Parents at Secondary School (PASS)


Parents at Secondary School (PASS)
How do I enroll in the program?
To enroll in the PASS program, or for more information,
please contact your local secondary school to set up an
appointment to register.
The PASS program is available at three of our secondary
Beaver Brae Secondary School
Dryden High School
Queen Elizabeth District High School
**Students can attend while pregnant or without your child.**
Parents at
School Program
For more information about the KPDSB’s PASS
program, please contact your area high school.
The Keewatin-Patricia District School Board’s
Parents at Secondary School Program
What is the Pass Program?
The PASS program offers an opportunity for families under 21
years of age to complete high school credits while taking care of
their children. The program provides a warm family environment
that teaches life skills, parenting and offers support for completing
high school credits.
How does it benefit me and my child?
Students enrolled in the PASS program benefit from a variety of
Your teachers are committed to helping you be the best parent
you can be and are there to assist you in acquiring your Ontario
Secondary School Diploma
You are welcome to breastfeed and maintain that very important bond between mother and child
The program provides convenience as daycare and associated
costs are eliminated
Your child can meet and play with other children
Some healthy snacks and lunches may be provided
Students enrolled in the PASS program can earn up to two half
credits that are specific to PASS students only (may vary at
each school)
“You’re not alone as a teenage mother.”“
- PASS Program Student
“I like it here (in the PASS program) because you get to meet
new people that are in the same situation and your child gets
to play with other kids while you do school work”
- PASS Program Student
‘The PASS program is better than going to high
school because you can bring your child with you
and they will have someone to play with.”
- PASS Program Student

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