Sojourner Annual Report 2014


Sojourner Annual Report 2014
Spring 2014
2013 Annual Summary
Inside This Issue:
1 :: 2013 Annual Report
2 :: Keeping Children Safe
3 :: Thank You for Your Support
5 :: What Makes Sojourner
6 :: Financial Report
Former U.S. Representative Mark Green stated, “If the numbers we see in domestic
violence were applied to terrorism or gang violence, the entire country would be
up in arms, and it would be the lead story on the news every night.” Sojourner
founders, Kitty Alcott and Jenny Arimond, saw the problem and overcame many
hurdles to open a safe shelter for women and their children in 1979. Today,
Sojourner serves victims residing in 16 southwestern communities of Hennepin
County; and as of January 1st 2013, began providing domestic violence services to
residents in Golden Valley.
Board of Directors
The fundamental philosophy that guides our services is the belief that everyone
has the right to be safe in their homes regardless of age, race, gender, religion,
sexual preference or differing abilities. Sojourner programs include:
Helen Chargo
• A 24-Hour Crisis/Help Line, available to receive calls for immediate assistance at
any time.
• Sojourner Shelter, emergency housing for women and children.
• The Community Legal Advocacy Program assists clients with criminal justice issues
and civil court matters such as obtaining orders for protection, custody and child
• The Community Outreach and Education Department coordinates community
presentations and law enforcement trainings.
• Sojourner’s Volunteer Program promotes community involvement and support.
Deidre Belk
Meghan Elliot
Linda Gardner
Tony Hanlin
Michelle Jacobson
Jim Kurtz
Vicki McGinty
Mark Raquet
George Singer
Joan Trowbridge
This past year, Sojourner lost a
dedicated board member, Diane
Beson. Diane was passionate
about our mission and we continue
to keep her memory alive as we
help victims of domestic violence
live safer and happier lives.
Our Mission:
To provide safe shelter
for women & children,
advocacy and eduction
for individuals and
communities victimized
by domestic violence.
There can be no doubt that the problems of those we serve are complex. Advocates
support clients through on-going safety issues; provide safety planning, court
accompaniment, and information during what can be a prolonged, confusing, and
stressful process. This year Sojourner:
Provided emergency shelter for 409 residents and served approximately 22,000 meals
Responded to over 2,367 crisis callers with safety planning and other information
Provided approximately 13,190 hours of legal advocacy support
Assisted 716 women and 83 men in local communities with legal advocacy and support
Conducted 73 presentation, 16 tabling events and 12 trainings to reach over 4,000 people
Was awarded an Office of Justice grant to provide free, on-site therapy to clients
Was awarded the new Charities Review Seal of Approval
We are very proud of Sojourner’s achievements in 2013. We are especially grateful
to our hardworking staff, to our dedicated Board of Directors and to our many friends
and supporters, all of whom have helped to make our 2013 achievements possible
and who remain critical to our future success in the struggle against domestic
With sincere thanks to everyone,
George Singer, Board Chair
Helen Chargo, Executive Director
Keeping Kids and Teens Safe
Sojourner’s mission focuses on
providing emergency shelter, legal
advocacy, support and education to
victims of domestic violence. Our
first thoughts generally turn to the
adults involved however, in many,
many instances children either
witness or are the direct receiver
of abuse. Without appropriate
intervention, this direct or indirect
abuse can and does impact the
child(ren) in negative ways, often
throughout the rest their lives.
At Sojourner we know how important
it is to educate the entire family. An
important component of our work
with victims is safety planning.
Safety planning helps advocates
get to know a little more about each
child and their families Advocates
help parents understand the impact
on children and develop new
parenting methods to help their
children cope.
Safety planning with children
empowers each child with practical
knowledge. The information
provided is age-appropriate to
ensure the planning is relevant.
They discover the violence in their
family is not their fault. They learn
how to keep themselves safe and
identify adults they can trust. Other
topics help children identify a safe
place to hide in the house and to
understand how and when they
should call 911.
We are frequently reminded
and inspired by the resilience of
children. Through the work they do
with advocates, children develop
a greater sense of self-worth and
confidence. One of the major
advocate goals is to help the
families see that although life may
seem very dim “there is light at the
end of the tunnel.” Advocates let
children know they can call them
even after leaving the shelter if they
need support. They know advocates
are here to help them through this
tough time in their young lives.
