VT Introduces new edge Profile, ora



VT Introduces new edge Profile, ora
Vol. 9, Issue 1 • Fall 2013
VT Introduces New Edge Profile, Ora
Fabricator’s Forum....Page 2
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VT Industries is proud to announce the addition of a new,
premium edge profile to the Dimensions Countertop
Offering. The Ora edge combines the modern sophistication
of a 1/8” radius with the functionality of a full wrap edge
“The Ora edge is the fifth edge profile in the new
Dimensions Countertop line and achieves a contemporary
slab appearance via the 1/8” radius. Ora’s full wrap design
also means added durability and functionality because the
laminate wraps all the way around the bottom of the profile
to completely cover the substrate material,” explains Trisha
Schmitt, Vice President,Corporate Marketing.
Design Trends
2013 Color Launch ...Page 3
LEED v.4 Set for Release in
November....Page 4
VT Dimensions Improves Online
Ordering System....Page 4
Ora joins the Marbella, Valencia, Geneva, and Barcelona
premium edge profiles and is offered with or without a
backsplash, and as a bar top. The Ora edge is GREENGUARD
Certified and can meet FSC Certification requirements when
specified with VT’s EQcountertop core.
Consumers are still demanding the popular look of natural
stone. This new edge profile perfects the “stone slab” look
and offers a beautiful and durable alternative to natural
stone countertops.
Case Study Cont.....Page 4
VT Green Fact....Page 4
Fabricator’s Forum....Page 4
Beyond Flat Laminate
VT Dimensions is bringing your clients more versatility
and variety. With thousands of laminates from any major
laminate manufacturer and nine unique Dimensions edge
profiles, your customers can truly make their space their
Cleaning and maintaining a VT Dimensions countertop
has always been easy! Though it resembles natural stone,
the Ora edge does not need to be sealed or polished like
their natural stone counterparts require. This tried and true
surfacing product doesn’t even require any special cleaning
Ora Edge Profile.
products or methods. Just use a clean, damp, non-abrasive
cloth with a mild detergent or household cleaner.
For more information about the Ora edge profile, visit VT’s
website for complete details. While there, be sure to visit
the technical information & literature page to download or
to order a quantity of Ora Specification Sheets and related
Case Study
By Trisha Clausen-Schmitt
Vice President of Corporate Marketing
I enjoy being able to share the ins and outs of what’s
happening at VT, but it’s especially fun for me when we
have something new and exciting to talk about. You’ll
want to be sure to check with us regularly, because
throughout the year we will be sharing a lot of new and
exciting things with you!!
There are several ways you can keep up-to-date with
what’s going on at VT. First and foremost is our website,
it went under a complete transformation in 2012 and
continues to be your number one resource for up to date
product information and news. Another way to keep in
touch is through Facebook. We are actively posting news
and videos, product updates, project profiles, as well
as fun facts and questions to give our fans a voice. Just
this year we’ve also joined Pinterest and Houzz.com. We
hope to inspire, and be a resource for people interested
in both laminate and stone countertops. We also want
to connect with you, so be sure to ‘like’ us or ‘follow’ us
and we’ll be sure to do the same!!
A New Look for a New Eye Clinic
Since 1954, Eye Physicians & Surgeons, LLP have been
recognized as the premier ophthalmologists in the Iowa
City, Iowa area. Their exceptional care and dedication
to providing patients with a full range of services has
established their business and allowed them to prosper
over the years. When they outgrew their previous facility,
the decision was made to build a new facility that would
accommodate the latest technology and most advanced
practices and techniques in eye care.
Eye Physicians & Surgeons, LLP teamed up with local
architect Rohrbach Associates, PC to design their new
space from the ground up. When it came time to select the
interior finishes, Rohrbach Associates turned to a trusted
business partner, and VT customer, McComas Lacina to
address the surfacing needs for the project. “For this
application, we recommended VT’s Marbella edge profile
and presented this option to the architect,” explains
Lin Holmes, estimator at McComas Lacina. “Rohrbach
Website- www.vtindustries.com
Facebook- www.facebook.com/VT.Industries
immediately liked the Marbella edge and presented it to
the building owner, and as they say, the rest is history,”
notes Holmes.
The VT Fine Laminate Countertops installed at the Eye
Clinic all feature the Marbella edge profile. They provide
durable work surfaces in the exam and procedure rooms,
at the nurse’s station, the reception counter, in the break
room and in the consultation rooms. All of the countertops
installed also have an integral backsplash that eliminates a
seam where dirt and grime can lurk.
Pinterest- https://pinterest.com/vtindustries
Houzz- www.houzz.com/pro/vtindustries/vt-industries
VT Dimensions Launch
At VT Industries, we love postformed laminate
countertops! We want to address the misconceptions
about laminate countertops and promote all of the
wonderful characteristics that postformed laminate
countertops have to offer. With that being said, we
are pleased to announce the launch of our Dimensions
Countertop collection. So what is Dimensions?
continued on page 2
Marbella Edge at nurse’s station.
