Italian Dinner for Eight


Italian Dinner for Eight
Italian Dinner for Eight
Be our guests! The lucky winner and seven guests will join my husband, Tom, and me in our Golden Valley
home for an evening of conversation, wine and dinner featuring a few of our favorite Italian recipes.
Dinner will be scheduled for a mutually agreed upon Saturday night by the end of October 2013.
Rico Family Favorites
Assorted Italian meats, cheeses and vegetables
Conchiglioni Ripieni (Stuffed Shells with Béchamel Sauce)
Extra large shells with spinach and a creamy cheese blend simmering in
DeDe’s signature red sauce and covered with a rich béchamel sauce
Pollo al Marsala (Chicken Marsala)
Traditional Italian recipe and favorite comfort food of chicken breasts
simmered in sauce of mushrooms and the sweet taste of the wine along with the salty prosciutto
Salsiccia con Pepe (Sausage and Peppers)
A Sunday family dinner favorite: Oven-roasted Italian sausages
combined with potatoes, peppers and red onions
Salmone con Pesto (Italian Salmon)
One of my husband’s favorites is oven-baked salmon in a delicious garlic basil pesto
Insalata di Spinaci Novella (Baby Spinach Salad)
Baby spinach, dried cranberries, candied walnuts, feta, red onions and citrus dressing
Torta allo Yogurt (Yogurt Sponge Cake)
One of the most favorite Italian cakes, decorated with icing and fruit,
this sponge cake is a light, delightful end to an evening’s meal
Sorbetto al Limone con Menthe (Lemon Sherbet with Crème De Menthe)
Lemon sherbet drizzled with Crème De Menthe
Torta Cioccolata (Italian Chocolate-Almond Torte)
A wonderfully delicate and moist cake with a nutty and sharp chocolate flavor
We look forward
to meeting you.
DeDe and Tom Scanlon

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