Thank You, Donors
Bartee, Shirley
Brady, Karen
Chase, Margaret & Robert
Dahlquist, Kathie
Anonymous (11)
Barton, Bernard
& Carpenter, Elsa
Bredeson, Linda
Cherba, Pam
Dasari, Jennifer
Baskfield, Jean
Britton, Brenda
Christensen, Gaye
Davidson, Caroline
Broberg, Linda
Christiansen, Annabel
De Baut, Elizabeth
Brown, Julie
Circle, Debra
Brown, Nancy
Clark, Mary C.
Decker, David J.
& Carlstrom, Jane
Brudnoy, Rachel
Clark, Muriel
Brunne, Nicki
Cleary, Betsy
Bryan, Jill
Cleary, Betsy
Bue, Beck
Clements, Carolyn
Buesgens, Carol
Clynes, Lois & William
Bugler, Erin
Conkey, Harriet & D.R.
Bugler, James & Kristin
Corey, Jolene
Burns, Mary
Corniea, Barbara
Cain, Stephanie McCullough
Coulter, Kristen
Carlson, Craig & Sandra
Cowles, Marguerite
Carlson, Marilyn & David
Coyle, Loa Ann
Carney Family Partnership
Crabb, Anna & Brian
Carter, Mary S
Creelman, Carie
Case, John
Dahlberg, Dawn
Chan, Stephanie
Dahlberg, Steven & Chris
Chargo, Helen
Dahlgren, Louise
Aagaard, Oriette
Acton, Beatrice
Adamek, Sue
Adelsman, Helen
Ahrenholz, David
Ampuero, Mariela
Anderson, Gordon & Jennifer
Anderson, Joyce
Anderson, Martha
Anderson, Pam
Andren, Cindi
Andrews, William
Appleget, Timothy
Armel, Michael
Ash, Jeff
Austin, Gretchen
Azbill, David
Bailey, Justine
Bailey, Marla
Barone, Geralyn
Bathe, William & Ellie
Beardsley, Sharon & John
Becker, Melissa
Belk, Deidre
Bensman, Carol & Alan
Berg, Karen
Berg, Lisa & David Drown
Berg, Sara & Steven
Berris, Ellen
Berry, Janet
Beson, Diane & David
Besser, Karen
Bierma, Shirley
Biernat, Ranee
Blaine, Jessy
Blesi, Carolyn
Boeder, Christie
Bogle, Florence
Delk, Loretta
Determan, Teresa
Diane Van Patten
Dickinson, Dennis & Mary Jo
Distad, Robert
Dizel, Mary Ann
Doak, Marlene
Dodson, Susannah
Dolven, Barb
Domino, John & Marylou
Dopp, Kathy
Dorn, Brian
Dorsey, James & Yvonne
Douville, Stacy
Dragsten, Susan
Drill-Mellum, Richard & Laurie
952-933-7433 • 24-Hour Crisis Line: 952-933-7422 •
Thank You, Donors Cont’d
Eide, Patricia & Duane
Harris, Sharon
Larson, Brian & Leontine
Ogden, Elinor
Eliason, Ann
Haselow, Robert
Larson, Carol
Ohman, Clarice
Elliott, Thomas & Mary
Heiland, Marie & William
Larson, Carolyn
Olson, Kenneth & Roberta
Elmore, John & Barbara
Heinonen, Olle
& Leslie McDonald
Lattery, Karen
Olson, Manley & Ann
Heinrich, Douglas & Lori
Latvala, Dave & Pat
Orning, Makenzie
Leffler, Tanya
Ostrov, Marjorie & Dr. Charles
Leising, Dick & Lynnette
Overom, Ryanne
Leising, Vestey & Jerry
Owen, Laura
Leitschuh, Janice
Oys, Kathleen
LeJune, Lance
Paeper, David & Cindy
Lemieux, Jayne
Parker, Tom
Lescarbeau, Luanne
Patterson, Cynthia & Robert
Link, Josh
Pedtke, Mary Ann & Richard
Littles-Butler, Valarie
Pellegrene, Joseph & Jaime
Logel, Molli
Penning, Laurie
Long, Lois
Perwien, Amy
Longval, Lesley & Brent
Peterson, Geoffrey
Lunde, Eric & Barbara
Peterson, Gregory & Deborah
Lynch, Robert & Shelly
Pfahnl, Andreas & Brenda
Magnuson, Joann
Phillipe, Charlotte
Manning, Sheri
Pickard, Kathy & Al
Marcus, Brittany
Pitra, Taras
Martin, Jennifer
Plahn, Sue
Matheson, Rebecca
Pocrnich, Daniel
Mathewson, Judy
Poole, Ron & Molly
McCarthy, Michael
Powers, James
McDavitt, Pamela
Preston, Joan
Mcfarland, Juanita
Price, Wendy & John
McGowan, Lisa
Rabe, Stephanie
Mckasy, Molly
Radall, Barb
McLean, Donna
Radermacher, Lee
McTeaque, Don and Carol
Rappaport, Susan & Gary
Meyers, Paul & Wendy
