A La Carte Menu


A La Carte Menu
Our aim is to serve you the very best and unique,
contemporary and traditional regional cuisine from
We pride ourselves in using top quality Italian
products supplied from nationally recognised
We are equally proud to offer locally sourced fruit and
vegetables"!national and locally sourced fish"!local
prime 28 day aged Angus beef, English lamb and game
Our extensive selection of wines, ensures that we cater
for all tastes.
Take advantage of our wine flights to sample some
delightful unknown wines, without having to purchase
the whole bottle
If at any time you are dissatisfied with all aspects of
our offerings and service, please tell us.
"Allergens" please ask, if you have any allergies to any food related products.
A Trio of Bruschetta with Cherry Vine Tomato,
Marinated Roasted Peppers and Wild Mushrooms
£ 7.25
Buffalo Mozzarella and Beef Tomato, Dressed
with Virgin Olive Oil & Basil
£ 7.95
Selection Of Cured Italian Meats, Parma Ham,
Mortadella, Salame, Ham and Grilled Vegetables
Antipasto Di Montagna
£ 8.75
Tempura Fish and Shell Fish Platter
Frittura Di Pesce
£ 8.95
Thinly Sliced Cured Fillet of Beef
on a Bed of Dressed Baby Leaf Salad, Parmesan Shavings
Bresaola Valtellinese
£ 8.50
Thin Strips of Aromatic Duck,
on A Bed of Dressed Baby Leaf Salad, with a Blueberry Coulis.
Stracetti D'anatra
Su Culla Di Foglie Miste Con Salsa Di Mirtillo
Scottish Mussels with a Tomato & Garlic Sauce,
Toasted Bread
Zuppetta Di Cozze
£ 8.25
Char Grilled Mediterranean Vegetables
with Melted Buffalo Cheese
Verdure Mediterranie Alia Griglia, Con Mozzarella Sciolta
£ 7.25
Succulent Parcels of Melted Mozzarella,
Wrapped with Parma Ham
on a Bed of Baby Leaf Salad and Reduced Balsamic
Involtini Di Mozzarella E Prosciutto Crudo
£ 8.25
Chef's Seasonal Soup of The Day
Minestra Di Stagione
"Allergens "please ask, if you have any allergies to any food related products
£ 6.25
Spaghetti with Locally Sourced Lobster,
Garlic, Chilli & Cherry Vine Tomato Sauce
Spaghetti AlI'astice
Stuffed Spinach and Ricotta Tortelli Pasta Parcels
with a Tomato and Basil Sauce, Topped with Parmesan
Tortelli Di Ricotta E Spinaci
£ 9.95
Spaghetti With Tiger Prawns,
Garlic, Chilli & Cherry Vine Tomato Sauce
Spaghetti Gamberoni
£ 15.95
Black Squid Ink Risotto and Squid
Risotto Al Nero Di seppia
£ 14.95
Tagliolini Pasta with Locally Sourced Crab,
Cream and Cherry Vine Tomato Sauce
Tagliolini alIa polpa di granchio
£ 15.95
Linguine Pasta with Clams,
Garlic, Chilli & White Wine Parsley Sauce
Linguine Aile Vongole Veraci
£ 15.95
Tagliatelle Pasta, made with Chestnut Flour, Mixed Vegetables,
Cream & Cherry Vine Tomato Sauce
Tagliatelle Con Farina Di Castagne, Conmisto Vegetali,
Pomodoro Ciliegia E Creama
Stuffed Clam and Prawn Panciotti Pasta
with a Smoked Salmon, Cream and Reduced Balsamic Sauce
Paneiotti Di Capesante E Gamberone, Con Salsa Di Salmone Affumicato ..£ 15.95
( all of our fresh pastas are home made )
"allergens" please ask if you have any allergies to any food related products.
Rack of English Lamb, Pistachio Crust, Rosemary,
Mint and Lemon Sauce, on a Bed of Carrot Puree
Cotolette d'agnello In Crosta Di Pistachio Con salsa Di Rosmarino,
Menta E Limone, Su Purea Di Carote
£ 17.95
Local Angus Fillet Medallions with a Mixed Herb,
Cognac & Juniper Sauce
Medaglioni Di Filetto AIle Erbe In Salsa AI Cognac E Ginepro
£ 17.95
Local Angus Sirloin of Beef, Sliced And Served
With Melted Mozzarella & Reduced Balsamic
Tagliata Di Manzo
£ 17.50
Oven Baked Fillets of Sea Bream
with A Thin Layer of Zucchini
Orata In Crosta Di Zucchine
£ 16.95
Supreme Breast of Chicken with a Rich Wild Mushroom,
Cream & Spinach Sauce
Petto Di Polio In Salsa Di Funghi Di Bosco, Crema E Spinaci
£ 14.95
Local Angus Fillet of Beef 28 Day Aged
Grilled with Rich Red Wine or
Wild Mushroom Sauce,
or Pepper Sauce
or Dolcelatte Cheese Sauce
Filetto A Piacere
Market Vegetable and Potato £3.50
Baby Leaf Bistro Salad £3.50
Fries £2.50
"Allergens" please ask if you have any allergies to any food related products
£ 22.95