Just as a new pair of eyeglasses can change one’s look
so can a countertop’s edge profile. The Marbella edge
profile looks great in both residential and commercial
applications. The sleek, contemporary look of Marbella’s
1/8” radius edge provided the right aesthetic for the office.
Exam room featuring Marbella edge profile.
continued on page 4
Fabricator’s Forum
Finger Lakes Countertop employs Granite Fabrication Techniques
for VT Dimensions Countertops
Steve Zimmerman, owner of Finger Lakes Countertops,
located in Geneva, New York recently completed a laminate
fabrication and installation job that maximized the granite
look of VT’s Tempo edge profile and the 180fx ® laminate.
The homeowner was thrilled with the idea as it would make
her countertop look even more like natural stone. However,
to accommodate the French miter seam, Steve had to think
outside the box to accommodate the backsplash that the
homeowner initially requested. So, instead of ordering
the VT tops with an integral postformed backsplash, he
actually ripped 12” bar tops to length and installed them
as an applied backsplash just as he would do with natural
The entire project was a sum of
thoughtful details. Because, after
all, it’s the details that make the
Angled End fabrication.
Another unique challenge on the project was the angled
edge that Steve fabricated at the end of the countertop
run. To achieve a finished edge, he once again ripped a
length of Tempo edge, and installed it like an applied
French Miter fabrication.
When Steve met with the homeowner, she’d already
selected Formica’s Dolce Vita laminate. In speaking with
her, Steve realized that she’d selected the pattern because
of the pattern’s movement and because it looked like
natural stone. Steve also learned that she wanted the
functionality of a backsplash as well.
During the templating process, Steve suggested they
utilize the French miter to join the lengths of countertops.
Once the job was complete the homeowner was very
pleased with the look and Steve’s unique installation. She’d
placed a lot of thought and planning into her kitchen
remodel all the way down to the smallest details. She’d
even combed the beaches of the area’s Finger Lakes to find
interesting, colored rocks to serve as cabinet pulls. The
entire project was a sum of thoughtful details. Because,
after all, it’s the details that make the difference.
and events with the Laminate vs. Granite
Challenge Boxes. We then developed
a series of lighthearted videos for our
Facebook page that featured people’s
This year, we’re comparing
VT’s Dimensions countertop to a self
lay-up laminate countertop and asking,
“Which laminate countertop creates the
most attractive seamless beauty?” Are you
having an open house or tradeshow event?
VT’s Dimensions Challenge Box is a great
way to get the conversation started and to
generate excitement at your event. Just reach
out to your Territory Sales Manager for more
information regarding the availability of the
VT Dimensions Challenge Boxes!
We’ve launched a national advertising campaign for
Dimensions that started in June. The ad concept is consistent
with the new Dimensions branding and will run in several
industry publications including Kitchen & Bath Design
News, Kitchen & Bath Business, Professional Remodeler,
and Remodeling. Be on the look out for VT Dimensions in
your favorite industry publications!
Dimensions Marketing Collateral
In conjunction with the Dimensions launch, we’ve
redesigned several of our integral marketing materials
including our product offering brochure and the
specification sheets. Both the Dimensions Product Offering
and Specification Sheets can be downloaded directly from
our website or ordered from our “Request Literature”
page. These new pieces show off the new look of VT
Dimensions countertops.
One a
ti n
P re se n
c o ll e c
g VT D
Since 2008, Steve Zimmerman has owned Finger Lakes
Countertop. Located in Geneva, New York he services the
Finger Lakes region providing VT Dimensions countertops,
custom laminate countertops, solid surface, quartz,
and granite countertops for the residential market. He
recently moved to a larger shop and anticipates bringing
on another employee to help manage his abundant work
Dimensions is a new way of looking at our postformed
laminate countertop products. More than just a flat
surface, VT Dimensions countertops bring flat laminate
to life! From the slab like core, to the naturally beautiful
laminate, to the premium edge profile that imparts the
elegant final touch, VT’s Dimensions countertop collection
elevates the laminate countertop category.
ll u r in g
About Finger Lakes Countertops
t io n.
n te
s Cou
e n si o n
rt o p s
The design concepts are striking and really
bring the dimensional aspect of our product
to life.
You can also check out the new VT Dimensions
video on the VT web page. The short, 45
second video is the perfect
way to introduce and educate
your customers about VT
Dimensions countertops
via our website or social
media outlets! We’ve
also developed a 3-D
countertop Point of
Purchase (POP) display
for your showroom. It features the
striking new photography as the
corresponding literature pieces and
holds a brochure that highlights the
features and benefit of VT Dimensions
countertops. Each display comes
with a package of 25 brochures that
can be re-ordered on VT’s “Request
Literature” webpage.
