customized and personalized services welcome to the clean net usa


customized and personalized services welcome to the clean net usa
We l c o m e t o t h e
C l e an N e t USA
Customized and
Personalized Services
Clean Green® is a program developed by
CleanNet USA’s national independent franchise
CleanNet USA to help your organization
network provides a broad range of commercial
realize the benefits of cleaning green.
Green Is Good For All
cleaning services including:
• Daily, Weekly, and Monthly cleaning
schedules, for all areas of office, industrial
and medical facilities
• Carpet Care cleaning using the latest
shampooing techniques
• Floor Care Services, including strip and
wax service
• Supplies ranging from hand towels, roll
This is a proven, effective process that serves
to reduce pollution, save limited resources,
and in many cases, qualifies business for
towels, sanitary napkins, toilet paper, trash
credits toward valuable LEED certification.
liners, hand soap, light bulbs, and more –
Ask your CleanNet USA representative to
all at considerable savings
start your Clean Green Program today.
• Trash Removal, whether it be solid or
non-solid waste to requested container size
CleanNet USA affiliations
• Recycling Programs and instruction to
comply with environmental laws
• Emergency Service whenever you need
help. A CleanNet representative will on the
scene within 90 minutes of your call
Clean Green® is a registered mark of CleanNet USA
• Clean Green® techniques and products
ensure superior cleaning and improved
indoor air quality
Taking pride in the details.
Continuous Quality Control,
Superior Cleaning
Solutions From The
N a t i o n ’s P r e f e r r e d
Commercial Cleaning
Franchise System.
Computerized Monitoring,
and Staffed Help Desk
CleanNet USA is one of the very few
companies that uses internally developed
software programs to monitor quality levels
at each site. CleanNet’s proprietary software
enables CleanNet franchise operators to
Welcome to the CleanNet USA difference
where quality, communication, service and
reliability have made our firm one of the fastest
growing in the Industry.
Independent Ownership
Ensures Quality
As independent business owners, each
monitor cleaning standards and respond in
an appropriate manner,
from solving any problem
CleanNet USA franchisee has a vested interest in
to incorporating remedial
delivering the highest level of service every time
training. Our franchise
franchise operators service more than 35,000
at every location. This becomes a reflection of
operators also have
locations daily, covering more than 160 million
pride and satisfaction.
Our nationwide system of independent
square feet of space
nationwide. Satisfied
clients include a broad
range of facilities,
At CleanNet USA, you will enjoy standard
services that other firms bill as an added cost.
on-site log books, a toll-free hotline and
Personal Digital Assistants to use to monitor
performance from the customer’s perspective.
Superior Training Means
Security, Insurance And Safety
Superior Cleaning
All CleanNet USA franchisees and their
including commercial,
Quality service begins with quality people.
cleaning personnel are fully screened and
retail, industrial, financial,
Each CleanNet franchisee receives extensive,
trained prior to being permanently assigned
government, hospitality
on-going training in product and equipment
to specific buildings. Day and night personnel
and medical institutions. Dedicated professionals
usage, cleaning
are also uniformed and carry identification
enable CleanNet USA to deliver what we promise.
methodologies, safety
badges. Each CleanNet USA franchise
procedures and customer
operator carries general liability coverage and
employees enthusiastically focus their attention
relations. You can count
provides workers compensation insurance for
on your facility, from the largest task to the
on prompt and courteous
their employees, as well as a janitorial bond.
smallest detail.
CleanNet USA franchisees and their