January 2016 - Dean of Students


January 2016 - Dean of Students
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January 2016
President &
Council Retreat
Classes Start
18 Events w/
alcohol training
Council Retreat
Council Retreat
Illinois State University Fraternity & Sorority Life
“Thank you Graduating Seniors!”
Although their time as undergraduate members is coming to a close, we are excited to
highlight the following members and celebrating their graduations! We can’t wait to see wait
incredible things come from their graduate chapters.
November 2015
Inside this issue:
IFC: Phi Beta Sigma
MGC Exec
MGC: Delta Sigma Theta
MGC: Sigma Gamma Rho
CPC Exec
Contact Us
Fraternity & Sorority Life
Alex Snowden
President’s Retreat
[email protected]
Shantira Norris
President or next highest ranking
officer required to attend.
Retreat will be in SSB 375.
Ifc FRATERNITY recruitment
Free Registration at: http://tinyurl.com/IFCSP16
Major: Broadcast
Journalism, Theatre minor
Men’s Greek 101
Fun Facts: Very artistic and
creative. Staying updated
with music films and events
80% of Chapter New Members Required to Attend
Registered Event Training
Mandatory attendance needed to
comply with events with alcohol
President, Social Chair, & Risk
Manager are required to attend.
Name: Jarick White aka
Captain-Anchor ForΣaken
women's Greek 101
80% of Chapter New Members Required to Attend
Please inform FSL of any dietary restrictions or accommodations necessary to fully participate in any of our events.
Favorite hobbies: Stepping
and practicing piano
Favorite memory:
Becoming a Brother of Phi
Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.
and leading the Fraternity to
great things as President
Phi Beta Sigma
Name: Sean Vinson
aka Tre Anchor Reckoning
Major: Sociology
Fun Facts: Enjoys all things
super hero related
Extremely Creative
Prides himself on being
socially aware. Involvement
in the social justice cause for
Favorite memory:
Becoming a Brother of Phi
Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.
[email protected]
Yesy Garcia
Graduate Assistant
[email protected]
Salem Awwad
Graduate Assistant
[email protected]
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“What did You Do in November?”
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“Thank you CPC Exec”
By: Daniel Jackson, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Incorporated
By: Salem Awwad, Graduate Assistant, Fraternity & Sorority Life
The Illinois State Community couldn’t help but notice the Sigmas STORMING campus with their
incredible programming. Here are some highlights in case you missed out on any of the fun.
This event was held in Old Main. Daniel Jackson, who is ISU’s
first Google Student Ambassador collaborated with Google
engineers and Googlers to present on how to get a job at
Google, resume tips, job interview tips, and Computer
Science academic plans to the students at ISU .
This was a way to help students in the computer science major
and other students get their foot in the door with google for an
internship. They had representatives of Google speak over
Google Hangouts. The intended goal of the program was to
inform Computer Science majors how to get opportunities
with Google. This event allowed for students to get a personal
side of Google engineers and Googlers as well as ask them
questions about their work.
Blue Icebreaker: drunk driving awareness
The fall semester here at Illinois
State University is coming to its
Goodbye 2015 exec!
end and with that comes the
transitioning of officers. To Allie, Amanda, Lily, Haley, Marina, Nikki, and Rachel, y’all made my first
semester here at ISU a memorable one, from the long nights during recruitment to our final meeting; it
was always an enjoyable time. I have asked a lot of y’all and every time y’all came through, but I’ve got
one more task that I need completed. I ask that you remember the work that you did for CPC, the
impact you made on me, the week of training with the Rho Gammas, the women that went through
recruitment, the conversations with the sorority women, the fun, the work, any other memories that
make you think of your time on CPC and smile. Good luck with next semester and thank you again!
This educational event was co-hosted
with the women of Sigma Gamma
Rho Sorority, Inc. to promote
alcohol awareness. In an educational
simulation, students placed darkened
googles on and were invited to play
musical chairs. This was not only
engaging but it was great way to
provide them with new knowledge.
The intended goal of the program
was to show people how hard it is to
function under heavy intoxication
and give them tools to learn and
asses their limits safely.
With the end of the semester we
have new faces in old positions.
Welcome 2016 exec!
We would like to welcome the
new officers of the College Panhellenic Council: Olivia, Haley, Gabrielle, Mackenzie, Mia, Meghan,
and Maggie. I look forward to seeing how you make these positions your own and building upon the
foundation that was laid out by the previous board. Rest up during winter break because once next
semester begins we are going to roll up our sleeves and get to work to better CPC, our
Greek Community, and Illinois State University.
