Oct 2014 Newsletter.pub - McCracken County Humane Society Inc.



Oct 2014 Newsletter.pub - McCracken County Humane Society Inc.
Oct. 2014
MCHS Newsleer
News you can use!!!
Bentley and his new Pal
Happy Adopters Finding Lifelong Homes
Lily and her new happy family
Beethoven’s new home
Heather & Bonnie with Mommy Rita
Notes from the President
Dodge and his new family
To MCHS Members, Supporters, and Contributors,
2014 is nearing the end and the McCracken County Humane Society is faring well. Since
January of this year, 452 animals have been taken in and 394 adopted. Our animals have been spayed,
neutered, micro chipped, wormed and vaccinated and we are proud of this achievement.
Whether or not MCHS will again contract with McCracken County has s,ll not been determined pending
a con,nua,on of nego,a,ons. The Humane Society has a profound interest in the welfare of unwanted
and stray animals that are picked up by the Animal Control officers.
The Execu,ve Director, Terry Vannerson, con,nues to reach out to the community. The Literary Hound
Program at Farley Elementary School has provided young people with instruc,on in animal care and
grooming. It started as a Summer Project. Animals are taken to the school once a week for the students
to get hands-on teaching. This con,nues now into the regular school year.
We are presently at PetSmart the first and third Saturday of the month for adop,ons. This also
increases our visibility in the community
The Humane Society is open Monday - Saturday from 9:00AM to 3:30PM.You are invited to stop by and
see our facility. Your ongoing support is much appreciated. Financial support from donors is
absolutely necessary for us to con,nue providing humane management and adop,ons of
surrendered animals. The members of the Board of Directors are very grateful for this support.
James L. Shumaker, President
Adapting to Autumn
Many of us love this time of year, the changing color of the
leaves, brisk fall breezes, and finally a respite from the hot weather of Summer.
For your dog, however, fall may be more work than fun. The change in the season can mean a decrease
in exercise, and an increase in baths, allergens, and other unpleasantness for your dog. The following tips
should help make the transition to the new season enjoyable for both you and your dog. Pet lovers may forget about such things as allergens, keeping your dog warm, medical issues, etc., that are associated with the
changing temperature. With two of the biggest food holidays coming up — Halloween and Thanksgiving —
dogs are in particular danger of food poisoning, choking on bones, or just overeating. Seasonal allergies can
kick in for dogs in the fall. These are most commonly skin allergies, but can also be allergic rhinitis, evidenced
by sneezing, loud snorting or snoring, and clear discharge from your dog's nose. Your veterinarian can diagnose and prescribe antihistamines or other therapy to make your dog more comfortable.
As the weather gets cooler, think about putting a coat or sweater on your dog during walks. Make sure
it is rain-proof in the wetter parts of the year.
If you use space heaters, be very careful that your dog cannot be burned by them, and does not have access
to chew the cord. Regarding Halloween candy, there's one simple rule: No! This is especially true of chocolate, which contains ingredients, like theobromine, that are toxic to dogs. If your arthritis gets worse with colder weather, keep your acetaminophen away from your dog, as it can cause liver damage. The same is true of
ibuprofen, which is also highly toxic to dogs. Dogs may need slightly more calories in cold weather if they
spend time outdoors. Ask your vet to evaluate your pet's "body condition score" and recommend the proper
pet food and amount for active outdoor pets. With the shortened days, it's very likely that you are going to be
walking your dog in the dark, either morning or evening, or both. The best ways to keep you and your pet safe
are reflective gear, flashlights, or light-up collars, while walking your dog at night. Fall also means colder
weather, rain, and even snow, which can really make it hard to get outside. In these conditions, you can exercise your dog indoors using a treadmill, or by setting up an indoor "agility" course using households objects,
While on walks, beware of ice that can cut dog's paws or make you fall, and "salt" that is put down to melt the
ice. While common table salt is frequently used as a chemical deicer, other chemicals which are poisonous to
dogs are sometimes used.
Coming Events
Come Join us at
PetSmart for
Stop & Adopt at
the 1st & 3rd Sat. of
every month
11am to 4pm
Oct 4th & 18th
Howl -O-ween Adoption
Oct. 25th 11:30 to 5:00
Bring your pet for a free
HowlHowl-O-Ween Pet Photo!
