Sojourner Annual Report 2015



Sojourner Annual Report 2015
Spring 2015
2014 Annual Summary
Inside This Issue:
1 :: 2014 Annual Summary
Dear Friends and Supporters of Sojourner,
2 :: Working with Youth
The overall purpose of Sojourner is to increase the safety of those victimized by
domestic violence and abuse. Supporting the transition from victim to survivor is a
complex, 24/7 process that requires the use of any or all of the services provided by
3 :: Thank You for Your Support
5 :: Special Moments at
Our organization goals are to:
1. Meet immediate needs for safety.
2. Provide intervention, advocacy and support services.
3. Encourage independence and self-sufficiency.
4. Defend and advocate for the rights of victims and their children.
5. Promote prevention through education and training.
6 :: Financial Report
Board of Directors
Helen Chargo
Deidre Belk
Meghan Elliot
Linda Gardner
Tony Hanlin
Michelle Jacobson
Jim Kurtz
Vicki McGinty
Mark Raquet
Barbara Rogers
George Singer
Joan Trowbridge
Our Mission:
To provide safe shelter
for women & children,
advocacy and eduction
for individuals and
communities victimized
by domestic violence.
During 2014 Sojourner:
• Responded to 2,515 crisis line callers
• Provided emergency shelter for 7,416 bed nights for 345 women and children **
** Bed nights have increased by 6% every year since 2012.
• Served 994 service area victims (including 96 men) with advocacy and safety
planning support – increased 9%
• Positively impacted the safety of over 340 children
• Presented to approximately 5,000 people – increased 9%
• Volunteers contributed 9,956 hours of service – increased 9%
• Saw a 3% donor increase
In her book, Trauma and Recovery, psychiatrist Judith Lewis Herman writes: “The
guarantee of safety in an abusive relationship can never be based upon a promise
from the abuser.... Rather, it must be based upon the self-protective capability of the
Increasing the “self-protective” capability of the victim is at the core of our work. The
impact we make results in: 1) victims that understand: how to be safe; are able to
cope with daily challenges; can protect themselves: remain employed; parent more
effectively; and enjoy greater stability 2) reduced potential for escalating violence;
3) increased abuser accountability and 4) children who are safer 5) a safer, more
informed community.
We are very grateful for the knowledge, experience and dedication of our staff. They
provide the quality and professional services that make Sojourner an outstanding
resource for victims of domestic violence and the communities in which they live. We
are also grateful for the leadership and commitment of our Board of Directors and
for the time, effort and resources contributed by the many volunteers and friends of
Thank you to everyone for your hard work on behalf of Sojourner and those we serve.
Deidre Belk
Board Chair
Helen Chargo
Executive Director
Prevention: Working with Youth to Create Safer Lives
According to Love Is Respect
online, 1 in 3 adolescents in the
U.S. is a victim of physical, sexual,
emotional or verbal abuse from a
dating partner. Education is crucial
to prevent future victims. We have
been working with local schools and
youth groups to raise awareness
about dating and domestic violence.
We discuss values, self-awareness/
esteem, communication, defining
abuse, power and control, red flags
and provide resources. A Social
Worker from one of the schools in
which we are working commented;
“The information about healthy
relationships and dating safety
presented by Sojourner is changing
lives by providing critical lessons in
the prevention of violence.”
Teen dating violence can have a
lasting impact on a young person’s
life without intervention. Minnesota
Coalition of Battered Women says
that Dating Violence affects teens
the following ways:
- Psychosomatic issues, e.g.,
stomachaches, ulcers, headaches
- Loss of appetite, overeating, sleep
difficulties, nail biting, or stuttering
- Low self-esteem and feelings of
- Anger: aggression, hostility, or
- Disruptive behavior or violence
toward peers
- Wearing high-necked or longsleeved clothing in warm weather to
hide physical abuse
- Juvenile delinquency, e.g., truancy,
vandalism, drinking, or drug abuse
are issues that exacerbate teen
dating violence
If you are interested in learning
more about having a presentation
provided to a youth group or school
please contact Laura Sisterman
and 952.351.4062 or [email protected]
Thank You To All Our Donors
Beatty-Kollasch, Ronni
Brady, Karen
Conkey, Harriet & D.R.
