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Social Studies - Naples Daily News
It's been a good year for real estate sales
on Marco Island. That good news was
heard at the general meeting for the
Marco Island Area Association of
Realtors in May. Guest speaker, City
Manager Jim Riviere spoke to the agents
and guests on how the city worked to
keep the Island neighborhoods
attractive, and how City Council was
key to keeping the economic fallout from
showing on the Island. Gerry
Rosenblum and Bill Filbin were selected
for the 2012 Florida Realtors Honor
Society, and The Law Offices of William
Morris sponsored the lunch and donated
door prizes.
— By Cheryl Ferrara
1. Brett Brown, Bill Filbin and Alan Sandlin 2. Nikki Prange and Jim Prange
3. Dawn Snyder, Kim Escarra and Brenda Hartman
4. Incoming President Bette McGilvray with President Bill Morris
5. City Manager Jim Riviere draws a winner with Bette McGilvray.
6. Marv Needles and Peter Prodanov
32 | Marco | AUGUST
The band played all night for this year’s
Spammy Jammy, the quintessentially
Goodland festival that marks the summer
closing of the Little Bar, and supposedly
keeps Southwest Florida safe from
hurricanes, held annually in June.
Partygoers were dressed in their skivvies,
or pajamas, to appease the gods —
specifically Laka Ulaulekeaha
La’amaoma’a, sister of Pele, goddess of the
volcano — and keep the area safe from
nature’s wrath. The evening marked,
perhaps the 20th or 21st Spammy Jammy,
Ray Bozicnik, co-owner of the Little Bar,
isn’t exactly sure how many times this
By Lance Sheare
1. Sandy Bryson
2. Ray and Amy Bozicnik
3. Pete and Rose Duma - Photo By Scott McIntyre
4. Judges Gary Krist, left, and Chuck Mundt - Photo By Scott McIntyre
5. Lisa Kiefer
AUGUST | Marco | 33
Artist Tara O'Neill thought Goodland was
"the most exotic, tropic, Swiss Family
Robinson place I'd ever seen," when she first
arrived as a teenager. Despite being
forbidden to go there by her mother, she
went, and her love affair with the fishing
village continues to this day. For three
months, O’Neill hosted a one-woman show
of her Goodland-centered works in an
exhibit, “A Villager’s View,” at the Marco
Island Historical Museum. And on the final
viewing day, she gave a talk on art,
Goodland and how she combined the two.
— By Lance Shearer
1. Artist Mary Unterbrink
2. Museum manager Lisa Marciano
with curator of collections Austin Bell
3. Christie Marcopols and Kate Radtke
4. Leo and Sara Thorsness
5. Tara O’Niell with significant other George Vellis
34 | Marco | AUGUST
A Party
for Sandy
On Marco Island, "Hurricane Sandy" has
to refer to Sandy Franchino, owner of Cafe
de Marco. The New Jersey native, with
strong ties to the Jersey Shore, hosted her
own National Dine Out Day, to benefit
Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund
in June. Cafe de Marco opted for a special
"Jersey Girl Menu," with a portion of each
diner's check benefitting the fund. The staff
got into the theme with gusto, transforming
themselves into Guidos and Guidettes, and
guests were greeted with an enthusiastic
“How ya doin?” by guys and gals clad in
Fedoras, tuxedo T-shirts and attitudes
worthy of the Sopranos, only friendlier.
— By Lance Shearer
1.Cafe de Marco host Mike Chojnowski
2. Cafe de Marco waiter Petey Rashev
3. Pat Barber
4. Jerry O’Neal holds granddaughter
Hannah, age 3.
5. Sandy Franchino, in pink, and her staff
make sure to get their Jersey on.
AUGUST | Marco | 35
Jam Session
Bobby Gideons had a lot of friends when he
passed away in May. The longtime Marco-area
entertainer was honored in June at Erin’s Isle in
just the way he would have wanted — a jam
session where many of his musical collaborators
played the songs he loved, told stories and had a
great time. Musicians including Ray Jones, Bob
Leary, Jebry and Bobby Phillips, Mitch Peters,
Frank Michota, Bill Sanders, Frankie Ray and
Mary Ellen paid tribute in song and spoken
word to their friend. Many had shared stages
with Bobby Gideons for decades. Erin’s Isle
owner Mike Ward met Gideons 40 years ago
when they both worked at the Olde Marco Inn.
