Aug 2012 - crescent shriners


Aug 2012 - crescent shriners
Crescent Rasul
Westampton, NJ
August 2012 / September 2012
Volume 77, Number 4
I can’t wait for
Potentate’s Ball
Published in the interests of the Nobility in general and
Crescent Shriners in particular, under the auspices of
Imperial Council of Shriners International
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September, 15, 2012
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Crescent Shriners
October 13
Crescent Temple
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Vincent M. Colasanti
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Henry J. Haughey
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Chief Rabban
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Lee A. Grimes
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Assistant Rabban
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Frank A. Bogdzio
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High Priest & Prophet
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Gerald D. Jeitner, Jr.
3031 Sherman Ave.
Pennsauken, NJ 08109
Oriental Guide
[email protected]
William R. Rudolph
10 Manor Drive
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[email protected]
Ill. Richard W. Brewster, P.P.
257 Gemini Dr., 1-B
Hillsborough, NJ 08844
[email protected]
Rodger L. Smith
3 American Way
Glen Gardner, NJ 08826
1st Ceremonial Master
[email protected]
Brian K. Minker
201 Fleetwood Ave
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2nd Ceremonial Master
[email protected]
David R. Saunders
104 Oxford Ave.
Berlin, NJ 08009
[email protected]
James J. Richardson
8 Greenwich Dr.
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Captain of the Guard
(cell) 267-252-0574
[email protected]
Edward R. Petkevis
1380 Hornberger Ave.
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[email protected]
George J Wigginton
1505 Marne Hwy
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Outer Guard
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Rasul staff
Maggie Singer, Kathy Haughey
Henry Haughey
Place YOUR AD in the
Rasul just call the office at
Illustrious Potentate
Vincent M. Colasanti
Pisauro, Levy & Palumbo, PA
Certified Public Accountants and Consultants
34 Scotch Road • Ewing, NJ 08628
Phone: 609-883-4404 • Fax: 609-883-0030
Girard A. Pisauro, III, CPA
Sharon Madorma-Grimes
Imperial Potentate
Alan W. Madsen
2012 - 2013
We would like to thank those Nobles who faithfully send
their monthly donations to our Mortgage Reduction Fund.
And we encourage more Nobles to consider contributing.
This month
James & Paula Allison
Jim & Cheryl Thompson
Harry & Joyce Winkler
John C. Johnson
Remember for a donation of $500 dollars
you will receive a gold leaf on our giving tree
in the main lobby.
You can designate if the donation goes to
supporting the operations of the Temple or
goes directly to the mortgage principal.
Potentate Message
All who attended the Imperial Convention in
Charlotte North Carolina would agree with me,
when I say, that it was a very informative and fun
week. The local news channel in Charlotte who
covered the parade said that the city of Charlotte
takes pride in their Christmas parade because it is
45 minutes long, however the Imperial Shriners
Parade took the lead in parade length by staging a
2 hour long parade! Crescent was represented by
the motorcycle club, and the clowns.
Communication is one of the most important
actors in belonging to an organization our size.
Please keep in mind when your club or unit is
planning a function send your advertisement to
the Web Master, Henry Haughey, to avoid any
It’s BBQ season, at your house, your brother’s
house, your in-law's house, the Shrine, Grand
Lodge, your lodge, your clubs, your units, your
neighbor’s house……have a great time at all of
them, and watch your waist line!!!!
Yours in Faith
Recorder Ramblings
Dear Nobles:
Hard to believe the summer is winding down. I hope you all had
a fun and healthy season. A quick reminder, if you are
interested in attending MASA you must contact the office
immediately so we can include you in the final count. As
always, I look forward to a fun time in Virginia Beach.
Our 50/50 raffle tickets are being sold for $100 per ticket.
There are only 1000 tickets printed so the odds are great! Please
purchase your ticket soon and let anyone else you know they are
available for sale. If you prefer, you can make payments for the
purchase; please just contact the office and we will set you up.
There are several events still coming up on the schedule and I
anticipate seeing many nobles out for them as well as helping
setting up for them. Let’s strive for better attendance at our
meetings and socials.
Be well and I hope to see you all soon.