Acton, Beatrice
Beckord, Hollie
Bredeson, Linda
Conn, Lydia
Aldridge, Patti and Tom
Bejbl, Jerome & Kathleen
Broman, Joseph
Cook, Thomas & Deborah
Ames, Nancy
Belk, Deidre
Brudnoy, Rachel
Corniea, Barbara
Anderes, Jeffrey
Belk, Kimberly
Bryan, Jill
Corson, Judith
Anderson, Danese
Bensman, Carol & Alan
Buesgens, Carol
Courtney, Amy
Anderson, Deborah
Berg, Karen
Calhoun, Duane & Judith
Courtney, Steve
Anderson, Wesley & Corinne
Berg, Nancy
Campbell, Mage
Cowles, Marguerite
Bermel, Bruce
Carlson, Marilyn & David
Crawford, Lydia
Archer, Michelle
Bermel, Jim & Nancy
Carney Family Partnership
Cunningham, Rebecca
Armstrong, Cynthia
Berris, Ellen
Chargo, Helen
Dahlberg, Tricia
Ashby, Craig
Berry, Janet
Chesley, Kelly
Dahlgren, Louise
Aura, Susan & Steven
Beson, Eleanor
Chikkatur, Anita
Davis, Jerald & Linda
Austin, Gretchen
Bird, Katie
Christensen, Gaye
De Baut, Elizabeth
Baker, Kristin & Grant
Bjornson, Carrie & Kevin
Christianson, Philip & Francene
Decker, David J. & Carlstrom, Jane
Bakken, Linda & Duane
Blees, Deborah
Clapp, Sonja
Dekam, Natalie
Bangasser, Terri
Blesi, Carolyn
Clark, Mary C.
Delk, Loretta
Barnes, Daniel & Suzanne
Bogan, Cheryl
Clark, Muriel
Determan, Teresa
Bartee, Shirley
Bogle, Florence
Cleary, Betsy
Dibenedetto, Chelsea
Baskfield, Jean
Bourgerie, Alexis
Clements, Carolyn
Dickinson, Dennis & Mary Jo
Bathe, William & Ellie
Boyer, Sue
Clynes, Lois & William
Distad, Robert
952-933-7433 • 24-Hour Crisis Line: 952-933-7422 •
Thank You To All Our Donors Cont’d
Dobbins, Ellen
Hansen, Barb
Lalim, Rikki
Oys, Patricia
Douville, Stacy
Harris, Phyllis
Lamosee, Celeste
Paeper, David & Cindy
Doyle, Ruth
Haselow, Robert
Lange, Cheryl & William
Parenteau, Karen Marie
Dussault, Don & Linda
Hawkins, Rachel
Langer, Tara
Payne, Jill
Dynko, Bob & Marcia
Healy, Katheen & Timothy
Lapic, Michael and Katherine
Pedtke, Mary Ann & Richard
Eide, Patricia & Duane
Hegre, Sara
Larson, Steven & Michelle
Peterson, Geoffrey
Elliott, Meghan
Heiland, Marie & William
Lattery, Karen
Pettis, Charlene
Ellis, Suzanne
Heinlen, Kathleen
Latvala, Dave & Pat
Phillipe, Charlotte
Eng, Denise & Wes Bue
Heinonen, Olle and Leslie McDonald
Lee, Jin I
Phillipich, Jeffrey
Engdahl, Mary
Heisler, Theodore & Marcia
Leising, Dick & Lynnette
Platt, James
Engelmann, Darrol & Susan
Henneman, Susan & Eddy
Leising, Vestey & Jerry
Polanski, Amy
Erickson, Lorraine
Hinkel, Amy & Jean-Denis
Leitschuh, Janice
Polve, LuAnn
Erickson, Muriel
Hoeft, Robert & Barbara
Lescarbeau, Luanne
Ponder-Lachinsky, Sheryll
Fallat, Judy & Bob
Hohn, Gina
Lind, Patricia
