Menu Della Cena - Luglio 2014


Menu Della Cena - Luglio 2014
Menu Della Cena - Luglio 2014
Antipasti e Zuppe
Minestra di Riso Sedano e Pomodoro 4.99/6.29 @ Prosecco
Venetian tomato soup with rice, celery, onions, basil and grated Grana
Padano (Vegetarian)
Insalata di Pomidoro 10.99 @ Santi
Heirloom tomato salad with spring onion, cucumber, basil and extravirgin olive oil (Vegan)
Polipo con Patate 13.59 @ Soave
Warm octopus and potato salad with extra-virgin olive oil and
lemon juice
Moleche e Polenta Fritta 13.99 @ Santi
Lightly fried soft shell crab with herb-caper aioli, crispy polenta
croutons, peperoncino sauce and baby mache
Bigoli alla Padovana 16.99 @ Classico
Pasta strands with housemade sausage, porcini mushrooms, tomato
sauce and Grana Padano
Gnocchi de Castrá 18.99 @ Amarone
Housemade potato dumplings with lamb ragu and pecorino cheese
Casonzei Stracchino e Pere 19.29 @ Soave
Housemade ravioli filled with roasted pear, Grana Padano and
mozzarella tossed with asparagus and Stracchino cheese sauce;
topped with toasted walnuts
Risotto Venezia Antica 19.99 @ Ripasso
Risotto with chicken breast, asparagus, Grana Padano and saffron
Sogliola ai Porcini 26.99 @ Prosecco
Filet of petrale sole sautéed with porcini mushroom and Prosecco
sauce; served with grilled polenta
Grigliata di Pesce Misto 27.99 @ Soave
Mixed grill of salmon, calamari, scallops, whitefish and prawns, topped
with lemon-olive oil sauce; served with roasted Yukon Gold potatoes
and broccolini
Pollo al Curry con Tortino di Riso al Salto 23.99 @ Classico
Chicken breast baked in curry-cream sauce; served with sautéed
mushrooms and Grana Padano risotto
Coppa Amaretto 8.29
Fresh peaches marinated with Prosecco; served with amaretto gelato,
amaretto cookies and mascarpone cream
Taste of Veneto
Enjoy a 3-Course Tasting Menu for $31.99
Choose one
noted item per course for your own special tour of Veneto
Vini del Veneto
Prosecco di Valdobbiadene, Bisol Jeio
This light and delicately effervescent sparkling wine is produced
from 100% Prosecco grapes cultivated in the Valdobbiadene
zone of the Veneto. It is clean and fresh with balanced flavors of
green apple, wildflower, minerals and almonds followed by a
vibrant finish. Prosecco is the perfect aperitif to begin your
Veneto adventure. Salute!
$9 glass $44 bottle
Santi, Infinito Rosé, 2013
Santi is a bright, vibrant and refreshing rosé produced from
Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara grapes cultivated just east
of Lake Garda. It is fresh and crisp with delicate flavors of
strawberry, cherry, citrus and almond with a zippy finish,
making it a nice match with the Insalata and Moleche.
$5 half glass $9 glass $39 bottle
Soave Classico, Suavia, 2013
This lively dry white wine is produced from Garganega grapes
cultivated in the heart of the town of Soave, just east of Verona.
Suavia Soave is a dry and delightfully versatile white wine full
of fresh and fruity character. A nice pairing with the Casonzei
and Grigliata.
$5 half glass $9 glass $35 bottle
Valpolicella Classico, Tommasi, Rafael, 2011
This fresh, aromatic, medium-bodied red is produced from
Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara grapes grown in the heart of
Verona’s Valpolicella district. It is full of ripe black cherry and
plum aromas and flavors. A great match for the Bigoli and Pollo.
$5 half glass $10 glass $39 bottle
Valpolicella Ripasso, Le Salette, I Progni, 2011
The Scamperle family produces this rich, medium-bodied red
from a blend of Corvina Veronese, Corvinone, Rondinella,
Croatina and Sangiovese. It has aromas and flavors of plum,
cedar and spice with a smooth and well-balanced finish and is a
great pairing with the Risotto.