Call the office to buy a ticket
We drove in the Florence Township Fire Department’s 100th
Anniversary and Independence Day Parade to honor our
Emeritus Member, Bud Miller, who always made sure we got
into their parade. Bud was present to see us off for the
parade, but unfortunately, could not ride along with us. It was
a hot day and a very long parade 1.6 miles long.
We are always looking for additional members and extend an
invitation to check us out. You do not have to own a mini car
to be a member. Our goal is to have a membership of two
non-car owners for every car in the fleet. Any noble
interested in joining should contact a member of the Unit or
the Shrine office to express your interest. Also, you may
come by our room on any Units’ night to talk to us and get
more information.
Please see our pictures on the Unit’s web page
of the Crescent Shrine web site.
Motor Corps. Mini Car Unit
Ed Pearson, Secretary
July 13, 2012
The Motor Corps. Mini Car Unit has completed the busy
parade days on our calendar in great form. After participating
in the Pennsville Parade the week before Memorial Day, we
drove in the Memorial Day parades in Allentown and
Farmingdale which were hot affairs, but we survived.
This July 4th we split the Unit into two parade teams. One
team participated in the Haddonfield and Runnemede
Parades and the other team appeared, for our first time, in the
Philadelphia Independence Day Parade. We feel we were
successful fielding two teams for the parades, but we need
more members and cars to really look good doing so.
As usual, Kings Highway in Haddonfield was jammed with
spectators cheering our Mini Cars from start to finish. Prior
to the Runnemede Parade, a woman approached us and asked
if we were affiliated with Shriners Hospital? She said that is
where her son gets his prosthetic arm. It is chance meetings
such as this, which makes our efforts to get to parades and
spread the Shriners message so fulfilling and worthwhile.
Those in other parade units know of this, too, as such an event
happens frequently throughout the year.
The photo with this article was taken before the Philadelphia
parade. It is of Sage, Champ Coddington’s grandson, who
was the Shriners Hospitals’ Child Ambassador for the year
2005. Sage road in the parade with the Unit and received the
appreciation of the huge crowd along the route, with the Mini
It is my great pleasure and honor to have accepted the office of
Treasurer of the Temple and all the responsibilities and duties entrusted to
me. I thank you and will work as hard as I can in order to gain your trust,
respect, and above all, your friendship. So far I have been studying the
financial day-to-day expenses and receipts of our Temple. It is my
intention that a treasurer’s report be given at the September Stated
Meeting and all Stated Meetings to follow.
During the first month as your treasurer, I have asked innumerable
questions concerning our expenses. I can assure you that no matter how
basic or complex my questions, the answers have always been direct and
very helpful. The financial complexities of our Temple require a treasurer
that is willing to study and become knowledgeable of the financial issues,
and safeguard the interests of all Nobles. My belief is that all officers
serve the Nobles.
One of my first goals was to read and understand the responsibilities of
the treasurer as prescribed by the bylaws. These duties are far reaching
and comprehensive. Please read them in order to understand the duties
entrusted to the treasurer.
William Rudolph, Treasurer
§ 327.4 Treasurer.
(a) Duties. It is the duty of the treasurer to:
(1) Act as the chief financial officer of the temple, under the general
supervision of the potentate.
(2) Act as custodian of all funds.
(3) Sign or countersign, if available, all checks for the withdrawal of
funds, in accordance with resolutions adopted by the board of directors.
(4) Examine as often as necessary the financial reports and books of
account of the temple.
(5) When requested at any meeting of the temple, give a financial
report of the revenue and expenditures of the temple since the last report.
(6) Prepare from books and records of the temple and submit at its
annual meeting the following information:
(i) An annual statement of the financial condition;
(ii) An annual operating statement; and
(iii) Any other or supplementary report or statement necessary to
disclose the true financial condition, the nature and current value of
the assets, the operating results, the income and sources thereof, of the
temple and any affiliated, subsidiary or appendant corporation or fund.
(7) Present his books and papers to the auditor whenever required.
