2015 Top Ten News of China`s Paper Industry


2015 Top Ten News of China`s Paper Industry
Top Ten News of 2015
Focus on China's Paper Industry
2015 Top Ten News of China's Paper Industry
On December 18th, 2015, the meeting on the selection of the 2015 top ten news of China's paper industry, sponsored
by China Paper Newsletters, was held in China National Pulp and Paper Research Institute, Beijing. The yearly
selection of the top ten news, which began in 2000, has become a brand activity within the industry and is widely
accepted and greatly appreciated throughout due to the care and support from leaders at all levels and industry
colleagues as well as the attention of warm hearted reading public.
The top ten news were selected on the basis of recommendations from leaders and experts from paper associations,
technical associations of the paper industry, colleges and universities, research institutions and companies all around
the country. There were 21 experts who were invited to join the selection meeting, each of whom voiced his or her
views in the warm discussions. Secret ballots were conducted to reach a final conclusion for events where widely
different opinions exist. The 2015 top ten news of China's paper industry are as follows.
On January 9 th, 2014 China’s State Science and Technology
production for one and half years due to some reasons,
Awards Ceremony was held at the Great Hall of the People
was merged and reorganized by Shanghai Taison Pulp
in Beijing. The key technology for preparation of bamboo
(Group) Co., Ltd. on December 3rd, 2014, and fully resumed
fibers and its functionalized application, jointly developed
operation at full capacity in 2015.
by Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Shaanxi
University of Science & Technology, Fujian Hongyuan
O n A p r i l 1 5 th, N a t i o n a l D e v e l o p m e n t a n d R e f o r m
Group Co., Ltd., Sichuan Yong Feng Paper Stock Co., Ltd.,
Commission, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ministry
Fujian Jinjiang Youlanfa Paper Co., Ltd., Guizhou Chitianhua
of Industry and Information Technology jointly issued
Paper Stock Co., Ltd. and Hunan Tuopu Bamboo Industry
No.9 Notice 2015, integrated and revised Pulp and Paper
Development Co., Ltd., won the second prize of 2014 China’s
Industry Cleaner Production Assessment Index System to
State Science and Technology Advance Awards.
form a unified, systematic, standardized cleaner production
technical supporting documents, guiding and promoting the
On January 27 , Guizhou Chitianhua Paper Stock Co., Ltd.
enterprises to implement cleaner production based on the
resumed production after merging and reorganization.
Guizhou Chitianhua Paper Stock Co., Ltd., originally a
subsidiar y of Guizhou Chitianhua Group, had halted
NO.8 2016
On April 16 th , the State Council issued The Action Plan
Top Ten News of 2015
Focus on China's Paper Industry
of Water Pollution Prevention and Control (so call water
Products and Services” which started implement from July
ten articles). Among 238 specific control measures in the
1st, 2015. According to the notification, the paper mills using
action plan, emphasis is put on 90 reform and innovation
waste paper, bagasse and straw as raw materials will receive
measures, besides 136 improving and strengthening
50%~70% value added tax rebates.
measures and 12 exploration and research measures. The
action plan includes the contents relating to paper industry,
On June 30 th, State Administration of Quality Supervision,
such as banning small paper mills that are not in accordance
Inspection and Quarantine, and The Standardization
with national policy; special treatment of specific pollution
Administration approved to release a compulsory national
problems; relocation and reform or shut down of the urban
standard of GB31825-2015 Specific Energy Consumption
paper enterprises with heavier pollution according to the
Quota of Pulp and Paper Products. The standard will officially
law; wastewater advanced treatment and reuse and others.
go into effect on July 1st, 2016, which mainly provides the
technology requirements, energy statistics range and
On May 8 th, President Xi Jinping held a talk with Russia
calculation methods for the specific energy consumption
President Putin in Moscow Kremlin. President Xi Jinping and
quota of pulp, machine-made paper and paperboard
Russia President Putin witnessed the signing of 32 projects
main production system, applies to the calculations and
between China and Russia with a total value of $ 25 billion
assessments for the specific energy consumption of pulp,
including the forestry comprehensive utilization project
machine-made paper and paperboard’s main production
which will be jointly constructed by Xinjiang Zhongtai
systems using vegetable fiber as main raw materials, and the
(Group) Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Fulida Fiber Co., Ltd. and Russia
energy consumption control for new, rebuild and expansion
RosKitInvest Co.. The project with a total investment of
enterprises (device).
$ 983.3 million was planned to implement from 2015 to
On October 9 th, the announcement of International Paper
declared it had entered into a definitive agreement with its
On June 11 , China Pulp & Paper and Transaction of China
Chinese coated board joint venture partner, Shandong Sun
Pulp and Paper were both selected as “The Fourth Project
paper Industry Joint Stock Co., Ltd., to sell its 55% equity
of Excellent Scientific and Technological Journal Project of
interest in the joint venture International Paper Sun White
China Association for Science and Technology (CAST)”. The
Cardboard Co., Ltd., Shandong International Paper Sun
purpose of the project is to further taking the academic
Cardboard Co., Ltd. and Shandong International Sun Food
and professional advantage of the journals managed by
Package Material Co., Ltd. respectively.
CAST, and create a group of Chinese excellent scientific
and technological journals that have strong influence and
1111 On November 11th, the date of “double 11” Vinda and its
professional radiometric force in respective discipline
brands online sales exceeded RMB 95 million, which is
and professional fields, to better play its role in leading
Vinda’s first large online theme marketing activities with
independent innovation and serving the development of
four categories of household paper, adult care, baby
science and technology.
care and feminine care. It was reported that household
paper categor y sales value ranked No.1 in “double
On June 11th, Ministry of Finance and State Administration of
11” total sales on four main e-commerce platforms of
Taxation jointly issued “The Notification on the Preferential
JD.COM, CHAOSHI.TMALL.COM, suning.com and yhd.
Value Added Tax List for Resources Comprehensive Utilization

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