2012 - 2013 - America`s Television Network



2012 - 2013 - America`s Television Network
America’s Television Network, Inc.
“Emmy Nom”: 2012
The turnaround came in early 2012 when private investors, believing in
the viability of the company and reaffirming their confidence in David
Hare’s ability to both manage and lead a creative enterprise, seeded
the capitol that facilitated the purchase of new state of the art
Hubble Hare, “Master Control”
television editing and production equipment. For the first time in it’s
history, the company that would become America’s Television Network
had their own production gear and digital edit suite; enabling them to
take on any number of video, audio, or television projects and complete
them all, in-house. Additional purchases soon followed, further
strengthening the company’s technical capabilities.
Incorporated: 2013
With its early earnings and another influx of capitol from investors,
America’s Television Network was able to acquire the equipment that
enabled them to stream over the Internet twenty-four hours a day, and
seven days a week. The company also expanded its online presence by
Within weeks, the reborn company was producing video projects for
streaming on multiple platforms. In May of 2013, America’s Television
area businesses. In the early fall, the company was contracted by the
Network entered into an agreement with Time Warner Cable that
Cancer Support Community of Pasadena, California to produce a video
placed the Network in a quarter of a million households in South
feature hosted by seven-time Emmy nominee and three-time Golden
Orange County, California. America’s Television Network can be seen
Globe nominee, Jane Kaczmarek of “Malcolm in the Middle” fame (Fox
on Cox Cable, channel 109, every night of the week between 8:00 PM
and 10:00 PM and is soon expanding to 8:00 PM to midnight.
On November 28th. 2012, America’s Television Network officially
In July of 2013 the company and all of its interests were organized
launched with a simple online stream. The new Network was soon
under the newly established California Corporation, America’s
attracting thousands of online viewers and engaging hundreds more
Television Network, Inc., a privately traded company.
via social media.
© America’s Television Network, Inc.

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