2009 Annual Report - PACE Center for Girls


2009 Annual Report - PACE Center for Girls
Annual Report
Values and Principles Guiding Our Actions
honor the female spirit
We value and promote the female perspective by respecting its
distinct needs, creating safe and gender responsive environments
and celebrating the female experience.
focus on strengths
We look to identify strengths in our girls, their families, our staff
and supporters. Using these strengths as our foundation, we
build strong, confident, productive community participants.
act with integrity and positive intent
We believe that all actions and decisions must be guided by the
highest ethical principles, respecting the uniqueness of all involved
and honoring the differences.
embrace growth and change
We believe that everyone is capable of remarkable growth, and
PACE values
all girls and
young women,
believing each
one deserves
an opportunity
to find her voice,
achieve her
potential and
celebrate a life
defined by
dignity, serenity
and grace.
only by encouraging change can individuals, organizations and
society reach their full potential.
value the wisdom of time
We understand that patience can be as powerful as immediate
action, and each has its place. We value the discernment required
for their effective use.
exhibit courage
We think courage is essential in making a difference, enabling us to
speak for those who cannot, take risks to do what is right, deliver
just and fair consequences and be accountable for our actions.
seek excellence
We strive for excellence in all we accomplish by holding true to
our mission while consistently meeting high standards of performance, reflecting critically upon our accomplishments, seeking
innovative solutions and believing all things are possible.
create partnerships
We believe in developing effective partnerships and long-term
relationships by listening to our staff, our girls and their families
and our communities, incorporating their input and involving them
in our decision-making.
invest in the future
We place our faith in the long-term growth and development of our
girls, staff, agency and communities, believing it is the best strategy
for creating results that have lasting impact.
Letter from Interim
President and CEO
Jamie’s Story
Board of Trustees
and Executive Staff
25th Anniversary
25th Anniversary
Letter from
25th Anniversary
Honorary Chair
Letter from
Senator Nelson
Letter from
Governor Crist
25th Anniversary
Pioneer Award
Past and Present
Board Chairs
and CEOs
The Dragonfly Story
25th Anniversary
Letter From
PACE at a Glance
The PACE Program
Portrait of Risk
Porscha’s Story
The History
Portrait of Success
Angel’s Story
and Community
List of Supporters
PACE Center
A Letter from Interim President and CEO Mary Marx
dear friends of pace,
the National Council on Crime and Delinquency’s (NCCD) Center for Girls and Young
“Let us look to
the past with
grateful hearts,
to the present
with honest eyes,
to the future
with open minds,
that with gratitude
and integrity and
vision, we may
build wisely in a
changing today
and a challenging
tomorrow, on the
rich heritage of a
known yesterday.”
The words of Dr. Etter Turner embody
Women. Through this partnership we are
the transformation at PACE over this past
analyzing the theoretical foundations of
year. In 2008/2009, PACE Center for Girls
the PACE model and aligning it with the
had the unique opportunity to “look to the
most current research on effective practice.
past with grateful hearts, to the present
with honest eyes and to the future with
our relationships with our stakeholders.
open minds.” We took the opportunity to
PACE continues to be a strong voice for
reflect on our rich heritage and look toward
girls and a resource for our communities
the future with vision, focus and integrity.
because of the hard work and dedication of
In “a changing today and a challenging
our community partners. Involving multiple
tomorrow”, we are building wisely on
constituencies in believing in girls is the
PACE’s success and history.
foundation upon which PACE is built. Their
PACE’s rich past is evident in the
collective commitment, and the careful
national recognition and impressive
stewardship of the Board of Trustees,
accolades received over 25 years. Most
continues to advance the well-being of
importantly, it is evident in the faces of
all girls and young women.
the many girls whose lives are changed
every day at PACE.
research and data effectively. And, we
Over the next 25 years, we plan to
engaged a network of partners who bring
develop ever more effective services for
diverse perspectives to our work. Through-
the welfare of all girls. To prepare, we
out, we are guided by how collectively we
looked critically at the present and took
can provide girls and young women an
steps to meet the challenges of the future.
opportunity for a better future.
My second priority was to strengthen
We had clear priorities. We used
We became more flexible so we could
respond to local, state and national
opportunities. We became more strategic
to influence issues of importance to all girls
and young women. And, we fundamentally
transformed our leadership and governance
model to remain at the forefront in the
development of effective public policy.
These changes were essential to a strong
future for PACE and the future that all
— Dr. Etter Turner
former dean of students,
stetson university
girls deserve.
mary marx
Over the past year, I had two priorities
Interim President and CEO
as Interim President & CEO.
The first was to ensure that our program
model remains current and effective for
girls. With support from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention,
we initiated a 2-year partnership with
1 PACe ce n t er
for g irl s 2008/2009 annual report
Jamie’s Story
“Ever since I was in first grade
I was picked on for my weight,
how I dressed, how I talked,
pretty much anything someone
could find that was wrong
with me. One day I had enough,
and I got into a fight. This is
when my mother said — enough!
And she put me in an online
school. The online school was
difficult because it’s hard for
me to work without someone
helping me. That’s when my
mom told me about PACE.
When I learned more I knew it
was the best place for me.
When I came to PACE,
for the first time ever, I finally
felt like I ‘fit in.’ Now I’m getting
good grades. My mother is
so happy and proud of me.
I always thought that I would
be the one to drop out in high
school, but not anymore!”
— Jamie M.
age 13
hop e . love . c h a n g e . for 25 ye ar s. 2
Board of Trustees
July 2008 to June 2009
Ellen F. Parker, Esq., Chair
Assistant Counsel, Darden Restaurants, Inc.
Carole Eastman Zegel, Vice Chair
Executive Director, State Attorney,
Eighth Judicial Circuit (Retired)
Jeff Blass, MBA, Treasurer
Senior Vice President, SunTrust Bank, Inc.
Penelope Blair, CFTA, Secretary
Senior Vice President, US Trust, Bank of America
Private Wealth Management
A Florida-based,
nationally recognized
501(c)3 prevention
program for girls
and young women.
Martha Bibby, Executive Committee
President, Bibby Enterprises LLS
Mattie Fraser, SPHR, Executive Committee
Former Governor, Summit & Florida District,
Civitan International
Sherrill Williams Ragans, Executive Committee
Director of Student Affairs, Florida State
University (Retired)
Jon Boring
Associate Partner, IBM Global Services
Dr. Tony Leisner
Professor, School of Public Policy,
Walden University
The Mission
To provide girls and
young women an
opportunity for a
better future through
education, counseling,
training and advocacy.
Joanne M. O’Connor
Jones Foster Johnston & Stubbs, P.A.
Dr. Sandra Pavelka, Ph.D.
Director, Institute of Youth and Justice Studies,
Florida Gulf Coast University
Mindy Reeves
Director of Advertising Sales,
Bright House Networks
Elba Robertson
Board of Governors, Pensacola Junior
College Foundation
Juliet Sears
Executive Vice President, CBIZ Benefits &
Insurance Services
John A. Schifino, Esq.
Williams Schifino Mangione & Steady, P.A.
Shearna Tolbert, Ed.S
Psychologist, Marion County Public Schools
Dee Thomas
President, Ewing & Thomas, Inc.
Kristin Webster
Program Director, 19th Circuit Public
Defender’s Office
3 PACe ce n t er
for g irl s 2008/2009 annual report
Executive Staff
July 2008 to June 2009
Mary Marx
Interim President & CEO
Nan Davis
Director of Finance
Shirley James
Director of Human Resources
Debbie Moroney
Director of Program & Public Partnerships
Jill Guffey
Director of Management Information
2008/2009: 25 Years of Believing in Girls
It is a milestone year for Pace Center for Girls, Inc. As we
recognize all that PACE has accomplished over the past 25 years,
we thought it important to reflect upon our past and build wisely for
the future. The courage and accomplishments of our girls continue
to be our inspiration as we celebrate 25 years of Believing in Girls.
The rich heritage upon which PACE is built is evident in the faces of
the many thousands of girls whose lives have been changed at PACE.
PACE Center for Girls, Inc. began in 1985 as an alternative to
institutionalization and incarceration of girls and young women at
risk of entering, or who were already involved in, the juvenile justice
system. Today the mission of PACE has expanded to provide girls and
young women an opportunity for a better future through education,
counseling, training and advocacy. The philosophical foundation
of carrying out the mission is that PACE values all girls and young
women, believing each one deserves an opportunity to find her voice,
achieve her potential and celebrate a life defined by responsibility,
dignity, serenity and grace.