We’re also excited to bring back
the challenge boxes! In 2012 VT
hit the streets and several of
our customers’ local tradeshows
VT Color Launch
We have recently also updated our stocking laminate lists,
adding new and exciting laminate patterns and doing away
with some of the outdated and obsolete laminates. We’ve
also created a new color launch video to help generate
excitement for the color launch. You can check it out
on our YouTube page at http://www.youtube.com/user/
VTindustries56. For more information be sure to check out
the 2013 Color Launch Article on page 3.
2013 Color Launch
It’s that time again, to update the VT Stocking Laminates
List! Over the past year and a half we have been tracking
the sales of laminate on our current stocking laminate lists
from Formica, Pionite, and Wilsonart. We have also been
doing our due diligence studying trends, polling customers,
and gathering data to help determine the laminates that
will be added in 2013.
We will be adding the following Formica Colors to our
Stocking Laminate List:
Cosmos Granite, Golden and Bianco Romano and Florence
Gold, new in 2013, are stunning granite patterns. Winter
and Summer Carnival were introduced in 2012 and have
proven to be very popular as well. The remaining laminate
patterns added to stock reflect top-selling and on-trend
laminates that help round out the collection.
Cosmos Granite
Golden Romano
Bianco Romano
Dolce Vita
Florence Gold
Winter Carnival
Summer Carnival
Travertine Gold
Desert Springs
Dolce Macchiato
Mesa Gold
Sable Soapstone
Coming off VT’s Stocking Laminate list are the following
Formica Laminates:
American Rose Granite
Santa Cecilia Light
3690-77 Basalt Slate
3692-77 Labrador Granite
3461-77 Black Fossilstone
3470-RD Red Montana
Espirito Santo
Parquet Café
Parquet Noche
Lime Stone
Cotta Stone
Concrete Stone
Denim Canvas
The Pionite Stocking Laminate list will remain unchanged
for 2013. The following laminates will continue to be
stocked in the StoneX finish.
Shooting Star
Willow Springs
TYphoon Gold
Italian White Di Pesco
Cafe Di Pesco
Golden Lightning
Chocolate Brown Granite
Madre Perola
Old Mill Oak
Brune Slate
2013 Color Launch Web Resources
We have updated the website to include the color
swatches for reference, as well as the Stock and JIT Lists
for Formica, Pionite, and Wilsonart. Just visit our Laminate
Options page at www.V TDimensions.com /laminateoptions.
Bainbrook Grey
White Juparana
Calcutta Marble
Mesa Sand
VT brings 29 new Wilsonart patterns for 2013. These
patterns are from Wilsonart’s latest launch in August, the
April HD launch, 2012, and previous.
Typhoon Ice
Oiled Soapstone
Elemental Corten
These additions are from Formica’s 2012 and 2013 line
launches. Crema Mascarello, Bianca Luna, Travertine Gold,
and Dolce Macchiato are all 2012 additions to Formica’s
180fx line of laminate. The remaining laminates are new
in 2013. Jet Sequoia and Rainforest Brown belong to the
180fx® Collection, while Elemental Concrete, Elemental
Stone, and Elemental Corten are added as standard patterns,
Bordeaux Juparana
Elemental Concrete
Elemental Stone
Breccia Nouvelle
Kalahari Topaz
Jet Sequoia
Rainforest Brown
Adding 10 of the 12 new premium laminates, VT stocking
list has been rejuvenated with some of the freshest
laminates on the market that are both hard-working and
The Wilsonart Premium Designs
Crema Mascarello
Bianca Luna
In August, Wilsonart released their 2013 Premium Launch,
which introduced luxury, high-price stone looks as well
as a brand new finish. The -22 finish, or Antique finish,
is described as a mixture of varying low gloss features
combined with organic movement. It’s reminiscent of an
aged stone or antique metal surface. The -22 finish also
carries the AEON™ Enhanced Performance technology,
making your countertop look better, longer.
Would you like to include the 2013 stock colors on your
website? We’ve placed all the stocking laminate color
swatches on the FTP site for your convenience. Don’t
have ftp access? Just visit http://vtftp.vtindustries.com to
request a username and password. Have access, but forgot
your password? Don’t fret, just email Angela George at
[email protected]
VT Dimensions Color Launch Video
VT Industries is pleased to announce that we’ve created
a video for your showrooms, presentations, and consumer
events that’s designed to help you create a buzz about VT
Dimensions and the great new laminates available with
the 2013 Color Launch.
Currently hosted on YouTube, VT’s Dimensions Color
Launch Video is a 44 second video with a fast-pace,
upscale, fashion-show vibe. The video presents an
overview of VT Dimensions Countertops including the
colors, edges, and trends that take VT countertops to a
whole new dimension!! (http://www.youtube.com/user/
Jeweled Opal
High efficiency T5 fluorescent lights replaced metal halide
lamps, helping our Hagerstown Maryland facility reduce
its energy consumption by 43%!