$9 half glass $17 glass $67 bottle
Amarone, Tommasi, 2008
This concentrated, fragrant and full-fruited red is produced
from very ripe whole clusters of Corvina Veronese and
Rondinella grapes that are dried for approximately 120 days
prior to crushing to produce a heady and robust red brimming
with earthiness, ripe berries, wild cherries and spice. It is
full-bodied and lush with a long-lasting velvety finish and is a
beautiful pairing with the Gnocchi.
$11 half glass $22 glass $87 bottle
Veneto Wine Flight
Three half-glasses each
UNO l Prosecco, Santi & Soave $12.99
DUE 2 Classico, Ripasso & Amarone $19.99
“One of the first things I learned
about cooking still holds true –
seasoning is EVERYthing.”
Moises Mendoza’s mother, Patricia, carried a deep passion for both Latin and
Mediterranean cuisines and made sure Moises and his three brothers knew as much
about pasta al forno as they did about paella. “My mother cooked for artists and wellto-do families in Mexico City, and would research recipes at home first. My brothers
and I became her ‘sous chefs.’ We learned to prep the ingredients and experiment with
spices to help her create new dishes.”
Executive Chef Maurizio Mazzon
with Chef Moises Mendoza
refining recipes for tonight’s menu
It’s doubtful Patricia imagined all four sons cooking in Italian restaurants, but it
started with Moises’ older brother, Narciso (Senior Sous Chef / Il Fornaio Pasadena),
who moved to California to work in the restaurant industry. Brother Vicente
(Chef / Il Fornaio Manhattan Beach) joined Narciso, followed by Moises and
eventually their oldest brother, Heriberto. For six years, the Mendoza brothers worked
together as a team of four, exclusively in Italian restaurants, learning authentic cuisine
and techniques from native Italian chefs
“Vicente mentored us, making sure we acquired excellent skills and executed everything properly. He was the sous chef
… I was the pasta guy … Narciso worked pantry and pasta, and Heriberto was the grill cook. We were very professional
and well-respected, with an instinctual rhythm in the kitchen that can’t be taught … it comes from many years of cooking
together as a family.”
Moises was part of the team that opened Canaletto Newport Beach in 2008 and spent five years there developing his skill
in Venetian cuisine with Executive Chef Maurizio Mazzon. In 2013, Moises became Canaletto’s Chef in Newport Beach.
“I love Venetian cuisine. The Bigoli alla Padovana is my favorite dish on tonight’s Festa Regionale menu. We import the
pasta from Italy, so the texture is perfect for carrying the thick sauce of sweet onions, sausage, mushrooms and herbs. It’s
very rich in flavor, but not too filling -- I am obsessed with this dish! Once I start eating it, I have to finish the whole plate.”
Buon Appetito!
The entire region of
bears the imprint of one of the greatest
civilizations of all time, the free state of
A critical gateway to the Adriatic Sea, Venezia’s prominence in global
commerce began when Marco Polo opened the silk route from Venice to Asia in the 1300s. For the
next 500 years, Italy’s maritime merchants dominated world trade, creating incredible wealth from
the growing demands for imported textiles, gems, porcelain and exotic spices such as curry,
saffron, ginger, cinnamon and salt. Much of Venezia’s wealth derived from salt production,
which Venetians perfected by evaporating sea water from the lagoons surrounding
their city. Salt was such a valuable commodity that it was used to pay armies for their
service -- a practice known today as paying a “salary.”
Il Fornaio’s dedication to authentic Italian preparations and
presentations has earned the prestigious “Marchio Q,” the
“Mark of Italian Hospitality around the World,” awarded by the
Italian government in collaboration with Italian Chambers of Commerce worldwide. Italy’s goal is
to create a global network of Italian restaurants that respect the outstanding standards of Italian
hospitality while developing and promoting the traditions of Italian agricultural and culinary products to enhance Italian
food culture. Thanks to the efforts of Executive Chef Maurizio and all Il Fornaio/Canaletto Chefs, we’re proud to be
acknowledged with this distinctive honor in 2014.