Over the past 25 years, PACE Center for Girls, Inc. has earned the
reputation as a national leader in providing gender responsive
programming and services. In doing so we accept both the accolades
and responsibility that this reputation brings. The cornerstone of our
work is to advocate for safe, gender responsive environments for girls
and young women, to hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards,
and to uphold our mission, our philosophy and our values and
guiding principles.
hop e . love . c h a n g e . for 25 ye ar s. 4
PACE 25th Anniversary Honorary Committee
U.S. Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz—Chair
Governor Charlie Crist
federal elected officials
Senator Bill Nelson
Congresswoman Corrine Brown
Congresswoman Ginny Brown-Waite
Congressman Ander Crenshaw
Congressman Lincoln Diaz-Balart
Congressman Alan Grayson
Congressman Alcee Hastings
Congressman Ron Klein
Congressman Kendrick B. Meek
Congressman Jeff Miller
Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
Congressman Adam Putnam
florida elected officials
Alex Sink—Florida Chief Financial Officer
Bill McCollum—Attorney General
of Florida
Senate President Jeff Atwater
Senator Victor Crist
Senator Paula Dockery
Senator Don Gaetz
Senator Dennis L. Jones
Senator Garrett S. Richter
Senator Gary Siplin
Senator Frederica S. Wilson
Senator Stephen R. Wise
Representative Sandra Adams
Representative Kevin C. Ambler
Representative Jennifer Carroll
Representative Gwyndolen Clarke-Reed
Representative Chris Dorworth
Representative Eric Eisnaugle
Representative Bill Galvano
Representative Louis R. Garcia, Jr.
Representative Audrey Gibson
Representative Bill Heller
Representative Dorothy L. Hukill
Representative Mia Jones
Representative Charles McBurney
Representative Ari Abraham Porth
5 PACe ce n t er
Representative Ronald “Doc” Renuart
Representative Yolly Roberson
Representative Darryl Ervin Rouson
Representative Michael Scionti
Representative William D. Snyder
Representative Darren Soto
Representative Kelli Stargel
Representative Nick Thompson
Representative Perry E. Thurston, Jr.
Representative Michael B. Weinstein
florida state officials
Commissioner Nancy Argenziano
—Florida Public Service Commission
Frank Peterman—Secretary, Florida
Department of Juvenile Justice
George H. Sheldon—Secretary, Florida
Department of Children and Families
jacksonville officials
John Peyton—Mayor of Jacksonville
Ed Pratt-Dannals—Superintendent of
Duval County Public Schools
25th anniversary
Conference and celebration
planning committee
Sherrill Ragans—PACE Board of Trustees,
Committee Chair
Dr. Sandra Pavelka—PACE Board
of Trustees
Kristin Bennet—PACE Palm Beach,
Board of Directors
Vacharee Howard—PACE Collier
Janie Smalley—PACE Jacksonville
Glenda McClendon—PACE Center
for Girls, Inc.
Christy Finnegan—PACE Board of Trustees
Marcus Haile—PACE Center for Girls, Inc.
for g irl s 2008/2009 annual report
A Letter from 25th Anniversary Honorary Chair
Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz
hop e . love . c h a n g e . for 25 ye ar s. 6
A Letter from Senator Bill Nelson
7 PACe ce n t er
for g irl s 2008/2009 annual report
A Letter from Congressman Ander Crenshaw
hop e . love . c h a n g e . for 25 ye ar s. 8
A Letter from Governor Charlie Crist
9 PACe ce n t er
for g irl s 2008/2009 annual report
25th Anniversary Pioneer Award Recipients,
Past and Present Board Chairs and CEOs
Pioneer Awards
Pat Barton
Carol Carlan
Senator Victor Crist
Kay Cunningham
Kennon Holmes
Dr. Sherry P. Magill
Matt and Marge Masterman
Sallie Parks
Senator Ken Pruitt
Robert C. Radice
Senator Rod Smith
Mildred Thompson (posthumous)
Delores Barr Weaver
Founder’s Award
Vicki Bryant Burke
Values and Guiding
Principles Award
Dr. Lawanda Ravoira
Past and Present
Board of Trustees Chairs
Gary Christian (1985 – 1986)
Dr. Ed Napier (1986 – 1988)
George Penick (1988 – 1990)
Kennon Holmes (1990 – 1992)
Paulette Pace (1992 – 1995)
Dr. Sherry P. Magill (1995 – 1998)
Ron Baker (1998 – 2000)
Kay Cunningham (2000 – 2002)
Carol Carlan (2002 – 2004)
Kay Cunningham (2004 – 2006)
Ellen Parker (2007 – 2009)
Carole Zegel (Present)
Past and Present
PACE Presidents and CEOs
Vicki Burke
Dr. Lawanda Ravoira
Donna Gallagher
Mary Marx, Interim
hop e . love . c h a n g e . for 25 ye ar s. 10
In various cultures, the dragonfly represents
prosperity, luck, strength, peace, harmony,
purity and change. It can also be a symbol of
the sense of self that comes with maturity.
The qualities associated with the dragonfly
vary, but a few traits remain constant in all
of them: hope, love and change. This year
we celebrate the hope, love and change that
have been the cornerstone of our exciting
25-year history.
11 PACe ce n t er
for g irl s 2008/2009 annual report
25th Anniversary Celebration Sponsors
Platinum sponsors
gold sponsors
silver sponsors
bronze sponsors
Special Thanks to Richard and Leslie Pierpont, Brooks and Linda Faison,
and PACE Center for Girls of Palm Beach Board of Directors
hop e . love . c h a n g e . for 25 ye ar s. 12
The History of PACE 1985 to 1993
january 1985
First Center opens in Jacksonville. A broad network of supporters including
Vicki Burke and her family, Judge Dorothy Pate and other local juvenile court judges,
the National Council of Jewish Women, the Edna Sproull Williams Foundation, and
many others come together to launch the Center. The doors open to the first 10 PACE
girls who participate in a day program located at Snyder Memorial Methodist Church.
november 1987
july 1989
Received Juvenile Justice
PACE Manatee
PACE Orange
Award for Outstanding
Center opened.
Center opened.
Dependency Program –
presented by Florida
Juvenile Judges.
february 1991
MARCH 1991
PACE identified as one of four promising programs
PACE Broward
for high-risk adolescent females in the University
Lawton Chiles visits
and PACE Dade
of Michigan’s Center for the Study of Youth Policy’s
PACE Jacksonville.
Centers opened.
publication Programming for Young Women in the
Juvenile Justice System.
MARCH 1993
april 1993
First National Girls Caucus held in
PACE and the Florida Department
Washington, D.C., by efforts of PACE with
of Health and Rehabilitative
funding from the Valentine Foundation.
Services co-chaired the first Girls
Over 40 participants attended with
Task Force meeting in Tallahassee.
15 states represented.
13 PACe ce n t er
for g irl s 2008/2009 annual report
The History of PACE 1994 to 1998
december 1993
march 1994
The NBC Nightly News with
PACE Escambia-Santa Rosa
President George W. Bush,
Tom Brokaw featured PACE
and PACE Leon Centers
First Lady Barbara Bush and
as a successful model.
Florida Governor Jeb Bush
visit PACE Jacksonville.
december 1994
PACE awarded the Gould Wysinger Award from
the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency
Prevention, U.S. Department of Justice, for exceptional
achievements in Juvenile Justice.
march 1995
april 1995
Janet Reno, U.S. Attorney
Justice Research and Statistics
PACE Volusia-Flagler
General, featured PACE Center for
Association featured PACE as
& PACE Palm Beach
Girls, Inc. as a successful model
one of eight successful
Centers opened.
during a news conference.
programs nationally.
PACE Pinellas
PACE Alachua, PACE
& PACE Monroe
Pasco, PACE Collier,
Centers opened.
PACE Hillsborough &
PACE Treasure Coast
Centers opened.
hop e . love . c h a n g e . for 25 ye ar s. 14
The History of PACE 2001 to 2008
PACE Marion
& PACE Polk
Center opened.