Gideons’ brother Edwin, 87, and his son Mike
were there with their spouses, and some
attendees traveled hundreds of miles to be there
for the man who “brought us all together,” as
John Newcomer said.
— By Lance Shearer
1. Mike Gideon with wife Christine
2. Judy Phillips and Bill Siebel
3. Bobby Gideon’s brother,
Edwin Gibbons and his wife Selma
4. Debra and Dick Shanahan with
Monte Lazarus and Sandi Riedemann
5. Vicki Augsburg, Lynn Thomas, Mary Ann Debock,
Toni Rae, Pat DeGorter and Gabrielle Boxall
6. Mike Ward and Al Cooper
36 | Marco | AUGUST
1. John Fuchs
'Four' a cause
Avery McCaskill didn’t attend the golf
tournament held for her. She’s only 3, not much
of a golfer, and besides, she needed to keep her
strength for the after-party. Rookies Bar &
Grill sponsored the tournament in June at the
Lely Mustang Golf Club to benefit Avery, who
is battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
Nearly 120 golfers teed it up, enjoying the glow
of satisfaction that comes from doing a good
deed, especially the kind that also involves
drinking beer and maybe smoking a stogie and
talking a little trash with your friends. Rookies
co-owner Laura Bell manned the registration
desk with Mary Quinton, while Laura’s
husband Bruce Bell got things organized from
the perspective of a player. Volunteers included
Whitney Price and Carolyn Aho, who sold
margaritas and raffle tickets on the course with
a laid-back attitude. Avery’s grandparents,
Bruce and Gail Devlin, expressed gratitude
for all the supporters who came out for the
2. Bruce Bell
3. Gail and Bruce Devlin
4. Mike Moriarty, 10, and dad Brian
5. Vip Grover and Chuck Hoffman
6. Heather Shanosky, left, Jackie Maffucci,
Michele Richmond, Leo Rill and
Missy Canady
— By Lance Shearer
AUGUST | Marco | 37
Everglades City
Everglades City can be a little sleepy in the summertime. The onetime county seat, now relegated to a tiny fishing village surrounded
by the Everglades National Park, woke from its slumbers and got a
jump on the rest of the country June 30, with its Independence Day
celebrations. The festivities have a distinct small town flavor, with
little of the glitz seen in larger metropolitan blowouts, but included a
parade and a fireworks show. Mayor Sammy Hamilton, Jr. presided
at the opening ceremonies in front of the historic City Hall, then
headed over to hop in a convertible and ride back in the parade.
Photo by William DeShazer
— By Lance Shearer
Photo by William DeShazer
1. Casey Henry, and her niece Kaydence Freeman,
Little Miss Firecracker
2. Everglades City Mayor Sammy Hamilton
3. Olivia Demere, 4
4. The gunners of Gamble’s Light Artillery fire off a thunderous round
to open the proceedings at Everglades City’s Fourth of July celebration.
38 | Marco | AUGUST
5. Tom Geffert, right, Tom Fyock, and Kevin Smith
Teed off against
It was a gathering of friends, old and new, for Disco Dave Bierbrauer
at Lely Flamingo golf course in July. Bierbrauer, who was recently
diagnosed with cancer for the 11th time since 2008, was emotional at
times, his words crackling, as he thanked everyone for their support.
There were 128 golfers, volunteers and friends who shared in the day.
His friends and The Classics Country Club members give him the
financial support he need to help cover health care costs.
— By Roger LaLonde
1. Heidi Donato, left, Chris Fowler, Dave Bierbrauer and Dave Ged
2. Kristi West and Alexis Mayerhofer
3. Dave Bierbaruer, left, Beth Gerhardsetin, Maria Ray and Patty Bott
4. Tony Iannotta
AUGUST | Marco | 39