Poole, Ron & Molly
Farace, Bettie & Richard
Holste, Margaret & David
Logeais, Taylor
Press, Truen
Faricy, Raymond
Holte, Tracee
Longval, Lesley & Brent
Price, Wendy & John
Finney Melius, Sara
Hoo, David & Jo
Loots, Deb
Prueter, Connie
Fischer, Melinda & Joel
Hower, Beth and George
Lott, Pamela
Racek, Sandy
Fitzsimmons, David & Tracy
Hubrig, Kevin
Lunde, Eric & Barbara
Radermacher, Lee
Fitzsimmons, Jennifer
Huebner, Steven
Lunde, Kristen
Raduns, Sarah
Fitzsimmons, Paul & Regina
Hurd, Judy
Mahoney, Deborah and Joe
Ragan, Jan
Fitzsimmons, Raymond & Marilyn
Hurley, Kenneth & Tracy
Marcus, Brittany
Rand, Pete
Fitzsimmons, Whitney
Hustedt, Becky & Jack
Markell, Michael & Jeanne
Ratner, Barbara
Foster, Stephanie
Huttig, Sam
Martinson, Carrie
Raymond, John
Foster, Vickie
Huttner, LeAnne
Marx, Dorothy
Reed, Pamela
Franson, Paul
Intermill, Micah
Mathewson, Judy
Reiners, Craig & Mary
Frevert, Amelia & Anthony
Isaak, Patricia & Vernon
Mayeron, Cindy
Reis, John & Barbara
Frevert, Doug & Laurie
Israel, Ashton
McCann, J Scott & Kenna
Rhein, Nancy & Kevin
Frey, Michael & Karen
Jacobson, Joyce
McCormick, Dennis & Jane
Ricketts, Ann & James
Friedman, Sandra
Jacobson, Mark & Barbara
McDavitt, Pamela
Robideau, Karen
Friendly, Ian & Carol
Jacobson, Michelle
Meixell, Darlene
Robideau, Karen
Furber, Elizabeth
Jamieson, Thomas & Dorothy
Meyers, Paul & Wendy
Roesler, Deb
Gac, Catherine
Jeffries-St Michaels, Ann
Miller, Jacqueline
Gajeski, Dennis
Johanna, Eirika
Misfeldt, Anna
Romportl, Charles & Mary
Gandrud, Elizabeth
Johnson, Peter & Krista
Mjaanes, Reuben
Rosdahl, Caroline
Garbizo, Kay
Junkermeier, Tamara
Mlynarczyk, Jan
Rosso, William & Constance
Garner, Sarah
Justesen, Jerad and Kacey
Montgomery, Beverly
Rushdy, Renee
Gilbert, Janet
Justus, James & Martha
Moorhead, Kris & John
Rutherford, Shirley
Gilhooly, Mary
Kearns, Taylor
Moriarity, Suzanne & Richard
Rydahl, Dave & Jan
Goedderz, Dorlyn
Keaveny, Darby
Morris, Mike and Kist, Peggy
Sandberg, Maynard
Goldblatt, Lester & Bonnie
Kerber, Ellen
Morrow, Sarah
Sanow, William
Gonyea, Frances
Kieser, Phyllis
Mulmed, Mitzi & Larry
Schaefer, Joen M
Gordon, Janice & Gerry
Kim, Sonja
Mundale, Ann
Scharenbroich, Mark & Susan
Goulin, Judith
Kise, Jason
Nancy Ballsrud, James Nelson
Schlunz, Marie
Graves, Geraldine
Kise, Tina
Nash Finch
Schnunk, Suzanne
Greenberg, Joy
Klasen, Kathleen
Nelson, Margaret
Schofield & Tracy Fitzsimmons, Elizabeth
Grevenow, Dana & Michael
Knight, John T
Nelson, Marilyn
Schwanke, Tom and Colleen
Groff, Scott
Kocur, Jane
Nesseth, Colleen
Schwitzer, W.D.