Centers opened.
october 2007
The Children’s Defense Fund, in its
groundbreaking report America’s Cradle
to Prison Pipeline cited PACE as one of the
nation’s promising examples of approaches
to helping children avoid prison.
february 2008
The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice released a report from the
Blueprint Commission on Juvenile Justice Reform entitled Getting Smart
About Juvenile Justice. The report identified specific services for at-risk
girls as among its six major goals and PACE Center for Girls as
successfully providing such services.
march 2008
april 2008
PACE recognized by the Office of Juvenile
“Efforts to Outcomes” data
Justice and Delinquency Prevention’s Girls
management system fully integrated
Study Group as among the most effective
to ensure measurable impact on
in the nation for keeping adolescent girls
the more than 2,000 girls served
out of the Juvenile Justice system.
annually by PACE.
15 PACe ce n t er
for g irl s 2008/2009 annual report
The History of PACE 2008 to 2009
june 2008
PACE recognized by the Annie E. Casey
Foundation’s KIDS COUNT Report as an
effective national model for reducing recidivism
and improving school success, employment
and self-sufficiency among girls.
december 2008
april 2009
With federal funding sponsored by Congressman
PACE alumnae
Ander Crenshaw, PACE and the NCCD Center for
recognized by Governor
Girls and Young Women begin a partnership to
Charlie Crist at Juvenile
document the theoretical and research basis of
Justice Success Week.
the PACE model.
september 2009
october 2009
Board of Trustees approves
Workforce Florida approves funding
new governance structure in
through American Recovery and
order to meet the challenges
Reinvestment Act for expanded
of a new era of services for girls.
transition services in Broward,
Jacksonville and Palm Beach.
december 2009
PACE Centers in Jacksonville and Broward awarded federal grant
jointly sponsored by Republican U.S. Representative Ander
Crenshaw of Jacksonville and Democratic U.S. Representative
Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Ft. Lauderdale to support girls as
they transition from PACE to adulthood.
hop e . love . c h a n g e . for 25 ye ar s. 16
PACE Center
for Girls
Vicki Burke,
with PACE
alumnae at
the 25th
PACE at a Glance
25 years
of serving
girls and
young women
17 centers
Casey Foundation
as an effective
2,072 girls
served in
national model for
23,000 girls
since 1985
17 PACe ce n t er
PACE is recognized
by the Annie E.
for g irl s 2008/2009 annual report
reducing recidivism
and improving
school success,
employment and
amongst girls.
The PACE Program
PACE’s program supports a proven theory of change with services linked
to producing positive outcomes in education, community connectedness,
behaviors, vocations, recidivism and in girls’ families.
PACE Provides:
Initial and Ongoing Assessment
Risk factors and needed support are assessed for each girl.
Academic Education
Each center has a cooperative agreement with the local school board to provide daily academic
instruction with remedial services, individual instruction and specialized education plans.
Gender-Specific Life Management Skills Enhancement
This PACE-designed curriculum, known as SPIRITED GIRLS!® is a gender-sensitive program designed specifically for the needs of girls. It consists of modules that teach positive lifestyle choices.
Social Services
Care management plans and services are developed to meet the individual needs of each girl.
Parental Involvement
Staff maintains regular contact with parents through home visits, office sessions and telephone
contacts. Parent groups are provided to help parents assist in their daughters’ growth.
Community Volunteer Service
Girls participate in monthly volunteer service projects.
Career Readiness
PACE provides job skills assessment and curriculum to build school-to-work readiness skills and
assistance with finding, applying and interviewing for job placements.
Transition Services
PACE conducts three years of comprehensive follow-up to ensure girls continue with their
education, employment or appropriate referral services.
hop e . love . c h a n g e . for 25 ye ar s. 18
14.7 is the average age
of a girl entering PACE
83% of girls
have risk factors in three
or four categories including
school, family, substance
abuse or behavior
72% of girls
come from families with low
or very low incomes
71% of girls
were failing one or more
classes in school prior to
coming to PACE
Portrait of Risk
Girls and young women comprise the fastest growing
segment of Florida’s juvenile justice system and girls
now represent 32% of all youth referred to Florida’s
76.5% of girls
had been suspended or
expelled from school prior
to coming to PACE
21% of girls
were referred to PACE
through the Department of
Juvenile Justice
Department of Juvenile Justice. Most girls caught up in
the delinquency system have histories of physical, emotional and sexual abuse, and many come to PACE with
a history of trauma and abuse. PACE understands the
impact that gender-responsive services have in helping
girls and young women find a path back to success and
in keeping girls out of the delinquency system.
21% of girls
have had previous involvement
with the Department of Children
and Families
36% of girls
have had prior criminal charges
before coming to PACE
50% of girls
have a parent or sibling who
has been incarcerated or
on probation
20% of girls
were physically and/or sexually
abused prior to coming to PACE
19 PACe ce n t er
for g irl s 2008/2009 annual report
Portrait of Success
PACE helps girls turn their lives around by providing quality education,
counseling, career planning and an opportunity to be successful. PACE
helps girls stay in school, reduces their chances of being involved in
or becoming victims of crime or violence, and provides hope for girls
and their futures.
95% of girls
improved academically
while at PACE
88% of girls
had no involvement with
the delinquency system
after leaving PACE
83% of girls
advanced a full grade level
while at PACE
83% fewer
used drugs and alcohol
while at PACE
78% of girls
are in school or employed
3 years after leaving PACE hop e . love . c h a n g e . for 25 ye ar s. 20
Porscha’s Story
“When I was in regular
school, I didn’t understand
the work. Everything went
so fast and I didn’t feel
comfortable asking questions
out loud. I skipped school
because I started to give up
and didn’t want to be there
anymore. At the end of my
ninth grade year my mom
and I were looking over my
report cards and my grades
were horrible. That’s when
I decided that I wanted
to change for the better.
I wanted to finish high
school and get good grades,
like I know I can. That’s when
I found out about PACE.
The PACE teachers and
counselors push me to
do my best and keep me
on track. Without PACE I
would probably be sitting
in a classroom failing.
But now, I’m on my way
to a better future!”
— Porscha L.
age 16
21 PACe ce n t er
for g irl s 2008/2009 annual report
Financial Summary
PACE’s responsibility to girls is shared equally with our responsibility to our fiscal
partners. The funds entrusted to us by government, community and private partners
contribute to our success, and PACE enjoys a sound reputation of fiscal responsibility.
Sources of Operating Revenues
50% Department of Juvenile Justice
27% Department of Education
15% Private Funds
4% Federal Grants
3% City/County Grants
1% Investment Income 0% State Grants – Other Operating expenses by category
72% Personnel
11% Occupancy
9% Other Operating Costs 5% Student/Program Support 3% Equipment and Vehicle Expenses
hop e . love . c h a n g e . for 25 ye ar s. 22
Statement of Financial Position as of june 30, 2009
Current Assets
Cash and cash equivalents
Grants receivable
Pledges receivable, current portion
Pre-paid expenses and other assets
Due from affiliates
Total Current Assets
Pledges receivable, long-term portion
Land, building and equipment, net
Total Assets
Liabilities and Net Assets
Current Liabilities
Accounts payable and accrued expenses
Deferred revenue
Notes payable, current portion
Total Current Liabilities
Notes payable, long-term portion
Total Liabilities
Net Assets
Temporarily Restricted
Total Net Assets
Total Liabilities and Net Assets
23 PACe ce n t er
for g irl s 2008/2009 annual report
Statement of Activities for the year ended June 30, 2009
Changes in Unrestricted Net Assets
Total unrestricted revenues, gains and other support
Total expenses and losses
Increase (decrease) in unrestricted net assets
Changes in Temporarily Restricted Net Assets
Total unrestricted revenues, gains and other support
Net assets released from restrictions
Increase (decrease) in temporarily restricted net assets
Increase (decrease) in total net assets before transfer
Transfer of net assets
Increase (decrease) in total net assets
Net assets, beginning of year
Net assets, end of year
hop e . love . c h a n g e . for 25 ye ar s. 24
Angel’s Story
“I was extremely shy in
high school, so it was difficult
for me to make friends. And I had
some pretty unique interests,
which didn’t make things
any easier — ballet and
auto repair. The other kids
constantly made fun of me
for it. I started skipping school
to avoid them and my grades
began to slip. I transferred
to PACE Center for Girls and
it truly changed my life.
The girls and staff were so
positive and supportive.
For the first time ever, I actually
enjoyed going to school.
I went from a “D” average to
a solid “B+” average, earned
my high school diploma and
even received a college
scholarship, all while at PACE.
