HealthQuest Wellness Program


HealthQuest Wellness Program
Obtain Your Biometrics (doctor exam, onsite
screening or order an at home kit).
› Values Needed:
Total Cholesterol
Blood Pressure
Waist Circumference
 Complete the REQUIRED Health Assessment
 Earn Total 30 Credits
Complete Health Assessment Questionnaire (5 Credits
for HAQ)
– REQUIRED for discount
– 22 Credits Possible
– 5 Credits for HAQ
– 5 Credits for Attending Onsite Screening Event
– 3 Credits Each for Being a Non-Smoker, Blood Pressure less than 120/80, Glucose less
than 100 and Total Cholesterol less than 200
Annual Doctor, Dentist and Vision exams (5 Credits
Each/Max 20 Credits)
• Health and Fitness Activity Credit (1 Credit Each/Max 3
In order to
process your
assessment you
will need your
readings in hand
OR have
attended an
onsite screening!
Click Get Started to Begin your Health Assessment Questionnaire
Click here to “Get Started”
Answer Questions, then click
Continue after each question.
This process is NOT complete
until you click Submit!!
There is an option to “Save and
Enter Later” This allows you to
close out and come back
when time allows.
This Assessment is REQUIRED,
without completing you are
NOT eligible for the discount.
At the top of your screen – Click Rewards
After clicking rewards, scroll down until you
see Complete forms – Click More
Once you Click
the More button –
All the Exam
Options will show
up. Click “Get
Started” on one
to begin. Note –
you can only
record one at a
You can record 2 dental
(2 - 6 month cleanings)
Enter Date of Exam,
Type of Exam, Name
of Doctor, Your
Name, and then click
Once this is
complete, It will
automatically show
5 points earned, on
your home page, for
each one entered.
Repeat for rest of
These are recorded in the same area as your Preventative Exams
(Rewards at the top, then scroll down to Complete forms and
You have the ability
to earn a total of 3
credits towards your
rewards program for
physical activity you
participate in
outside of work
Enter all requested
information and
click on Submit
Examples include:
Weight loss programs
Fitness events and activities
Wellness lunch and learns
Wellness seminars
Job safety training
EAP program participation
Nurse24 program
At the top of your screen – Click Rewards
After clicking
rewards, to see a
breakdown of
your credits click
“Credits History”
This is the detail
screen, it will give
the break down of
your credits as well
as show if you
have earned the