Groll, Lynn
Koehl, Gloria
Newberg, Sue
Segal, Veta
Hafner, Thomas & Terry
Koerner, Brenda
Nord, John
Seifert, Paul & Carol
Hallau, Daniel
Krinn, Douglas & Connie
Nunnink, Suzan
Senander, Joanne & Donald
Hallau, Lauren
Kriz, Victoria
Ogden, Elinor
Setter, Joan
Hallau, Paula & Charles
Kucher, Tammy
Olson, Kenneth & Roberta
Severson, Jean
Hamilton, Maxine
Labrecque, Janet
Osborn, Jill
Seward, Peggy & John
Hammill, Jim & Mary
Lachinsky, Sheryll
Ostrov, Marjorie & Dr. Charles
Sherman, Morris M & Judith Silk
Hanlin, Tony & Kathleen
Lacy, Claudia
Oys Wiles, Mary
Silverwater, Beth & Norman Greenberg
Thank You To All Our Donors Cont’d
Sinka, Akanksha
Wall, Alice
Family Of Christ Lutheran Church
Sisterman, Laura
Waller, Dave & Linda
First Presbyterian Church
Skaar, Mary Jo
Walseth, Daniel & Kristen
Fitzsimmons Metal Co., Inc.
Skelton, Bonnie & Fraser Thomas
Wegner, Janelle
Gemini Inc.
Skogerboe, Lynnae
Wehner, Patrice & Jeff
General Mills
Smaby, John & Linda
Weide, Paul
Gethsemane Lutheran Church
Smithberg, Betty
Weld, Raleigh & Jason
Girl Scout Troop #13272
Sobotta, Dawn & David
Werden, Denise & David
Girl Scout Troop 16285
Sonnenburg, Debra & Rick Diehl
Westholter, Katie
Good Shepard Lutheran Church
Sosted, Judith
Wexler, Elizabeth
Hallau Shoots
Soules, William
Wiens, Jessica
Highland Management Group, Inc.
Speigel, Candace
Willems, Estelle
Honsa & Associates
Speigel, Candace
Williams, Lisa & Christopher
Hopkins Area Jaycees, Inc.
Steen, Kathryn
Wilson, Donna
Hopkins Woman’s Club
Steen-Hinderlie, Diane
Wilson, Ken
Hopkins Youth Hockey Assn.
Stein, Betty
Winnick, Kathy
Hugs From Hunter
Steinwedel, Stephanie
Woellner, Judith
Stepchuk, Anne & Bohdan
Wolf, James & Lynne
Living Word Church
Stone, Nancy
Wolf, Stephanie & James Burrows
Lou Reid & Associates
Stonich, Mark
Wolff, Karol & James
Swanson, Scott
Wood, Barbara
Sweeney, Annette
Wren, Patrick & Shirley
Swensen, Patricia
Wright, Kelly
Messiah United Methodist Church
Swenson, Shanna & Gregory
Young, Michele
Metro Sales Inc.
Syverson, Wesley & Pamela
Yussen, David & Christine
Minnetonka Lutheran Church
Talmo, Debbie & Thomas
Zupnik, Marilyn
Minnetonka Lutheran Church Women
Edina Realty Foundatioin
Minnetonka Police Department
Frog Crossing Foundation
Minnetonka United Methodist Church
Gonyea Foundation
Mount Calvary Lutheran Church
Hennepin County Bar Foundation
Northport Engineering, Inc.
Jerstad Foundation
OEO Chapter BH Minneapolis
Otto Bremer Foundation
PEO Chapter CT Hopkins
Rahr Foundation
PEO Chapter D
Riverway Foundation
Susan Mitchell Frank Fund
For Needy Children
Tanquist, Bruce
Tesch, Erin
Tessmer, Nancy
Thayer, Jean Ann & Kevin P.
