Boulogne Residential Trip


Boulogne Residential Trip
Boulogne 2016
Tuesday 19th to Thursday 21st July
Debenham High School
Day 1 – Tuesday19th July 07.00 Depart Debenham High School by Executive Coach. Please remember to bring a packed lunch for the journey 10.30 Check‐in at Folkestone Eurotunnel Terminal for Shuttle crossing 11.20 Shuttle departs 12.55 Arrive in France (local time) 13.30 ‐15.30 Nausicaä, Boulogne‐sur‐Mer 16.00 ‐17.00 Dhardelot Biscuitiers
18.30 Arrive at Parc d’Ohlain residential centre 19.00 Dinner at residential centre.
• Parc d’Olhain
Day 2 ‐ Wednesday 20st July 08.00 Breakfast 09.15 Depart by coach for full‐day excursion 10.30 Arrive at Beussent to visit the Chocolaterie de Beussent
11.15 Depart Beussent
12.15 Arrive at La Coupole V2 Rocket Museum and Bunker. Picnic lunch supplied by La Coupole
15.30 Depart La Coupole
15.50 Arrive in Saint‐Omer to enjoy a traditional French crêperie
17.00 Depart Saint‐Omer
17.45 Arrive back at Parc d’Olhain
residential centre. 19.00 Dinner and activities
Day 3 ‐ Thursday 21st July 07.30 Breakfast 08.30 Board coach with luggage for the journey home 09.00 Arrive Bethune to experience the street market 10.15 11.30 13.00 13.35 14.20
13.55 time) 17.00 Depart Bethune for Auchan
Hypermarket Calais
Arrive at Auchan for shopping
Depart Auchan
Check‐in at Coquelles Eurotunnel Terminal Shuttle departs Shuttle arrives Folkestone (local Arrive back at school Wednesday 17th July
9:00 Depart from Debenham
High School by coach
13:36 Shuttle departs from France 15:15 Arrive in France (French Time)
15:45 Arrive at our Boulogne Residence – Auberge de Jeunesse
16:15 Visit to Nausicca – a large marine life centre
19:00 Dinner at Le Comptoir
• Passport
- Up to date? Photocopy to Mrs Johnson in Library?
- Up to date? Order one?
• Parental Consent Form
- Completed? Handed in to Mrs Johnson in Library?
• Money
- How many euros? Where from?
This is what we will be telling the students beforehand…
• Passport
- Up to date? Photocopy to Mrs Johnson in Library?
- Up to date? Order one?
• Parental Consent Form
- Completed? Handed in to Mrs Johnson in Library?
• Money
- How many euros? 30/40 euros max?
Good ratio of staff to students (1-8)
Look after each other.
Never go off on your own. Stay in groups of 4 – 6.
When in hypermarket, keep a close eye on the time. Do NOT wander off on your
own, stay in your group.
Crossing roads.
Look both ways several times - don’t forget traffic on opposite side of road to UK!
Don’t wear them out and about. Keep them for the coach or your room.
In case of an emergency:
1. Via the school. We will have the school mobile with us; the school will get in touch with us if you need to contact us during school hours .
2. We will be staying at : Parc de Loisirs d’Olhain
Rue de Rebreuve, 62620 Maisnil‐lès‐Ruitz, France
Phone :+33 3 21 27 91 79 3. Emergency/out of hours school mobile 07840907467
4. Pupils will be issued with a card with our contact details. To be kept on them at all times.
• Keep your mobile somewhere safe.
• Don’t use it too much - it can be very expensive! Texting
best if you have to.
• Continental adapter plug – you’ll need one to charge it.
• Keep it somewhere safe.
• Instructions.
It will be important to listen carefully to instructions.
• Be polite!
S’il vous plaît / merci…
• French.
Now’s your chance to try it out!
Dress Code
• Nothing too short, skirts or shorts, dresses…
• No crop tops. Stomach must be covered
• Suitable tops to be worn by boys too (not football shirts), even on a hot day. • Suitable walking shoes
• Suitable waterproof clothing.
Please avoid letting them pack too many sweets.
Can I speak to the parents of the following:
1.Scout Armstrong 11. Emma Sharpe
2.Ewan Campbell 12. Curtis Sheppard
3.Euguenie Clarke 13. Isabelle Shield
4.Keleigh Clarke 14. Stuart Smith
5. Joel Etchingham
15. Matthew Walczack
5. Chanelle Gander
16. Poppy Walker
6.Samuel Hazelwood
17. Maddie Walker
7.Charlie Matthews
18. Dominic Love
8. Katie McKenzie
19. Maddie Wood
9.Richard Pachebat
10.Millie Powell