Today I’m in college studying
law and I’m also enrolled
in a two-year automotive
program to become a certified
mechanic. I grew up around
cars so I thought working
on cars would be a fun way
to pay the bills while studying
to become a lawyer.”
— Angel
2009 high school graduate
25 PACe ce n t er
for g irl s 2008/2009 annual report
“To the world,
we are just girls...
to PACE, we are
the world.”
— Laura
It is because of the generosity and
support from our donors that allows
PACE to positively affect the lives of
so many girls every single year. We
sincerely thank you for continuing to
believe in the girls of PACE. hop e . love . c h a n g e . for 25 ye ar s. 26
Government and Community Partners
Manatee Board of County Commissioners
Manatee County Children’s Services
National School Lunch Program
Orange County Public Schools
Pasco County
Pinellas County Schools
Polk County School Board
Alachua County State Attorney’s Office
School Board of Alachua County
Carl D. Perkins Grant for Juvenile Justice
Workforce Development
School Board of Broward County
Children’s Services Council of
Martin County
Children’s Services Council of
St. Lucie County
City of Tallahassee
Department of Education, Title 1 Grants
for Alachua, Broward, Collier, Duval,
Escambia, Hillsborough, Lee, Leon, Marion,
Orange, Polk and Volusia Counties
School Board of Collier County
School Board of Escambia County
School Board of Hillsborough County
School Board of Lee County
School Board of Leon County
School Board of Manatee County
School Board of Marion County
District School Board of Pasco County
School Board of Santa Rosa
Duval County Public Schools
School Board of St. Lucie County
Florida Department of Children and
Families/United Way Broward Commission
on Substance Abuse
School District of Palm Beach County
Florida Department of Education
School District of Volusia County
Florida Department of Juvenile Justice
St. Lucie Board of County Commissioners
Human Services Association
U.S. Department of Justice
Jacksonville Children’s Commission
U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile
Justice and Delinquency Prevention
Lee County Department of Human Services
27 PACe ce n t er
for g irl s 2008/2009 annual report
School District of Putnam County/FEFEC
Volusia County
The Believing in Girls Society
The Believing in Girls Society allows supporters to participate in a multi-year planned giving program
to help PACE plan for the future. We are honored by these generous gifts.
Invest In The Future
Leo Goodwin Foundation, Inc.
Stavroula Christodoulou
Bette Bonfleur
Scott Coleman
Ken & Mary Pat Burke
John Deinhardt
Virginia Depree Hull
Mirta L. Duarte
Joyce & Bob Epstein
Teri Levin
Angela Glazer, Ph.D.
Penelope Blair
Ted & Stacy Bogert
Jerome Faber
Dee Thomas
Barbara D. Ferguson
Sandra Miller
Helen Furia
Psychological Assessment Resources, Inc.
Mary-Jane Graff
Hon. William & Linda Haury
Robert & Margaret Hill
Edgar Scott & Michelle V. Carter-Scott
Alan C. Hooper
The Janoura Group, Inc.
Ronnie L. Karlin
Nancy & Gary Chartrand
Lorena & Robert Lechter
Susan & Jack Loving
Honor The Female Spirit
Embrace Growth & Change
Lynda Napolitano
pace center for girls, inc.
Alachua County Sheriff’s Office
Hon. Leroy H. Moe
Mafalda Natale
Jacqueline & Hugh Jones
Sally Bosch Osherow
Sherrill & Jimmy Ragans
Aggie A. Pappas
Robert Radice
Nancy Perry
Hon. Stacy M. Ross
Eric & Gail Brill
Senator Debby Sanderson
Charles B. Ladd & George Rahael
Lorrayne & Kenneth Bzoch
Joanne & Mark Snead / Circle of
John Moriarty & Associates of FL, Inc.
Randy & Patty Caton
Ginny & Joe Cauthen
Bruno Trambusti
Phyllis Delaney
Karen Unger
Holly Adams
Cathy Ipser
Theresa & Richard Zaden
John Brewer
John & Kathy Kish
Dr. Edmond Zimski, Jr.
Pete Moore Chevrolet
Maureen T. Long, DVM
Elizabeth Muldoon
Patricia Petty
Friends Foundation
Arlene Shapiro
J.F. & Peggy Bryan
Tammy Prince
Stephanie Coonan
Rod & Dee Dee Smith
Geoff & Cammie Disston
Tom & Susan Spain
Laverne and Dick Baker
George & Betty Lu Grune
Mark & Mary Wise
Diane DeJean & William Balchunas
Preston & Joan Haskell
Bill & Carol Zegel
Mona Brown
Carol Carlan
Henri Landwirth
David A. Stein Family Foundation
Firkins Chrysler/Jeep/Suzuki
Connie Clark
Carla Albano
CollectorSolutions, Inc.
Elizabeth Athanasakos, Esq.
Elaine & Brooks Davis
Bank Atlantic Foundation
Mike Denkler
hop e . love . c h a n g e . for 25 ye ar s. 28
The Believing in Girls Society
Marianne Estess
Stephanie Ibach
Lorelei Hummel
Linda Hoffman
Brett Irwin
Mark and Sheri Loren
Frances Horton
Jacksonville Aviation Authority
Gail Markham
Levin, Papantonio, Thomas, Mitchell,
Maxine M. Kroll
Jacke & Arden McCurdy
Echsner & Proctor P.A.
Carole Lanzi
Stephanie Miller
Charles Liberis
Allen & Delores Lastinger
Cora Cisneros Molloy
David Lister
Meta Magevney
Karen Mosteller
Mr. & Mrs. W.C. Merrill, Jr.
Eleanor Maxwell
Gay Rebel Thompson
Deborah & John Monroe
Karen McCombs
The Hon. James & Diann Seals
Marjorie & Alan Moore
June Myers
Michael & Laurel Smith
Marianne Moore
Teresa Myers
Marilyn Smith
Carol Parker
Randy Nader
Pamela Templeton
Melanie Passman
Rosemary Naughton
Utilities Structures, Inc.
Ginger & John Porter
Katherine Skinner Newton
Pamela & Gene Van Vleck
Nell Potter
Mr. & Mrs. W. Ralph Payne
Valerie Russenburger
Leslie Pecci
Kathy Searcy
Mary Pietan
Alice Crew
Julie Sheppard
Marian Poitevent
Barbara Edwards
Brenda & Fred Vigodsky
Michelle Preuss
Jim Eikeland
Linda Whitman
Emily Rambo
Judith Mandrell
Gail Williams
Susan Reese
Francesca Melichar
Judy Romesburg
Sherrill Ragans
Cyndi & Kent Schmidt
Maggie Short
Duane Eatherly
Buddy & Mary Lou Schulz
Garry Simmons
Janister & Nathaniel Herring
Emily Balz Smith Foundation
Janet Stoner
Matthew King
Betty Strickland
Robin Hassler Thompson
Toni Sexton
Teresa Stuebben
Marcella Torres
Marsha Taylor-Holland
Tammy Wallace
Clay Witherspoon
Louis & Janice Walsh
Kimberly Waterhouse
Frank & Emily Buskirk
Ruth & John Whitner
Dan & Betty Callaghan
Eleanor Ashby
The Winston Family Foundation
Jaymie G. Carter
Lynn Bertram
Arnold Woolverton
Amanda Edge
Dan & Vickie Cavey
The Zimmerman Family
Trina & Scott Falkner
Blythe Cessac
Lynn & Sharon Groseclose
Margaret Conolly
Paul & Diana Landry
Laura & Jim Crooks
ACRA Electric, Inc.