Tighe, Molly
Tollafield, Christopher
Tolliver, LuAnn
Tungseth, D. Clarke & Iris
Umbehocker, Paula
Usem, Ronald
Valentine, Diana
Van Hauer, Chris
Waataja, Shirley
Wagner, Ina
Wagner, Jennifer
Wagy, David
Wahl, Joe & Dianne
Alpha Theta Of Delta Kappa Gamma
Ameriprise Financial
Bell Mortgage
Beth El Synagogue
Caribou Coffee-Westridge
Cherokee Global Brands
Consulting Radiologists, Ltd.
Cosmopolitan Women’s Club
Cross Of Glory Baptist Church
Cross View Lutheran Church
Dominium Apartments
Excelsior United Methodist Women
Piper Jaffray Philanthropic Programs
Pneumadyne, Inc.
Papa Murphy’s-St Louis Park
Randy’s Sanitation, Inc.
Lutheran Church
Spirit Of The Lake
St. Grabriel The Archangel CCW
St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church
St. Therese Church Of Deephaven
Telecom Pioneers
The Mills Church
The Needle Bearer
Thomson Reuters
Twin Cities Kappa Delta Alumnae Chapter
Union Congregational Church
UnitedHealth Group
Urban Halo
US Energy
Wayzata Rotary Club
Westwood Lutheran Church
Women’s Club Of Hopkins
Women’s Club Of Minneapolis
Wood Machinery Systems, Inc.
Zion Lutheran Church Of Hopkins
Tankenoff Families Foundation
The NFC Foundation
The TJX Foundation
Turner Family Foundation
Ridgewood Church
The Warren Foundation
Sabes JCC
WCA Foundation
Southwest Christian High School
Spirit of Christ Community
Thank You, Volunteers
Volunteers are fundamental to Sojourner’s success!
The amount of time and energy given is priceless.
Our individual volunteers support our crisis line,
children’s and intervention programs. Groups
come from faith communities, businesses and the
community. They come in to provide organizational
and cleaning help, yard up-keep, general maintance,
prepare delicious meals, help with mailings and
organize in-kind donation drives. Sojourner is also
fortunate to have fabulous interns that support
staff and clients! We are sincerely grateful for
all our volunteers, interns and service groups
that choose to dedicate their time to helping us
support safer lives and communities.
Special Moments at Sojourner
Left: Holiday Boutique Helper; Center: Halloween Pizza; Right: Two Energetic Staff Members
Left: Volunteer Groups Working Hard; Middle: Shelter Bedroom Makeover;
Right: Our Furry Friend Herbie and Shelter Residents Preparing and Learning about Nutrition
Shop Online and Support Sojourner
AmazonSmile is a great way to support Sojourner and all you have to
do is SHOP! They will donate .5%
of eligible purchases to us! You can
use the same account and settings
on and AmazonSmile.
When you log into
com, you will need to select a non-
profit organization and we hope
you select Sojourner Project, Inc.
You can find out more information
about this wonderful and EASY
program at
about. Easy shopping and supporting Sojourner…what could be
Follow us on Facebook to see what
we are doing, how you can help and to
stay informed about issues surrounding
domestic violence in our communities.
Type in the link below to go directly
to our page!
Nonprofit Org.
U.S. Postage
Permit # 719
Hopkins, MN 55343
P.O. Box 272, Hopkins, MN 55343
24-Hour Crisis Line: 952-933-7422
Return Service Requested
If you would like to receive future newsletters and communications by email or if you would like to be removed
from our mailing list, please contact the Program Support Coordinator at 952-351-4062.
2014 Financial Report
2014 Statement of Functional Expenses
2014 Income & Expense Statement
Community Services
Fundraising & Marketing
* $58,000 of Other Income is loan forgiveness
on the forgiveable loans.
2014 Balance Sheet
Current Assets
Fixed Assets
Accumulated Depreciation
Current Liabilities
Long Term Liabilities
Total Liabilities
* $582,000 of Long Term Liabilities are forgiveable loans
Occupancy & Business Expense
Program Expense
Total 2014 Profit or Loss

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