Raquet, Mark
Miller, Margareth
Ratner, Barbara
Mitzo, Joanne
Ratner, E. Rachel
Mjaanes, Reuben
Ratner, Joyce
Mlynarczyk, Jan
Raymond, John
Montgomery, Beverly
Reis, John & Barbara
Moorhead, Kris & John
Resch, Katie
Moraac, Arie and Linda
Rhein, Nancy & Kevin
Morris, Michael and Cassandra
Ricketts, Ann & James
Mueller-Dodge, Dorthy
Robideau, Karen
Muller, Rick
Robinson, Kathy
Mulmed, Mitzi & Larry
Rod, Ellie
Nedbalek, Joyce
Rodriguez, Katie & Rodolfo,
Needham, Penelope
Rokke, Marsha
Nelson, Judi
Ronning, Eric & Katherine
Nelson, Margaret
Rose, Paul & Claire
Nelson, Marilyn
Rosso, William & Constance
Nelson, Theresa
Rousseau, Patti
Nelson, Vicki
Royer Design
Newman, Claire
Rude, Lizzie
Newman, Mary Jo
Rushdy, Renee
Nordenstam, Theresa
Saeks, Linda & Allen
Nunnink, Suzan
Sandstrom, Daniel & Cari
Nyberg, Jan
Schaefer, Joen M
Nystuen, Arlene
Scharenbroich, Mark & Susan
O'Flaherty, Kevin
Schmidt, Scott & Julie Ann
O'Flaherty, Kimberly
Schnobrich, Todd
Eng, Denise & Wes Bue
Erdal, Cindy
Erickson, Lorraine
Erickson, Muriel
Erickson, Rolf
Everly, Amy
Fallat, Judy & Bob
Farace, Bettie & Richard
Faricy, Raymond
Fergison, Holly
Fiedler, Carol
Finney Melius, Sara
Fischbach, Janis
Fischer, Melinda & Joel
Foronda, Lisa
Frane, Carol
Franson, Paul
Friendly, Ian & Carol
Furber, Elizabeth
Gac, Catherine
Gajeski, Dennis
Gallagher, Matt & Maria
Gandrud, Elizabeth
Garbizo, Kay
Gardner, Linda
Gasperlin, Bonnie & Bruce
Gens, Jerry & Pam
Gerould, Heather
Giel, Paul
Gilbert, Ann
Gilbert, Cynthia
Gilbert, Janet
Gilbert, Mary & James
Gillette, Mary
Goedderz, Dorlyn
Goldblatt, Lester & Bonnie
Gonzaga, Deborah
Gordon, Janice & Gerry
Goulin, Judith
Graves, Geraldine
Graves, Geraldine
Green, Derrick
Greenberg, Joy
Grgas, Tony
Grooters, Judith
Gross, Alahna
Hacker Family
Hacker, Gaye
Haga, Pat
Hagen, Debbie
Hall, Linda
Hallau, Paula & Charles
Hammill, Jim & Mary
Harlan, Stephanie & Riley
Harris, Phyllis
Hemak, Pat
Henneman, Susan & Eddy
Hernandez, Carlos & Vicki
Hindrichs, Sydney
Hoekstra, Michelle
Hohn, Gina
Holste, Margaret & David
Hoo, David & Jo
Howard, Geoffrey
Hower, Beth & George
Hruby, Sarah
Hubrig, Kevin
Hurlbert, Elisabeth
Hurlbert, Kregg & Kindra
Hurley, Kenneth & Tracy
Hustedt, Becky & Jack
Huttner, LeAnne
Isaak, Patricia & Vernon
Jacobs, Daphne
Jacobson, Holly
Jacobson, Mark & Barbara
Jacobson, Michelle
Jacobson, Steve
Jamieson, Thomas & Dorothy
Jevne, Alice
Johanna, Eirika
Johnson, Genene
Johnson, Heather
Johnson, Mike
Johnstone, Brandon
Judd, Thomas
Justesen, Jerad & Kacey
Justus, James & Martha
Kaihoi, Karin
Kaluzne, Diane
Kantor, Robert & Monique
Keaveny, Darby
Keener, Peggy
Kelley, Sally
Kennedy, Mary & Steven
Kirihara, Terry & Cecelia
Kleinman, Vonny & Justin
Knisely, Eilseen
Kratoska, Nicki
Krinn, Douglas & Connie
Kruesel, Anna
Krych, Chuck
Kunau, William
Lamb, Sandie
Lambert, Dennis
Landt, Sarah
Lane, Lindsay
Lapic, Michael & Katherine
Thank You, Donors Cont’d
Schoenecker, Sharon & Patrick
Walder, Zelda
Cub Foods
St Luke Presbyterian Church
Scholow, Judy
Wall, Alice
Custom Ink
St. Joseph’s Council Of Catholic Women
Schouviller, Ranee
Waller, Bonita
Delta Kappa Gamma Educator’s
St. Marks
Schueh, Sophie
Walls, Theresa
Eden Prairie Women of Today
St. Mary’s Circle
Schuh, Marcy & David
Ward, Randy
Einstein Bros Bagels
St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church
Schwitzer, W.D.
