Look What We`ve Found


Look What We`ve Found
Marco’s editors shopped the Island for fresh new finds from local retailers. This assortment of unique products
is available from the many fine shops on Marco Island and off.
Bags with purpose
Sherpani bags, decorated with its distinctive
edelweiss flower, are both pretty and functional,
but it is the brand’s commitment to the environment
that has women singing its praises. Made from
recycled materials, the brand offers handbags, totes,
shoulder bags, child carriers and more with bold,
feminine designs. ($20 and up) Rose Marco River
Marina, 394-2502
Chinese tile game
The Jewish Congregation of Marco Island takes
Mag Jongg seriously and offers a wide assortment
of specialty items for those aficionados who live to
play the game. The JCMI gift shop sells Mah Jongg
jewelry, aprons, mugs, candy bowls, tote bags
and Lucite pushers. And players can purchase
a 2011 card in either regular or large print.
($4 and up) JCMI Gift Shop, 642-0800
Versatile jewelry
Is it a necklace, a belt or bracelet? All of the
above. This fashion jewelry by Ms. V Designs
incorporates richly colored semi-precious stones
and sterling silver with ornate bangles, crosses
and pendants to create a multi-functional piece.
Each one is three strands and fashioned
together by individual clasps to allow more
versatility. Matching earrings are also sold
separately. ($49) Chloe’s Boutique, 248-1311
Get Salty
Most of us have been warned to shun table salt, but
Himalayan Crystal Salt might be one the exception.
Mined in the Himalayan Mountains, this crystal salt
is believed to assist the body’s cellular neurological
communication and includes all 84 mineral salts
needed within the human body. In capsule form, use
it as an antibiotic or to renew energy. Soak in a bath
of Himalayan Crystal Salt to detoxify your body.
Peaceful Escapes Therapeutic Massage, 784-6487

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