betweenbuying clothesor food,and, as a mom, of course I chose food.


betweenbuying clothesor food,and, as a mom, of course I chose food.
The Campaign for WGB
There were times when I had to choose
between buying clothes or food, and,
as a mom, of course I chose food.
A choice most of us will never have to make.
These words, spoken by a single mother residing in an area
shelter, illustrate the heartbreaking decisions thousands of
homeless women in the greater D.C. area are making daily.
Often putting the needs of her loved ones before her own,
her priority is finding a safe place for her family to sleep. As
a result, everyday societal norms she once took for granted—
such as owning decent and clean clothing—get pushed to the
wayside. This takes a toll on her self-esteem. A job interview—
which could offer a way out of her current hardship—can be
all that more intimidating if she doesn’t have anything suitable
to wear.
She needs people in her corner. Those who can build
back her confidence by reminding her that while her presentday reality is tough, she still matters.
That’s where Women Giving Back comes in. By providing free quality clothing items to women and
children transitioning out of homelessness, we’re giving thousands a chance to look in the mirror and
recognize someone they haven’t seen in a while: Themselves.
Who We Are
Women Giving Back (WGB) started in 2007 as a community outreach
initiative under HomeAid Northern Virginia – a nonprofit that renovates
and builds area homeless shelters – with the purpose of providing quality
clothing, shoes and accessories to local women and children emerging
from homelessness. We operate a dedicated store and warehouse facility
in Sterling, Virginia where (on the second Saturday of each month) homeless women staying in local
shelters, transitional housing facilities and safe‐houses can shop, free of charge, using WGB vouchers.
During her visit, each guest can personally select up to 50 pieces. Today, WGB currently serves 200 ladies
monthly and has distributed more than 350,000 clothing items to over 8,000 women since we began.
Now, after securing our status as an independent nonprofit in Spring 2015, Women Giving Back is
poised to do so much more.
Who We Help
The women who cross our threshold
journey towards self-sufficiency. Similarly,
aren’t seeking handouts. These are
her children receive clothing they can
determined individuals doing
wear to school – with the bonus of a
their best to re‐establish
treasured toy to offer comfort
themselves in
during an uncertain time.
new careers and
The following items are
homes of their
Our Next
always needed at
own, while facing a
daunting reality.
Our Mission:
Right now, an estimated
Building off our successful
40,000 homeless individuals live
track record, Women Giving
• Clean women and children’s
within Virginia – nearly 13%
Back will become the most
clothing in good condition
reside in Northern Virginia
impactful provider of free
specifically. These are people
clothing to women and
getting by one day at a time
children in crisis by offerin
• Purses and totes
while living in cars, wooded
a dignified shopping
areas, on the street and in
experience paired with
• New toilet kits, make‐up
abandoned buildings. They
supportive services.
items and toiletries
aren’t strangers. The recent
In the years ahead, we’ll
economic recession coupled
help more people while
with skyrocketing foreclosure
simultaneously deepening the
and rental rates that outpaced income levels are
impact of our programming. In order to achieve
now impacting the American middle class.
this goal, WGB is currently implementing three
Many of the women staying in Northern
key strategies:
Virginia’s shelters are employed or attending
school. Nevertheless, basic supplies are a luxury.
Enlarging Our Space
By providing clean and appropriate attire that can
The store’s current size is inadequate for
be worn during job interviews and work, Women
the number of women and children requiring
Giving Back aids each woman in her own personal
services. To remedy this, clients shop in shifts.
Nevertheless, space is still snug for those inside
– while others wait in long lines before entering.
Storage for donated items is also severely lacking.
In order to double the outgrown space, we’ll lease
an adjoining 7,064 square feet later this year. The
planned expansion will enlarge the retail area,
but will also add more storage capacity, a
playroom for children while mothers shop
and administrative offices.