Sally Mills
Ruth Day
Avalon Engineering
Vernie Pickhardt
Cheryl Efstathion
Doretta Bree
Mindy Reeves
Earnie Franklin
Todd & Tracey Caruso
Penny & Sandra Robinson
Mattie & Stewart Fraser
David & Cheri DePree
Marcia Roger
Ed Gallegos
Scott & Mary Fischer
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Tapp
Sherri Geddes
Grace Frey
Kathy & Jim Van Elswyk
George & Ann Gibbs III
Linda Fried
Cecil Gibson
Jamie B. Gates
Maribel Hernandez
Amy Gravina
Scott Bruce
Sandra Herrington
Kitty Green
Ken & Dana Daley
Lawsikia Hodges
David Hall
Ron & Lauren Spencer
Susan Hughes
Teri Hansen
Harvey Vandeven
29 PACe ce n t er
for g irl s 2008/2009 annual report
The Believing in Girls Society
Dr. Sabrina Atkins
Dr. Jeanne Bangtson
Rebecca M. Becker
David & Chris Ann Bernatavitz
Beverly Beirl
Jeff Blass
Michelle Corbin
Ann G. Blumencranz
Iris Bly
Eric Hendrickson
Charles & Denise Bray
Monica Burkett
Robert & Annette Irvine
Guy & Debi Burns
Janet Danmhower
Corbin & Lee Ann Johnson
Yvonne Cahill
Dr. Deborah Henson-Governor
Joe Kern
Lisa Carr
Christine MacDonald
Anna Soike McPherson
Carole Brodin Christensen
Melissa K. McCullough
Galen Miller
Joyce Cotton
Cyndi H. Parker
Stacey Papp
Kay Cunningham
Decker Youngman
John & Margaret Sanders
Falcon Electric
Mrs. Constance Yuschok
Dick Spears
Bonnie Foreman
Marjorie Bekaert Thomas
Gail Handel
Walt Disney World Co.
Vicki Hano
Jan & Jim Wood
Gloria Hope Ph.D., R.N.
Jennifer Young
Bill Isaly
Stephanie Garner Komarek
Palm Beach
Wendy LaTorre
Accounts Receivables, Inc.
Tony & Patricia Leisner
Sara G. Bailey
Nancy E. Loehr
Cinthia Becton
Karen Manning
Kristin K. Bennett
Valerie A. & J. Larry Massingill
City of West Palm Beach / Jeri Muoio
Robert & Joanne McIntyre
Meridith Consor
Ginger McQuigg
Lauren Feingold
Tom & Elise Minkoff
Sylvia Hernandez
Sharon Morrow
Nona & William Kramer
Progress Energy Florida, Inc.
Marilyn Perez & Luis Martinez
Betty K. Scrim
Joanne O’Connor
Carla Staats
Deborah L. O’Kain
The Honorable Irene Sullivan
Laurel Robinson
Helen M. Thal
Lisa D. Russo
Cecilia Tucker
Dr. Robert & Diane Vollbracht
Joel & Marilyn Dennison
Carolyn Wall
Gail Wilkes
Ewing & Thomas, Inc. Physical Therapy
Dr. & Mrs. Stephen & Lynn Goldman
Treasure Coast
Darlene Greene
Kathryn Basile
Carolyn Hersh
Ruth Henderson
Karyn Johnson-Mahorney
George & Linda O’Malley
Carolyn Keilman
Marge Riley
Amanda Murphy
Horace & Theora Webb
Synovus Financial Corporation
George & Linda O’Malley
Danielle Taylor-Fagan, Ed.D.
Port St. Lucie Business Women
Dee Thomas
Evett Simmons
Francis & Rose Marie Von Seelen
hop e . love . c h a n g e . for 25 ye ar s. 30
Thank You to Our Generous Supporters
$100,000 – $999,999
Treasure Coast
D.W. McMillan Trust
United Way of Martin County
Impact 100 Pensacola Bay Area, Inc.
United Way of St. Lucie County
Naples Children and Education Foundation
Glazer Family Foundation
United Way of Tampa Bay
$50,000 – $99,999
Dharma Endowment Fund
$10,000 – $19,999
Jacksonville Jaguars Foundation, Inc.
Ann & Wayne Southwick
Nancy McDonald
State Attorney’s Office
United Way of Northeast Florida
Leo Goodwin Foundation, Inc.
Wayne & Delores Weaver
United Way of Broward County
Andrea & Harold Acker
American Document Management
Love That Dress!
Bank of America Charitable
Healy Foundation
Markham Norton Mosteller Wright &
The Henry & Lucy Gooding Endowment
Rita & Rick Case
The Jim Moran Foundation, Inc.
Southwest Florida Community
Citrix Systems
United Way Northeast Florida
Robert Radice
Company, P.A.
Foundation, Inc.
United Way of Lee, Hendry and
Palm Beach
United Way of Palm Beach County
Volusia Flagler
City of Ormond Beach
Glades Counties
Anita Pittman
Publix Super Markets Charities
United Way of the Big Bend
Switzer Brothers Charitable
Jim & Janet Green
United Way of Manatee County, Inc.
$20,000 – $49,999
Eckerd Family Foundation, Inc.
United Way of Marion County
Barbara & Phil Emmer
Johnny Damon Foundation
Remmer Family Foundation, Inc.
Deanna Still
Mary N. Porter
Palm Beach
Mrs. C. Herman Terry
Landon Family Foundation
The Martin Foundation, Inc.
The Mimi Foundation, Inc.
Thomas M. and Irene B. Kirbo
Mr. & Mrs. James Van Vleck
Eckerd Family Foundation, Inc.
Women’s Giving Alliance
capital campaign support
We welcome corrections to unintended omissions
in-kind support
and errors. To report errors, please contact
in-kind and financial support
PACE Center for Girls, Inc. at 904-421-8585 x106.
capital campaign and financial support
31 PACe ce n t er
for g irl s 2008/2009 annual report
Thank You to Our Generous Supporters
Kathy & Andy Mitchell
Career Education Corporation
Chico’s FAS, Inc.
Lynda Napolitano
George & Juliet Sears Milligan
The News-Press/Grandeur
Teresa Radice Trust
Women’s Executive Club
Dr. Catherine Lowe - Artists’ Showcase
Susan Bennett Marketing &
Media, LLC
The Wachovia Foundation
Palm Beach
of Palm Beach County
Barron Collier, Jr. Foundation
Florida Association of Women Lawyers
Board of Collier County Commissioners
Commissioner Jim Coletta
Junior League of the Palm Beaches, Inc.
The Charles Henry Leach II
Richard L. Klaas
Norton Museum of Art
The League Club
Planned Parenthood of County &
Publix Super Markets Charities
Treasure Coasts
Zonta Club of Naples
Teen Angel
Publix Super Market Charities
Tupperware Brands Corporation
VNA Foundation Inc.
The Kugelman Foundation
Cindy Ewald
Justine Simoni & Frank Rushing
Betty J. Humphry
Palm Beach
Publix Super Markets Charities, Inc.
Arbonne International
Wachovia Bank, N.A.
in Jacksonville
Beth Dillinger Foundation, Inc.
Gasper & Irene Lazzara Charitable
Falcon Electric
Progress Energy Florida, Inc.
Miles & Marty King
The George W. Jenkins Fund within
the Community Foundation of
Greater Lakeland
WGG Foundation
Medtronic Foundation
Senator Paula Dockery
Publix Super Markets Charities, Inc.
Lakeland Rotary Club
Winn-Dixie Stores Foundation, Inc.
Polk Education Foundation & Business
Partnership, Inc.
Bank of America Charitable
Treasure Coast
West Pasco Chamber of Commerce
The Community Foundation
Foundation, Inc.
Royal Palms of St. Lucie
Jack & Shelly Blais
Scripps Howard Foundation
Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre
Treasure Coast
Publix Super Market Charities, Inc.
Bernese Davis
Georgia & William Akers Jr.
David & Cheri DePree
Bank of America, N.A.
Hometown NEWS
Edison National Bank
Fifth Third Bank
United Way of Volusia-Flagler Counties
Sanibel Sea School
Vineyard Foundation Trust
Waterman Broadcasting/NBC-2
Zonta Foundation of Southwest Florida
$1,000 - $4,999
$5,000 – $9,999
pace center for girls, inc.
Anna Maria Oyster Bar
The Appleseeds Foundation
Broward Sherriff’s Office
The Kates Foundation
CA, Inc.
Tammy & Max Di Leo
Vera Cash Foundation, Inc.
Community Nutcracker, Inc.
Gordon & Nan Davis
Denise & Angelo Elia
Jenifer & Brett Houston and Lorena
& Robert Lechter
The Alstate Foundation
Sherry Magill & Robert Willis
Blue Martini Orlando, LLC
Mike Fitch & Mary Marx
hop e . love . c h a n g e . for 25 ye ar s. 32
Thank You to Our Generous Supporters
Norfolk Southern Foundation
Alison C. Eager
Frank Wagner
Gary & Ellen Parker
EBS Advisors
Barbara Wagner, Esq.
Elbo Room
Deanne & Warren Wheeler
Finizio & Finizio Law Offices, PA
Wilton Manors Police Department
Gale & John Fontaine
The Wine Dominion
The C. Frederick & Aase B. Thompson
Four Corners Bingo
Annette & David Yarborough
Ann Zore
Campaign Account of Charles
Helen Furia
Chris Garvin
Chuck Chestnut IV
Carl & Rita Cannon
The GEO Group, Inc.
