Delta Academy Program Brochure


Delta Academy Program Brochure
The Transformation of Me . . .
Knowing Me, Developing Me, Preparing Me
Dr. Betty Shabazz
Tempe Alumnae Chapter
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
Delta Academy
Tempe Alumnae Chapter
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
Dr. Betty Shabazz
Delta Academy is named
after Dr. Betty Shabazz
(1934-1997), an American
educator and civil rights
advocate. She was the wife
of slain civil rights leader,
Malcolm X, and active
member of Delta Sigma
Theta Sorority, Inc.
Despite multiple life
tragedies, she did not let
anything stop her from
pursuing her dreams.
Although she already had
her license in nursing, she
returned to school to
complete her undergraduate
studies in education, attain a
master’s degree in health
administration, and earn her
doctorate in education in six
years while raising six
daughters alone.
Delta Academy is an educational enrichment program created by Delta
Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. for girls ages 11-14. In keeping with the
national program objectives, participants will take part in workshops on
self-esteem building, manners/etiquette, and health and nutrition.
Academic enrichment activities will focus on the exploration of science,
technology, engineering, and math. These fulfilling activities are
designed to equip participants with the tools to cultivate and maintain
interpersonal relationships, academic prowess, and a sense of
Knowing Me
Self-awareness is a dynamic process of understanding yourself.
Getting to know and understand how you make decisions and how you
base your decision making can be difficult during this adolescent
phase. Participants will explore the areas of self-esteem, decision
making, and relationships through structured exercises and group
Developing Me
The impact of the media and societal expectations on adolescent
development has been far reaching. Young people are bombarded by
images of violence, sex, and unattainable standards of beauty. In this
component, participants will explore topics of body image, sexual
health, nutrition, and fitness in an age appropriate manner.
Preparing Me
In order to ensure that middle school youth are on a path toward higher
education and careers, an early introduction to the importance of
continuing education past high school is necessary. The last
component explores STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and
Math) careers as well as leadership development and community
action and advocacy.
And t
Delta Academy
Space is limited so there is a selection process for the program. Once
selected, applicants will be notified and invited to the Youth Programs
Orientation. To complete enrollment, both the applicant and parent must
attend the Youth Programs Orientation to complete enrollment forms.
Regular sessions are scheduled for the third Saturday of each month from
11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The program kicks off at our orientation session in
September and culminates in May. Field trips may be planned throughout
the year that do not fall on a scheduled session day. Details on these
activities will be communicated to participants and parents well in advance.
Parents and participants are responsible for getting participants to and from
all activities. Members of the Sorority and program volunteers are not
allowed to transport participants at any time in personal vehicles.
Food and Beverages
Lunch and snacks are provided by the Sorority during regular sessions. We
will also cover regularly scheduled meals (breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner)
during field trips as applicable. Water is always provided at all activities and
events. During the enrollment process, parents are asked to provide
information on any special dietary needs the participant may have.
Participants are expected to attend all of the scheduled sessions and field
trips so that they may get a complete experience from the program. We do
understand that conflicts arise so each participant is allowed two excused
absences per year. Participants over this threshold will be released from the
program. Parents are required to attend the Youth Programs Orientation.
There is no cost to participate in this program. This is a community service
program of the Tempe Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
Program Eligibility
 Girls ages 11 to 14 years of
 Girls that demonstrates great
academic and personal
promise, but may lack support
and encouragement.
 Girls with an interest in
developing leadership skills.
 Girls that show an interest in
community action and social
 Girls that may show an
interest in non-traditional
STEM (science, technology,
engineering, and
mathematics) subjects.
How To Apply
Girls interested in participating in
the program should submit a
completed application by
August 31, 2016.
The preferred submission method
is to complete the form, acquire all
signatures, scan it and email it to
[email protected].
Applications may also be mailed to
the chapter at
Tempe Alumnae Chapter
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
P.O. Box 25321
Tempe, AZ 85285-5321
Applications can be downloaded
from our website at
Delta Academy
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. is a private non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide assistance
and support through established programs in local communities throughout the world. Founded in 1913 by
twenty-two students at Howard University, the Sorority has grown to over 250,000 women committed to the
major programs of the sorority, which are based upon the organization’s Five Point Programmatic Thrust:
Economic Development
Educational Development
International Awareness and Involvement
Physical and Mental Health
Political Awareness and Involvement
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
Tempe Alumnae Chapter
P. O. Box 25321
Tempe, AZ 85285-5321
Email: [email protected]