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“the ‘rhoyal’ return”
By: Taniyah Hampton, Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.
Showtime at the apollo
This event was created to raise money for a student at Illinois State who has kidney
cancer; due to health reasons she has since had to withdraw from school. As a
community it was important to show to show her that we support her and will continue to live her sweet legacy at ISU.
The Apollo show provided an audience with a diverse set of talents
ranging from solos to magic tricks. Students had the discretion to vote for their
favorite performance; performers had a minute to make the audience boo or cheer
for them. Throughout the Apollo the student body and donors learned about the
severity of kidney cancer.
Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., Gamma Rho chapter, was founded at Illinois State
University on February 13, 1973. It consisted of 6 founding members and 10 charter members. The new
addition to the chapter was revealed on November 7th, 2015 in the Bowling and Billiards Center Activity
For the week of November 9, 2015,
Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. held
several events to not only reintroduce
themselves to the campus, but to
begin to build strong relationships
with the campus community. These
events consisted of a fundraiser to
support domestic violence victims, a
raffle for priceless plaques for only $1,
study tables, and an ice cream social
with the men of Phi Beta Sigma
Fraternity, Inc.
Co-hosted event with the women of Zeta Phi
Beta Sorority Inc., this event was held to raise
donations for veterans. Items included travel
sized items, food items, and miscellaneous items
that were taken into consideration. The intended
goals of the program was to gather resources for
veterans of our country and help support
veterans day. Phi Beta Sigma is known as "The
PEOPLE's Fraternity": we wanted to show the
community that Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc.
appreciate the men and women who have given
their service to our country.
Multicultural Rso Appreciation event
Pictured above: “Deck Your Walls” Plaque raffle
This “New Edition” of girls is committed to upholding the Sorority’s values of “Sisterhood, Scholarship,
and Service” and are seeking to provide many opportunities to enhance the community while building
strong relationships with other organizations on campus to continue to promote unity and strength as
Please join us in welcoming the eight new members of the GlamRHOus Gamma Rho Chapter:
Captain: La’Nita “Poker-face” Brooks
Five: Kayla “Chief Rhocka” Russell
Deuce: Kira “Nina Simone” Davis
Six: Ranija “Scenerio” Turner
Tre: Bridgette “Secret Service” Edmonson
Seven: Traniece “Mastermind” Washington
Quad: Taniya “QUADrisma” Hampton
Anchor: Jasmine “Halo” Witherspoon
We All Matter, was designed to
recognize RSO’s for their hard
work and their contributions to
the ISU community. Jarick White,
President of the Epsilon Chi
chapter, organized this event to
highlight RSO’s of Multicultural
backgrounds for their progress and
achievements. This event was also
recognized by the Vice President
of Student Affairs. The RSO’s
included: APAC, BSU, Artaburu
Basque, ALAS, Black & Latino
Male Movement, NACWC, and
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“Delta Sigma Theta... Don’t call it a comeback”
“MGC Comes together”
By: Yesenia Garcia, Graduate Assistant, Fraternity & Sorority Life
By: Elizabeth Nunez, Multicultural Greek Council Public Relations
On Friday, November 13th the
Multicultural Greek Council (MGC)
held a team building social to unify all
the organizations.
As this council continues to grow one of
our goals is to become unified and show
the campus that we are here and all the
hard work we do. Next semester we
have a lot of events planned and hope all
of the Greek community will come out
and show support.
The Multicultural Greek Council was
established in 2013 and has grown to be
the governing organization for 8
culturally founded fraternities and
Stay tuned to see what MGC has in store
for the Illinois State University fraternal
After a long wait, the Theta Delta Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated will be
presenting their newest initiates to the Illinois State University fraternal community. Don’t miss out on
a chance to welcome the first neophytes since Fall 2012!
“Happy Swanniversary!”
By: Yesenia Garcia, Graduate Assistant, Fraternity & Sorority Life
Fraternity and Sorority Life would like
to wish the Beta Line, 3 STYLAR of
Gamma Phi Omega International
Sorority, Inc. a Happy “Swanniversary”!
On December 1, 2014 these three
women were initiated into their
sisterhood. In the past year, they’ve
created a major difference on campus
and it hasn’t gone unnoticed.
One year of sisterhood down, a lifetime to go!