Amend. 1989, 2009
Daughters of the Nile
Chief Rabban
The Divan and Nobles of Crescent Shrine
Wish to thank the Daughters of the Nile for
their generous donation to
Shriners Hospital for Children Philadelphia
One Million Dollars
This brings the donations to Philadelphia to
three million dollars and donations to all the
Shrine Hospitals to Fifty Million Dollars
Great Job Ladies
My fellow Nobles and Ladies
First let me welcome Noble William Rudolph as our new
Treasurer we know he will do a great job. I hope everyone will join
me in thanking Past Potentate Harvey Levin for his many years of
service and I hope to welcome him as Treasurer Emeritus in January.
We just came back from the Imperial Session in
Charlotte North Carolina and as always there was a great turn out of
Nobles and their Ladies. We had meetings on many important matters
and saw some great presentations about the state of OUR Hospitals
and I am glad to report that things are turning around. Three years ago
there was talk of closing Hospitals now there is talk of opening
Hospitals. There is even talk of extending our services to disabled
Veterans. So if you have never been to an Imperial Session join us in
Indianapolis next year. We are now negotiating with hotels for rooms
and the best rates possible. Let the office know if you would like a
A notable vote was taken to allow our Ladies and
Children to join us in Civic Parades. So allow me to be one of the first
to say welcome.
Aug 2nd
Aug 17th
Sept 6-9
Sept 12th
Sept 21st
Oct 4th
Oct 13th
Oct 19th
We can still get you a room in Virginia Beach for fall
MASA but time is running out. We will be staying at the same resort
as last year and we had a ball. Don’t miss out on the fun. Remember
we joined the Shrine to have fun and help kids. This is the fun part.
I hope you have all seen some of the new Shrine Hospital for Children commercials. Our Hospitals can no longer be the
best kept secret we need to let people know who we are and what we
do. LOVE TO THE RESCUE what a great saying, what a great
I can never end without mentioning membership. We
should have had our Ceremonial on July 28 and welcomed over 20
new Nobles so for you that have sponsored your lodge brothers great
job for the Nobles who have not. Please just ask your Brothers to join
us we will do everything we can to make them happy they joined.
Don’t forget to visit our web site for club and unit
Henry Haughey
Chief Rabban
Unit Night Meeting - 6pm
Friday Night Social - 5pm
MASA — Virginia Beach
Stated Meeting - 7:30pm
Friday Night Social - 5pm
Unit Night Meeting - 6pm
Potentate’s Ball
Friday Night Social - 5pm
2012 Imperial Session in Charlotte North Carolina
Well, it's that time again when we plan for MASA Convention. The same
hotel as last year. The cost for the entire three (3) day weekend stay is
$602.00 per couple. This includes hotel - banquet on Thursday night
(Capt.'s George’s seafood buffet)- hospitality nightly - after parade party
and registration badges. As you know, the registration badges admit you
to the MASA Shrine-A-Rama and permits you to ride the special white
busses while in Virginia Beach.
THE RECORDERS OFFICE. We will pay on a master billing and
hence the reason for making all reservations through our office.
Please complete the attached form and return it with your deposit to
CRESCENT SHRINE, 700 Highland Dr., Westampton, N.J. 08060.
Yours in the Faith,
Monday Night Bingo
This is our #1 Fundraiser
so even if you do not play tell your neighbors
(2nd & 3rd Tuesday’s of each month)
11 am start
Ladies Name:____________________________________________
Please print name
Unit/Club_____________________Phone No._____________
Shrine #____________
Extra days in Virginia Beach will cost $150.00 per room per night. If you
want to arrive earlier than Thursday Sept. 6th or stay longer than Sunday,
Sept. 9th please indicate your choice:
Tues Sept. 4th ( ) Wed. Sept 5th ( ) Depart Mon. Sept. 10th ( )
In the year 1962 three hundred thirty three Nobles were created
members of Crescent Temple. Listed below is the list of those
Nobles who remain members and have attained 50 years
continuous membership in the Shrine. They will be honored at
our Friday night social scheduled for Friday, September 21,
2012 at the Shrine Center.
H.L. Boyer Royal
Francis R. Mitchell
Jacob Rubin
Edwin S. Sandford
Theodore H. Smith
Joseph E. Hayes
Robert B. Knight
Edward M. Kurtz
Clarence Reichenbach, Jr.
Elwood C.”Chuck” Schroeder
A Keith Rasmussen
Albert Roentgen, Jr.