Arthrex, Inc.
Peter & Lisa Gearen
Georgie’s Alibi
Donna Brown
Tara & Bert Gill & The Gill Family
Alan Goldberg
Norman & Eliza Crowder
Sylvia K. Goldstein Scholarship Fund
Susan Crum
The Gladys G. Cofrin Fund at the
Goodyear Blimp in Pompano Beach
Ein Fisher, Inc.
Harry T. Mangurian, Jr. Foundation, Inc.
Executice Womens Golf Association
Leigh Anne Howe
Gainesville Community Foundation
Deborah & John Hartman
Nancy Grandis White
Legendary Coaches
Hon. William & Linda Haury
E. Jean Hahm
Harold Leslie
Janice & Sam Jazayri
Harvest Charities, Inc.
Ronald & Cindy Marks
John & Nellie Bastien Memorial Foundation
Howland Capital Management
Montgomery Ventures, Inc.
Kerzner International Bahamas Limited
The Immokalee Foundation, Inc.
Northwestern Mutual
Dr. Thomas R. Lane
James A. & Evelyn S. Belleman Fund
PPI Construction Management
Lou & May Jean Wolff Family Foundation
of the Community Foundation of
Layne & Jackson Sasser
Fund of the Community Foundation
Collier County
UF Law Association of Women
Arthur & Mary Mellen
Wachovia Bank
Susan & Jack Loving
Roy & Peral Rogers
Carole & Bill Zegel
Toby & Terry Manke
Southwest Florida Chapter of
Maroone, an AutoNation Company
The Kiwis
Meike & Dominick Miniaci
Trinity-By-The Cove Episcopal Church
Joseph Amaturo
Thomas Mulligan
United Church Of Marco Island
American National Bank
Muvico Theaters, Inc.
Wainscott Family Fund
Dan Ashlin
NCCI Holdings, Inc.
Bank of America
Linda S. O’Mara
Jamie Finizio Bascombe & Timothy
George Pagoumian
Christina & David Alsop
Joseph Piccirilli
Sheila Bechert
Sara Rashti
Laverne and Dick Baker
Ron Bergeron
Don Register
The Chadbourne Foundation, Inc.
Hon. Martin J. Bidwill
Rick Case Enterprises, Inc.
Susan Finger
BJ’s Foundation Inc.
Robert O. Law Foundation Inc.
Cherry Fitch
Penelope Blair
Senator Debby Sanderson
Gulf Power Foundation
Boca Raton Resort & Club
Seacoast National Bank
Jewelers Trade Shop
Kyle C. Boos
Betty Sedlak
Levin, Papantonio, Thomas, Mitchell,
Broward County Hispanic Bar Association
Hon. John P. “Jack” & Susan Seiler
Echsner & Proctor P.A.
Carol M. Brown
Seiler, Sautter, Zaden, Rimes & Weihe LLC
Jo & Sam Mathews
Michelle & Jeff Brundage
Linda Sherwin
Mediacom Cable
Children’s Aid Club
Hon. Arlene Joy Simon
Lynn Morris
City of Wilton Manors
Joanne & Mark Snead / Circle of Friends
Marny Needle
Yasmine & Scott Coleman
Jacqueline Neese
Tonja Haddad Coleman, Esq.
Transatlantic Wine & Spirits
Nancy & Mort O’Sullivan
Thomas T. Coon, Jr. Esq. / Capstone Title
Melba & August Urbanek
Bonnie & Wade Peters
Daoud’s Fine Jewelry
Linda & Douglas Von Allmen
Diane & Brad Peterson
33 PACe ce n t er
of Broward
for g irl s 2008/2009 annual report
Thank You to Our Generous Supporters
Pizzaz, LLC.
Betty & Dwight Strickland
Walmart Store #987
Quint & Rishy Charitable Giving
SWAT (Students Working
Kari Weggeman
Karla Schmitz
Trudi Williams
Susan Schultz
Dorothy Thomas
Linda & Tom Sherry
Thomas Phillips Jr. Foundation, Inc.
Siemens Building Technologies, Inc.
Thurston Roberts Charitable Trust
Society of the Debutante Charity
Walmart #5054
Ausley & McMullen P.A.
Mary Warner
Bank of America
Wayne Welsh P.A.
Berger Singerman Attorneys at Law
The Woman’s Club of Jacksonville
Civitan Club of Tallahassee
Howard Yonge
Against Tobacco)
Brandon AAUW
Pete Lowhorne
Harold Mardenborough
Witherspoon & Carswell Lane
Joseph Brooks
Tallahassee State Bank
Cape Coral Community Foundation
United Parcel Service Foundation, Inc.
PAR, Inc.
Cape Coral Rotary Club
Pokorny Family Foundation
Suncoast CFC
Chris-Tel Company
Copylady, Inc.
BMW of Sarasota
Darrell & Lois Courter
Bright House Networks
Candy Anderson
Karen Johnson Crowther
Barbara Brunner
Arlington Lions Club
Ein Fisher, Inc.
Heather & Edward Bryant
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Episcopal Church of Women
Steve & Lynn Carlsen
Bank of America United Way Campaign
Family Health Centers of SWFL
Lynn Chancer
Paul & Tracey Bent
Family Thrift Store
CPA Associates
Carl S. Swisher Foundation, Inc.
Giving Alliance of Women
Darcie Duncan
CIT Group, Inc
Amy Gravina
The Edward & Lillian H. Bishop
Citi Foundation Matching Gifts/Volunteer
Karenn Halucha
Daniel R. & Anne M. Harper Foundation
Gulf Coast Corvette Club
CREW Jacksonville
Archie Hayward
Charlie & Niki Hackney
CSX Corporation, Inc.
Hodges University
John Horne
David R. Damon
Andi Horowitz
Jeremy Hammond Chambers
Florida Rock and Tank Lines
Jo R. Hardwick Trust
Robert & Denise Johnson
Ann Elizabeth Gilbert
Junior League of Fort Myers
William Lawson
Greek Orthodox Ladies Philoptochos
Elizabeth & John Kagan
Learning Preparatory Group
Incentive Programs
Soc. Inc.
Kleist Family Foundation, Inc.
Manatee Memorial Hospital Auxiliary
Hands On Jacksonville - HOPE Fund
Lee Memorial Health System
The Mary E. Parker Foundation
Birgit Harrell
Patricia Limegrover
Rotary Club of West Bradenton
Maxine Kroll
Gail Markham
Service Club of Manatee County
Louis Portnoy Family Foundation
Morris-Depew Associates, Inc.
James & Joanne Marx
Deborah Nethery
Debbie & Brad Steube
NuStar Energy L.P.
Norman Love Confections
Sun Hydraulics
Leslie Pecci
John & Pam Nulman
Taylor Family Foundation, Inc.
Michael & Chantal Peterson
Marian Garcia Perez
United Way of Manatee County, Inc.
Philoptochos Society
Leonora Prevatt
Tom Whealy
Susan Porr
Gay Rebel Thompson
Prudential Financial
John H. Richards
Quality Images
Roetzel & Andress
Robert Reese
The Honorable James & Diann Seals
Bernie Little Distribution, LLC
Richmond American Homes
Strayhorn & Strayhorn Attorneys
Scott Bruce
Scott-McRae Foundation
Representative Nick Thompson
Daryl Carter
Florida, Inc.
hop e . love . c h a n g e . for 25 ye ar s. 34
Thank You to Our Generous Supporters
Maury Carter
Rotary Club of New Port Richey
Sylvan Learning Center
Dale Cebert
Southwest Florida Water Management
United Methodist Women
Cebert Wealth Management
Charles Chestnut
Top of the Bay Zonta Club
Ken & Dana Daley
Trinity Eye Care
Brown & Brown of Florida
Florida Public Relations Association
Trinity Rotary Club
Christ Presbyterian Church of Ormond
Ocala Chapter
Parveen S. Vahora, M.D., PA Gynecology
Charles Forman
Representative Will W. Weatherford
Allen Coar
Melitta USA, Inc.
Angel Welker
Cobb & Cole, PA
Ocala Korean Presbyterian Church
Beach, Inc.
Consolidated-Tomoka Land Co.
