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October_ 15.pub - Lakeland Children`s Center
Lakeland Children’s Center Newsletter
Weather Related Emergency Closings
Delayed Openings
If Lakeland Central
School is..
I hour delay
The Storm Center at WHUD will
notify you of our delayed openings
and closures. Be the first to find
out what the plan is by signing up
for text messages. Contact
whud.com for enrollment details.
Then the Lakeland
Children’s Center
Breakfast Program
2 hour delay
Breakfast Program
3 hour delay
Breakfast Program
Dismissal before
Has NO After School
New and Exciting Tutoring / Homework
Assistance Program
Beginning October 6 the Lakeland Children’s Center is pleased to
announce that each Site will have a certified teacher to assist the children
with their homework. LCC staff will also be in the Homework Room for
assistance. The Tutor Consultants (certified teachers) will be at each
school on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 3:30PM—
4:30PM for the elementary school (4:00PM – 5:00PM for LCBMS) to assist the children with issues and difficulties that they may be having with
their school work.
Tutor Consultants will not be tutoring a child individually, however,
they will be able to address and assist with any problems that your child
may be having with a particular subject. With the onset of the Common
Core Curriculum, the Tutor Consultants will be able to address skills and
concepts a child may be having difficulty with.
LCC is pleased to bring this program to the families and children. It is
the hope of LCC that homework will not be a major issue and that children will be able to complete their homework with understanding.
Lakeland Children's
Volume 16, Issue 2
October 2015
Dates to Remember
Friday Oct. 9– Emergency Management Plan Drill—Dismissal 15
minutes early –LCC OPEN
Monday October 13— Columbus
Day School & LCC Closed
Tuesday, November 3rd: Election
Day– School & LCC Closed
Wednesday, November 11:
Veteran’s Day— School & LCC
Monday, November 16th:
Elementary Schools Half Day11:30AM Dismissal
LCC is Open-*Send Lunch*
November 25—27: Thanksgiving
Recess —
School & LCC Closed
Inside the Ben Franklin Site
At Ben Franklin
the children
have adjusted
very well to
school as well as
to our after
school program .
The children
seem very happy and glad to
be back at the Children ‘s Center.
We have been very fortunate to have
such great weather for the month of
September so the children are
taking the opportunity to play and
enjoy the nature outside. They
have been playing games outside
and playing on the playground.
Most important the children are
making new friends and everyone
is getting along .
We have also experienced some
special guests that came along
with great instructional activities.
The children really enjoyed the
nutrition classes of Chef Stanley,
who teaches the history of cooking
and makes a delicious healthy dish.
The Organic Teaching Kitchen came
also and introduced us to healthy
refreshing smoothies. We even had
someone come show us how to make
bracelets and create a house with
Legos. The children were even introduced to having fun with Zumba
and Yoga.
Submitted by
Gilda Lentini
Inside the Copper Beech Site
AM: It's hard to believe it's October already! The breakfast program is in full swing in Cafe B
at Copper Beach Middle School. We have twenty-five students each morning eating a healthy
breakfast, completing their homework, going to intramural sports and most importantly engaging
in games with one another. Our goal here is to create a stress free environment, so when the
students leave the Children’s Center they can have a successful school day. Halloween is a very
big event here at Copper Beach Middle School. We can not wait to share all of the students’ creative costumes!
PM: It's hard to believe it's October already! We had a great September! Everyone is getting used to
our new schedules. After school activities are in full swing! Our tutor Holly will be joining us two or three afternoons a week. We also have started our enrichment programs which include Briks For Kids, Yoga, The Organic
Chef - where she made a Pina Colada smoothie that all the students tried. We are eagerly awaiting to start
Zumba and Chef Stanley where the students will learn to cook for themselves. Please feel free to contact us on
our site telephone 914-962-2630. Submitted by Sherrey & Laura
Inside the George Washington Site
The month of September
has come and gone already. This year we are
in a different location.
We have a wonderful
classroom, room 5, which the children have already made their own.
They have made collages, painted
fall trees using their hands and soda bottles. We have learned about
Henry the Hand which educates the
children about germs and how to
wash their hands properly. They
made their own germs and gave
them names which you can see
taped up around the bathroom door.
The month of September was about
"Anti-Bullying" month. Each child
signed an Anti-Bullying Contract
which states that if they see anyone
being bullied that they will go to an
adult and tell someone to help that
person. They also helped me prepare
a contract which the children came up
with their own rules to help the Children's Center run smoothly. Keeping
your hands to yourselves, respecting
each other, etc. You can read the
contract which is hanging in front of
the window. Submitted by Susanna
Inside the Lincoln Titus Site
A warm welcome back to
everyone and another
welcome to our new students and parents. We
all looking forward to
another exciting year at
our Lincoln Titus center!
So far we have enjoyed nature, as we often do, by examining how huge trees produce seeds. They come in many forms and
are usually sporting a protective covering.
We handled chestnut pods and seeds,
black walnut pods and seeds and the darling acorns that grow in to the mighty oak.
We found others that we need to identify
and we examined some under the microscope! We talked about how some are food
for small animals.
Some of the children are enjoying Yoga
and find it to be fun as well as relaxing.
Elaine Benson has been to the Center to
show us how to make the most darling
finger puppets. She will come each week
with makings of a new puppet and we will
sew them together.
Perhaps, after we have created a few, we
will also make a finger puppet theater
and put on a little show for our kindergarteners!
Our Chef Stanley
visited this month
and produced the
most amazing apple
tortilla! They were
easy to make, delicious and very satisfying. We took home the recipe to
share with our families .
