the press-release here!


the press-release here!
Les Animaux
Strychnin Gallery kicks off the new year with an event that will enable everybody to look good!
Opening on February 10th, our upcoming group
exhibition Les Animaux will display an exquisite
selection of hand-made, one-of-a-kind, artworks that
can be worn as jewelry and fashion accessories.
Heaps of well-known artists quickly got on board with
this idea and have put their visions and creativity into
timeless pieces that nicely combine fashion and fine
art. Based around the theme of Les Animaux (Engl.:
animals) these talented creatives came up with a
variety of different styles that fit the classic and
moderate as well as the modern and extravagant
tastes of all the art and fashion lovers out there!
Participating artists are Kristen Ferrell, Julia
deVille, Louis Fleischauer (AMF Korsets),
Lisa Black, Eric van Straaten + Jennifer
Hoes, Daniel van Nes, Tamara Ferioli, Snash
Jewelry, Harem Royal and many more.
The exhibition will run until March 4th.
Strychnin Gallery - Boxhagenerstr. 36 - 10245 Berlin - Tel.: +493097002035 - - PR: Michael Niedzwicki: [email protected]

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