Elbeo Corporate Brochure


Elbeo Corporate Brochure
As new local and international investors and businesses enter into the Nigerian economy, and as previously
government-dominated sectors of the economy are liberalized, there is a significant increase in the number
of brands and services competing for attention and custom. Given the level of competition in most industries,
marketing skills have become a major requirement for discerning organizations seeking to distinguish their
products and services as a strategy for market success.
Elbeo helps its clients to develop marketing strategies
which are appropriate to deliver their business
objectives. Elbeo can also secure resources to execute
these strategies creatively and technically in order
to promote the clients brands to greater advantage
versus competition.
Elbeo Limited is a marketing skills and resources supplier to corporate organizations seeking to employ
world-class marketing expertise in their enterprise while not necessarily interested to develop such expertise
in-house. Elbeo supports its clientele with superior marketing expertise to enable them attain leadership in their
industry and position them for sustained success in their areas of commercial activity.
Our clients’ successes translate into a wider choice of high quality goods and services available to consumers in
the various markets in which these clients operate. Our participation also means that these consumers are better
informed about the choices available to them and can therefore maximize their spending to meet their needs.
Our services include:
• Market Intelligence & Strategy Development
• Marketing Plan & Management Recruitment
• Marketing Manpower Training & Development
• Strategy Review and Consolidation
Elbeo currently operates in the Nigerian market and in the United Kingdom, where it focuses on businesses
looking to establish a presence in Nigeria. We will rapidly expand into other countries on the African continent
and the Middle East.
Market Intelligence & Strategy Development
We help our clients to define or redefine their
marketing strategies in consonance with the best
understanding of the market place. Key elements
of this service include customized market research,
high level business analysis, cross functional business
strategy review and marketing strategies development.
Elbeo will provide leadership within the African continent to develop a crop
of highly successful African businesses and business leaders who have
world-class credentials along with global outlook and ambition.
We will employ in-depth analysis of market trends,
competitive landscape and target market segments
to strengthen brand equity, improve market position
and optimize return on marketing investment. This
will ultimately enhance shareholder value.
Marketing Plan & Management Recruitment
The highly distilled Marketing strategies will be
translated into a holistic Marketing plan that will be
championed and executed by the client’s resources.
Elbeo will also provide human resources consultancy
services to identify and recruit competent individuals
who possess requisite skills to manage commercial
operations and lead the execution of our clients
marketing plans. Such individuals will, upon request,
be further equipped with skills through our Marketing
Manpower Training & Development service.
Marketing Manpower Training & Development
We will help our clients to develop and maximize high
level marketing talent as a component of a successful
business model. Key elements of this service include
formal training courses and seminars, in-house
training programmes, field project attachment
programmes and mentoring programmes
Strategy Review and Consolidation
During or post execution of the marketing plan, Elbeo
is able to conduct an assessment of the organization’s
performance against the marketing strategies via a
systematic review of internal and external parameters.
This will be tied back to actual market performance
to enable our clients to assess the impact of their
marketing investment on business performance.
“We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all
our exploring will be to arrive where we first started and
know the place for the first time.”
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An organisation’s capacity to effectively train its people is part of its
ability to survive. The absence of this capacity could reveal itself
as a flaw in a number of destructive ways, including loss of bottom
line profits.
Current methodologies for managing quantitative research
fieldwork are manual and often error-prone. Field interviews
are conducted manually using photocopied questionnaires and
checklists which create logistics challenges at collation and dataentry stages. While this manual approach provides basic audit
data, it does not enable deep analysis of critical developments
affecting client’s brand or product distribution.
It is becoming increasingly more important for organisations to
gain competitive advantage over their rivals. One way of ensuring
this competitive advantage is to develop a highly skilled workforce
equipped with the knowledge and expertise required to stay ahead
in the marketplace. Continuous training and re-training provide
the required knowledge that keeps organisations ahead of their
It is also important to balance this much needed learning with
the demand on the employees’ time to ensure efficiency and the
smooth running of organisations. For organisations to maximize
the enormous benefits in developing the capabilities of their
workforce, they need the right type of training for the right people,
available at the right time.
Elbeo Academy™ is able to offer corporate and functional training
tailored to suit the needs of your organisation and to deliver high
quality professional development. Whether your preferred mode of
learning is the traditional classroom style of training or e-learning,
Elbeo Academy™ has on its faculty highly skilled and experienced
trainers who are able to employ either system or a combination of
both to deliver world class training when needed.
Elbeo will be the
reference point
for marketing
expertise and
training on the
African continent.
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List of Available Courses
1. Developing Great Advertising
2. Brand Design And Creative Thinking
3. Managing Brand And Agency Relationships
4. Developing And Managing Your Web Strategy
5. Brand Building Excellence
6. Managing For Success
7. Value Added Marketing
8. Brand Promotion And Activation
9. Building A Customer Service Culture
10. Service Marketing
11. Key Account Management
12. Sales Team Design And Management
13. Business Ethics And Corporate Governance
14. Perception Management Principles
15. Financial Forecast And Business Analysis
16. Market Intelligence And Business Strategy
Elbeo’s fully automated market research solutions employ the
latest communication technology infrastructure and intelligence
to achieve highly time-efficient and cost effective results. Elbeo
Mobile Research will achieve quick turnaround time on research
field work, significantly reducing timelines while delivering high
quality, accurate information necessary for decision making.
Omnibus surveys provide those seeking information about
markets and opinions with a means to get quick, relatively low
cost answers to their questions without financing and organizing
a full market or opinion research survey themselves. The
omnibus also allows clients to obtain quick answers to questions
of immediate interest, provides information on topics that do not
require a full survey, helps develop and pilot questions for other
surveys and provides information on trends over time.