Harvey J. Stelle
Frederick T Barton, Jr.
Charles C. Gaskill
Dr. William R. Griffith, P.P. 1984
David C. Little
Robert C. Narozanick
Herbert D. Vollers
Upcoming Dates:
July 18: BCSC Board of Governors meeting at Charlie Brown’s
(6pm social/7pm dinner)
August 15: BCSC Board of Governors meeting at Charlie Brown’s
(6pm social/7pm dinner)
September 19: BCSC Board of Governors meeting at Charlie
Brown’s (6pm social/7pm dinner)
October 3: Past Presidents’ Night at BCSC. Come out and hear
from our Club’s past Presidents on the events during the year they
were in office. It is always a fun evening.
Meeting location: (6pm social/7pm dinner)
Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse
Rte. 541 at Burrs Road
Westampton, NJ 08060
(609) 265 - 1100
Edward Marren, 1st Vice President
Congratulations to all……Looking forward to meeting you on
September 21st.
Vincent M Colasanti
Illustrious Potentate
Burlington County Shrine Club
Motorcycle Patrol
July 2012
July 3rd our unit participated in a evening parade at
Barrington, NJ. Capt. Saunders kept the drills moving
throughout the parade. Cheers and applause were great to
hear as the drills were performed.
Here it is the middle of summer, this year is progressing quickly.
Our 26th BCSC Annual Golf Outing in June was very successful.
We were blessed with excellent weather for golf. There was another
good turnout of golfers at the beautiful Riverton Country Club. What
an outstanding event, lunch, golfing, helicopter aerial show and 10th
Annual Ball Drop followed by a great dinner and entertainment by
Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling. This was such an enjoyable day.
The BCSC would like to thank all the Shriners and golfers who
helped support the golf outing. We had strong sponsor and Ball
Drop ticket sales support which helped make this event successful.
Thank you for your generosity. Special thanks to Nobles Wayne
Farren, John Cogan, Charlie Blinn, Brian Minker and President Ed
Pearson. These nobles worked hard behind the scenes to make
this outing enjoyable for all and a most beneficial fundraiser.
Even though our monthly Regular/Ladies’ Night Meetings are on hiatus for the summer (July, August and September), the Board of
Governors continues to meet on the third Wednesday of each month
at Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse. Please come out to enjoy the evening with the Nobles. The usual September Regular/Ladies’ Night
meeting is cancelled due to the conflict with MASA in Virginia
We are looking forward to seeing everyone at October’s Regular/
Ladies’ Night meeting. This will be our Past Presidents night, which
is always very entertaining as the Presidents regale about their year
in office.
We are ordering Burlington County Shrine Club embroidered golf
shirts. Please contact Ed Pearson (609-313-3797) to get the details
and place your order. The shirts are $30.00 each, including one’s
name embroidered, too. We have both men’s and women’s sizes.
Whether you have been a Noble for years and have never attended,
or are new to the Shrine, please know you are welcome to our meetings. It is a good relaxed way to meet other Nobles and hear about
what is going on at Crescent Shrine. As a first time attendee, the
$20.00 cost of your dinner is covered by the Club.
On July 4th motorcycles from our unit were present at three
parades. Haddon Heights followed by Bellmawr and then
Runnemede. We usually have a greater number of bikes for
those parades but due to the Imperial Shrine Convention in
Charlotte, NC some Nobles from the unit were representing us
As I am writing this article July 28th is a future date meaning
the Shrine Ceremonial and Second Annual Pig Roast hasn't
happened yet. I am sure they will be well attended. To the
new Nobles of Crescent Shrine - Welcome!
August slows down on our motorcycle activity due to the heat
and few parades.
MASA is coming up Sept. 6-9. This is always a good
time. Many of our motorcycles will be taken to Virginia
Beach. Some of us will ride down with our ladies others will
trailer their motorcycles. While in Virginia Beach our unit is
quite busy with activities. Shrine parade, MC competition
along with plenty of restaurants to satisfy our appetites.
Remember the Motorcycle Patrol
members. Hope to hear from you.
