Work Attest
Employee: Michal Wilczynski
Date of Birth: 27.04.85
Date of Employment & Duration: July 2008 to current
Current Position: Service Technician / Future Branch Manager Poznan, Poland
Cleaning of ventilation systems with emphasis on Kitchen Grease Exhaust ductwork and fans.
Michal has been involved in cleaning over 100 McDonald’s restaurants in Norway as well as
cleaning many other kitchens on cruise/ferry ships, hotels and many other independent restaurants
throughout Scandinavia & the EU.
Michal is trained and experienced in reading technical drawings for ventilation systems as well the
ability to perform detailed inspections and reports before and after the cleaning process. He is in
training for a supervisory position for our new branch office to be located in Pozan, Poland. Michal
also has the ability supervise and train additional personnel for position within our firm.
Prepared by:
William R. Murray - General Manager
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