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discover peru - John Tyler Community College
The cost of the trip will be approximately $3000. The final price depends
on the number of participants. A deposit of $200 is required to reserve
your spot on the trip.
We expect costs to cover the following:
• Round-trip airfare to and from Peru, ground transportation, air travel
between cities in Peru, admission fees and some meals.
• Three nights in Lima in a hotel in the center of town - breakfast
included, city tour of Lima.
• Seven nights lodging in Cajamarca in a hotel in the center of town breakfast included, city tour of Cajamarca.
• Two Banquet dinners: one in Cajamarca and one Lima. There will be
two other dinner meals associated with planned activities included in
the trip cost.
• Four nights in Cuzco - breakfast included, city tour of Cuzco,
tour of Machu-Picchu, lunches at Urubamba and MachuPicchu.
• Tours guided in English.
For more information, contact Susan Birdsong
at [email protected]
June 23 - July 6, 2010
DISCOVER PERU • June 23 - July 6, 2010
Thank you for your interest in the John Tyler Community College
Peru study abroad trip. This is a unique experience that allows you to
immerse yourself in the culture of Peru and earn college credits while
increasing your global knowledge.
We will tour the cities of Lima, Cajamarca and Cuzco and will visit
the Sacred Valley of the Incas and Machu Picchu (one of the seven
wonders of the world). Some of the most unique experiences will
happen during our six-day stay in the city of Cajamarca where old
customs meet modern day life. Cajamarca is located in the Andes
Mountains where the last Inca was taken prisoner. There, we will
have an opportunity to get to know the local people by interacting
with university students and visiting schools, social and health care
agencies, and colorful marketplaces. Other highlights of the Peruvian
adventure include visits to the Inca thermal baths, a dairy, a ceramic
studio, a nutrition site, catacombs, and a hacienda turned hotel that
serves traditional Peruvian cuisine.
Coursework will be required before, during and after the trip. Classes
will be integrated into the travel activities each day. There are no
prerequisites for any of the courses offered, and all courses earn three
credits. You need to enroll in at least one course, but students may
choose to take two courses.
Courses Offered
PHT 195 - Photography for Travelers
Carlie Collier, Photography Instructor
This course is a basic introduction to photography with an emphasis on
travel. Participants will learn to use their camera effectively and to convey
a true sense of “place” as they travel through Peru. They will keep photo
journals and choose a photo theme to pursue as they nurture their unique
photo-visions. Post-travel experience may include an exhibition of student
work. There will be several required class meetings both before and after the
trip. All students must be familiar with and know how to use the camera and
equipment they bring (digital or film).
SPA 195 - Spanish Language and Culture in Latin America
Susan Birdsong, Spanish Instructor
This course is communicative in nature and will enable students to
improve their understanding, speaking, reading and writing skills in
Spanish. Classroom activities will focus on language skills needed to
communicate with and understand the culture of the Latin American
people. This course is for all levels of Spanish students. Beginners will get
an intensive introduction to the language, and other students will have the
opportunity to refresh their Spanish skills. Students also will be introduced
to the history and culture of Peru and Latin America. There will be several
required class meetings prior to the trip, and upon returning from Peru,
participants will be required to attend additional class sessions.
NUR 295 - Transcultural Nursing and Health Care Provision for
Multicultural Communities
Sherri Deutsch-Atwell, Assistant Professor of Nursing
This course offers an opportunity for students to expand their knowledge
base regarding cultural, global and health-care issues. This course
examines cultural attitudes and ideological beliefs, with the goal of
helping students begin the process of becoming aware, sensitive, and
culturally competent in the provision of health care. Students will also
learn to: 1) demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the culture,
health-related needs and meaning of health and illness of the “community”
being studied; 2) accept and respect cultural differences; 3) develop an
understanding that the health-care provider’s beliefs and values may not
be the same as the individuals or communities that they are studying.
ITD 110 - Web Page Design
Brenda Miller, Associate Professor of IST
Stresses a working knowledge of web site designs, construction, and
management using XTML and XHTML. Includes headings, lists, links,
images, image maps, tables, forms and frames. Students will develop
projects using data, information and photographs collected from the
beautiful and interesting areas visited. There will be a required class
meeting prior to the trip.
Peru Activity Coordinator
Patricia Silva-Santisteban, Assistant Professor of IST