Bob Hullfish
String Band
November 11-17, 2012
$950/Person Double Occupancy
$1099 Single Occupancy
Round Trip Bus
Transportation available:
$30/person based on 47 ppl
Trip Cancellation Insurance
available upon request
Payment Plan Available
700 Highland Drive
Westampton, NJ 08060
$100.00 deposit
required for
Make checks payable to
Crescent Shriners
For information
Call Maggie at
(609) 702-9440
Reservation Form:
Join Potentate Vince Colasanti on this seven day excursion
to fabulous LAS VEGAS and stay at the centrally located
Riviera Hotel and Casino on the Strip.
Package Includes:
Round-trip non-stop flight leaving from Philadelphia
on US Airways
Six nights at the Riviera Hotel and Casino in the midst
of all the action
Round-trip transfers to and from the airport in Las
All hotel taxes and service charges
The Riviera Hotel and Casino is a full-service Las Vegas
Strip hotel which features outstanding shows performing
nightly in intimate theater settings.
The String Band has been continuing it's rehearsals and
dinner engagements and has been busy over the last
few months. We played for the Rancocas Fair in
downtown Rancocas in May and we were warmly
welcomed by the townsfolk. We regret that the Band
will not be able to make this years Virginia Beach
parade as we do not have the necessary number of
members how will be in attendance. The Band would
love to hear from anyone interested in joining and are
looking for musicians, quartermasters and anyone
interested in being part of a fun unit. Please contact
either Musical Director Howard Ogden (856-428-7340)
or Mark Hill (609-213-0940).
Mark P. Hill
5 Cleveland Road West
Princeton, NJ 08540
Dining Options include the Riv Buffet, R Steak & Seafood
Restaurant, Pool-side Café, Queen Victoria British Pub,
Banana Leaf Asian Restaurant and Mardi Gras Food Court.
The hotel also boasts 100,000 square feet of the latest
casino games that include the best table games odds on the
Las Vegas Strip, as well as a new Asian gaming pit,
featuring baccarat and Pai Gow poker. In addition, it is the
only casino on the Las Vegas Strip to offer bingo. And just
for good measure, the Riviera Hotel & Casino is home to
the 3 Lions Tattoo Studio, where artists deliver the best
portrait tattoo design in Las Vegas.
Guest Name: _______________________________
Guest Name: _______________________________
Phone: _____________________________
We need our new NOBLES who are not yet involved,
and our more seasoned NOBLES to come out and join us.
We need your help.
If you play a musical instrument or want to learn,
The String Band needs YOU.
If you are into law enforcement or Military,
Saturday, November 10, 2012
9 AM — 3 PM
The Provost Guard needs YOU.
If you ride a motorcycle
The Motorcycle Patrol needs YOU.
If you want to get back to your youth and drive a mini car,
The Mini Cars need YOU.
If you want to bring a smile to a kid, young or old,
Crescent Shrine
The Clowns need YOU
If you have the time
700 Highland Drive, Westampton, NJ 08060
Our Shepherds really need drivers they really need YOU.
Refreshments will be available.
For Directions, call or go to:
Highland Business Park — off of Bev-Rancocas
Rte 295 — Exit 45B
String Band
Provost Guard
Mini Cars
Mark Hill
Jim Richardson
Red Hieber
David Saunders
Mookie Wilson
Bob Heaney
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Check our web-site for
all the latest information
And for everything about
Shriners Hospital and Fraternity
We have the following items available for sale …
Remember all Shriners are Masons
Deluxe Mixed Nuts—No Peanuts– Roasted & Salted
Honey Roasted Peanuts
$ 6.00
Honey Roasted Cashews
Sesame Cashews
$ 9.00
Fruit & Nut Mix
Sweet & Salty Trail Mix $ 7.00
Cherry Pecan Granola
Yogurt Raisins
$ 7.00
Dark Chocolate Fruit & Nut (Bridge Mix)
$ 8.00
So support your Blue Lodge
And please let your brothers know about the Shriners
All of the above are sold in 1 lb. bags
We will have the above available at our Friday Night
Socials; Monday Night Bingo or you can contact the
office and come in to pick them up.
Monday, December 31, 2012 — 9pm Till ???
Call for more information!!!
Buffet Included
Cash Bar
Admission Price $25.00 per person
WVLT 92.1
700 Highland Drive, Westampton, NJ