One of our new staff, Ebony is a lanyard
whiz. She has shown the children stitches that none of us have ever seen before
and we even have a book of stitches! The
children are engaged in intricate patterns and gaining small muscle strength
and coordination with their hands.
We also have Marie who joined our
staff this year. She works as an aide in
the school and the children know her
and were comfortable with her immediately! We enjoyed two sessions of
“Mad Science”. One for K-2 on magnetism and one for 3-5 on minerals and
chemistry. Both had a lot of ‘wow’ factor! They also taught us a lot about the
This year we had an Open House for
parents after Center hours. The children made table decorations and a
slide show of activities was on display
and refreshments were enjoyed!!
Submitted by
Sheila Ronca
Inside the Thomas Jefferson Site
The TJ staff would like to
welcome all our new and
returning families to the
center. We have a large
group this year, with many
siblings joining the center.
It’s always wonderful to see how much
the children have grown over the summer months. I would like to welcome
back our returning staff, Ms. Patty, Ms.
Anne, Ms. Jackie, Ms. Sonal, Ms. Caitlin, Ms. Maria as well as our newest
members of the LCC community, Ms.
Diana, Mr. John, and Ms. Joanie. We
are happy to have them join us this
year. Please check the front desk for
bios on all our staff. We have been busy
planning new and exciting programs to
share with children in the coming
It took us a few weeks to embrace our
routine, but I am happy to say all of our
students have transitioned nicely into
the program.
Beginning October 6th we will be offering a “homework help” tutor program.
Certified teachers will be onsite to help
students with homework or answer
questions about classwork if needed.
Please note that it is a group program
for all grades and individual tutoring will
not be available. Teachers will be available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays each week between 3:30 and 4:30.
Please encourage your children to use
this valuable program.
Our “communication corner” is located
on the front desk, near the sign out
sheet, and will have all-important LCC
information, such as newsletters and
enrichment calendars. I encourage all
parents to regularly check the desk and
take any fliers that are there.
I will post all upcoming special events on
the bulletin board so you can plan accordingly. WHUD will notify all families
of any cancellations, delays etc. through
text messages when you sign up.
*Please confirm with me that you have
signed up to receive these alerts.
Just a reminder, if there are any
changes in pick-ups or attendance
please leave a message on the TJ answering machine 914-245-4275.
Thank you parents, children and staff
for your support and dedication to our
program. We look forward to a terrific
Doriann Hersh and TJ Staff
Lakeland Children's
P.O. Box 712
Shrub Oak, NY 10588
Phone: 914-528-8119
Fax: 914-528-8296
E-mail: [email protected]
Dates to Remember
Friday Oct. 9– Emergency Management Plan Drill—Dismissal 15 minutes
Monday October 13— Columbus Day School & LCC Closed
Tuesday, November 3rd: Election Day– School & LCC Closed
Wednesday, November 11:
Veteran’s Day— School & LCC Closed
Monday, November 16th:
Elementary Schools Half Day-11:30AM Dismissal
LCC is Open-*Send Lunch*
November 25—27: Thanksgiving
Recess —
School & LCC Closed
Inside the Van Cortlandtville Site
Welcome to all of our families!
We are all looking forward to a
year filled with fun and excitement.
The children will be greeted with
a warm welcome upon their arrival
to the Children's Center after
dismissal from school. They will
enjoy a variety of healthy and
delicious snacks. Homework and a
variety of fun activities are offered at this time.
Two playgrounds for
outside play and
a large and small gym
to occupy when they
are available. Two rooms filled
with an abundance of games,
toys, activities and computers.
Arts and Crafts are frequently
offered to the children and they
may choose to participate or not.
An array of wonderful programs
are available as the year progresses. All of these programs
were mentioned in my Welcome
letter which all families received.
Programs that we have enjoyed
for the month of September were
Zumba with Tanya, Chef Stanley
who prepared Cinnamon Apple Roll
Ups and Coach Chris who is always
great and teaches us fabulous new
gym and outside games.
Each parent will be greeted upon
their arrival at pick up and at
that time will be informed of any
information you may need to
know. Any notes or letters will be
found at the sign out table for
your convenience.
Communication is essential between the parent and the Site
Supervisor. Any needs or concerns
can be discussed at pick up or by
phone. The Site Supervisor is
available between 1-6:30pm daily
to answer your questions or deal
with any concerns.
Our Fall decorations are in full
swing. One of our first projects
will be to decorate our tables
with pumpkin center pieces that
were painted by the children. Our
bulletin board is coming along and
we are pooling all ideas to come
up with a Fall scene that
is pleasing to all.
We are all very excited to be
starting a new year and look forward to enjoying your children
and creating fond memories.
Submitted by Deborah Baccale
Deborah Baccale
Site Supervisor
Lakeland Children's Center
Van Cort Site
Liz Gilbert
AM Teacher Supervisor
Lakeland Children's Center
Van Cort Site
Please be reminded that on
Monday, November 16
our Elementary Schools will be dismissing the children at
If your child is attending the Lakeland Children's Center on any half day
it is necessary for you to inform the Site Supervisor. Your child will
need to bring lunch with him/her on half days.
A special, one hour Enrichment Program is scheduled for 1PM.
In order to alleviate any confusion that there may be pertaining to half
day charges, please note the following:
If your child is a Slot C (picked up by 4:30PM): Your child will
need to be picked up by 2:30PM so that a half day fee will
not be charged to your account.
If your child is a Slot D (picked up by 6:00PM): Your child will
need to be picked up by 3:30PM so that a half day fee will
not be charged to your account.
Please note the half-day daily drop in rate is as follows:
$23 for one child
$41.50 for two children
$50 for three children

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