St. Andrew's Day
Family atmosphere and full safety measures
St. Nicholas Day (December 6)
Nativity Play
Professional staff providing care for children Monday to
Friday from 6:30 am to 5:30 pm
Christmas Celebrations Party
Support specialists: speech therapists, psychologists,
sensory integration therapist, physiotherapist
Carnival Ball
Grandmother's Day
Grandfather's Day
Spring Equinox Day
Earth Day
Mother's Day
Father's Day
Children's Day
The End of School Term Celebrations
Birthday Parties
Family Picnic "Three hours for Families " 
Open Days , Workshops and Lectures for Parents
 Clasess “ Parent as an expert”
 Spacious, well– equipped classrooms with mezzanines,
computers with internet access and interactive whiteboards.
 Specialized consulting– rooms, sensory integration and
Montessori rooms, recreation rooms for physical activities, an assembly hall with a stage and audio
equipment .
Tasty and healthy meals prepared on site.
Everyday games and walks in the fresh air.
Classes developing children's interests and talents.
 Optional religion classes and a wide range of extra activities
free of charge
Adaptation days for newly admitted children
Cognitive and recreational Trips for Children
A variety of aadditional talent development activities. Tailored support for children with special educational needs
If you wish to find out more about our current activities
and projects, please read our school magazine
”SKRZAT”and visit our kindergarten library.
N O. 3
“Childhood years are like mountains, from which the River of
Visit our website and find us on
ul. Westerplatte 1/11, 05-091 Ząbki
Tel.: 22 762 40 10
Fax: 22 762 40 10 ext.. 24
e-mail: [email protected]
Life takes its beginning and its
John Paul II
ul. Westerplatte 1/11, 05-091 Ząbki
tel. (22) 762 40 10
fax. (22) 762 40 10 ext. 24
e-mail:[email protected]
Kindergarten is supervised by the Masovian
Department of Education
Governing Authority: Ząbki Town
Kindergarten No 3
“SKRZAT”, was
founded in 1987. Since
then, the Kindergarten
has been providing professional care for children first at the old
premises located at the
Westreplatte Street
1/11, where 9 Kindergarten groups were housed until 2008. A year and a
half later, 7 groups of children were re-located to alternate location at Powstańców Street 60B and Kościelna
Street 2. In 2010, we were proud to open the biggest
and the most modern Kindergarten building in the
Masovian Region The kindergarten currently operates
16 branches
with inclusive and integrative groups. Kindergarten is
adapted for use by people with disabilities.
 We work with them individually, paying special attention to
their specific needs and abilities
 Children know their rights and obligations; they have a right
to make their own decisions
 They feel safe, surrounded with love and care
 They learn how to be independent; expand their knowledge
and acequire new skills through hands on activities, which is
a stepping stone towards a successful transition to school.
 They take part in all sorts of sessions, which draw on a wide
variety of methods such as active learning , spontaneous and
organized games.
 always searches for alternative educational concepts
 undertakes important actions, and get invovled programs, projects, including international ones.
 gives children the necessary time for planning and
experimenting to play and to explore reality
 encourages children to look for alternative ways of
solving problems and supports them in copying
with difficult situations
 empowers children to engage in creative develop
mental games
 cultivates traditions but also enables children to learn
about the surrounding world
children learning about the world.
 They learn to see the world optimistically,
They get to know the values like: Kindness, Beauty, Truth,
Friendship etc.
 They shape their social identity and patriotic attitude
 We offer spacious play rooms with bathrooms
and a place to rest, designed especially for
younger children.
 The rooms are equipped with computers with internet access, multimedia boards and talent development corners.
We have specialized consulting-offices: psychological, speech therapy, educational therapy, sensory
integration, and Montessori rooms, a recreation
room for physical activities as well as an assembly
hall with a stage and audio equipment.
 We have 5 playgrounds an outdoor playing field
and a terrace for open air classes .
 We have an Amphitheater,- ( its back wall-serves in
winter as a tobogganing hill)
 They explore and discover artistic skills during attending
various artistic events and local festivals
 They present their artistic talents at various group gatherings,
concerts and rehearsals that take place at the Kindergarten
and at local events.
 They are exposed to nature, whereby they experience lots of
exciting and thrilling sensations
Our Kindergarten provides professional care and education in the atmosphere of acceptance and safety. We help
children to develop new skills and we support those with
special educational needs.
We offer our help and professionalism to support parents
in the process of upbringing a child. We see them as partners in the activities undertaken by us.
We are open to cooperation with Local Councils, Cultural
and Educational Institutions in Ząbki, other regions of
Poland and abroad.