T5 fluorescent lights use less energy and function
with better heat distribution. They generate lower
temperatures than other fluorescent lights. Lower energy
costs for T5s are offsetting lamp prices and longer life
cycles of over 20, 000 hours are reducing replacement and
disposal costs, which adds to its value.
One T5 high performance fluorescent lamp replaces two
of the old T12s, translating into lower electricity bills,
reductions for air conditioning with less heat outputs and
increased illumination for facility building users.
Trivia Question
VT Industries INc.
1000 Industrial Park
P.O. Box 490
Holstein, IA 51025
Congratulations to Deena Stewart at Kiser Supply, Inc.
located Bluff City, Tennessee. Deena answered last
issue’s trivia question correctly. She answered True; VT’s
ad campaign will run in several national publications.
true or false? VT Dimensions challenge boxes
are available on loan for local tradeshow and
showroom events.
Answer this question based on this issue of the Door
Press for a chance to win a VT prize. View the newsletter
on VT’s website at www.vtindustries.com/trivia . Submit
the correct answer by filling in your contact information
electronically by November 15th, 2013. Limit one entry
per person, one win per year.
VT employees and sales representatives are excluded from this promotion.
Vol. 9. Issue 1 • Fall 2013
New versions of USGBC’s green building rating systems,
referenced as LEED v4, have been voted into adoption. The
first draft was released in May 2012, six public comments
later the final drafts were announced on July 2, 2013. LEED
v4 will launch at Greenbuild in November 2013.
Currently, VT is in the process of
collecting information on how to
Case Study Cont.
The contemporary edge profile was further enhanced
by Wilsonart’s Desert Zephyr (4841-60) and White Tea
(4908-60) laminates.
Not only did Marbella countertop provide a stylish look,
it also provided durable, easy to maintain work surfaces
for a variety of applications within the clinic. Whether
standing up to the daily rigors of the reception counter
or the break room, VT’s postformed countertops are
proving everyday to be the best work surface for this
beautiful new eye clinic.
meet these new credit requirements,
researching material availability, and
investigating new certification options.
The extended approval process was due to considerable
feedback from multiple industries in the building sector.
VT Industries has been monitoring the new rating systems
through each draft. These new standards propose changes
for every credit relating to laminate countertops that could
have considerable impact the industry. Informational links,
including the final draft of the Material & Resource (MR)
and Indoor Air Quality (EQ) credits at www.vtindustries.
Currently, VT is in the process of collecting information on
how to meet these new credit requirements, researching
material availability, and investigating new certification
options. This data will be carefully analyzed to make an
informed decision on what options will provide the most
worth to LEED projects while maintaining the quality and
value you expect from VT.
When the new LEED building systems are released, VT as
an environmental leader in the industry, will be positioned
to provide countertops best suited to meet your LEED v4
requirements, as well as fulfill your documentation and
training needs. Stay tuned for more details from VT.
About McComas Lacina
Located in Iowa City, Iowa, McComas Lacina Construction
has been a valued VT customer since 2009. They service
the Iowa City metropolitan area providing dedicated
service and quality products to architects & builders.
View of the Eye Physicians & Surgeons building.
VT Dimensions Improves Online
Ordering System
VT Industries announces the release of VTonline ®
2.0, an upgrade to the online order system for VT
Dimensions Countertops. Highlights include several new
system features, along with order entry improvements,
and behind the scenes programming to improve speed,
accuracy, and accessibility to order information.
VT Dimension countertop ordering
is now easier than ever with the
addition of substrate options
and the streamlined specialty
countertop page.
VTonline 2.0, Inventory Availability.
The first exciting new feature is the customer’s
ability to track order status from order processing to
production to shipment. Another beneficial addition is
the ability to view a full year’s invoices in full line item
detail. These advancements allow customers to instantly
access their order information and history with the
on-demand convenience that VTonline provides.
VT Dimensions countertop ordering is now easier
than ever with the addition of substrate options and
the streamlined specialty countertop page. The new
laminate availability screen allows users to view the
current on-hand quantities of our stock laminates.
Additionally, all available colors, including many
factory colors, are accessible from the drop down color
field with no special actions required. Lastly, added
pricing visibility allows customers to view their pricing
for each item entered and estimate an order total before
“Many hours of careful planning and hard work have
gone into this update, and we could not be happier
with the added value and service VT is able provide to
our VTonline customers,” explained Mary Gebers, VT
Dimensions Customer Service Manager.
To register with VTonline 2.0, contact Customer Service
at 1.888.287.8356. For more information on VT Dimensions
visit www.vtdimensions.com.
1.800.827.1615 EXT. 512
F 712.368.4111

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