Pasta Faire
The County of Volusia
S & P Management
Belleair Country Club
Daytona Beach Kennel Club
Melanie Scott
Bright House Networks LLC
Daytona International Speedway
Warren Byers
Brenda J. Kasten
Diana Baynard Footlick, Donald Baynard
Ormond Beach West Rotary
James T. Barnes Foundation
Carl Persis
Junita Blumberg
Frenchy’s Restaurant
Publix Super Markets Charities, Inc.
Boggy Creek LLP
Stephanie Garner Komarek
Radiology Associates
Norman & Teresa Burchfield
Heritage United Methodist Church
The Walmart Foundation
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated
Melissa Winguist
Ein Fisher, Inc.
Hyundai of New Port Richey
Foley & Lardner
Bill Isaly
Ginny Lamagno
Ladies Philoptochos Society
Francis & Gertrude Levett Foundation
Walter & Edith Loebenberg
Mainlands Women’s Club No. 5
Lowndes, Drosdick, Doster, Kantor &
Menna Development & Management, Inc.
Nicholas Financial, Inc.
Bank of America Matching Gifts
Orange County Alumnae Chapter
Raymond James Financial, Inc.
Martha Bibby, Bibby Enterprises
Jo-El Quinlan
Jan & Lee Regulski
Harden and Associates
Doug Robbins
The Pepsi Bottling Group, Inc.
Sherrill & Jimmy Ragans
Scott & Susan Rose
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
Gerold & Audrey Schiebler
Nicole Spears
Delores Lynne Thomas
Wendy Toscano
Unilever US, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Worner
The University Club of Winter Park
Wal-Mart Foundation
William & Carole Zegel
Winter Park Construction
Women’s Club of Mainlands
Reed, PA
& Bruce Baynard
at Countryside
$500 – $999
pace center for girls, inc.
Palm Beach
Teresa Beebe
Eileen Fisher, Inc. - Retail Division
Allied Scrap Processors, Inc.
Debbie Bowers
Mary Beth Kincey
Patricia & John Carlson
Donna Mondorff
Jon & Christine Boring
Ginny & Joe Cauthen
South FL Council of Fire Fighters Charities
Grasslands Womens Golf Association
Crime Prevention Security Systems
Lakeland Association of Realtors
Lynn Embro
Marilyn Maury
Skip & Lynda Everitt
United Women’s Club of Lakeland
Farm Credit of North Florida
Cason Portrait Studio
Community Service Council of West
Christy Rutan Finnegan
Treasure Coast
Pasco, Inc.
The Gator Exchange Club
Ewing & Thomas, Inc. Physical Therapy
Judy Gordon
Ann Hildebrand
Martin County Community Foundation
Peggy Gresham
Nanci K. Larson
Ruden McClosky Smith Schuster &
Pasco County Sheriff’s Office
Abigail James
35 PACe ce n t er
Russell PA
for g irl s 2008/2009 annual report
Thank You to Our Generous Supporters
Junior League of Gainesville,
Jerome Faber
Lucy Fanizzi
Accessories Etc.
King Insurance Agency
FDOT District 4 Construction
Lynda Baum
John & Peggy Kirkpatrick
Barbara D. Ferguson
Bibby Enterprises
Carol Koogler
Marianne Finizio
Paula Brody
Bryan Kornblau
Nancy P. Fischer
Collier County Medical Society
Suzanne Lawton
Florida Association of Managing
Collier County Women’s Bar
Joanna Leathers
Partners, Inc.
Jeannette MacFadden
The George Barrie Foundation, Inc.
E. Jean Hahm
McCallum Cabinets, Inc.
Mickie & George Gore
Nanci Hartnett
Lee & Margie McGriff
Goren, Cherof, Doody & Ezrol, PA
Alan & Marilyn Korest
McGriff-Williams Insurance Agency
Deanna Gornstein
Lucy Kuhne
Shelley Meyer
Barbara & Arnold Grevior
Marylin Martin
Christy & Jeff Montgomery
Madelaine & Steve Halmos
Susan Mulgrew
Moody & Salzman P.A.
Philip Hopkins
Naples Capitol Advisors
Tobi & Mike Potapow
Jodi Ijac
Christina Porter Forbes
Robinson Renovation & Custom
Barbara Jaehne
Professional Publishing Systems
Judy Joffe
Richte Richter Leadership Fund
Georgia Rolfe
Tammy Kilshtok
TIB Bank
Jane Ryals
Lenore Nolan-Ryan Catering &
United Church of Marco Island
Shands Health Care
Mordechai & Michal Weisler
Skate Station Funworks
Dr. Edward & Susan Michaelson
Tom & Susan Spain
Steve Moorman
Carol Squitieri
Dee Moustakas
Linda Tealer
Jody & Edward Murphy
Stephanie Barendrick
UBS Foundation USA
Nancy Norwell
Carol Carlan
Utopia Chalet
Anne & Gar Olson
Christ Church Parish
Peggy Williams
Joyce Picou
Shirley Cronley
David & Pam Wilson
Premier Beverage Co.
Terri Davidson
Merry Lynne Wilson, CPA
Principles East
Kevin & Jennifer Doyle
Alice & Charles Radice
Emerald Coast Chapter MGMA, Inc.
Patricia & Robert Radice, Jr.
Forrest Faulkner
Ann Adams
Melissa Rapkin
Cinda Felkner
Alfred & Rose Miniaci Foundation, Inc.
Carlos Rebollo
Representative Clay Ford
Katherine & Joseph Allen
Summer & James Robertson
Gannett Foundation Matching Gift Center
Alternative Home Health Care
Hon. Stacy M. Ross
Rachael Gilmer
Cobey Lou Bastone
Kathleen Ryan
Sharron Kerrigan
Bob Beal
The She Market, Inc.
Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation Inc.,
The Boos Group, Morgan Stanley
Soroptimist International of
Broad & Cassel
Pompano Beach
Lauren Moore
Broward Health
Barbara Fast Sudbrink
Pensacola Junior College
Natacha & Patrick Cann
Mary & Ron Ulm
Susan Ragan
Charlene Christiano
Marilyn Van Valkenburg
Scott Simmering
Patricia & Donald Collins
Walt Disney World
Mary & Quint Studer
Coral Ridge Yacht Club
Wendy Weber
Brenda & Fred Vigodsky
Edith G. & Laurence Weiss
Mindy & Richard Wierzbicki
Theresa & Richard Zaden
Florida, Inc.
Homes, Inc.
Foundation Inc.
Joan & Robert Elmore
Essentials Boutique
Cooking School
Dr. Edmond Zimski, Jr.
Association, Inc.
Women of The ELCA
Matching Gift Program
Kay Cunningham
Leslie Henderson
hop e . love . c h a n g e . for 25 ye ar s. 36
Thank You to Our Generous Supporters
Charlie Miranda
Jodi Perez
Darilyn H. Alderman
Air & Energy
Sara Schifino
Gary E. Aubuchon
Eric Beck
Showman’s Association Charities
Karen Barker
BOA Sisterhood
Marcia Brown
Bouchard Insurance
Talcott Family Foundation, Inc.
Richard & Susan Byrd
Bradenton Urgent Care
Tampa Palms Women’s Club
Donna J. Caruso
Shelby Curtsinger
Jeanne Wolfe
Michael & Sandra Corso
Joshua Derome
CRS Technology
Vickie & Crupi Drebing
Missi Davis
Florida Power & Light
Aetna Foundation
Julia East
Eunice Hartshorn
Virginia Allmond
Edison State College
James & Ein Hawblitzel
Arlington Congregational Church
Suzanne Sass Edwards
JBK Distributors Inc.
AT&T Telecom Pioneers - Jacksonville Life
Florida Gulf Coast University
Kiwanis Club of Suncoasts Professional
Member Club
Eric S. Grindley
Sean Murphy
Bank of America
Penny Henkel
Tommy & Leanne O’Brien
Elwanda Carter
Hope Hospice and Community Services
Glenn & Ranie Phillips
Casa Marina Hotel
JJB Management & Consulting, Inc.
Mindy Reeves
Shereth Coble
Jane Kuckel
Regions Financial Corporation
Marie Connolly
Mark & Sheri Loren
Marcia Roger
CREW Foundation
Kirk Lisa Martin
Michelle P. White
CSX Corporation Inclusion Council
Kathy & David Maus
Mike & Catherine Datres
Lee Meyers
Ron & Lyn Davis
Paul Homes, Inc.