By increasing the store’s size, Women Giving
Back will be able to enlist more volunteers to assist
clients, engage more businesses for clothing drives
and house more clothing items to distribute. As
a result, we’ll ultimately serve 50% more people
– an estimated 3,000 homeless women and 6,000
children annually – in a calm and respectable
setting. We’ll also explore expansion of store
hours and the feasibility of opening the shop on
additional days each month.
Building Our Infastructure
What began as a volunteer-run venture
is now a fully operating 501(c)(3) nonprofit.
This summer, we’re hiring operations and
fundraising staff – including a Development
Manager who will cultivate more corporate,
foundational and individual support. In addition
to staffing, we’re in the midst of detailing WGB’s
policy procedures for best practices (such as
volunteer recruitment and sorting donated items),
developing a donation tracking system, as well as
implementing a strategic technology plan. We’re
also creating a committee structure to provide
volunteers a chance to further their impact,
while also leaving room to recognize initiative
and develop leadership.
Expanding Our Reach
Women Giving Back is poised to continue
building robust relationships with community
partners to bring about lasting change. For
starters, WGB will cultivate volunteer networks
for increased clothing donations, financial
support and manpower. We’ll also create fresh
ways individuals and companies can partner
with us – whether it’s facilitating employee teambuilding through volunteering with us for a day,
or providing co-sponsorship opportunities for
future WGB fundraising events. In addition,
According to a National Low Income Housing
Coalition report, renters in Northern Virginia
need to earn $27.15 per hour, or an annual salary
of $56,480, to afford the area’s fair market rent of
$1,412 for a two bedroom apartment.
That rent translates into a
148 hour work week
for a minimum wage earner ($7.25/hr.)
to be able to afford food, transportation,
utilities, medical and child care.
we’ll work together to figure out the best means
of distributing information about WGB and
determine the most effective means of keeping
caseworkers (a job with a frequent turnover) in
the loop.
And that’s just the top of our to-do-list.
Once we’ve strengthened WGB’s core through
systematic planning and dedicated staffing, we’ll
explore the possibility of helping even more
women and children in need regardless of where
they live.
Won’t You Join Us?
Shopping at WGB was like getting to go
to the mall every month, and once I was
able to start dressing professionally, I
started acting professionally. WGB will
always live in my heart.
Testimonials like these are what keeps us
motivated to do the absolute most we can for more
women and children. The simple act of trying on a
flattering dress or hugging a stuffed animal can do
so much for those who have so little.
To make our bold vision a brick and mortar
reality, Women Giving Back is seeking additional
funding and new revenue sources.
Over the next two years, Women Giving Back is
seeking to secure $700,000 in funding to pay for
our bricks and mortar expansion, as well as the
development of our organizational infrastructure.
This amount will cover our expenses for a two
year period (July 1, 2015 – July 1, 2017), enabling
our staff and Board to simultanesously build on
our current donors to develop an even stronger
development base to ensure organizational
sustainability beyond the campaign period. We’ll
reach this campaign target from corporate and
foundation sources,
individual donors,
volunteers and
fundraising events.
Covering costs,
however, is the
minimum threshold
we’d like to meet.
With your donation
today, you can
provide innumerable
opportunities for the
continued growth of a unique program with
proven results.
The Women Giving Back program is not
duplicated elsewhere. Based on information and
feedback from shelter partners, WGB is filling a
need in the local community where others aren’t.
WGB offers up to 50 clothing items a month – for
free. Most other clothing programs either charge
a minimal fee for clothing (Goodwill, Salvation
Army) or are limited in serving only those clients
enrolled in their programs. WGB helps all women
and children from shelters in Northern Virginia.
We’re a region-wide service offered at no cost
… The smiles and hugs we often receive are more
than enough.
Join our
and you’ll
soon see for
Terri Stagi, President | Fiona Hughes, Vice President | Pat Leader, Secretary/Treasurer | 703.554.9386 | [email protected]
Federal Tax ID #32-0464606.

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