QuickStart: to Market Entry


QuickStart: to Market Entry
to Market Entry
Whether entering the
market or simplifying
operations, we can give
you a QuickStart.
Whether entering Peru for the first time or
simplifying existing operations, we can give
you a QuickStart.
TMF Group has local experts providing accounting, tax compliance, corporate
secretarial and HR and payroll services across Peru.
We can get you set up, provide a single point of contact and take care of
those non-core elements that keep your business moving, while you can
focus on what you do best: selling your products and services.
What makes us different?
TMF Group is the global expert
that understands local needs.
KNOWLEDGE: Based in-country,
our independent experts
understand the local market
and all its associated legal,
financial and regulatory
compliance requirements.
By taking the burden of the back office and centralising it through a single
provider, we work with you to increase efficiency and help strip out any
unnecessary costs.
FLEXIBILITY: We can offer an
individual and tailored service
that is scalable in line with
business needs.
QuickStart: to Market Entry Peru has five main elements:
CONTROL: Through our worldwide
network of wholly-owned offices,
we can offer global reporting and
one single point of contact to
businesses operating across
multiple regions.
We help sort and
maintain your
legal set-up and
We can provide
you an address for
your business
We help keep you
We handle your
We help your
compliant with
accounting and
staff get paid on
local regulations
tax requirements
time according
and filings
SPEED: Our local presence helps
businesses to take an agile
approach and enter new
markets more quickly
than their competition.
RANGE: We are the only global
organisation to offer a complete
suite of complementary
business solutions.
to local rules
Corporate secretarial services: We manage the legal set-up of new
operations and then help you stay compliant, manage your risk and stay
on the right side of Peru regulators and filing requirements.
Accounting and tax: We take care of tax registrations, bookkeeping,
management reporting and statutory accounts. We report to the relevant
authorities in Peru.
HR and payroll: We help you to apply and implement your international
policies in Peru employment contracts and handbooks and pay your staff
on time in compliance with law.
Legal entity incorporation: We manage the legal set-up and structuring of
new operations.
TMF Group serves clients
of all sizes and from all
sectors; everyone from a
small start-up to a large
multinational. We work
with more than 40% of
the current S&P 500 and
Fortune 500.
Thinking of doing business in Peru?
The challenges ...
Lack of local knowledge can result in:
Starting a business: Companies can take up to
two or three weeks, depending on company’s
characteristics, on a legal entity incorporation. The first
step is to register the entity with the Superintendencia
Nacional de Registros Publicos (SUNARP) and then
with the Superintendencia Nacional de Aduanas y de
Administración triburatia – (SUNA), the tax authority.
Declaring taxes: A tax payment is an extremely
complex procedure taking around 200 business hours.
VAT and income tax must be filed monthly, and income
tax must be filed annually as well.
Social security system: Peru has a social security
system where its contribution is mandatory for medical
attention; it is administrated by Seguro Social del
Perú (Es Salud). Employers must contribute 9% of
employees’ salary for medical attention and 13% to
national or private pension system.
Labour legislation: In 1997 the Productivity and
Competitiveness law was issued to regulate the most
basic principles of labour relationships, including
employee terms, conditions and benefits. It applies to
all employees working in Peru, including employees of
foreign nationality.
Special reports: As well as the tax return, each entity
in Peru must report its transactions, pay the Financial
Transaction Tax and provide information to INEI
(National Statistics Institute). These reports must be
prepared monthly and annually. ... and the opportunities
Increasing FDI: The foreign direct investment in Peru
is now three times bigger than seven years ago and its
exports have tripled. According to the World Bank, Peru
is the 5th in the world and the 1st in Latin-America in
investor protection law.
Foreign rights: In Peru there is a regime to promote
foreign direct investment. All foreign investors have the
same rights as the local Peruvian companies.
Exemptions:The exemptions and the tax reductions
are offered to some economic sectors in the income
tax (0% or 15%) and VAT (0%) or VAT refunds when
exporting goods or services.
Meet our Director in Peru
Walter Gutsh is the North Latam Sub Regional Director. He has direct
responsibilities regarding operations in Ecuador and Peru and also coordinates
activities in Colombia, Central America, Venezuela and Mexico, ensuring the
development of the region.
After almost 20 years working at KPMG Argentina, where he was partner in
the BPO service line. In 2009, he was appointed as Country Managing Director
for TMF Argentina and two years later, he was named as South Latam Sub
Regional Director.
Walter has a degree in Accounting from Buenos Aires University. He has wide
experience in global business services with strong skills in human resources
and payroll. During his wide professional path, he was responsible for the
coordination and provision of services to multinational companies, either
locally or in multiple jurisdictions. He is a proactive and results-oriented
professional with extensive experience in efficiently managing large portfolios.
He also is a problem solver and in leading organisational changes.
Our office in Peru
TMF Peru S.R.L.
Av. Victor Andrés Belaúnde
147, Vía Principal 110, Edificio
Real Cinco, Oficina 901
Lima, Peru
San Isidro, Lima 27, Perú
Av. Nicolas de Pierola 589
(8vo Piso A)
Cercado de Lima
Lima, Peru
T. + 51 1 612 44 00
Get in touch with Walter to discuss how to grow
your business in Peru.
[email protected]
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