” for the appropriate amount depending on what you
want to pay for. Your payment options are as follows:
pay only for the New Year-Holiday party pay: $35.00 per person
pay only your 2015 year club dues pay: $30.00
pay your club dues + one person for the New Year-Holiday Party pay: $65.00
pay your club dues + 2 people for the New Year-Holiday Party pay: $100.00
Allen Sisson
Membership TYP356ne
11 Spruce Way
Medfield, MA 02052
New Year-Holiday Party Raffle
It's that time once again to begin thinking about all those Porsche and other desirable items that you
own and have absolutely no use for. We need you to dig deep into your collections, to decide which of
these items you'd be willing to (or can't wait to) part with and take them along with you to our club's annual holiday party on January 11th.
No item is too small or too large. Once you've decided on which item or items you'd like to donate to our
raffle, please email me at [email protected], so I can add your items to our list. There's no doubt that
between E-Bay, the Samba, 356 Classifieds, and the LA Swap Meet, many of our members have piles of
items lying around their garages and basements. This is a great time to clean out a few things and donate them to a good cause. Send me an email to let me know if you'll be donating an item for the raffle.
I hope to hear from many of you before the party. Best regards, Bob DiCorpo
2015 Planning Party January 24th
The club is always looking for new interesting ideas for events during the coming year. The 2015 planning party is an opportunity to express your opinion on those events and to participate in the selection
of events. This year’s party will again be held at the Burlington, MA library.
Here are the detailsDate - Saturday, Jan 24, 2015
Time— Starts at 10am, goes to noon, lunch at a local watering hole after.
Location —Burlington Public Library, 22 Sears St, Burlington, MA 01803
Recent non-club Club Events
West Coast Holiday
by Alex Dearborn
Unfortunately, there's not much 356 content in my road trip to WCH; it was mechanically uneventful
thanks to the '11 BMW. Heading west from Maine, the last Porsche we saw was probably in Worcester, and by Buffalo, there were no more German sports cars of any kind. By the time we got to the
Bakken Reserve in North Dakota (scene of America's "energy independence"), there weren't even any
cars...... brand-new pickups and Escalades were the transport of choice in this culturally-unique piece
of the USA. Eagle-eyed Danna did spot a 356 in western Montana, but it was resting. My 200mm lens
sucked it into the camera from a rural back yard. See photo. Alex
Porsche items For Sale/Wanted
For sale:
Full Colgan bra for 356B. Fits 356B coupe, cabrio. Not sure if it fits 356B T5 Roadster, but it doesn't
quite fit my 1962 356B T6 Roadster. Retail new: $135.00. now $60.00.
Alex Dearborn
Kittery Point, ME 03905
[email protected]
Mobile: 978 590-5079
For Sale:
Fuch alloy wheel, 8J X 15, off of a 944. Fair condition, holds air but has a
slightly bent lip, see picture.
Best offer– Ed Tobolski [email protected]
TYP356ne is not responsible for omissions, errors, misrepresentations, payments, etc relative to any
classified advertisements. Buy at you own risk!! Send all for sale and wanted items to
Ed Tobolski at [email protected] These items will be run once unless renewed.
Club Items Available
TYP356ne has an online store where you can order
hats, polo shirts, canvas bags, and any other item that Land's End
Business Outfitters carry in their inventory. The store address is:
You know it is our store because TYP356ne will appear in the upper
left hand corner of the website. You can customize any of the items
you purchase with the black oval patch and/or the gold TYP356ne
Name Tags -
We have found a quality vendor that can make and
ship you a personalized TYP356ne name badge. They are $8.50 each
with the pin style attachment and $10.50 each with a magnetic attachment, plus $3.95 postage. Note: the magnetic backing means you do not
have to put pin holes in your TYP356ne polo shirt to wear your name
To order go to
categoryid=207 and click on the TYP356ne name badge and it will take you through the process. Within a
few days you will have your personalized TYP356ne name badge delivered right to your door. If you
have any comments or questions contact Tom Gentz at [email protected]
Club Grille Badge
Club members can purchase the "Official Club Badge" for a cost of
$35.00. It is a beautiful badge. Contact Peter Venuti at [email protected] for further information.
Life’s too Short to drive Boring Cars!!!
For more Club information visit the club website –
TYP356ne – Club Sponsors
Meister Restorations
Telephone: (207) 698-7646
Fax: (207) 698-7706
Email: [email protected]
Owner: Jim Mallette
Toll Free: (877) 218-2195
Fax: (978) 777-9985
Email: [email protected]
Owner: Richard MacKoul
220 Worcester St - Rt 122
North Grafton, MA
Shop: (508) 839-232
Owners: Rainer Cooney and Jerry Draco
Location: Rt. 28, North Barnstead, NH
Shipping (UPS etc) Address:1414 Suncook Valley Rd
Center Barnstead, NH. 03225
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 846
Alton, NH. 03809
Tel: 603-776-3561
Owner: George Nelson
Tel: 617-333-0275
E-Mail: [email protected]
Foreign Car Repairs
Paint and Collision Experts
Used Car Inventory
For more Club information visit the club website –

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