Warren, Greta
Elks Lodge #2221
St. Therese Church of Deephaven
Senander, Joanne & Donald
Wegner, Darlene
Episcopal Parish Of St. David
Steiner & Curtiss, P.A.
Sharpe, Cindy
Wegner, Janelle
Excelsior Bay Books
Supply Solutions
Shaughnessy, Kiko
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Shepherd, Michele
Wenner, Sherri
Family Chiropractic
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Sherman, Morris & Judith Silk
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The Needle Bearer
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Tankenoff Families Foundation
The NFC Foundation
The Warren Foundation
Turner Family Foundation
Wallin Foundation, The
What Helps Make Sojourner Unique
Seasoned Staff
We have chosen to highlight five
Sojourner advocates in the 2014
Annual Report. They have been
here for a combination of 111
years. They have seen much and
experienced many changes. As
a result, they have contributed in
immeasurable ways to the quality
and growth of our programs and
services. They are what help to
make Sojourner unique.
Rachel, Holly, Yvonne, Lisa and Judi
talk often of the rewards of working
with clients and great staff; the
challenges of a sometime frustrating
and unpredictable legal system;
and the importance of community
involvement in our mission.
As advocates, they have dedicated
their lives to serving others during a
time of crisis.
Over time, they have worked
with thousands of individuals,
helping them transform from
victims to survivors. They continue
to assist and support victims in
criminal and family court, provide
Sojourner advocates Holly, Judi, Lisa, Yvonne and Rachel have served a combined 111
years at Sojourner.
information about resources and
options, work with prosecutors
and law enforcement, provide a
listening ear, emotional support
and encouragement. They are
recognized for their expertise
and their understanding of the
complexities of domestic violence.
We are fortunate to have these
staff members. And we are beyond
fortunate to have an overall
wonderful team of advocates at
Sojourner all working together to
Dedicated Volunteers
Individual volunteers and groups
are a huge asset to Sojourner! We
value our space being clean, safe
and well kept. Volunteers not only
donate supplies but things that are
priceless…time and energy. In
order to transform spaces, keep
our buildings up-to-date and well
maintained we partner with groups
and individuals who lend helping
There are many ways to get
involved with Sojourner whether
you are 8 or 80. Youth groups give
up their evenings and weekends
to help organize and clean. Meal
prep groups prepare fabulous meals
for our residents. Churches and
civic groups help with mailings,
gardening, landscaping and
painting. Our individual volunteers
consistently dedicate time to the
crisis line and our residents and
their kids. Thank you for all that the
community, volunteers and groups
provide to support our clients,
programs and staff!
create safer lives and fostering
hope for the future safety of our
Holly’s message to the community
is an important one. “Do not
underestimate the power your
support and understanding could
have on a friend, sister, mother,
co-worker or neighbor by listening to
them, believing them and referring
them to the nearest domestic
violence agency.”
Nonprofit Org.
U.S. Postage
Permit # 719
Hopkins, MN 55343
P.O. Box 272, Hopkins, MN 55343
24-Hour Crisis Line: 952-933-7422
Financial Report
2013 Income Statement
2013 Revenue
2013 Statement of Functional Expenses
Community Services
Fundraising & Marketing
2013 Balance Sheet
Occupancy &
Business Expense
Program Expense
Total YTD Profit or Loss
2013 Expenses
Occupancy &
Business Expense
Total Current Assets
Fixed Assets
Accumulated Depreciation
Current Liabilities
Long Term Liabilities
Total Liabilities
* $640,000 of Long Term Liabilites
are forgiveable loans.
If you would like to receive future newsletters and communications by email or if you would like to be removed
from our mailing list, please contact the Program Support Coordinator at 952-351-4062.

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