Frames available for purchase while
supplies last. (Portion of proceeds go to
PetSmart Charities.)
Senior Animal Adoption Days
Every Wednesday at MCHS
FREE Hotdogs, Drinks
and Popcorn while
supplies last!
Adopters over 60 years of age, who
cannot afford the full fee will receive a 50% discount on selected dogs or cats.
Help brighten the lives of our
community’s seniors and animals that are
wai'ng for lifelong homes.
Adopt a Lifelong Pal
With Your Help We
Can Do It!
AT 10:30AM
Our dogs need your help! With the
cooler weather approaching Our Paw Friends need walking. Be a
Pal and help!
Make a Wish Come True
Browse our wishes and make a donation. If you pay for an entire wish, you can create an honorarium or memorial to a person or
a pet. We accept credit or debit cards and checks. We are a Non-Profit organization, so all donations are tax deductible.
Special Needs
Even if you're not looking for a pet, browse the adoptions and make a contribution to a special need or "pay-forward" by paying
for the adoption costs of one of our dogs or cats.
Consignment Sales
Sell used items that you no longer need and donate a portion of the money to our Humane Society. Just enter a description, a
price and upload a photo if you have one. We'll display your ad here and email you responses from potential adopters.
If you have questions or suggestions, please contact: Terry Vannerson 270-443-5923
Our Wish List
What we need the most in 2014 are donations to our Spay/Neuter
fund. Even a small donation will help pets in McCracken County,
which helps the Humane Society by reducing the number of kittens
and puppies brought to the Humane Society each year. Spaying and
neutering saves lives! For every kitten that isn't born, a kitten or cat
already at our facility has a better chance to be adopted. Please don't
The Humane Society is in need of new supplies to be used in our facility
and our office. We also happily accept used merchandise and equipment
that is in excellent working condition.
The Humane Society exists to protect our animal friends and strengthen the
community at large, a mission that can only be realized through the help of
generous donors and volunteers like you. From dog walking and kiy cuddling to fundraising and community outreach, we have a variety of needs
and opportuni,es available. Please call 270-443-5923 or
Send your tax deduc,ble dona,on to:
McCracken County Humane Society, Inc.
4000 Coleman Road
Paducah, Ky. 42001
We also take Visa/MC
Canned cat food
Puppy formula
Kitten formula and bottles
Dog toys
Cat toys
Kitty Litter
Kuranda beds for our dogs and cats
Filing wall cabinet ($400)
Storage container ($60)
2014 Year Animal Count
Total Intake Cats & Dogs 452
Total Adopted
Total Died at Shelter
Total Euthanized
Rescue Waggin’ Transport 11
Total In-house
* Due to illness or aggression
President: Dr. James Shumaker
Vice President: Dr. Rob Robertson
Secretary: Victor Sredl
The Paducah Area Chapter
Treasurer: Mark Whitlow
Jessica Folmar, Kim Beeney,
Lesa Barks, Pat Vannerson,
Rusty Smith
Executive Director: Terry Vannerson
Terry’s Corner
We have been very busy since our last
newsleer. We have had an incredible year to
date and look forward to what the next couple
of months will bring. I am so proud of our staff,
volunteers, and our work release program for
having pride in what they do. They amaze me
when I add a new idea or program. We have
con!nued to move forward with each animal
ge"ng completely veed and ready for adop!on to a lifelong home. Each day is a new day
that comes with excitement of a new lier of puppies or kiens, new
addi!ons to our facility or sadness of surrenders, and sickness.
We strive to make our Humane Society current with educa!on,
Cer!fica!ons, and compassion. A staff member and myself recently went
to Dallas, TX. to become cer!fied as (CBA’s) Canine Behavioral Assessors.
What this cer!fica!on does is allows us to assess our dogs for behavior,
food aggression, and temperament so we can beer understand their
needs for their lifelong homes. We also have been approved by PetSmart
Chari!es Rescue Waggin’ to transport adoptable dogs that have been with
us for awhile to out -of - state area shelters and rescues that have a need
for adoptable animals.
September was a busy month with our regular first and third
Saturday events at PetSmart. We also had Na!onal Adop!on Weekend
(NAW). It was very rewarding to have 18 animals finding lifelong homes.
Terry, Execu!ve Director
A Legacy
of Love
Spay & Neuter Fund
McCracken County

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