Panel Peru Session - Community Colleges for International


Panel Peru Session - Community Colleges for International
What is a BNC?
• Non-profit organization that teaches
English as a foreign language and
Spanish to foreigners.
• Promotes cultural understanding
through the celebration of various
holidays of both countries.
• Celebrates American culture abroad
and collaborates with the US
Embassies on various educational
projects and grants.
• Binational Centers throughout Latin
America often house EducationUSA
Centers which promote US higher
education to international students
and assist students in realizing their
throughout the year.
Where are we?
BNCs are located throughout the coast, highlands and jungle of Peru.
ICPNA Lima is considered the largest Binational Center in Latin America.
ICPNA Lima has 6 branches in Lima and 8 in other Departments.
We currently have about 55,000 students; 600 full time English Teachers
and a staff of 600 employees.
ICPNA Lima Branches
Other Binational Centers
ICPNA Lima was the first BNC to receive full CEA Accreditation for its
English Academic Program in 2013.
There are 6 other Binational Centers in Peru that house around 25,000
There are 10 EducationUSA Centers in Peru, 7 of which are located in
Binational Centers.
Teach English and Spanish for General Purpose.
What are we doing?
What we are aiming at?
• Take students to study short-term
Intensive English Courses in U.S
colleges and universities.
• Peruvian Government Grant Recipients:
High School Students: 6,821 two year
Graduate Students: 456 eighteen
month scholarships
• Attract American university students
to teach English in our Binationals.
• Send ICPNA Teachers and Coaches
to US Institutions to improve their
Teaching Methodology.
• US Grant Recipients:
• Attract American students to study
Spanish in our Binational Centers
located throughout Peru.
College Horizons Outreach Program
ACCESS English Micro-scholarship
• Invite US University and college
students to serve as Interns in our
EducationUSA Centers throughout
Mission Statement: To promote mutual understanding and cultural
exchange between Peru and the United States of America, mainly
through English and Spanish language teaching, both countries´ library
development as well as artistic and cultural expressions promotion.
Taking it to the Next Level
• Some Binational Center in Peru already have International Agreements with US universities and
colleges. Through these Programs, American students study Spanish in Peru and Peruvian
students attend university English Language Institutes in the US.
• Additionally, BNCs in Peru can offer Teaching Practice opportunities to American students who
need to meet university graduation requirements in the field of Education.
• Other options include welcoming American student interns to support the EducationUSA
Centers and to lead Conversation clubs.
Why should you come to Peru?
The growth in English language learners has increased steadily year after year.
Peruvian Government has announced “Peru Bilingue Initiative” which aims for
Peru to become a bilingual nation by the year 2021.
Peru´s national economy has been amongst the most stable in South America
for the last decade.
Peru´s rich ancient history folklore, Natural Resources, and Numerous National
Cultural Heritage Sites make it an ideal place to learn Spanish and immerse
yourself in Latin American Culture.
Very economic fee for Spanish and culture classes at our Binationals for
International students.
6th time best gastronomic destination in the world.
Lima Branch
Huaraz Branch
Ica Branch
Pucallpa Branch
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