American Lung Assocation
Elkins Constructors, Inc.
Robert & Jeanne Quinn
Country Club of Ocala
Helen Euston
Sanibel Capitva Trust Company
Michael Dean
Laura & Brad Gonzalez
Wachovia Corp.
Raymond & Nancy Dunleavy
Birgit Harrell
Janet Watermeir
First Presbyterian Church
Robert & Lindsay Helms
Webb, Scarmozzino & Gunter, PA
GFWC Women’s Club of Ocala, Inc.
James Helms Jr.
Zonta Of Sanibel-Captiva
Harley-Davidson of Ocala
Julie Holt
Debby Maddux
Stella Martin
Robert & Mariann McClary
Elaine Mosley
Capital Insulation, Inc.
Mary K. Potapow
June Myers
Colodny, Fass, Talenfeld, Karlinsky,
Rhonda Uranick
Diane Pearce
Zonta Club of Ocala
Ritz Theatre and LaVilla Museum
Alice Crew
Becky & Gert Schumann
Roxanne Dow
Diana Spicer
GFWC Woman’s Club of Tallahassee, Inc.
Charlene & Russell Abney
Sally Surface
Emily Haymes
Gordon & Susan Arkin
Swisher International, Inc.
Kia Autosport
Mark & Dee Dee Bender
Stephanie Tamplin
Norma Meier
Kathy Cardwell
Ted & Loretta Thranhardt
Sandra Rackley
Edward Davis, III
Beth Touchton
Radiology Associates of Tallahassee, P.A.
Sam & Leda Evans
Neely Towe
Rudnick Development
Russell & Charlene Fauley-Abney
Jennier Vandeloo
Tallahassee Orthopedic Clinic
Robert & Karen Fornaro
Dee Wilcox
Janet Wells
Dean & Jean Horning
Abate P.A.
Vicky Wild
Hunters Creek Women’s Association
Dennis & Arlene Wolfson
Bob Luthura
37 PACe ce n t er
for g irl s 2008/2009 annual report
Thank You to Our Generous Supporters
Geraldine MacLeod
The Honorable Candy Morris VanDercar
Shirley Whitney
John & Wendy McCormick
VIP Black Belt Champions Training
Wine & Roses Catering
Mike Mulhall
Woman to Woman Magazine
Gary & Ellen Parker
West Pasco Board of Realtors
H. Jean Wright
Joan Rinaldi
Servetronics Incorporated
Treasure Coast
Dale Spears
Curt Balchunas
Al d la Entertainment
Craig Stephens
Janet L. Baustert
Always a Clean Cut
Washington Mutual
Scotty Birch
Patricia Baldwin
Douglas & Lauren Carlan
Mark Barnes
Kathryn A. Carlson
Battle Creek Foundation
Deborah S. Descheemaeker
Ann E. Boylan
A.M. & M. O’Brien Chalik
Donna Doyle
Al & Alice Cicchese
Dade County Association of Fire Fighters
Marsha & Ed Droste
Gerald & Barbara DiBartolomeo
Palm Beach
Terry England
Paula Earl
Lisa M. Danks
Charities, Inc.
Doris Hanson
Alisha Gordon
Carol S. & James H. Howell
Chloe M. Harriman
Roger Gorman
Eulanda Johnson
Gregory & Sheryl Hatfield
Steve & Vicki Hornbecker
Kelly Kratchman
Ein M. Holohan
Pink Rose Foundation
Lesser Lesser, Lesser, Landy &
ICS Consolidated Inc.
Port St. Lucie Newcomers Club
Smith PLLC
Vivien W. Ingersoll
Success Club of the Treasure Coast
Peter Marshall
Kiwanis Seminole
Unity Property Development Corporation
Lisa I. & William S. McDulin
Richard Krueger
Francis & Rose Marie Von Seelen
MaryKate O’Brien
Kristina LaTorre
Horace & Theora Webb
Jill & Daniel R. Pando
Bernie & Denise McCabe
Unity of the Palm Beaches, Inc.
David Simon
Washington Mutual
Carol Whaley
Bright House Networks
Xerox Corporation
CRC Insurance Services, Inc.
Anne Marie Hutton of Anne Marie’s
Cyberspace to Paradise, Inc.
Daytona Beach Area Association of
Black & Brew
Daytona Beach News-Journal
Aurelia’s Jewelers
Cakes for the Connoisseur
Linda Downs
The Gulf Harbors Yacht Club Anchorettes
Catering & More
Rotary Club of Keystone Sunrise
Fraternal Order of Eagles
Judith Koutsos
Drummond Co., Inc.
Greg Kopp / Charles Schwab Co. Inc.
Scott M. Lampert, D.M.D., P.L.C.
Eleanor Gardner
Dr. Robert & Candice Lankford
Donna O. Lancaster
Cheri Glogower
Kimberly Miller
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day
Bob Jacobson
Ormond Beach Fraternal Order of Eagles
Vining & Midyette Munson
Ormond Beach Kiwanis Foundation, Inc.
Lisa M. Lusk
Terri Obb
Sam’s Club Foundation
Minuteman Press
Sam’s Club Foundation
Dean & Kathryn Schimpf
Denise Olds
St Francis Thrift Boe-Tique
Alexis Sieg
Pejot Wilson Law, P.A.
Trade Winds Island Resort
Spanish River Grill
Shirley Pheasant
Tyler Floral Shoppe
Kathn Tomlinson
Law Office of Charles S. Phillips, P.L.L.C.
United Insurance Company of America
Port Richey Rotary Club
United Methodist Temple Men’s Club
Walmart, Ormond Beach Store
Republic Bank
Wal-Mart Foundation
Kevin K. Thomas
William Watkins
Saints - St. Petersburg Stake
Realtors (DBAAR) Foundation
hop e . love . c h a n g e . for 25 ye ar s. 38
PACE Center Locations
39 PACe ce n t er
for g irl s 2008/2009 annual report
PACE Center Locations
Agency Office
Mary Marx
Interim President and CEO
One West Adams Street, Suite 301
Jacksonville, FL 32202
Aggie Pappas, MSW
Executive Director
Leo Goodwin Campus
2225 North Andrews Avenue
Wilton Manors, FL 33311
Lynn Bertram, MSW, LCSW
Executive Director
Thompson-Weaver Building
2933 University Blvd. North
Jacksonville, FL 32211
Collier at Immokalee
Vacheree Howard, MSW
Executive Director
The Isabel Collier Read Center
160 North 1st Street
Immokalee, FL 34142
Renee McQueen, EdD
Executive Director
208 Central Avenue
Ormond Beach, FL 32174
Alice Brunner, EdD
Executive Director
3760 Schoolhouse Road W
Fort Myers, FL 33916
Jill Gentry, MS, CAPP
Executive Director
728 Gear Lake Avenue
Orlando, FL 32803
Amy C. Wick Mavis, MEd
Executive Director
3508 26th Street West
Bradenton, FL 34205
Treasure Coast
Lisa von Seelen, MHS
Executive Director
3651 Virginia Avenue
Fort Pierce, FL 34981
772-595-8880 x23
Chantel Griffin-Stampfer, MSW
Executive Director
1933 E Hillsborough Ave, Suite 300
Tampa, FL 33610
Palm Beach
Angela Clarke, BS
Executive Director
1225 D South Military Trail
West Palm Beach, FL 33415
Michele DeLoach, MS
Executive Director
440 South Florida Avenue
Lakeland, FL 33801
Sally Zeh, MPA
Executive Director
5540 Park Boulevard
Pinellas Park, FL 33781
Danielle Taylor-Fagan, EdD
Executive Director
5462 Grand Boulevard
New Port Richey, FL 34652
727-849-1901 x23
Cathleen Blagay, JD
Executive Director
1601 NE 25th Avenue, Suite 302
Ocala, FL 34470
Kathie Southwick, EdS, LMHC
Executive Director
1010 SE 4th Avenue
Gainesville, FL 32601
Marcella Torres, MTh
Executive Director
1344 Cross Creek Circle
Tallahassee, FL 32301
Escambia-Santa Rosa
Laurie Rodgers, MS
Executive Director
1201 College Boulevard
Pensacola, FL 32504
hop e . love . c h a n g e . for 25 ye ar s. 40
PACE Center for Girls, Inc. | One West Adams Street, Suite 301 | Jacksonville, FL 32202
Phone 904-421-8585 | Fax 904-421-8599 | pacecenter.org

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