elchair housing design guide) ri- chiedono che le unità



elchair housing design guide) ri- chiedono che le unità
Additional services. A number of parking spaces are provided
close to venues for shuttle buses travelling to and from the
train and bus stations. In addition to the above, there will
be numerous accessible toilets, including toilet facilities
with a hoist, and facilities for guide dogs. Information is
readily available. Every sporting facility is geared up with
commentary and audio facilities, audio enhancements for
the visually impaired and for the hard of hearing.
The Athletes’ Village. The Olympic Village, home to the
athletes and officials, boasts 2,818 new apartments, built
on 11 lots of land, all of which have a courtyard, gardens and
balcony, covering a total of 65 blocks. During the Games
the Village will offer accommodation, shops, restaurants,
and much more. The Village Plaza will be the meeting point
for the Village guests, which is only 7 minutes away from
central London by a shuttle service.
The inheritance after the Games. The Village, as well as the
other buildings, have been designed with the aim of leaving
a tangible and lasting infrastructure in place for future use
by Londoners. The transformation will offer 2,800 new flats,
of which 1,379 are very accessible. The local community
will inherit new parks, open spaces, transport, and other
facilities, such as the Chobham Academy, a campus for
students with up to 18,000 places.
Accessible accomodation. All apartments are fully accessible
Questo punto è esemplificato
nella guida alle buone prassi datata 2007 del sindaco di Londra,
Wheelchair Accessible Housing,
che sostiene la politica del Piano
di Londra e richiede che il 10%
dei nuovi appartamenti siano
accessibili o facilmente adattabili per persone su sedia a ruote.
I principi della progettazione
inclusiva (espressi anche in Whe-
elchair housing design guide) richiedono che le unità accessibili
alle sedie a ruote, sia attrezzate
che adattate, non siano distinguibili dalle case standard e che
siano caratterizzate dalla possibilità di scelta dimensionale,
indicata dal numero di camere
da letto, dal numero di piani e
dall’aspetto degli appartamenti.
and have lifts. In Great Britain, there is an ever increasing
interest in providing accomodation for wheelchair users,
which is well documented in the London Mayor’s best
practice guide Wheelchair Accessible Housing (2007). The
practice supports an inclusive policy which requires 10%
of all newly built flats in London to achieve the highest
standards of accessibility or be easily adapted to the needs
of wheelchair users. The principles of inclusive design, also
detailed in the Wheelchair Housing Design Guide, require that
accommodation made accessible to wheelchair users present
themselves in exactly the same way as for the able bodied.

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