Document1 draft of flyer


Document1 draft of flyer
Development Series
When: Saturday Nov. 9th and Sunday Nov. 10th
Where: Toronto Track and Field Centre (York University)
Ages 17 and up
Events: sprints, hurdles, jumps,
Movement Development & Evaluation
Dynamic Training for Athletics
Saturday November 9th
Sunday November 10th
Coaches welcome, FMS for athletes FULL
9:00-10:30am- Importance of Movement
Development and how to evaluate key
athletic qualities with Dr. Thomas Lam
10:00-1:30am- Athlete Testing Functional
Movement Screening (FMS) with FITS.
Physical Testing with Canadian Sport
Institute-Ontario (CSIO)
2:00-3:30pm- Report of findingsImplementation strategies
*Lunch will be provided
9:00-10:30- Acceleration Mechanics with
Laurier Primeau (2012 Paralympic Head Coach,
2013 Pan Am Jrs Head Coach)
10:30-12:00- Dynamic Jumps Training for
Sprinters and Jumpers with Carla Nicholls
(National Lead Coach- Jumps and Combined
1:00-2:00- Activation Techniques for Power
Speed (Carla)
2:00-3:30 (athletes) “Jumping Out” basic
technical drills for LJ, TJ, HJ
2:00-3:30- High Performance Coaching for
Para-athletes- Extending your skill set (Laurier)
Coaches are still welcome to join both days
Openings for athletes on Sunday sessions
Please contact Sue Wise to reserve your spot ASAP
[email protected]

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