4 page brochure


4 page brochure
9 settings of pH with the easy convenience of one-touch operation
The spring-loaded filter housing makes it a snap to replace your filter
With its sleek curves and stainless steel look is an easy choice for those liking understated
Includes the patented DARC (double action reverse cleaning) system. This feature
completely removes any scale from the electronic cell
Automatically goes into sleep mode when not in use
Comes standard with a .01M filter – the finest domestic filter available
Attractive LCD display changes colors to easily identify your selection
Lifetime limited warranty
Easy to install with footprint about the size of a toaster
Top Performance for the healthiest water - the latest Mesh Electrode technology
Ideal product for customers looking for a reliable, lower-priced ionizer
Most popular model in USA and a proven performer for over 4 years
Clean water - The Biostone Filtration System
Proven Performer - five platinum coated titanium electrodes manufactured in Japan
Proven Durability - automatic post use cleaning
Dependability - backed by the certainty of Emco Tech - the world leader in ionization
Unrivalled functionality and ease of use with three installation options
Never wait for the cleaning cycle
Full LCD control panel with push button controls for changing pH levels
Calcium port allows you to add extra calcium in areas that have "soft water"
Voice confirmation tells you what type of water you have selected and is fully adjustable
World’s first Automatic (and patented) Post Use Self Cleaning System
Jupiter Science is different
Ease of use and exceptional performance at an amazing price
The best value and most contemporary water ionizer currently available
Venus operates very efficiently on only one clean cycle of 10 seconds per every 20 liters
Lifetime limited warranty – world first for Jupiter Science
Calcium port allows you to add extra calcium in areas that have "soft water"
Very easy to install and use
Contains test tubes, reagent liquid and a pH color chart, DVD and quality manual
Enjoy clean alkaline water for cooking and drinking, acid water for cleaning and
watering plants
Automatically goes into sleep mode when not in use
All ionizers come with UL and CE certification.
All are manufactured in an a modernized, ISO certified, green compliant factory.
# 1 Water Ionizer Company in World
Exclusive manufacturer for Toyo, Samsung, LG etc
Fully automatic cleaning – world first
Contact Info:
Limited Lifetime warranty – world first
Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction
Alkaline ionized water & Acidic water
Some of the benefits of Alkaline Water:
Provides a powerful source of antioxidants
Improves hydration
Is highly oxygenated
Helps with the acid/alkaline balance
Promotes regularity and overall wellbeing
Washes acid waste from the body
Ionized water boils faster - cools down faster
Foods cooked with ionized water taste better,
and retain more nutrients
Nutrients are absorbed more efficiently into the body