jason greenspan - STAMP OUT CANCER Now!


jason greenspan - STAMP OUT CANCER Now!
ance「 kicks the curb
WaS a Child up untll that moment. I wanted
to cherlSh those memorleS - feanng there
WOuld not be many more
After reading more informatlOn about t?StlCul証cancer, I qunckly realized that lt lS
actuany oneて)f the most curable cancers out
there I was lucky ln that regard, but someti丘es others are not.
Now I had to start址nking about皿y
treatment After havmg an ultrasolind and
ta髄血g many blood tests, I met with my lirol-
OgrSt and遭e told皿e ̄that I nee鶴d to have
Su培ery. I had never had surgery before二I
WaS eXt;re皿ely afraid. I remember dreading
that day. Ludy, I was able to come home
later that sa坦e day. T虹thelped me a littleタ
but n6t by much.
∴ 動地) `0聖篭yヅ坤SOれ臆Green印 一
P毎name lS Jasonr捷ee卿span and I am a
The mormng of my surgery, I we帥to the  ̄
h6s証al, gOt checked m and sat
Stage IRA Nch-Se車Oma二Testicular Cancer
垂g roo皿.晦垣i吋Ⅵ崎S-Wl比
My g子andparents, mO皿, unCle, StePdad and
My story starts back m 2012. I was 18 and StePbrother It was amazmg tO haye a11 the
a semor m high school. I had aheady apT
suppout that I had. Luckily, the surgerJ did
P旦ed to colleges and: was accepted to many
not take long _I could not wait to get home
Of them The one I chose was Shippensburg
‘ unlverslty I had just finished planning for
So now, after having my surgery, I thought
that everythmg was OK and my nightmare
皿y Prom In my friend group, I am usually
WaS finally over It tumed out that lt had not
the one who plans everyt車ng ’Plan址ing for
even started After ta虹ng many皿Ore testS
this was fun, but also a challenge I already
SuCh as X-rays, CT scans, and general check-
had the limo reserved, SChedule made and
ups, 1t tumed out that the cancer had spread
WaS re?dy to have the time訪my li鱒. IJi斑e
PaSt my One testicle At this pomt, I had to
did I know that iny life was golng to change
thihk of further treatment
m an instant
I had to meet wlth many oncoIoglStS un-
Testicular caIieer鳩one of the most co皿一
til I found the one that would be the best fit
mon cancers in皿en be暁m the ages of 15
for me. The one工chose was phenomenal. He
and 35, yet there lS Very little awaieness
told my皿OnI and I what would be垣ppe皿ng
about it
I was at home, WatChj血g television and
and how to move further平th my「treatment.
At this point, I needed to have che皿O I could_
had a sm押le ltCh∴That ltch ended up belng
not believe lt The first thing that I think of
the most mportant itc旦of my entire life I
when I hear the word ``chemp’’1S halr loss.
noticed something hard一二soriething I- did 一 My ha皿has aiways been the one thmg_
not remember fee血Ig before. Clearly, SOme一一
that I care皿OSt about and everyone who
thing was not right. It lS di鉦c可t to describe,
knows me knows th貧t. That was皿y blggeSt
but I had th這gut feeling th託轟was言ome-
fear of the entire t§xpenence. WeⅡ, m the be-
thing horrible ∴ ∴
gmnlng, at-least. I found out that I needed to
have mne weeks of chemotherapy
_I never had this fee址略before鵜eYer; │
We垂醜め狐y」かO皿a孤d七〇隠互助∴ She_
Mx first_day of chemo was OK I remem一
Sald to try not to worry too much about lt,
ber walking m, Slttmg in the chalr, getting
but she would make a doctor’s appolntment
hooked up and asking my mom, `ThlS IS it?
-- anyWay Wlthln a day Qr SO, my mOm and I
ThlS WOn,t be badl,, I later found out that
Went m for my doctor’s appomtment and he
thlS State皿ent WOuld be far from the tru七h
checked me
Yeah, the first day was not ternble, but that
``寿 Then he sald the words that Iノnever
WaS O血y the first day
thought would be told to皿e `You have can-
The entlre Chemo expenence lS SOmething
Cer ” There was so much runmng through
that wlll haunt me forever I would go lntO
my head I was not to七ally suxprlSed because
chemo each day durlng the first week, One
Of my gut feehng紐om earlier, but I was stl11
day the second week, and one day the third
Shocked, tO Say the least I never thought
week That was consldered one cycle My
that thlS WOuld happen to me I tried my
treatment consISted on three cycles On the
三 戸 、 ) ︻ 二 二 〇 ; ﹂ 音 戸 ∴ - ÷
best,but a couple of tears ran down my face first Frlday of each cycle, I would throw up
Without knowmg about thlS tyPe Of can-
SlnCe I knew thlS WOuld happen, 1t at least
helped me to prepare by taking mediclne,
cer, the first questlOh I remember asking but throwmg uP WaS nOW my blggeSt fear
hlm WaS, “How 16ng?” I st争rted to re皿em-
ber random events ln my life, from when I
Beαd ‡he布部sわけα‖heslαieon寂れe CO肋