January 2010 - Louisville Magic Club


January 2010 - Louisville Magic Club
LMC Bulletin
January 2010
IBM 64
Louisville Magic Club - Louisville, Kentucky
SAM 215
Photo Courtesy of Greater Louisville Convention & Visitors Bureau - www.gotolouisville.com
Several LMC members gather in the
hotel dining room for dinner together
before each meeting.
Tuesday, January 12
7:00 p.m.
Crowne Plaza
Upcoming Events
At the January meeting we will
be distributing Durbin Oldham’s
props and books that were
donated to the club.
Ken Abbott, coins
Ezekiel Jump, cards
Spencer Korze, business cards
Roger Omanson, mentalism
Tuesday, January 12, 2010
Teach-In Meeting
Crowne Plaza
7:00 PM
We will spend 15 minutes at each teaching
Join the S.A.M. and the I.B.M.
Ask a club officer for a membership application today!
S.A.M. Members receive the M.U.M. Magazine
I.B.M. members receive the Linking Ring Magazine
LMC Bulletin January 2010
Sherrell Nunnelley
David Garrard
5351 Buck Creek Rd.
Finchville, KY 40022
(502) 834-9698 (H)
[email protected]
Jim Harris
P.O. BOX 99801
Louisville,Ky 40269
Jack Hill
4206 Hurstbourne
Louisville, KY 40299
(502) 491-6764
3RD Vice President:
Mike Blanckaert
5304 Alysum Ct
Louisville, KY 40258
(502) 235-6688
Tom Crecelius
106 Margaret Street
Milltown, IN 47145
(812) 633-7875
[email protected]
Wally Bell
4010 Lambert Ave.
Louisville, KY 40218
[email protected]
~ OPEN ~
Michael Raymer
5512 Pavilion Way
Louisville, KY 40291
(502) 231-0689 (H)
[email protected]
Mike Blanckaert
5304 Alysum Ct
Louisville, KY 40258
(502) 235-6688
[email protected]
Carol Miller
Bob Escher
Pat Miller
Pete Miller
Roger Omanson
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Out Of My Hat
David Garrard, President
Happy New Year! I hope 2010 will be a prosperous and magical year for you and your
family. I hope, too, that it will be a big year for the Louisville Magic Club. Already on the
horizon is a lecture with Boris Wild (April) followed by a performance by Kevin James at Pat
Miller’s The Magic and the Wonder show in May. Looking ahead to the fall, we are looking
at the possibility of joining forces with Kosair Charities for our Iroquois show. Harry Allen
and Daytona Magic will be back in December. There is also the possibility that Ridgeway
and Johnson will be here for the Kentucky State Fair. I know the Fair would like to have this
dynamic couple if the details can be worked out.
Last year’s Teach-In was a great night, and I anticipate the same for our January 12
meeting. Ezekiel Jump will be teaching a card effect. Ezekiel heads up the band at Fort
Knox. He will be moving soon, and this will probably be his last meeting. Roger Omanson
will teach a mental effect. Roger reads extensively, and knows the good stuff when he sees
it. I can always count on Ken Abbott to bring excellent coin material to my attention, and he
will do the same for all of us. Rounding out our faculty will be junior member, Spencer Korze
who will teach an effect with business cards. It will be a fun night, and you will see and learn
some great magic!
We are looking at having a Houdini movie night in February. Bill Kustes has access
to a DVD collection that includes clips of Houdini magic performances and film appearances,
as well as a recording of Houdini’s voice. Stay tuned.
I appreciate the great work Tom Crecelius does preparing and submitting monthly
reports to the national magazines. I hope you saw Tom’s nice article about Dennis Alm in the
November Linking Ring. Dennis tells me it is also scheduled to run in MUM. Dennis and
juggler, Marc Daniels are doing nice work in French Lick.
As the new year unfolds, remember that you are an ambassador for magic and for the
Louisville Magic Club. Practice and prepare properly in order to have your best foot forward
in a public performance. Please get in touch with me or one of the other officers if you have
ideas for a lecture, a meeting theme, or a way to improve our club. See you at the Teach-In!
Members in the Spotlight
LMC Member Tom Crecelius received notice that a set of cups and balls
that he made will be on display at the Museum of Natural Science.
“I received an e-mail, my acetablua (Roman cups and balls of clay) I made
for the cups and balls museum will be displayed along side those of : Gazzo’s set of busking
tools, the Sherwood cups and the French tin magic set cups. I am indeed honored to be included along side these great sets of cups.” Tom Crecelius

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