April Issue 1, 2015


April Issue 1, 2015
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Issue 10 Term 2
Stan Cullimore’s visit was an exciting day. The children
enjoyed listening to Stan’s stories and to him singing
funny songs, particularly the song about teachers’ favourite words. The Year One, Two and Three children
were lucky to have Stan enter their class to teach them
how to make their writing more interesting.
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Nesquik Success!
We are sure your child told you how much fun they had on our Nesquik day.
All the children and teachers had a brilliant day. The range of activities was
impressive. They particularly liked trying to knock down Mrs Weeks, Mrs
Husain and Miss Morris and playing musical chairs, but we think eating
cereal and drinking chocolate milk was the highlight for everyone.
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Haya has learned to ride a bike.
Rolan has been enjoying
reading books in the
Alya and Judy followed instructions in
English to make their own fruit salad.
We planted vegetables
in the soil and made
notes every day on the
changes we could see.
Reception C have been learning to
write addition sums.
Hayfaa, Jenna, Judy and Mariam enjoyed
training to be fire fighters at Kidzania.
As part of our topic on ‘Food’, we invited
parents to come in and share their
favourite food with the children.
learning about odd
and even numbers by
sharing sweets between Mr Smith and
Miss Rasha.
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Doctor Omar checking if Aser is
still alive.
Duck loving girls.
Year Three had a busy and exciting term. In English, we have been looking at ‘Myths and
Legends’, as well as learning some valuable lessons from fables. We have also been reading adventure and mystery stories and looking at how to build suspense in our writing. In
Mathematics, we have been doing useful work on ‘Data Handling’ and have taken a survey
of car colours in Madinaty, created a frequency table and then represented our data using
bar graphs and pictograms. Through Science we have been learning what foods are
healthy for us and the effect carbohydrates, protein and fats have on our bodies. Our IPC
topic of ‘Shaping Up’ has been very interesting. We have learned many things about the
human body, including the functions of muscles and bones. Do you know where the quadriceps are? We do! Our trip to The Family Park was great fun! We hope to visit again soon.
Karim, Youssef and Seif riding a
giant duck.
Mohamed, Omar and Yassin
enjoying The Family Park.
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Mrs. Bouamra has made a
new friend.
KG made some
new friends.
Preschool A loved the elephant.
Some of us got
our faces painted.
Fun at the zoo!
Some of the children got to ride
on the pony.
KG and Preschool classes went on a
school trip to Monzoo. This linked
in with their ‘Animals’ topic. The
children were able to see lots of
different animals and even were
able to feed some. It was a wonderful day which all the children
The children
enjoyed feeding
the animals.
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Artist Zainab.
Dentist Haya busy cleaning her patient's teeth.
Look at our beautiful face painting.
Reception B learned to
become firefighters
and had a ride in the
fire engine.
Malak and Jenna concentrated very
hard to make their own delicious
Reception A had fun making Moilto.
On Tuesday 24th March, Reception went on
a school trip to Kidzania to link in with their
‘Food’ topic. The children made crisps, candy,
coca cola, hotdogs, cheese and much more.
The children also visited other areas within
Kidzania, such as the hospital, fire station,
beauty salon and supermarket. The children
had an amazing time and learned about the
value of money as they had to earn money by
getting a job in order to pay for the activities
in which they wanted to participate. The
children were very well behaved which was
noticed by members of the general public.
Well done Reception!
We learned how to become opticians.
Rolan enjoyed making
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Have you purchased Education City for your child to help
them improve in English, Maths and Science? If you have not
signed up for this great resource then please contact your
child’s class teacher.
Your child is using Purple Mash to improve their ICT skills in
school and we have sent home their own login for them to
continue to practise at home so please make sure you encourage them over the holiday. We are sure you will love it as
much as we do.
Goodbye to Term 2…… Happy holidays!
See you back in school on Sunday 19th April.

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