Retail auditing is the collection of information on a company’s
distribution, positioning and compliance for their brands and
products. Retail audits help discover the main reasons for products
being off-shelf which may be because of supply/distribution
problems, incorrect master data or store replenishment issues. It
is also a formal examination and verification of either how much
of a product has sold at the store level (retail audit) or how much
of a product has been withdrawn from warehouses and delivered
to retailers (wholesale to retail audits).
Polling is crucial for public and political campaigns. Poll results
tell candidates where they stand: how well known they are,
who knows them and what people think of them. Polls also
tell candidates about the opinions of the electorate. Polling
lets candidates know which of their existing views they should
emphasize and which they should not emphasize. Polling
information is used by candidates to help them understand the
public. It helps them to understand their constituency rather
than pander to it. Polling provides candidates with a greater sense
of concerns of their electorate than was possible before.
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Elbeo has provided consultancy services to a wide range of clients, spanning Medical Care, Information Technology,
Telecommunications and Construction industries. Elbeo Limited has provided Market Research and Strategy
solutions to a wide range of clients across various sectors of the Nigerian economy since 2007.
Olanrewaju Oke | Dip (Econ.) U. London, M.Inst.D
Founder and Director
Dapo Ojo-Ade | MFA AA History, BFA Fine Arts (O.A.U)
Mr. Oke is a seasoned business executive with over 18 years
of marketing & sales and general management experience
including over 10 years with Procter & Gamble EMEA
(Europe, Middle East & Africa). His experience spans
multiple product categories and industry sectors in nine
different countries across Africa and the Middle East.
Mr. Ojo-Ade is Creative director for Elbeo Limited. He has
over 16 years experience in developing a variety of corporate
identities and print materials for companies both within
Nigeria and the United States. As a member of LINKSERVE,
Nigeria’s Premiere Internet Service Provider, he worked as
an in-house designer to produce the company’s marketing
materials and he also successfully coordinated and managed
the development of several client websites.
Notable Elbeo clients include global market leaders such as Pfizer, Coca-Cola and the World Bank in Nigeria.
Elbeo has also serviced highly successful indigenous corporate organizations such as Interswitch, Hygeia HMO,
Oceanic Bank and the Asset Management subsidiary of GT Bank. Our services to these customers included
Business/Marketing strategy development; Brand development; Marketing & Sales Resource consulting and also
Strategy audit and consolidation.
The range of experience in-house is of highly international profile and pedigree, cutting across the Fast Moving
Consumer Goods (FMCG), Information Technology, Telecommunications, Advertising and Market Research
industries. This experience covers both business to business and business to consumer operations.
Elbeo will prosper as an organization not only from the financial rewards of
our successful activities but also from the goodwill and reputation that we
will enjoy from our highly successful clients and from the consumers in the
markets in which we operate.
Lanre has held C-level positions in leading companies in the
Telecommunications and Media & Entertainment sectors
across Africa. He also led the creation and establishment
of Accelon, one of the most prominent and admired data
telecommunications brands in Africa.
He holds a Bachelor of Science (honours) degree in
Mechanical Engineering from the Obafemi Awolowo
University, Ile-Ife, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Economic
Principles from the University of London and joint PostGraduate Diplomas in Theology and Leadership Studies
from the International Bible Institute & Leadership Training
School, Ikoyi, Lagos. He is a member of the Institute of
Directors (IOD) in Nigeria.
Olatunde Awe | DipM (UK), MCIM, AMNIM
Group Executive Director and Managing Consultant, Elbeo UK
A marketing professional with more than 5 years of B2B
marketing experience spanning the FMCG and SME
industries in the UK and 8 years B2C marketing experience,
managing multi-million $ revenue and profit for global
FMCG brands in West Africa. Mr Awe has businessbuilding Brand Management, Customer Marketing,
Market Research and Service Marketing experience,
from both Africa and Europe, working for sector leaders
like ChevronTexaco, Procter & Gamble, The Coca-Cola
Company & The Nielsen Company. He has developed and
led cross-functional execution of strategic marketing plans
that grew market share and profit.
Tunde’s strength lies in his ability to evaluate, conceptualise
and swiftly implement actionable commercial solutions.
His wealth of experience from several categories and
business sectors make him a valuable resource for our
growing client base.
Group Creative Director
An award-winning designer, Dapo holds a Bachelor of
Art in Fine Arts and a Master of Art from the Obafemi
Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, and a Certificate in Digital
Design from the College of Southern Maryland.
Tolulope Oke | MBA (Surrey)
Group Executive Director and Managing Consultant, Elbeo
Mrs. Oke is the co-founder and a director of Elbeo. She is
a trained and seasoned administrator with experience in
both local and Fortune 500 multinational companies. Her
strengths are Administration and Corporate Training and
She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Botany from
Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, a post Graduate
Diploma in Business Management from the Federal
University of Technology, Akure and a Master of Business
Administration from the University of Surrey, Guildford,
Mariam Fagbemi | B.A. Linguistics (Ilorin)
Non-Executive Director (Group)
Mrs Fagbemi has over 14 years experience in the
research field during which she has championed market
and media research. She is well versed in questionnaire
design, reporting and presentation aimed at helping the
clients better understand the market and choose winning
strategies. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Linguistics
from the University of Ilorin.
A prize-winning scholar, Tunde holds a Bachelor of
Science (honours) degree in Chemical Engineering from
the University of Lagos and a Professional Postgraduate
Diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of
Marketing in the UK.
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Contact us
[email protected]

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